BMW X5 for Sale in Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, and How to Import

BMW X5 Price in Nairobi Kenya

The BMW X5 for sale in Kenya is a German machine released in 1999.  It is a midsize luxury crossover SUV that spells out glorious freedom on the road.  

BMW markets this car as an SAV – Sports Activity Vehicle – to emphasize its ability on the road regardless of its size. 

The beast’s athletic appearance stands out and catches your eye at first glance.  

It features large air intakes at the front and side gills and air breathers, not forgetting the classic kidney grille, a statement for all BMW models.

BMW X6 Video Review by Best Cars For Sale in Kenya Ltd

A 4.4-liter V8 gasoline engine powers this 5-7 seater model and is plugged into a pair of Twinscroll turbochargers, resulting in an output of 575hp at 6000-6500rpm.

Its 8-speed transmission offers incredible gear changes, whether you choose manual or automatic using gearshift paddles or gear lever.

Thanks to its lightweight construction concept, and precise coordinated aerodynamics innovative measures, it can cruise at high speeds of about 249 km/h. 

It has a fascinating driving experience offering you superior comfort both on and off-road thanks to the all-wheel-drive system. 

The 22-inch alloy wheels provide plenty of grip on the road with an impressively high power response in every driving situation.

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BMW X5 for sale in Kenya - 2020/2021 Model

The car’s interior is fit for a high-performance vehicle, prioritizing intuitive usability. Its cabin presents stylish and elegant seats made of high-quality, handpicked lavish material.  

The X5 also comes with a newly developed ergonomically optimized leather steering wheel with gearshift paddles.

And its seats are comfortable and snuggly for both the driver and the passengers. It is spacious enough for 5-7 passengers offering superb head and legroom.

The third row is a little tight for adults.

BMW X5 Price in Nairobi - 3rd row seats
BMW X5 Third Row seats.

The X5 is a direct competitor with the Land Rover Discovery and Mercedes Benz GLE Class, beating them hands down with its unbeatable powerful drive and fuel economy.

It also outshines its rivals Lexus Rx and Porsche Cayenne by giving them real competition for being the ultimate driving machine.  

Overall, this car’s athletic build and excellent performance overtake other brands, giving value for money to Kenyans. 

Let’s learn more about the BMW X5 Specs, features, and reviews for the models we presently deal in.

Key Benefits of BMW X5

  • It has a powerful, quiet engine, offering smooth performance
  • A 5 -7 seater with an optional third row
  • Excellent good fuel economy
  • Cruises at top speeds comfortably
  • Spacious front and rear-seat space
  • Large boot capacity that can be customized by folding the back seats
  • Comfortable, high-quality seats made of luxurious material

Demerits of the X5

  • The third row can only take in kids

BMW X5 F15 Model - Price, Features, and Specs

BMW X5 For sale in Mombasa

The BMW F15 was unveiled in May 2013 as the third generation of the X5.  Also known as the BMW F85, this model has some updated features that stand out. 

The front features a classic kidney-grille bigger than before, extending from one headlight to the other.

It has adaptive LED headlights identified by a horizontal light source on the center of the light rings. 

It is a perfect example of power and elegance combined with a rear-wheel-drive type option as its drive mode.  

The F85 X5 is powered by a 2.0-liter inline-four diesel or turbo petrol engine with a maximum power of 308hp at 5800-6000rpm. 

It boasts an unbeatable fuel economy of 4.1L/100km, something you would not expect from such a big impressive machine.

BMW X5 Infotainment System
BMW X5 Infotainment System

The X5 F15 has a transmission of 8-speed automatic information for exclusive driving pleasure.  

It can cruise at a top speed of about 209km/h with an acceleration of 0-100Kph in 6.2s. 

Its safety features include the standard front, side, head airbags, automatic wipers, LED headlights, night vision animal and pedestrian recognition, surround-view cameras, high-beam assistant, park assist, and a full-color head-up display.

This model’s spacious interior is all pimped to enhance graceful refinement with sporty model features and a remarkable luxurious ambiance.

