Volkswagen Golf Price in Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, & How to Import

Volkswagen Golf Price in Kenya
Volkswagen Golf Rear View

VW Golf for sale in Kenya is a compact hatchback and has been in existence from 1974 to date. It has gone through 8 generations, winning several accolades in the international arena.

It’s among the only three cars in the world that have won twice in the European car of the year; the other two being Vauxhall Astra and Renault Clio.

Volkswagen Golf for sale in Kenya-Photos by Best Cars for Sale in Kenya LTD

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IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) gave it a higher rating for five crash tests and passage-front overlap tests.

That’s because the latest model comes with advanced standard safety features that include Forward collision warning and pedestrian detection.

Other safety features are the SRS Airbag, road cross-traffic alert, among others. Besides, the exterior is sporty and stylish.

VW Golf for Sale in Kenya -
VW Golf MK7 Was in Production Between 2012-2019

Among the closest competitors of the Volkswagen Golf for sale in kenya  include BMW 1 Series, Toyota Auris, and Mazda Axela

VW Golf has more tech features compared to Mazda Axela and Toyota Auris. It’s cheaper than the BMW 1 series.

You can learn more about the Volkswagen Golf price in Kenya, its features, specs, and more from this review. 

Volkswagen Golf MK7 for Sale in Kenya Review

Volkswagen Golf MK7 for Sale in Kenya is also called the Golf VII. This hot hatchback was in production between 2012 -2019, after which Golf VIII succeeded it.  

The car’s design has not changed much, although the bumpers, lights, and grilles have been given a fresh make-up. 

There is also an addition of a touchscreen dashboard. It also comes loaded with extra bright works and four small winglets underlining the LED headlights.

The MK7 Volkswagen variant for sale in Kenya comes in different engine versions like the petrol-GTI, petrol-hybrid-E-GOLF, and diesel-GTD engines. 

These engines are operated by an automatic DSG or manual transmission powered by either FF or 4WD-Grade R only.

Volkswagen Golf for sale in Kenya
Volkswagen Golf well curated dashboard

MK7 R can produce 300ps (296kw) at 5500-6200 rpm due to the 2.0 liters turbocharged engine.

The Mk7 GTI is powered by a petrol engine and can achieve a maximum power of 162kw and accelerate from 0-100km/h in 6.5 seconds, while Golf GTE reaches this speed in 7.6 seconds.

VW Golf R for sale in Kenya achieves a rate of 0-100km/h in a record 5.1 seconds thanks to its Fifth Generation 4MOTION four-wheel drive.

VW Golf GTI price in Kenya is much lower than Golf R because the R model is loaded with a dynamic control chassis (DCC).

It is a system that offers a driver various choices like normal, comfort, race suspension, among other high-tech features. 

VW MK7 Golf Benefits – Advantages of Golf VII

  • Comfortable
  • Two satisfying transmission choices
  • Spacious hatchback
  • High tech safety feature
  • Environmental friendly
Volkswagen Golf for sale in Kenya
Volkswagen Golf Spacious cargo area

VW MK7 Engines: VW Golf TDI & VW Golf TSI for Sale in Kenya

The VW MK7 comes in two engine types: Petrol and Diesel. The petrol or TSI engine comes with the following capacities: 

  •  1.0l TSI Engines I3
  • 1.2l TSI Engines I4
  • 1.5l TSI Engines I4
  • 1.8l TSI Engines I4
  • 2.0l  TSI Engines I4

The diesel or VW Golf TDI for sale in Kenya engine comes in the following versions: 

  • 1.6 L  TDI Engines I4
  • 2.0 L TDI Engines I4
Volkswagen Golf for sale in Kenya
Volkswagen Golf Comfortable rear seats

VW Golf MK7 Specs: Specifications and Features 

  • Engine Type: Inline 4 cylinders
  • Maximum Power: 227 hp @ 6200 RPM
  • Drive: 6-speed manual, FF/Four Wheel Drive (R-grade)
  • Tank Capacity: 55L
  • Consumption: 5.9-9.4l/100km
  • Acceleration: 0-100km in 5.1 seconds

Volkswagen Golf MK8 for Sale in Kenya Review 

The successor of Golf VII and the last or eighth generation model of the Golf series has much to offer.

Volkswagen Golf MK8 for sale in Kenya is stylish with an evolutional design, angular downward arc at the nose, and l-shaped taillights that make it outstanding.

Mk8 features highly advanced technology across all its models. 

Key among them is an advanced head-up display, a touch-sensitive control panel that houses controls for ventilation, headlights, and other functions.

It also allows after purchase upgrades for new functions such as navigation, online-based voice control, wireless app-connect, etc. NFC with compatible Samsung phones is also available.

