Audi Q7 for Sale in Kenya - Review, Price Features, Specs, and How to Import

Audi Q7 for sale in Kenya combines specular design, a tech-rich cabin, and fun to drive experience. 

The SUV comes with standard three-seat rows, making it a perfect vehicle for people with families. 

It’s great when it comes to towing and also in off-roading. 

The Q7 is also easy to drive, despite it being a big car. 

It’s available in two engine options, a 2.0-liter, 248-hp turbocharged four-cylinder and a 3.0-liter, 335-hp turbocharged V-6 with the all-wheel-drive as the standard feature.

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Audi 3 for Sale in Kenya -
The Q7 Has A Unique and Appealing Exterior Design

Some of the closest competitors of the vehicle include the Volvo XC90,  BMW X5, and the Mercedes-Benz GLE. 

It beats the XC90 when it comes to engine capacity and power and the BMW in terms of price.

However, the Q7 and the BMW X5 feature posh interiors, ample cargo space, and comfortable rides.

The  Audi Q7 for sale in Nairobi beats the GLE when it comes to the quality of the ride. 

It has air suspension, can smother even big bumps, very quiet. It is also able to tow more weight than the GLE. 

The vehicle is available in three trims, premium, premium plus, and prestige.

You can learn more about the Audi Q7 price in Kenya, features, specs, pros, and cons here. 

Audi Q7 Full Size Luxury SUV Review 

The Audi Q7 full-size luxury SUV has been designed to fit your needs perfectly, thanks to its several adjustable interior features.

These include the comfortable driver’s passenger’s and center row seats. 

The vehicle’s other impeccable features include a panoramic sunroof, leather seats, easily accessible control buttons, and a split opening center armrest. 

It is also powered by a 248-horsepower turbo, 4-cylinder engine that gives it the power to drive in all conditions. 

Q7 SUV Specs and Features

  • Number of seats: 7
  • Boot capacity: 37.5 cubic feet
  • Engine capacity:3.0-liter
  • Horsepower: 335 horsepower @ 5,000 rpm
  • Drive Type: all-wheel-drive
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Adaptive high beam headlights
  • Park steering assist
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane keep assist

Audi Q7 Mid-Size Luxury Crossover SUV Review 

Luxury midsize crossover SUVs are characterized by comfort, up-to-date tech features, and fun driving. 

The midsize luxury crossover Audi Q7 for sale in Nairobi and other towns has all these features. 

Additionally, it has a conservatively contemporary exterior design.

The vehicle is highly refined, stylish and has several driver-assist and safety features. 

Apart from that, it has an impressive virtual cockpit gauge display that adds to the overall beauty of the vehicle’s interior. 

It is available in two types of engines, a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 248hp and a 3.0-liter V6 engine producing 329hp. 

The power is excellent, but not more than that of the SQ7 that was launched in 2020.

 The SQ7 has a 4.0-liter V8 turbocharged engine, producing 500hp but is very pricey compared to other vehicles in the Q7 series. 

Another impressive characteristic of this vehicle is that it’s tranquil when driving and is very refined. 

It also has an adaptive suspension that balances sportiness and comfort in the vehicle.  

Q7 Crossover SUV Specs and Features 

  • Number of seats: 7
  • Boot capacity: 35 cubic feet
  • Engine capacity: 2.0 liter, 3.0liter
  • Acceleration: 0-100kph, 5 seconds
  • Horsepower: 248-329hp
  • Drive Type: all-wheel-drive
  • 3-zone automatic climate control
  • Apple car play/android auto smartphone integration
  • Leather seats
  • Heated front seats

Key Benefits of Audi Q7

  • Exceptional interior materials
  • Comfortable ride
  • High-tech infotainment features
  • Plenty of safety features
  • Agile handling
  • Contemporary exterior

Demerits of the Q7

  • Cramped third-row seat
  • Less cargo space compared to competitors

Audi Q7 Price in Kenya – Mombasa, Nairobi, and Other Towns 

These are the estimated prices of the Q7 in major cities of Kenya.

  • 2017 Model: Ksh. 4.8M
  • 2018 Model: Ksh. 5.5M
  • 2019 Model: Ksh. 6.1M 
  • 2020 Model: Ksh. 6.7M 
  • 2021 Model: Ksh. 7.5M 
  • 2022 Model: Ksh. 8.2M 
  • 2023 Model: Ksh. 8.8M 

The prices given above are what the different models of the Q7 cost in Kenya, on average.

However, you may buy yours at a different price because certain factors make them differ. 

These include mileage of the vehicle, your specific location, and car features such as type seats and other added specs.

The Audi Q7 price in Nairobi and Audi Q7 price in Mombasa may also differ due to transport expenses.

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Apart from the Q7, you can also import other cars such as the Audi A5, Volkswagon GolfAudi R8.

Audi Q7 for Sale in Nairobi and Mombasa -
The Q7 Is Large And Offers Ample Leg And Headroom.

Audi Q7 Specs: Specs and Features 

Here are some of the most notable Q7 Specs.

  • Number of Seats:7
  •  Drive Type: all-wheel drive
  • Maximum Power: 335hp
  •  Engine Capacity:2.0-3.0liters
  • Acceleration: 0-100kph, 5.7-6.9 seconds
  • Fuel Consumption: 12l/100km
  • Tank Capacity: 85litres

Audi Q7 for Sale in Mombasa – Maximum Power

The vehicle produces a maximum power of 335hp, with its 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine. The 2.0-liter engine produces 248hp. 

