Jaguar Range Rover Sport for Sale in Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, and How to Import

What is the Land Rover Range Rover Sport price in Kenya? This is among the first questions we receive from buyers interested in the Jaguar Range Rover Sport L494.

And the new Range Rover Sport price in Kenya ranges from Ksh 32 million – Ksh 44 Million.

The Rover Sport is an attractive choice for the discerning buyer looking for a mid-size luxury SUV with a hint of sportiness.

The Sport is smaller than the Range Rover, but that’s about all the difference there is. This SUV exudes the kind of strength, power, and agility drivers need for outstanding on-road and off-road performance.

Its luxurious interior is a feast for the eyes.Everything is designed for maximum comfort and enjoyment, decked in leathers, natural wood, and high-quality plastics and metals.

Buyers can opt for the five-seater layout or the seven-seater layout.

As with the Range Rover, all Sport models are equipped with an all-wheel-drive system.

Their muscular engine lineup comprises diesel and petrol engines that ensure the car is never short of power.

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Demerits of Importing
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The 2021 Land Rover Range Rover Sport – V8

The Range Rover Sports models are fast cars sprinting from 0-100 km/h in 4.5 – 10 seconds.

The Jaguar Range Rover L494 is not without competition. Up in its alley is the BMW X5. This noteworthy opponent has stout engines that rival the Sport’s performance on paved roads.

However, it loses ground when it comes to off-road travel and water forging capabilities. The Sport is also taller, giving its occupants more overhead space.

The Mercedes Benz GLE also gives the Sport a run for its money. The GLE boasts an elegant interior, easy-to-use features, and robust engines.

Unfortunately, the GLE’s cabin lets in wind and road noises at high speed and is only available in a five-seater layout.

Plus, the GLE consumes more fuel, and it can’t match the Sport’s handsome looks or off-road performance, especially on treacherous terrains.

So, if you want to know more about the Range Rover Sport for sale in Kenya and what features it has, read on.

Key Benefits Features of the Range Rover Sport

The Range Sport comes in several trims: Autobiography with Dynamic pack, HSE, HSE with Dynamic pack, HST, S, and SE are more popular among Kenyan buyers.

There are also unique models available, including the Sport HSE silver, Sport HSE dynamic black, Sport SVR, and Sport SVR Carbon Edition.

Here, we’ll look at the features of the popular models. If you would like more information on the particular models, our team is readily available to assist you.

Range Rover Sport S Model

  • Ambient Interior Lighting
  • Grained Leather 8-way front seats
  • Leather Steering Wheel
  • Touch Pro Duo
  • Enhanced Sound System
  • Premium LED headlights
  • 19-inch 5 split-spoke wheels
  • Cruise Control and Speed Limiter
  • Front and Rear Parking Aid
  • Keyless Entry
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Rear Camera

Range Rover Sport SE Model

  • Ambient interior lighting
  • Auto-dimming interior rearview mirror
  • Grained leather 14-way front seats
  • Touch Pro Duo infotainment system
  • Enhanced sound system
  • 19-inch 5 split-spoke wheels
  • Front fog lights
  • Premium LED headlights with signature DRL
  • Cruise control and speed limiter
  • Front and rear parking aid
  • Keyless entry
  • Lane departure warning
  • Rear camera

Range Rover Sport HSE Model

  • Ambient interior lighting
  • Auto-dimming interior rearview mirror
  • Illuminated metal treadplates with Range Rover script/li>
  • Windsor Leather 16-way memory front seats
  • Heated front seats
  • Touch Pro Duo infotainment system
  • Enhanced sound system
  • 20-inch 5 split-spoke wheels
  • Matrix LED headlights
  • Front fog lights
  • Cruise control and speed limiter
  • Front and rear parking aid
  • Keyless entry
  • Rear camera

Range Rover Sport HSE with Dynamic Pack

Auto-dimming interior rearview mirror
  • Illuminated metal treadplates with Range Rover script
  • Windsor Leather 16-way memory front seats
  • Heated front seats
  • Bright metal pedals
  • Touch Pro Duo infotainment system
  • Enhanced sound system
  • 21-inch 5 split-spoke wheels
  • Matrix LED headlights
  • Front fog lights
  • Cruise Control and Speed Limiter
  • Front and Rear Parking Aid
  • Keyless Entry
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Rear Camera

