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Cars for Sale in Kenya - In-depth Review and Importation Guide for Different Models

Used Cars for Sale in Kenya: Benefits of Importing Your Vehicle

We all want to find an auto that meets our needs and one that provides value for our hard-earned money.

Many Kenyans and the world turn to Japan, a market with cheap and affordable cars for sale and thousands of spare parts.

There are many reasons to buy your car from exporters or used car auctions in Japan and other markets offering quality, affordable vehicles. Some of these benefits include:

Car dealers in Nairobi and Mombasa know that the price of vehicles from online car auctions and dealers in these markets is friendly.

The automobiles in the exporting countries tend to depreciate at a high rate since the manufacturers introduce new models regularly.

The trend pushes the price of the local used vehicle south, which is made worse because many people try to offload their cars at once.

Roads in the importing countries are often more well-maintained than in Kenya, and most car owners try to maintain their vehicles to have a good resale value.

It is common to find a five-or-six-year-old vehicle in Japan better than a 8-month-old model in Kenya. Most of these autos are almost in Kenya car yards and showrooms.

Most people in automobile exporting countries often trade their barely used vehicles to avoid the old models’ high inspection and registration fees.

Their governments also fail to provide them with the option of disposing of their automobiles by imposing a hefty disposal fee.

That only gives them the choice of selling their cars at a low price before they get old.

Buying your vehicle locally can be a tiring process, especially if you want a model with unique specifications.

That could mean visiting different car sellers in Kenya until you find your dream vehicle.

You might also end up making hundreds of calls, resulting in time, money, and energy wasting.

You can leave the bidding, shipping, clearing, and registration to a professional importer when you seek their service.

It is advisable to visit them once, pay the money, and wait for the car to arrive.

Used cars for sale in Kenya from Japan come with more specifications than vehicles sold by car sellers in Nairobi and other towns.

You can get more value for importing your vehicle when it has extras like decent audio, sunroof, leather seats, and more.

Other features you can find include cruise control, satellite navigation, and power heated seats.

Most of these features are excluded for the often more expensive new vehicles in the local market.

Cheap Cars for Sale in Kenya: Challenges of Importing Your Car

First-time automobile buyers might find it challenging to import their vehicles and end up buying the more expensive models from the local Nairobi or Mombasa car dealers.

There are good reasons why even the experienced buyer can get the auto locally.

1. The Importation Process

Importing a vehicle from Japan is often a tiring, lengthy process that involves identifying the car, having it inspected, having it modified, shipping it, and then clearing it from the port.

You might waste more time than you would have if you opted to buy your car from sites that sell locally used models like Olx Kenya cars.

2. The Fraudsters Challenge

Kenyan has been defrauded thousands of times and continues to lose money to fraudsters who set illegal car auction websites.

These hoaxers in Kenya and other countries
disappear when you wire your money to buy the car.

3. Physical Car Examination

Cars importation happens online, which robs
buyers of the chance of inspecting them before making the payment.

You are also denied the opportunity of test
driving the car or even feel the comfort.

Cars for Sale in Mombasa: The Process of Importing Vehicles to Kenya

Importing a car from Japan to Kenya can be a tedious process that involves four main steps. These are the steps involved:

The step is to look for a reputable car dealer to help you with the importation process.

You can find hundreds of dealers in Kenya like Bestcarsforsaleinkenya.co.ke, Cheki Kenya, and more.

Most car dealers in Kenya import vehicles and sell them at their showroom or yard, which increase the price due to operating cost.

We would recommend you choose a company that imports directly for their client.

You should also avoid car dealers in Nairobi or Mombasa without a physical address or an office you can visit.

These are often the fraudsters waiting for you to pay the main and then vanish.

The vehicle undergoes the deregistration process and inspection to ensure it meets the standards. These can include logbook cancellation, being right-hand drive, and others.

The dealer identifies the available ship that is scheduled to leave Japan to Kenya in the coming weeks.

Everything is organised, and you might be requested to pay for the shipment if you agreed before.