Volkswagen Golf for sale in Kenya
Volkswagen Golf steering wheel fitted with tech features

Its front camera plays a pivotal role in assisting the driver in case of emergencies.  

The MK8 steering wheel is loaded with sensors that detect when the driver is not touching it, making the car automatically brake after 15 seconds of no input.

 It is the first of VW cars to use car2x (information sharing between vehicles and the traffic infrastructure within a radius of 800m).

Of all the specs that have come with MK8, technology to control the car is a landmark feature in the golf series.

The digital control panel that allows you to connect your smartphone, integrate Alexa and even create duplicate digital keys to share with friends to access the car is Succeeded Nique.

You can now concentrate on the steering wheel as you allow Alexa to control other dashboard elements on your behalf.

You can find this model in different versions like the Golf Estate, launched in 2020, and Alltrack, a version with AWD and excellent cladding.

Volkswagen Golf for sale in Kenya
Volkswagen Golf side view

There is also the Golf GTE, an all-electric range producing 180kw while using a 13 kWh lithium-ion battery. That is equivalent to a 1.4l TSI direct-injection petrol engine.

Another version is the Golf GTD that uses a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic system linked to a 2.0l turbocharged engine to generate 147kw. Manual transmission is not offered for this model.

VII also offers the VW Golf GTI for sale in Kenya model with a built-in 2.0l turbocharged engine that produces 180kw and 370N.M

VW MK8 Golf Benefits – Advantages of Golf VIII

  • Advanced security features
  • Increased battery for GTE
  • Digital touch-sensitive control panel
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Advanced steering handling
  • Comfortable
Volkswagen Golf for sale in Kenya
Volkswagen Golf steering fitted with comfortable front seats

VW MK8 Engines: VW Golf TSI & VW Golf TDI for Sale in Kenya

You also get to choose between the VW Golf TSI for sale in Kenya or petrol and the TDI or diesel engine. 

The petrol engines include: 

  • 1.0l TSI Engines I3
  • 1.4l TSI Engines I4
  • 1.5l TSI Engines I4
  • 2.0l TSI Engines I4

The diesel engine is: 

  •  2.0 L TDI Engines I4

VW Golf MK8 Specs: Specifications and Features

  • Engine Type: Inline 4 cylinders
  • Maximum Power: 315hp @ 6200 RPM
  • Drive: Front Wheel Drive/AWD (R-grade)
  • Tank Capacity: 55L
  • Consumption: 3.2-9.4l/100km
  • Acceleration –0-100km in 4.5 seconds
VW Golf Price in Kenya - 2021 Model
The VW Golf MK8 Succeeded the VII in 2020

Key Benefits of Volkswagen Golf VII and VIII

  • Splendid ride and handling
  • Excellent safety rating
  • Powerful and affordable 
  • Ample cargo space
  • Two satisfying transmission choices
  • Comfortability

Demerits of the VW Golf MK7 and MK8

  • Unimpressive passing power
  • Low ground clearance

Volkswagen Golf Price in Kenya – Nairobi, Mombasa, and Other Towns 

You might be aware that Volkswagen Golf Price in Kenya varies from one dealer to the other and from region to region. 

Below is the average VW Golf price in Nairobi, Mombasa, and other towns from different car sellers in Kenya

Volkswagen Golf Model

Estimated Price in Ksh

2017 Model

Ksh 2.00M – 2.76M

2018 Model

Ksh 2.37M- 2.91M

2019 Model

Ksh 2.69M- 3.47M

2020 Model

Ksh 2.97M -3.82M

2021 Model

Ksh 3.51M- 4.22M

2022 Model

Ksh 3.96M- 4.88M

The above prices are not constant and can vary based on the car’s mileage, model, year of manufacture, and location. 

You can also find that the VW Golf price in Mombasa is lower than the Golf price in Nairobi for the same model and year.

A used Volkswagen Golf for sale in Kenya by owners or from places like VW Golf OLX Kenya is often more affordable than from the showrooms.  

However, the cost usually rises due to regular repair and high maintenance costs that you could have avoided if you got a clean model. 

One way to get a clean and affordable car is to import the relatively used Volkswagen Golf from abroad. 

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VW Golf Specs: Basic Specifications of MK7 and MK8

  • Number of Seats: 5
  •  Drive Type: FF
  • Maximum Power: 147-320ps
  •  Engine Capacity: 1,197 – 1,984cc
  • Acceleration: 0-100km in 5.5 secs for R, 8.4 secs for TSI, 10.4 secs for GTE, and 14.2 secs for GTI. 
  • Fuel Consumption: 17 – 21km/l
  • Tank Capacity: 50L

VW Golf for Sale in Mombasa – Maximum Power

The VW Golf maximum power ranges from under 150ps to 320 ps for the R model. You can count on the car to provide you with a smooth ride under all conditions.