Range Rover Sport HST Model

  • Auto-dimming interior rearview mirror
  • Bright metal pedals
  • Configurable Ambient interior lighting
  • Illuminated metal treadplates with Range Rover script
  • Touch Pro Duo infotainment system
  • Meridian™ Surround Sound System
  • Windsor leather 16-way memory front seats with suede-cloth bolsters
  • Heated and cooled front seats with heated rear seats
  • 21-inch 9 spoke wheels
  • Adaptive speed limiter
  • Black contrast roof
  • Fixed panoramic roof
  • Matrix LED headlights
  • 360 parking aid
  • Blind-spot monitor
  • Clear exit monitor
  • Three-zone climate control
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Driver condition monitor

Range Rover Sport Autobiography with Dynamic Pack

  • Auto-dimming interior rearview mirror
  • Bright metal pedals
  • Cooled and heated front seats 
  • Heated rear seats
  • Illuminated metal treadplates with Range Rover script
  • Semi-Aniline leather 22-way memory front seats featuring winged headrests
  • Touch Pro Duo infotainment system
  • Meridian™ Surround Sound System
  • 21-inch 5 split-spoke wheels with contrast Diamond Turned finish
  • Black contrast roof
  • Matrix LED headlights with signature DRL
  • 360 parking aid
  • Adaptive speed limiter
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Clear exit monitor
  • Driver condition monitor
  • Traffic sign recognition 

Benefits of the Range Rover Sports

  • A well-equipped base model with premium luxury fittings and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Well-thought-out safety features
  • Sizable cabin for families
  • Rear seat entertainment 
  • Interactive driver display
  • Sporty handling and acceleration

Demerits of the Jaguar Sport

  • Cramped third-row seating
  • The infotainment system has a steep learning curve 

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Price in Kenya - Nairobi, and Mombasa

We are back to our initial question, what is the Land Rover Range Rover Sport price in Kenya? Let’s now sample the costs of this great car in our market.

  • 2015 Model: Ksh. 9.5M – 15M
  • 2016 Model: Kshs. 13M – 15M
  • 2017 Model: Ksh. 14.6M – 17M
  • 2018 Model: Ksh. 15.2 – 19.7M
  • 2019 Model: Ksh. 16M – 18M
  • 2020 Model: Ksh. 16.5M – 20M
  • 2021 Model: Ksh. 21M – 25M

These are the prices for local and foreign-used Range Rover Sport SUVs on the Kenyan scene.

The prices may fluctuate depending on the features you choose, mileage, year of manufacture, seating capacity, and the seller.

New Range Rover Sport price in Kenya ranges Ksh 32 million – Ksh 44 Million. Pricey, yes, but it is a brand new SUV with top-of-the-range features.

Can you find cheaper Used Range Rover Sport for sale in Kenya by owners?

A quick look at the price of a Range Rover Sport on JiJi Kenya and other online selling platforms reveals cheaper vehicles.

But these are mostly older vehicles that don’t include all the features that come with newer models.

There are genuine sellers and those looking to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers. Is it easy to tell them apart?

People sell their cars for various reasons.

But for the most part, they will do so if the car starts developing mechanical or involved in an accident.

The car is given a quick polish and put up for sale. What looks like a bargain could end up being the biggest headache of your life.

For buyers looking for cheaper used Range Rover Sport models, we recommend importing directly from Japan.

The Japanese road infrastructure is quite good, which helps keep cars in good condition.

Secondly, Japan has a vehicle inspection program known as Shaken. According to the Shaken law, all registered vehicles must be inspected every two years.

This helps ensure that vehicles on their streets and highways are safe.

The program is very unforgiving as each component of the car is inspected thoroughly. Car owners can be slapped with high bills if their vehicles are not up to standard.

For this reason, the Japanese people take excellent care of their vehicles lest they become unfit and unlawful for use. They also dispose of their cars and buy new ones within a short period.

Now you know why many Japanese cars have low mileage, and their condition is pristine.
Lastly, importing allows you to sidestep costs associated with showrooms.

Showroom cars require regular maintenance to keep them in excellent condition.

Maintenance costs and overhead costs (like lighting and security) quickly pile up and makeup 10 – 20% of the final purchase cost.

Allow me to illustrate.

Assuming the Range Rover Sport 2020 price in a Kenyan showroom is Ksh.
16.5M, you can save anywhere between Ksh. 1,650,000/- to Ksh. 3,330,000/-.

That’s a substantial amount of money, don’t you think?

If you would like to know more about importing a car, contact on +254-728-308-043.

You can also visit our offices at Greec Tower 2018 Door No. D7/D8 in Ruiru Town.

