BMW Cars for Sale in Kenya - Import BMW Cars and Buying Guide

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The History of BMW Company

The BMW company is well known for its luxurious vehicles. Even those people who may not be car enthusiasts have also heard about it.

Most car companies offer luxurious cars at a high price, but BMW caters to high-end and ordinary clients.

BMW has been around for many years. They started as aircraft engine manufacturers during world war 1 when there was a need to use air and war crafts.

The blue and white logo is a representation of Bavaria, where the car has been manufactured.

This model is known to be ahead of time as they are the ones who came up with an electric vehicle when there was none.

It may sound like a surprise that they also manufactured a Lamborghini, which was done as a manufacturing deal with the Italian. The collaboration gave rise to a race car.

Many media personalities and celebrities use this vehicle given its class, comfort and, convenience.

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Merits of BMW Cars

  • High-Performance Vehicle
  • Quality Interior
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Advanced Safety Features
  • Offers Comfort
  • Durability and Convenience

Demerits of BMW Cars

  • Unavailability of spare parts
  • High Ownership Costs

The Top 9 ( Most Popular) BMW Models in Kenya

There are several BMW models, and the information below will help you make an informed decision in selecting the best.

1. BMW X6 Review

The model is a five-seater vehicle that has received critics and good ratings.

It is an SUV for people in urban areas. However, its design has many disputing on whether it is an SUV or a hatchback. Others find it an SUV with a sporty look.

The vehicle’s interior is made to fit five people and has adequate legroom at the front and back seats. All models have leather seats.

Its exterior appears sporty and is similar to the X5, and its rear morphs into a slanted roof.

The vehicle is quite spacious, from the cabin storage to the boot space. 

It is a car that is recommended to anyone looking for a performance SUV. It’s best off-road and is suitable for tarmac roads.

2. BMW X3 Review

The vehicle is an SUV with a luxurious interior, excellent performance, and advanced safety options.

Many times buyers are conflicted on getting the X5 over the X3. The most determinant factor to getting a vehicle is price and specs, and the X3 is the cheaper and better option.

The company always has a solution for all its customers hence the X3, a lower price for the luxurious SUV.

It is a five-seater with ample legroom space, and the seats can recline to add comfort for taller people. Just like all BMW cars, it has leather seats.

Space is not a problem with the X3. It has enough cabin storage and boot space. Its exterior is curvy at the front, and higher models have giant alloy rims to command its posture.

The model is built for tarmac roads. It’s stable and swift around corners. Keep off-road, and the experience with your X3 will be great.

It’s a great family car for the urban area with a lot of comfort and luxury.

3. BMW X1 Review

Are you big on living green? The BMW X1 is the vehicle that you’re looking for, overlooking other facts.

This car is known for its technology that has been designed to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2  emissions.

It is a luxurious five-seater compact SUV that has been in production since 2009 till date. It’s among the best BMW Cars to buy in Kenya.

The cabin has sufficient headroom and legroom both at the front and back rows. It is a vehicle that’s tolerable for tall people.

Its design appears more like a hatchback. It has a large kidney grille and LED lights, and its rear is slanted off to give it a sporty look.

The X1 is a spacious vehicle, and the boot space can adjust by folding the rear seats to add more cargo space.

The vehicle’s spare parts are available and affordable. However, body parts are slightly expensive.

4. BMW i8 Review

The BMW i8 is a two-door sports car. Some people say it came from the future because of its flashy design.

It is a lightweight all-wheel drive,  giving it near sportscar performance at low energy consumption levels. This factor gets it into most peoples’ lists.

The vehicle is among the most popular BMW Cars for Sale in Kenya by owners and is rated as a great car.

5. BMW X4 Review

BMW X4 is an SUV vehicle with a lot to offer, just like other BMW cars.

It stands out because of its price, size, performance, and don’t forget the posh feeling inside.

The car market has a lot of competition, especially for the SUVs, and manufacturers have to find that which stands out to make you buy.

Its competitor is the X3 that is loved for its lower price than the X4, although features tend to be similar.

The vehicle has a sufficient amount of cabin and boot space. In addition, its rear has a slanted look that allows folding of the rear seats if more boot space is required.

It has good fuel consumption, although there is an extra cost for service and maintenance.

The X4 has safety equipment of a high standard, which is evident from the client’s feedback.

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6. BMW 7 Series Review

The BMW 7 Series ranks among the list of luxury cars. The vehicle offers a strong engine performance, a roomy interior, and comfort.

If you find it lowly ranked, this has to do with its competitors. The vehicle is a good reflection of an image of perfection.

The vehicle is a five-seater with spacious can space.

Its interior makeup feels high-end because of the material used. For example, its seats are made from good quality leather.

Although the rear seat doesn’t fold, there is a pass-through compartment for large items.

It has high standard safety features and has received a lift on technology with features such as; the touch screen display, navigation purpose, and Bluetooth option.

The vehicle has its competitors that could stand out, but you cannot overlook its excellent engine performance and comfortable ride.

7. BMW 3 Series Review

The car has been recognized among small luxury vehicles. It is considered because of its powerful engine and good handling.

Its cabin gives it a lower ranking than its competitors.

The vehicle is a five-seater small sporty car. It sets the standards for performance among most luxury small cars.

It has spacious, comfortable seating and a large trunk for your cargo.

The vehicle is suitable for long rides as its legroom and headspace are spacious enough for both tall and short people. 

Its cabin is made with high-quality material with a soft feel.

It is equipped with high-standard safety features. In addition, its spare parts are available and affordable.

8. BMW 5 Series Review

If luxury, comfort, and handsome styling are your priorities when getting a car, then this one is the right one.

The vehicle provides luxury, and its engine enhances fuel efficiency.

It has a spacious cabin that has been made with high-quality materials to give you a comfortable and quiet space.

There is sufficient legroom space, cabin storage, and cargo storage, and the rear seat can fold, unlike other models, to accommodate more.

The vehicle has excellent performance, it drives well, and it has got eco options. Therefore, it has all that you could be looking for in a car.

9. BMW Z4 Review

The vehicle is a luxurious sports car with excellent fuel economy, comfortable, and user friendly.

It has high-standard technology features and safety features.

The two-seater vehicle is a perfect one around corners with its top closed. However, the car has roomy sitting and a big trunk, which is least expected.

Child car seats are not recommended for the vehicle.

Its interior is quite simple and sleek. It has been made with high-quality materials.

The price of the car is lower than others in its class. It gives you a comfortable ride, spacious cabin, and excellent fuel economy at an affordable price.

With BMW vehicles, it’s always an experience, from the luxury to its outstanding performance. BMW owners can almost swear that they do not regret it.