VW Golf for Sale in Nairobi Kenya – AWD/FF

The Golf R is available in AWD, commonly known as 4 -motion making it suitable for nature lovers. 

The GTI versions are available in FF, making them more suited for city rides.

VW Golf for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

This car consumes an average of 4.8-5.3 liters of petrol and 3.8-4.4 liters of diesel engine per 100km.

Volkswagen Golf Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

The MK7 and MK8 Golfs have engine capacities of between 1L to 2L. They help to save on fuel costs while guaranteeing you power. 

Volkswagen Golf Interior Review: Golf VII and VIII

The VW Golf VIII for sale in Kenya is more advanced than the VII model, but they also come with the bare minimum interior features like: 

Comfort and Legroom

VW comes in three settings; standard, comfort, and sport. Comfort offers the smoothest rides, even on uneven roads for this class.

Both the first and second seat rows offer sufficient legroom for both the driver and the passengers and provide an option for reclining.

Volkswagen Golf for sale in Kenya
Volkswagen Golf comfortable rear seats

Seats and Child Seat

The second row of seats is padded and elevated to enhance the comfort of the passengers. These seats are fitted with child seat anchors for attaching baby chairs.

Boot Space

Golf is a compact hatchback that is spacious enough to carry your things. You can fold its rear seats to get more space for cargo.

Extra Internal Features

More features include a sunroof, navigation, 3-point seat belts, and spacious cabin, among others.

VW Golf for Sale in Nairobi and Mombasa -
VW Spacious Boot Space - You Can Fold the Seats to Create More Room

Volkswagen Golf MK7 and MK8 Exterior Review

Golf has a stylish and sporty exterior. It has alloy rims ranging from 15-18 inches and outstanding day-light running lights.

It has different color shades, including sparkling blue, black grey, among others, for your desired choice.

The presence of chrome twin exhaust, adaptive fog lights, bi-xenon headlights, a roof edge spoiler, and splash guards all add to its elegance.

Volkswagen Golf for sale in Kenya
Volkswagen Golf comfortable Exterior rear view

Volkswagen Golf Reviews – What Past Buyers are Saying

There are many lovers of this car. Find some of the reviews that they have left on our page.

Jimmy Rono

VW sport is my travel companion. Since I acquired this sporty car, my touring experience has just risen to another level. I have toured the various parts of Kenya, and the urge to tour more keeps rising”

Tommy Ochieng

“This manual transmission drive mode of VW is just exciting. The ease with which this car accelerates, its comfort, and the enjoyment behind the steering are lovable. You cannot compare the way it negotiates corners with its nearest rivals.”

Maureen Menza

“I am just in love with the comfort of driving VW. The ambient environment is so exciting, not to mention the newly introduced Alexa integration.”


“I nearly lost my hand earned savings to scammers. Thanks to Ruth, who referred me to, importing this car was just a walk in the park with them.”

Melania Mutei

“My business struggles have just been reduced by VW.  Since I acquired this car, I can transport my things with lots of ease. Thanks to its rear seats that can be folded.”

 Common Questions We Get About the VW Golf

Find some of the frequently asked questions that we receive from customers who have purchased this model.

1. Is VW Golf a Good Car to Buy?

 It is a reliable, compact hatchback offering an enjoyable interior, spacious second row, and a roomy cabin for your cargo needs.

2. How Much Volkswagen Golf MK8 for Sale in Kenya? 

The price of Golf MK8 may hit Ksh. 1.8M in Kenya. This is an average price and may vary based on the car dealer’s location, mileage, and car history.

3. Which Model of VW is Better: Golf GTI or Golf R? 

Golf R is more expensive, highly esteemed, and substantially faster and better to drive. It also offers the latest features.

4. Why is the VW Golf so Popular?

The Golf is designed with an 8-speed automatic transmission that offers flawless gear changes leading to a fun drive.

The control gained from this tiptronic driving mode and the ease with which this car tackles a corner is a thrilling experience for many.

It’s an AWD and comes with a powerful turbo-4 with a 315-hp.

5. What Does R in Golf R Stand For?

The R stands for Racing. In this model, the differential allows the driver to toggle between 3 suspension modes; standard, comfort, and racing.

6. Is Volkswagen Golf for Sale in Kenya a Reliable Car?

Google ratings show that this car is rated 4.0 out of 5.0 in terms of reliability. The cost of severe repairs is less than average, with a recurrence frequency being intermediate.