Once we agree on the Range Rover Sport Specs you’re looking for. We’ll go ahead to identify, bid, ship, clear, and register the car on your behalf.

If you’re in a hurry, you can always view and test the Range Rover Sport models in our yard. 

Our team is available to help, answer any questions you may have, and take you through the purchase process.

We can also help you import other high-end cars like Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Velar, Land Rover Discovery, and Land Rover Defender

Range Rover Sport New Model -
You Can Import this Range Rover Sport at 10% Less

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Specs: Basic Specifications

Let’s look at some of the key Rover Sport Specs:

  • Number of Seats: 5 -7
  • Drive Type: All Wheel Drive
  • Maximum Power: 355 – 575HP
  • Engine Capacity: 2993 – 4,999 cc
  • Acceleration: 0 – 100 Km/h in 4.5 – 10 seconds
  • Fuel Consumption: 5.8 – 6.5 L/100km
  • Tank Capacity: 80 Liters

Range Rover Sport for Sale in Mombasa – Maximum Power

The Range Rover Sport’s potent engine delivers 355 – 575 horsepower, making this SUV a speedy and exciting car to drive.

It has impressive acceleration abilities that see it dash from 0 – 100 km/h in under 10 seconds. The car feels stable, agile, and tight body control. Driving the Sport along twisty roads and hills feels thanks to its consistent controls.

Range Rover Sport for Sale in Nairobi Kenya – AWD

All Range Rover Sport models use the all-wheel-drive system. It works hand in hand with air suspension to ensure comfort for the passengers irrespective of the terrain.

In true Land Rover style, the Range Rover Sport is in its element on the beaten path.

The system also comes with the Terrain Response system to select the best driving mode for every surface.

Some of the available driving modes include normal driving mode, grass/gravel, sand, mud, and rock craw.

Range Rover Sport for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

With potent engines and high engine capacity, the Range Rover Sport has an affinity for fuel consuming 5.8 – 6.5 liters for every 100kms.

You’re unlikely to find better fuel consumption in the sporty luxury SUV segment, with vehicles like the sporty Mercedes Benz GLA guzzling just as much.

The Toyota Highlander may be a better option if you’re looking for a more fuel-efficient SUV.

It offers decent acceleration, a host of safety features but lacks the comfort, speed, and prestige of the Range Rover lineup.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

The Sport has an engine lineup that consists of a petrol-powered inline-six, a turbocharged diesel engine, and the all-powerful supercharged V8 engine.

With an engine capacity of 2993 – 4,999 cc, the engines are potent, delivering power any time it’s needed. The engines are delightfully quiet and remain smooth even when you push them hard.

Jaguar Land Rover Sport Interior Review

The Sport’s cabin is high-end with the sole intention of providing supreme comfort.

From the stitching to the leather upholstery, wood trimmings, and metal inlays, you’ll notice impressive attention to detail. Everything has a sporty feel, unlike the upright layout found in the larger Range Rover.

The interior is spacious with an airy light atmosphere enhanced by the large windows and panoramic roof. Cabin build muffles wind and road noise allowing you to enjoy your ride in peace.

Dual rear-seat entertainment systems take the form of 8 – 10-inch touch screen displays. They keep the second-row occupants busy throughout the journey.

Comfort and Legroom

The Sport is a five-seater SUV you can configure to include two additional seats at the back.

Long-legged occupants on the front row will enjoy a generous amount of legroom and elbow room.

The same goes for the outboard seats on the second row. However, the middle seat is relatively narrow and may be more suited for children.

Those who install the third-row seating space may find it cramped for adults but working just fine for children.

All seats are plush and offer superior support whether you’re on a long or short distance. The driver’s seat is positioned higher to give you an unobstructed view of the road.

This “Command” driving position makes you feel like a king of the road looking down on other vehicles.

Seats and Child Seat

This SUV offers latch connectors for the second-row outboard seats and an anchor for the middle seat. You can bundle the kids into the car and be on your way.

The third-row seat is not suitable for children who use car seats rather than adults who use belts.

Boot Space

Without the third-row seats in place, the boot is spacious enough to carry your golding and other sports equipment or travel luggage.

The second-row seats can also fold to make more room for more luggage.

Safety Features

As we saw from the features listed above, every Range Rover Sport Model comes with safety features. The higher the model, the more advanced the features.

The American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Euro NCAP, and ANCAP have not carried out any crash safety tests on the Sport.

Even so, the Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport share fundamental architectural similarities. On this basis, Auto Express UK believes that this also means that the Sport is a safe SUV.

