Toyota Ractis Price in Kenya: Review, Specs, Features, and How to Import

Toyota Ractis for sale in Kenya has proven to be a hit in this market due to its affordability, spaciousness, and fuel economy. 

You can configure this car to carry luggage or passengers thanks to the flat fold seats and a high roof.

The vehicle rivals the Subaru Trezia; they are almost the same automobile with a different badge. 

It also competes with Mazda Demio, Nissan Note, and Honda Fit, all cars of a higher price range.

New Model Toyota Ractis Price in Kenya - How to Import.

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Toyota Ractis for sale in Kenya - 2016 Model
The Imagine Shows the Last Model of the Ractis - 2016 Model

The first generation of this car called NCP100 hit the market in 2005 and was terminated in 2010. A second generation was introduced and was available until 2016.

Toyota stopped the production of this model in 2016, replacing it with Toyota Tank/Roomy. You can find out more about the car from this review.

Key Benefits of Toyota Ractis

  • A fuel-efficient car
  • Spacious enough for ferrying passengers
  • Ideal for carrying luggage
  •  An affordable vehicle for Kenyan
  •  Attractive and stylish design
  • The Interior comes with excellent storage areas

Demerits of the Ractics

Hard to find spare parts

Toyota Ractis Price in Kenya: Cost of Buying Locally

Toyota Ractis for sale
Toyota Ractis

Is it more rewarding to buy your car from Ractis Olx Nairobi or import it from abroad? 

Why do car buyers purchase vehicles from Ractis for sale in Mombasa Kenya dealers instead of importing?

We have all the answers to these questions, but first, let us look at the average price of the Ractis in Kenya.

Toyota Ractis for Sale in Nairobi – Average Price for

The car was discontinued in 2016

You can also find many used Toyota Ractis for sale in Kenya by owners of over 8-years at a more affordable price.

  • 2017 Model: Discontinued

That is only an average price that can raise or reduce depending on where you purchase your car. The vehicle’s condition, mileage covered, demand, and other factors also affect the price.

We advise you to contact the team to find more about this car’s exact price. 

You can do that by sending a WhatsApp message or calling this number: +254-728-308-043.  

Why You Should Import Your Car Instead of Buying Locally

Toyota Ractis
Toyota Ractis

Japanese used vehicles have always been regarded highly by Kenyan car owners and dealers for various reasons. 

We will look at the benefits you get when you decide to import your model instead of buying it from a Ractis for sale in Mombasa yards.

1. Reliable and Dependable Car

The apparent reason for importing these vehicles is the high level of confidence placed in their reliability and dependability.

 They are known for being problem-free when it comes to financially draining repairs and other failures.

Most Kenyans who own these cars report driving over 200,000 miles before any major repair.

2. High Resale Value

Japanese cars often provide a higher resale value than models from other parts of the world. 

Some people import these vehicles when they are relatively new and resell them in Kenya at a higher price.

You can also import your model at the Japanese market rate and avoid the local dealers’ high prices.

3. Great Design

There is no one model of Japan’s vehicle with a design that does not get outdated after a few years. 

The manufacturers tend to change the design regularly to keep up with the trend. That is why you find first, second, third, fourth, and so on generations of cars.

Challenges of Importing Your Vehicle

Toyota Ractis
Toyota Ractis

There are some reasons why people looking for Toyota Ractis for sale in Kenya will go for the local dealers. They include the following:

1. Online Fraudsters

You can easily get conned if you are not careful when importing your car from abroad. 

Many people from around the world set up fake auction accounts to steal money from unsuspecting car buyers.

2. Long Processes

It often takes weeks and months before you can successfully buy a vehicle from Japan and have it delivered in Kenya. 

The process includes purchasing the car, deregistering it from the original market, and then registering it in Kenya.

It is easier to walk to a Nairobi or Mombasa Ractis for sale dealer and choose one model than undergoing all that hassle.