You need to pay the necessary levies and duties to KRA when your car vehicle arrives in Mombasa.

Some of the fees you pay include 25% Import Duty, 20%-30% Excised Duty, 16% VAT, 2% Importation Declaration, and 1.5% Railway Development Levy.

Cheap Cars for Sale in Kenya: Computing the Total Cost of the Vehicle

The price of the vehicle you wish to import or buy during car sales in Mombasa is affected by different factors, including the clearing and registration fees.

Our CarforSaleinKenya.com team has compiled a list of things that might increase or reduce the price.

Cae Make.

Here we are talking of Subaru, Mazda, Nissan, Mercedes, Toyota, BMW, Mitsubishi, and other brands. Toyota vehicles are more expensive because they are of higher quality.

Body Type.

You can choose a Station Wagon, SUV, Sedan, Van, Pick Up, Bus, and others. Station wagons are often more affordable.

Condition of the Car. ​

You can import new, slightly used, and even somewhat old vehicles. These cars will cost differently, with the new model being more expensive.

Mileage. ​

It is the distance the car has covered since it was purchased. A low mileage vehicle will be more expensive.

Car’s Age. ​

It is the number of years the

vehicle has been in existence
since it was manufactured and
registered. Older cars are more affordable.

Engine Capacity (CC).
The CC is the amount of fuel the auto consumes per kilometre. A car that consumes more energy is often expensive when buying.
Transmission. ​

You can find a manual or
automatic car, with the manual being more affordable.

Drive Type: ​

The most common types of drive are FF and AWD. Modern cars come with a combination of the two to save fuel and provide
power when needed.

Cars for Sale in Nairobi: Important Importation Rules and Regulations

The government has enacted many rules and regulations every car importer should know before importing their vehicle. They include the following:

Some of the things you should know are:
  • You cannot import a vehicle older than 8-year to Kenya. The law is found in the Kenya Bureau of Standard section KS 1515:2000.
  • There is just one entry point for cars imported around the world, and it is the Port of Mombasa. It is where all ships dock to offload cargo.
  • The imported car should be a right-hand drive automobile. Only in exceptional cases can you be allowed to register a left-hand drive car.
  • Every imported can should pass mechanical and safety inspection.
You cannot avoid paying import taxes in Kenya, and these fees are based on the car’s value.
  • Import Duty is at 25%
  • Excise Duty varies with the category of the vehicle
    • Over 3000cc private passenger car using diesel attract a 30% tax
    • Over 25000cc private cars using petrol attract a 30% tax
    • Any other car attracts a 20% tax
  • Railway Development Levy is set at 1.5%
  • Import Declaration Fees is 2%
  • Value Added Tax is at 16%
You also need to know the documents required when importing a car from abroad or Japan. It can make the process smooth or complicated. According to KRA, these documents include, but not limited to:
  • Original bill of lading
  • Original commercial invoice
  • Original logbook from the country you imported the car. The National Transport and Safety Authority will use this canceled logbook to give you a Kenyan one.
  • A copy of your PIN certificate or certificate of incorporation for companies
  • Certification of roadworthiness or Pre-shipment inspection certificate.

Car Sellers in Kenya: Buyers Safety Tips

We care about all buyers at Bestcarsforsaleinkenya.co.ke, and here are some tips to keep you safe when buying your vehicle

Bestcarsforsaleinkenya.co.ke – LEAVE THE IMPORTATION PROCESS US

Cars for Sale in Kenya Ltd. is a team of car importers with years of experience shipping vehicles from Japan to Kenya. We are committed to helping you:

In Conclusion

The internet has made the way we buy products easy, including how we purchase or import vehicles.

We always find ourselves heading online to educate ourselves about a specific car model and the place to get the best deal even if we want to buy it offline.

But online is not only a place to do your research, but it is also the best place to meet qualified dealers who can help you import your car.

Here at Best Cars for Sale in Kenya, we research, advise you on the price, and even help you import your dream vehicle at incredible prices.