Some of the standard safety features you can expect on a Range Rover include:

  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Forward collision warning
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Lane departure warning
  • Rearview camera
  • Lane keep assist
Upgradeable safety features include:
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Automatic high-beam headlights
  • Driver drowsiness monitoring
  • Hands-free park assist
  • Head-up display
  • A surround-view parking camera system
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Rear cross-traffic alert
Rover Sport Boot -
Spacious Boot of the Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport External Review

The Sport borrows most of its design cues from the larger Range Rover. It boasts a lower, sportier muscular stance that commands attention.

This contemporary feel is enhanced by its wrap-around LED lights, smooth front, rear bumpers, floating roofline, bonnet vents, and sporty wheels.

The car is available in Firenze Red, Narvik Black, Yulong White, Loire Blue, Indus Silver, Santorini Black, and Fuji White.

Range Rover Sport Reviews - What Past Buyers are Saying

We love this car, but let’s see what past buyers are saying about it.


“My Range Rover Sport looks stunning on the parking lot, but that’s not where the romance ends. The interior has serious appeal, comfort, and handling is great for a car of its size. I love cruising the open road in this car. It’s a keeper.”


“My husband and I are tall – legroom is one of the biggest requirements in a car. I think I overemphasized this point when talking with the team. Looking at the size of the Sport, I was a little worried until we tested it. The cabin is very spacious, and we stay comfortable when traveling out of town.”


“This is my second Range Rover Sport, and it won’t be the last. I went for the diesel engine and truly appreciate how quiet it is. The cabin is super quiet – a must-have for me – I can’t stand noisy cars. The power is good, and the transmission feels silky smooth. I’m happy with my purchase.”


“My wife and I talked about getting a new car and chose the RR Sport. We have had this car for close to a year now, and we love it. The cabin is luxurious, and the ride feels smooth on-road and off-road. The interface is excellent too. I recommend this car for families looking for fun, sporty cars.”


“I always find my dad’s Range Rover a headache to park, so the Sport stood out for when I was looking for the best Range to buy. Even dad agrees that my car is easier to handle. This car is trendy, powerful, and has that “wow” about it. I love it.”

Common Questions We Get About the Jaguar Land Rover Sport

Here are some questions we receive regarding the Range Rover Sport for sale in Kenya

1. What is Special About Range Rover Sport?

The Range Rover lineup is one of the reasons many people associate SUVs with luxury and status.

The Sport lives up to its name by providing supreme comfort, refined driving, and all-around luxury for its owners. It’s a popular car among the affluent.

a. What is the Range Rover Sport 2019 Price in Kenya?

The cost of the 2019 Sport ranges Ksh. 16M – 18M. The price highly depends on the features chosen, seating layout, mileage, year of registration, and the seller.

Importing directly from Japan can work out cheaper, and our team will be on hand to help you with the process.

2. Is the Range Rover Sport Convertible?

The Sport is not convertible, but it has a panoramic roof. As far as convertibles go, Land Rover recently unveiled a convertible Range Rover Evoque.

This compact Evoque convertible combines a sophisticated folding roof with the refined and bold design of the conventional Evoque.

3.Can Range Rover Sports Go Underwater?

The Sport has a wading depth of 850mm, which is only 50mm less than the larger Range Rover.

It can easily cross shallow rivers, but we must caution drivers against forging into rivers whose depth is unknown or driving in fast-flowing flood water.

4. What is the Difference Between the Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Velar?

While their styling differences are not immediately apparent, the Velar has a lower roof and windswept body than the Sports’ boxy style.

The Velar is also closer to the ground and offers a seating layout for five occupants. Both SUVs are powerful, but the Sport packs a more potent punch and is a better option for off-roading purposes.

5. What is the Difference Between Range Rover Sport and Discovery sport?

The Range Rover Sport is a mid-size SUV (uses a truck chassis), while the Discovery Sport is a crossover (built on a car platform).

The Discovery Sport is lighter, has plenty of horsepowers, and a nice interior.

But the Range Rover Sport offers more legroom for front passengers, has a premium interior, and its performance is way better.

6. Is there a Bulletproof Range Rover Sport in Kenya?

You can find the Range Rover Sentinel at Land Rover Kenya. This armored vehicle comes with armored glass, roof, and under-floor blast protection, and an escape panel located in the boot.

The Special Vehicle Operations team has designed this vehicle to provide safety and security against bullets, improvised explosive devices (IED), and blasts.