Toyota Ractis for sale in Mombasa, Nairobi, and Nakuru - Blue Model
You Can Choose Different Colors When Buying Your Ractis Your Car Importation Partner is among the leading car importers that have been in the market for decades. 

We help you enjoy all the benefits of car importation without the challenges involved.

You can visit us at Greec Tower in Ruiru Town or one of our local showrooms to discuss importing your vehicle from Japan.

You can also give us a call at +254-728-308-043 to find out the car importation process or if you need questions answered by our team.

We import different types of vehicles, including the Toyota Vitz, Ractis, Allion, Subaru Legacy, Forester, Impreza, and other models.

Toyota Ractis Specs: Basic Specifications

Toyota Ractis
Toyota Ractis

Below are the Toyota Ractis Specifications:

  • Number of Seats: 5
  • Drive Type: AWD/FF
  • Maximum Power: 87 – 110ps
  • Engine Capacity: 1,300cc – 1,500cc
  • Acceleration: 0-100km in 12.3 secs for 1.3l engine and 11.2 secs for 1.5l engine  
  • Fuel Consumption: 21.8km/l for the 1.3l engine and 1.5.6km/l for the 1.5l engine.
  • Tank Capacity: 42 liters

Toyota Ractis for Sale in Mombasa Kenya – Maximum Power

You can bet on having a powerful vehicle that comes with a horsepower of between 87-110ps. That is sufficient to keep the model stable when driving at high speed.

Toyota Ractis for Sale in Kenya – AWD/FF

Toyota Ractis
Toyota Ractis

The FF (Front-Wheel-Drive) means that the engine is placed at the front of the car and delivers power to the front wheel. 

It saves more fuel than the AWD, which delivers power to All the Wheels and thus All-Wheel-Drive.

You should choose the AWD model if you want a vehicle that can travel even on slippery roads.

Toyota Ractis for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

The vehicle comes with a 1300cc engine that consumes fuel at a rate of 21.8km/l. It also comes with the 1500cc engine that consumes at the rate of 15.6km/l.

Toyota Ractis Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

You can choose between the 1300cc engine and the 1500cc engine. They receive fuel from a 42 liters tank.

Toyota Ractis Interior Review

Toyota Ractis
Toyota Ractis

Ractis price in Nairobi is justified by the many features you get from the vehicle’s interior. Below is a summary of what you can expect from the automobile:

Space and Legroom

If you are looking for Toyota Ractis problems, then space is not one of them. It is a roomy and spacious hatchback with a flat floor and high roof.

The seats are elevated to give you a natural seating position and make it comfortable to ride for hours. It also has superb legroom for both the passengers and driver.

Cabin Storage

You find innovative cabin storage areas for placing small items like handbags, googles, smartphones, and beverages. 

The first row has door panel storages, bottle holders, center box, glovebox, and space under the dashboard.

The second row has door pockets.

Boot Space

The car has one of the most oversized boots of a small car. You get up to 429 liters of storage, and you can fold the back seat to create more room.

Toyota Ractis for sale in Mombasa, Nairobi, Kenya - Boot
Ractis Has a Roomy Boot for Storing Large Luggage

Ractis Exterior Review

Its exterior is angular, with LED headlamps at the front and LED taillights at the back.

Toyota Ractis for Sale in Kenya-Rivals

Let’s explore 10 cars that compete with the Toyota Ractis, along with brief descriptions and their fuel consumption in liters per 100 kilometers (l/100 km):

  • The Honda Fit, also known as the Jazz in some markets, is a versatile subcompact hatchback. It offers a spacious interior, clever storage solutions, and excellent fuel efficiency. The Fit’s fuel consumption typically ranges from 4.5 to 6.5 l/100 km depending on the engine and driving conditions.

  • Nissan Note:

  • The Nissan Note is another practical hatchback with a focus on fuel economy. It features a roomy cabin, flexible seating, and good cargo space. The Note’s fuel consumption varies between 4.5 and 6.0 l/100 km.