Audi Q7  for Sale in Nairobi Kenya – AWD

The Audi Q7 for sale in Mombasa and other major cities has one of the most advanced AWD systems.

It provides exceptional traction and grip, no matter the kind of terrain it’s driving on. This gives it excellent capability and safety.

Audi Q7 for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

The Q7 consumes an average of 12 liters for 100kms. The fuel economy is not very bad, given that it is a powerful vehicle. 

Audi Q7 Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

The vehicle is available with two different options, a 2.0-liter and a 3.0 -liter engine. 

If you need your car not to consume a lot of fuel, the 2.0-liter will be a good fit.

 The 3.0-liter is more powerful, but that comes with less fuel economy.

Audi Q7 Interior Review 

Below is a detailed interior review of the Q7.

Comfort and Legroom 

The front and second rows are very comfortable, thanks to the ample head and legroom they offer. 

The second-row seats also recline to offer the desired comfort.

However, the third row is not very spacious. It also doesn’t offer too much legroom.

Seats and Child Seat

The Q7 has seven seats, with leather upholstery as a standard feature.

Its front seats are heated, and various upgrades such as ventilated front seats and heated second-row seats are available as an option. 

It has five sets of latch connectors, 3 for the second row and 2 for the third row.

Boot Space 

There isn’t much boot space in the vehicle when all the seats are being used.

It offers 14.2 cubic feet of cargo space, increasing to 35.7 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded. 

Extra Internal Features 

The Q7’s interior has been amazingly designed. Its dashboard has been designed in natural wood trims making the whole car look fancy.

Its infotainment system is filled with high-tech features that offer functionality and a luxurious feel. 

These include Bluetooth-enabled connectivity, Touchscreen display, AppleCarplay, and Android auto.

When it comes to safety, this vehicle doesn’t disappoint. 

It has a Lane departure warning, Lane-keeping Assist, Automated emergency braking, Forward collision warning, adaptative cruise control.

The SUV also features impressive interior color schemes such as saiga beige, okapi brown, black, and metro-gray. 

Audi Q7 for Sale in Nairobi and Mombasa -
Legroom In the Second Row Can Be Increased By Sliding the Seats Backwards

Audi Q7 Exterior Review 

The Q7 has an aesthetically appealing designed exterior. 

One of the unique exterior features of the vehicle includes an octagonal grille design and bright-lit HD matrix headlights. 

Its also available in several colors, with night black and Carolla white being the standard available colors. 

You have the option of choosing other colors such as barrel brown metallic and galaxy blue metallic.

Other exterior features include LED headlights and five-arm-star design wheels.

Audi Q7 Reviews – What Past Buyers are Saying

Here is what the past importers have to say about this car:


“The Q7 provides an impeccable balance between handling and sporty performance. It’s also very roomy and comfortable for my large family. Its interior has been beautifully designed with upscale materials, and it has high-tech features that give it a refined touch.”

Kennedy Ngure

“One thing I loved about the Q7 is its sporty yet conservative exterior design. It rides quietly and provides great comfort, especially in the front and second-row seats. I also like its sound system. I would highly recommend this vehicle to someone looking forward to buying a midsize SUV.”

Kevin Nyameino

“I bought my Q7  recently, and honestly, there is nothing to complain about. It has been beautifully designed and has a luxurious appeal. Although the cargo space is not very large when the third-row seats are not folded, I don’t have a problem with that since I barely transport bulky items.”

Omondi is simply the best. I have always wanted to buy the Q7 but didn’t know a reliable dealer. When I finally got ready, I asked around, and someone referred me to them. The entire process was smooth, and I didn’t have to wait for an eternity before getting my car.”


“The Q7 looks very big, but when driving, it feels like a small car, which is a good thing for me. I wasn’t content with its infotainment system but had it customized to my taste. It has good performance, and its acceleration is excellent. I also love its visibility and driver-assist features. “

Common Questions We Get About the Q7

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about the Q7.

Does the Audi Q7 Develop a Lot of Mechanical Issues?

The Q7 is superbly designed with high-quality materials. It rarely develops major mechanical problems. 

You may just experience wear and tear, just like any other machine, but that shouldn’t be a significant concern if you maintain the vehicle properly.

Is the Audi Q7 a Good Car?

The Q7 is a good car. The luxurious vehicle is large enough, making it a perfect match for family people. 

Its potent powertrain makes it easy to drive and is very comfortable.

What is the Difference Between the Q7 and the Q8?

The Q8 gives more performance than the Q7. 

It has a 4.0-liter turbocharged engine that produces 591hp and accelerates faster than the Q7.  

However, it doesn’t have a third-row seat.

Is the Q7 Good for Towing?

A Q7 with a 2.0-liter engine can tow up to 1996kgs. The 3.0-liter can tow up to 3493kgs. 

If you want to transport heavy items with your vehicle, the 3.0-liter is the one to go for.

What are the Dimensions of the Audi Q7?

The Q7 has a 117.9 inches wheelbase, 199.6inches in length, and 68.5  inches in height. It offers plenty of legroom and headroom.

Which Audi Q7 is the Best?

The Q7 is available in the premium, premium plus, and prestige trim. 

They all have impressive standard features, but the higher models are more advanced.