This car was built for the road!  And its decent off-road ability allows quick adaptability to all road situations without any failure.

BMW X5 Price in Mombasa - Interior seats
Interior seats of the BMW X5

BMW X5 F15 Specs: Key Specifications

    • Engine Type: Twin-turbo 2.0L
    • Engine Capacity: 2979cc
    • Maximum Power: 305hp @ 5800-6000 RPM
    • Drive: Rear Wheel Drive
    • Tank Capacity: 85.2L

BMW X5 G05 Model - Price, Features, and Specs

Used bmw x5 for sale in Kenya owner

The G05 X5 is the fourth and current generation of BMW X5 launched in June 2019.  It has more aggressive features that include great all-wheel steering.

This feature known as the Integral Active Steering uses a control device to measure wheel speed, vehicle speed, and steering angle to make the rear wheels respond to the steering. 

The X5 G05 is the first BMW to be available in 22-inch wheels reserved for the sportiest engine versions.  It is fitted with the opulent panorama glass sunroof that was borrowed from the BMW 7 series.

This new beast is powered by a potent 4.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with a displacement of 2998cc, setting its standard. 

Its standard transmission is an 8-speed automatic gearbox with a maximum power of 530hp at 5500-6000rpm and a record-breaking acceleration of 4.3s.

The cockpit has an all-new display with circular analog gauges replaced with two arced elements that open towards the center, creating more room for navigation.

The gigantic twin 12.3-inch center display of the BMW G05 is customizable and can be configured individually.  

Brand New BMW X5 price in Kenya
Brand New BMW X5 by Best Cars for Sale in Kenya ltd

You can get the current news and weather updates in real-time – how cool is that!       

Its reverse ability is crazy good, reversing from memory the last 50 meters you have driven – one of the most remarkable features in today’s world.  

This vehicle is light, thus enhancing a more effortless cruise on the road with adequate balance. It is a combination of class and powerful driving dynamics like no other.

BMW X5 F15 Specs: Key Specifications

  • Engine Type: Twin-turbo 4.4L
  • Engine Capacity: 2998cc 
  • Maximum Power: 530hp@ 5500 – 6500 RPM
  • Drive: All Wheel Drive
  • Tank Capacity: 83L
  • Consumption: 10.7L/100km

BMW X5 Price in Kenya

Here are the prices for X5 models from 2017 to 2024. 

BMW X5 Model

Estimated Price in Ksh

2017 Model

Ksh.5.6M to 7.0M

2018 Model

Ksh 6.0M to 8.3M

2019 Model

Ksh 6.7M to 9.7M

2020 Model

Ksh 7.5M to 10.5M

2021 Model

Ksh 8.2M to 10.9M

2022 Model

Ksh 8.8M to 11.5M

2023 Model

Ksh 9.5M to 12.2M

2024 Model 

Ksh 10M to 12.8M

These prices are gathered from BMW X5 dealers in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyeri, Eldoret, and other big cities.  

They could adjust either higher or lower due to various factors that include the maintenance history, mileage, current condition of the car, and where you buy it.  

Let’s get one thing clear, the features and specs of this car are the same, but the prices are uniquely different. This is because every dealer has a reason as to why they quote that price.

For example, a Used BMW X5 for sale in Kenya by owners will always offer a lower price than what the rest of the market is quoting.  

It may look like a good deal, but you forget that this car has been used heavily on our Kenyan roads, resulting in major mechanical problems.

This automatically reduces the value of the car irrespective of the model. 

 Instead of choosing used Kenyan cars, opt to buy a clean car from the Japanese market that is not doctored in any way.  

By doing so, you choose a more valuable car than the second-hand BMW X5 for sale in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, and all the other towns. 

BMW 2020 Price in Kenya
BMW New Model

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BMW X5 for Sale in Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, and other towns

BMW X5 Specs: Basic Specifications

Here are the primary specifications of the X5 models: 

  • Number of seats: 5-7
  • Drive Type: All Wheel Drive
  • Maximum power: 575hp@6000-6500 RPM
  • Acceleration: 4.2 secs
  • Engine capacity: 4395cm3 
  • Fuel consumption: 9.0-14.7L/100km
  • Tank capacity: 85.2 liters

BMW X5 for Sale in Mombasa - Maximum Power

This beast offers outstanding maximum performance with a horsepower of 575hp.  It can accelerate from 0-100km in a wild 4.2 sec and achieve top speeds of 249km/h.

