Audi Cars for Sale in Kenya - Import Audi Cars and Buying Guide

Are you looking for a luxurious car? Audi cars for sale in Kenya might be what you need, and can help you own one. 

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Our car experts have also reviewed the different Audi automobiles for import and given a complete buying guide.

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Demerits of Importing
– You have to wait for your new car to be shipped

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Top Audi Cars for Import
The Audi Model Review
Audi Vehicles for Import -
Audi is the Luxurious Car Subsidiary of Volkswagen

The History of Audi Company

Audi cars for sale in Kenya are in high demand, probably due to their incredible design. Also, the Audi Company is one of the best vehicle manufacturers in the automotive industry.

It has been in existence for more than a century, making it a leading producer of some of the best car models in the world.

This model has a rich history since 1910, which has contributed to its success. In 1932, Audi joined hands with three other car manufacturers to form Auto Union.

Audi was the only surviving member of the union and was purchased by the Volkswagen company in 1964. It has since been a top producer of sophisticated luxury cars and SUVs.

The car manufacturer is well known for producing cars with classic exterior designs. Moreover, Its SUVs also portray a sporty look, fitted with a four-wheel drive for proper off-roading.

In addition, all Audi models have a spacious interior made from high-quality materials to optimize comfort. The pedals and steering are aligned to offer easier driving and stability.

Merits of Audi Cars

  •  Not too expensive
  •  It has a wide range of options
  • Improved technology
  •  Standard all-wheel drive
  • High-end amenities
  • High engine performance
  • Classic interior
  • Good for off-roading

Demerits of Audi Cars

  • Expensive to upgrade
  • Depreciates quickly

The Top 10 (Most Popular) Audi Models in Kenya

If you’re looking for highly competent vehicles in Kenya, you can choose from the following top 10 best Audi models.

Audi A3 Review

Audi A3 is a high-quality vehicle that offers both quality and class. Besides its quality, it is fitted with a strong base engine to improve performance.

The car has an agile handling feature that enhances stability and comfortable driving. Although it has a small cabin, it plays a significant role in giving the vehicle its stylish look.

Initially, the older models had a 170-horsepower engine but improved to a 186-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine for the newer models.

It has a sleek interior and a high-quality infotainment system with the latest technology. Even better, it has an additional Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to improve smartphone integration.

Audi A4 Review

If you need a luxury sport sedan with lively handling and high-grade style and tech features, then you should go for the Audi A4.

The vehicle comes with a Quattro all-wheel-drive system and a potent turbocharged four-cylinder engine. In addition, it has 261 horsepower, which gives the car a powerful drive.

It has a 2.0-liter engine capacity, with a seven-speed automatic transmission. As a result, it accelerates from 0 – 96.5 kph in 4.8 seconds.

Its interior is also developed from high-quality materials to guarantee comfort. Furthermore, the infotainment system comprises the latest technology, which gives the car a touch of class.

The fuel economy of this vehicle is a feature that qualifies it as one of the best Audi cars to buy in Kenya. It consumes an average of 6.6 liters per 100 km; this is undoubtedly quite economical.

Audi A5 Review

The Audi A5 model is one of the best Audi models with a classic interior and a punchy powertrain. It is also optimized with maximum stability to offer a comfortable ride.

Inside you will find enough cargo and passenger space. The adjustable front seats also offer a chance to increase legroom for a better driving experience.

Its engine has a 248- horsepower turbocharged capability, with an additional 13 horsepower for the 2021 model.

The transmission is a seven-speed double-clutch, automatic four-cylinder engine. This feature gives the vehicle enough power for off-roading and driving through rough terrains.

It is also worth mentioning the safety that the car provides. Airbags are on the rear and the driver’s seat to minimize injury in case of an accident.

Audi A6 Review

The Audi A6 is a luxury sedan model that offers nothing short of high-tech features. It has a cabin made of high-quality materials and provides a smooth and steady ride.

It has two powertrains; a 248hp turbocharged 2-liter engine and a 355 horsepower 3-liter turbocharged V6 engine.