  • Mazda Demio (Mazda2):

  • The Mazda Demio (also known as the Mazda2) combines sporty styling with efficient performance. It offers agile handling, decent interior space, and competitive fuel efficiency. Expect fuel consumption in the range of 5.0 to 6.5 l/100 km.

  • Toyota Raum:

  • The Toyota Raum is a compact MPV that emphasizes practicality. It provides ample space for passengers and cargo, along with decent fuel efficiency. The Raum’s fuel consumption hovers around 5.5 to 7.0 l/100 km.

  • Toyota IST (Urban Cruiser):

  • The Toyota IST (also sold as the Urban Cruiser) is a small crossover with a youthful design. It offers good visibility, comfortable seating, and reasonable fuel economy. Expect fuel consumption in the range of 5.5 to 7.5 l/100 km.

  • Honda Fit Shuttle:

  • The Honda Fit Shuttle is an extended version of the regular Fit, providing additional cargo space. It combines practicality with fuel efficiency, achieving around 5.0 to 6.5 l/100 km.

  • Nissan Cube:

  • The Nissan Cube stands out for its unique boxy design. It offers a spacious interior, distinctive features, and decent fuel economy. The Cube’s fuel consumption typically falls within 6.0 to 7.5 l/100 km.

  • Toyota Porte:

  • The Toyota Porte is a compact minivan designed for easy access. It features sliding doors, a tall roof, and good fuel efficiency. Expect fuel consumption around 5.5 to 7.0 l/100 km.

  • Suzuki Solio:

  • The Suzuki Solio is a practical mini MPV with a focus on space and fuel savings. It offers a roomy cabin, sliding rear doors, and fuel consumption ranging from 4.5 to 6.0 l/100 km.

  • Subaru Trezia:

  • The Subaru Trezia (based on the Toyota Verso-S) is a compact MPV with all-wheel drive capability. It provides decent cargo space, reliability, and fuel efficiency in the range of 5.5 to 7.0 l/100 km

These cars offer a mix of practicality, fuel efficiency, and versatility, catering to various needs and preferences.

Toyota Ractis for Sale in kenya - Article Summary

Toyota Ractis for sale
Toyota Ractis.

The article covers information about the new model Toyota Ractis price in Kenya, used Toyota Ractis for sale in Kenya by owners, options for Toyota Ractis for sale in Nairobi as well as Toyota Ractis price in Nairobi. It is also relevant if you are searching for Toyota Ractis for sale in Mombasa, the average Toyota Ractis price in Mombasa, Toyota Ractis photos and reviews.

Toyota Ractis Reviews – What Past Buyers Are Saying

“Ractis is a functional vehicle for family use. I also use this car for business. We imported this vehicle in 2017 through at an affordable rate.”


“I have always purchased my cars locally, but now I have realized that they are so expensive. imported this vehicle for me, and I saved around Ksh. 100,000.”


“I did not know it was that easy to import a car from Japan until I met We imported our car from Japan, and it has been a great purchase.”

Common Questions We Get About Ractis

Find the answers to some commonly asked questions about this vehicle.

1. What is Toyota Ractis?

It is a mini MPV made by the Japanese automaker Toyota. This 5-seater came into the market in 2005 and was discontinued in 2016.

2. Is Ractis a Good Car?

The vehicle is ideal for Kenya roads and offers a superb drive when you consider it is a hatchback. Everything about this car is good.

3. How Many CC is Ractis?

You can choose the 1300cc or 1500cc model when buying your car. The two options consume fuel differently and provide different horsepower.

4. RACTIS Price in Kenya: How Much Does it Cost?

You can find used models going for under Ksh.500,000 with the Toyota Ractis new model for about Ksh. 1 M.

5. Where Can I Buy Ractis?

You can contact to order your vehicle from Japan. We are a reputable brand that has been in the market for decades.

Import your 2014-2016 vehicle today by contacting our support team at +254-728-308-043. 

We can also help you import vehicles at most 8-year,  whether it is Toyota HiAce, Subaru Impreza, Suzuki Alto, Toyota Belta, or other models.