BMW X5 for Sale in Nairobi Kenya – AWD

BMW X5 for Sale in Kenya

The All-Wheel-Drive is ideal for this German machine giving you maximum efficiency to perform all types of driving conditions it faces.

BMW X5 for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

This model may seem like a fuel guzzler, but it is humble in its consumption with a range of 9 – 14.7L/100km. This is highly economical compared to machines like Range Rover Sport

BMW X5 Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

The upgrade for the X5 engine to 4395cm3 was the beginning of unlimited engine power and reliability like no other!  

You can count on these German engines to serve you for long, but you must maintain them properly and service them at the right time. This will work best for your engine!

BMW X5 Interior Review

BMW X5 price in Kenya - Interior View
BMW X5 interior View

The interior is well put together with several amenities that make life inside this cabin enjoyable and comfortable, lined with expensive high-quality materials.

It is lined with expensive high-quality materials, not forgetting the stitched faux leather element, door coverings, and the nickel-finish metal trim that adds that extra element of luxury. 

The glossy wood grain trim in this vehicle screams elegance!

Storage and Cupholders

The storage comprises two cupholders heated or cooled under the center armrest to the comfort of the traveler.

It has a folding compartment on the driver’s side, storage nets in the front passenger’s footwell, and clothes hooks on the roll bar.    

The boot offers ample cargo space even with the rear seats in use, and more space is available with the rear seats folded, which can be done faster and easier.

Comfort and Legroom

New BMW X5 price in Kenya

The X5’s interior space is generous and stylish. It is spacious enough to accommodate adults in the first and second row. The third row is best for kids because the leg space is very tight.     

It has a roomy and comfortable cabin with expensive leather seats. The front seats have a 10-way power-adjustable ability with heated armrests and a steering wheel.   

The rear seats also have reclining seatbacks allowing the passengers to be comfortable in their way.


The intelligent controls at the cockpit, all smartly laid out, are attractive and friendly, giving you an effortless driving experience. 

The dashboard is fitted with a twin 12.3-inch infotainment screen to help you navigate, plus entertainment and polished with a shiny gloss that does not fade. 

These features make this vehicle feel like a high-end luxury car which indeed is.

Extra Internal Features

The X5’s iDrive interface provides you with twin 12.3-inch displays that add a luxurious look to the cockpit. 

One serves as a digital gauge display, and the other provides access to the infotainment system.  

They can be controlled via gesture controls or using the center-console-mounted rotary knob.  

Other prominent features include Wireless charging, panoramic sunroof, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, rain-sensing automatic windshield wipers, and Bluetooth phone connectivity. 

You also get customizable ambient lighting, built-in navigation, enhanced USB ports, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a power rear liftgate.

BMW offers standard safety features that include front and sides airbags, standard automated emergency braking with forward-collision warning, and standard lane- departure warning.

There are also adaptive cruise controls and blind-spot monitoring.

BMW X5 Price in Kenya - Interior view Seating Space
You Can Add the Third Row to Accommodate More People

X5 Exterior Review

The X5 is a statement of class with its breathtaking athletic appearance.  

The classic grille and massive front bumper define elegance and are noticeable on all the BMW models.   

It comes in a variety of colors with a paint finish that radiates brilliance and glamor. 

The 22” gigantic wheels are ready to tread on any ground setting its standard as an all-wheel vehicle.

BMW X5 Reviews - What Past Buyers Are Saying

Here are some reviews from our past customers: 

Ms. Irene 

“BMW is not just a brand but a lifestyle.  I love the power that comes from the engine and the statement it leaves everywhere I go.  It’s very comfortable on rough roads and remains smooth all the way.  Even when I drive long-distance on rough roads, I don’t come home with sore arm muscles. The power steering does all the work on my behalf.  Sometimes all one needs is a powerful car to remind you how great you are.  And this car has done exactly that to me.”