A seven-speed auto transmission system powers the vehicle. It also features an all-wheel-drive standard for both engines.

Acceleration is another fantastic feature worth mentioning about this car. It can speed up from 0 – 96 kph in 4.8 seconds.

Its classic interior design and infotainment system present nothing short of luxury. The cabin is made from high-quality materials to ensure maximum comfort.

There is enough space for both cargo and passengers. Although the boot space is smaller than its rivals, it still plays a significant part in maintaining the sleek design.

Audi A7 Review

Out of all Audi cars, the A7 is one of the most outstanding models. The vehicle provides a smooth ride with a quick and quiet operation.

Its cutting-edge classic design makes it the absolute choice car for you. In addition, the sedan pozes a stylish look with the latest high-tech features.

The car has a 335 horsepower turbocharged V6 engine. Its four-wheel-drive feature and dual-clutch auto transmission enable it to maneuver well off-road.

Its classic interior provides more comfort than most of its rivals. You’ll also appreciate its infotainment system that has a 10.1-inch touchscreen.

Safety is also upscale by providing airbags for the rear seats and an enhanced tire-pressure monitor. In addition, lane-keeping assistance and emergency braking make the car safer to drive.

Audi Cars for Import -
Import the Best Audi Cars with Best Cars for Sale in Kenya LTD.

Audi A8 Review

If you want a car that brings both touches of class and luxury, go for the Audi A8 model. It is one of the top Audi Kenya cars that is both comfortable and has standard tech features.

The sedan car has an elegantly fitted cabin that provides enough passenger space. Furthermore, the adjustable rear seats make driving more comfortable.

There are two types of engine varieties for this vehicle; the V-6 335 horsepower and the 453 horsepower V-8 engine. It also has an acceleration of 0-95 kph in an average of 5.3 seconds.

The fuel consumption of this vehicle varies depending on the road type, but the average fuel economy is 6.6liters per 100km.

Audi Q3 Review

Sharp, stylish, and spunky can be the words used to describe the Audi Q3. The car comes with high-tech features and a sleek interior.

It has many safety pieces of equipment, including blind-spot monitoring and rear crossing alerts. On top of that, there are parking sensors and interior aluminum trim that improve its quality.

Audi Q3 has a powerful four-cylinder turbocharged engine with 228 horsepower. An eight-speed auto transmission also gives the car a smooth ride.

The vehicle has an all-wheel-drive feature that helps it cruise well under rough terrain and off-road. These high-quality features make Q3 one of the top Audi vehicles for sale in Kenya.

Audi Q5 Review

The Audi Q5 is a top-rated SUV you can buy in Kenya. Its tech-rich cabin and stylish exterior make it a unique car.

This model offers two powertrains; a 261 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and a 362 horsepower hybrid plug-in engine.

It has a sleek interior featuring an infotainment system with the latest technology; this includes a 12.3-inch touchscreen and a digital gauge display.

 Fuel economy is also another fantastic feature of this car. It consumes an average of 6.5 liters per 100 km.

Audi Q7 Review

The Audi Q7 is a high-end car that offers agile handling and enough space for both passengers and cargo.

The three-row seat compartments make it an ideal family car. Moreover, its sleek interior design and tech-rich cabin make it more comfortable.

It has a powerful engine performance, all thanks to its 248-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The acceleration of this car is also top-notch; it can go from 0 – 95kph in 5seconds.

Its popularity makes it one of the tops used cars for sale in Kenya by owners. This proves its reliability. Besides, it has more pros than cons.

The vehicle is fitted with airbags on the front compartment and has an emergency braking system to improve safety.

Audi R8 Review

The Audi R8 is a roaring V-10 powertrain vehicle with top features. Its catchy style equally makes it one of the most admired Audi cars in Kenya.

It boasts of a 602 horsepower V-10 engine. Although it doesn’t have a considerable boot space, its interior still holds a sleek and comfortable design.

In addition, it has a robust seven-speed dual-clutch automatic engine transmission. This feature enables it to accelerate at an incredibly high speed.

The installment of rear side airbags, tire-pressure monitoring, and lane-keeping assistance help beef up this car’s safety.