Malik Junior.

“I was about to fall into the trap of buying a used BMW that still looked great in shape and was priced lower.  But I met a friend who introduced me to these guys –  Within a short time, they called me to pick up my BMW X5 that I had wanted from Japan.  And to add icing to the cake, it was about 10% lower than the quote I had received from the showrooms around Nairobi.  The little patience to wait for my car to arrive was well worth it.”

William Juma. 

“Getting a machine like this one to take me to work was the encouragement I needed every morning.  Because after I bought this car, I have never been late for work.  I don’t know if it’s the speeds it can do very easily or if it’s my alarm clock doing its magic, but one thing I know is this car was meant for me.  Above everything, I love the controls and the infotainment of this car, not forgetting the sleek interior finishing on the seats.  My rhumba is never the same.”

Freddie O.

“My friends from Luo Land, welcome to the BMW world.  If you thought Mercedes is everything, I ask you to try this one.  Try it and test everything about it, and you will learn that this machine is in a class of its own.  Fast, comfortable, and a good driving position are the most attractive features for me. Accelerating and overtaking is easy and fast with a powerful and quiet engine.”

Dylan W.

“This is my first big car, and at first, I was afraid it would cost me so much to maintain it.  But looking back to the last eight months since it arrived from Japan, I can say it costs me average to maintain such a big machine.  Sometimes I couldn’t believe that it consumed such little fuel.  At first, I thought the gauge had been doctored, but they reassured me it’s very okay when BMW checked it.  I can’t thank these guys enough for getting me the car I just needed.” 

Brand New BMW X5 Price in Kenya Key Rivals

The Key Rivals of the BMW x5 for sale in Nairobi include BMW Z4, Volvo XC 90, Toyota Vellfire, Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz GLE, Land Rover Range Rover Velar, BMW X3.

BMW X5 For Sale in Nairobi - Article Summary

This Article covers information about BMW X5 for sale in Kenya, BMW X5 2020 price in Kenya, and BMW X5 2019 price in Kenya. It is also relevant if you are looking for a BMW X5 for sale in Mombasa, BMW X5 for sale in Nairobi or new BMW X5 price in Kenya. Lastly, it outlines how we can help you import your car and the brand New BMW X5 price in Kenya, options for Used BMW X5 for sale in Kenya by owners as well as the average BMW X5 price in Mombasa and Nairobi.

Common Questions We Get About the X5

Here are some of the commonly asked questions from our customers

1. Why Did BMW Have to Launch so Many Generations?

BMW upgrades its generations to provide you with newer versions with more aggressive features.  

Every generation is always better than the previous one allowing customers to enjoy a better driving experience.

2. Why Does it Offer a Third Row?

If you are more concerned about carrying extra passengers or having a large family, you can add a third row.  

Remember it is entirely optional, and therefore you can customize your X5 as you wish.

3. How Big is its Trunk?

The trunk of this car is large enough.  With its second-row seats up, the trunk measures 650 liters and, when customized, expands to 1,870 liters.

This should be enough for any beemer, seeing that it is not used as a business car but rather a luxury one.

4. Are This Model’s Seats Comfortable?

This vehicle’s seats make the list of the luxury SUV with the most comfortable seats of the year.  

The front seats feature a power-adjustable option, with the bottom cushion seat manually extended for additional leg support.

5. What Problems do the X5 Commonly Suffer?

There is a well-known problem of the coolant system failure by developing a leak over time.  This part protects your car’s engine from overheating and failure.  

The remedy is to service your car at the right time. Such problems are noticed before they develop into more significant issues and are rectified.

6. How Many Miles Should an X5 Last?

BMW’s are very reliable cars if you keep up with the maintenance.  

If your source for a clean one from Japan that has not been used in harsh conditions, it should be able to give you 200,000 – 250,000 miles without any trouble.

Should you be interested in more information about importing a clean one, don’t hesitate to reach us via call or WhatsApp at +254-728-308-043.