BMW X3 for Sale in Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, and How to Import

The BMW X3 for sale in Kenya is a German automobile released in 2003.  It is a statement and an expression of majestic freedom on the road.  

This compact luxury crossover SAV impresses you right from the first glance with its athletic appearance.

BMW X3 For Sale in Kenya - Photos by Best Cars for Sale in Kenya Ltd

BMW X3 Video Review by James Gatheru, Our CEO

BMW markets this car as a sports activity vehicle with a fascinating driving experience. It offers you the supreme comfort ride both on and off-road thanks to the intelligent all-wheel-drive system.   

It is a benchmark that has redefined the X-line of vehicles with class and graceful driving dynamics.

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Brand New BMW X3 price in Kenya
A Grey BMW X3.

The design of the X3  has powerful contours and extreme emphasis on the width of the rear and front view, producing a lasting appearance of its exterior.  

Thanks to its lightweight construction concept, and precise coordinated aerodynamics innovative measures, this car can cruise on all types of roads. 

Its Twinpower Turbo inline 6-cylinder diesel engine provides an impressively high power response in every driving situation.  

This beast’s powerful engine delivers an impressive maximum power of 620 Nm at 195 kW, hitting the road like a professional.

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Used BMW X3 for sale in Kenya by owners
BMw X3

The air vent control system that controls the kidney grill is unique. If demand for cooling air is low, one air vent will close automatically, allowing further enhancement in the driving experience.  

The active air stream kidney grille, the air breather, the air curtain on the front wheels, and the aero wheels are all detailed measures to reduce air resistance. 

Its 8-speed transmission offers incredible gear changes, whether you choose manual or automatic using gearshift paddles or gear lever. 

The X3 is a direct competitor with the Mercedes Benz GLC Class, beating it hands down with its powerful drive and fuel economy.

Used BMW X3 price in Kenya

It also outshines its rivals Audi Q5 and Porsche Maca, giving them real competition for being the ultimate driving machine.  

This is supported by its accurate steering, aided by the big wheels that generate plenty of grip on the road.  

Overall, this car’s sporty image and excellent performance overtake other brands giving value for money to the Kenyan market. 

Let’s learn more about the BMW X3 Specs, features, and reviews for the models we presently deal in.


Key Benefits of BMW X3

  • A powerful, quiet engine that delivers smooth performance
  • Cruises at top speeds comfortably
  • Outstanding good fuel economy
  • Roomy rear seat space
  • Large boot capacity and can be customized by folding the back seats
  • Spacious and comfortable seats made of luxurious material 

Demerits of the X3

  • Some of its models’ interior looks cheap
  • Some models come with diesel engines only

BMW X3 F25 Model - Price, Features, and Specs

BMW X3 for sale in Nairobi - Dashboard View
BMW X3 dashboard view

The BMW F25 was unveiled in 2010 as the second generation of BMW X3.  This model is almost as large as the original X5 series.

It is a perfect example of power and elegance combined with an all-wheel-drive option as its drive mode.  

This model is also available in rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive – the choice is yours depending on the drive you prefer.

Its transmission choices are a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission for exclusive driving pleasure.

Grey 2017 BMW X3 For sale in Kenya
Grey BMW X3 for sale by Best Cars for Sale in Kenya ltd.

The redesigned 2014 model featured a new design for the bumpers. Its front fascia proudly broadcasts its new headlights and fog lights offered as an option with LED.  

The rearview mirrors were redesigned and given a sleek look that incorporated the LED turn signals, a feature that attracts most young drivers who love to light it up.     

The interior lights up with new colors and materials making it extra comfortable and sophisticated. Its boot space takes up to 550 liters but could extend up to 1600 liters. 

The tailgate features a hands-free open/close system that is optional. Simply swipe your foot under the bumper, and voila, it opens – what great use of technology!

This model is powered by a twin-turbo 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine with a horsepower of 190 hp at 5000 rpm.  

F25 X3 can cruise at a top speed of about 209 km/h with an acceleration of 0-100Kph in 8.2s.  

Its roomy interior is all refurbished to enhance graceful refinement with sporty model features and a remarkable luxurious ambiance.

This car is an attractive resemblance to BMW X5, offering you almost the same qualities but at a lower price. 

This model was built for the road, and its decent off-road ability allows quick adaptability to all road situations without any failure.

2019 BMW X3 price in Kenya

BMW X3 F25 Specs: Key Specifications

  • Engine Type: Twin-turbo 2.0L
  • Engine Capacity: 1996cc
  • Maximum Power: 190hp @ 5000 RPM
  • Drive: All Wheel Drive/ Rear Drive
  • Tank Capacity: 67

BMW X3 G01 Model - Price, Features, and Specs


The G01 X3 is the third generation of BMW X3 that was launched in June 2017.  It was designed by a BMW Australian designer, Calvin Luk, and has more aggressive features.    

It comes with new special features that include a series of engines – the 2.0L diesel engine (B47), a 3.0L diesel engine (B57), and a petrol variant (B58). 

This new powerful engine displacement of 2998 cc is gasoline-powered and turbo-charged, setting it in a standard of its own.  

The technology of this model is shared with the sleek X5 series.  

Some closely related features include the LED exterior and interior lighting, optional gesture control, the BMW iDrive 6.0 system with a 12.5-inch touch screen monitor, and navigation systems. 

This vehicle is lighter than the previous models, enhancing more effortless cruising on the road with adequate balance.  

The BMW G01 combines comfort and powerful driving dynamics behaving decently in the comfort of the chassis and powertrain when driven in sport mode. 

It has a maximum power of at least 184hp, accelerating at 8.3 sec and cruising at a top speed of 215 km/h; you cannot go wrong with such specs.

BMW X3 Price in Kenya - Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombasa

Here are the prices for X3 models from 2017 to 2024. 

BMW X3 Model

Estimated Price in Ksh

2017 Model

Ksh 4.50M to 6.30M

2018 Model

Ksh 6.00M to 8.50M

2019 Model

Ksh 8.30M to 10.7M

2020 Model

Ksh 9.3M to 12.9M

2021 Model

Ksh 10.1M to 13.0M

2022 Model

Ksh 11.8 to 14.2M

2023 Model

Ksh 12.5M to 15.5M

2024 Model 

Ksh 13.3M to 16.9M


BMW X3 for Sale in Mombasa
BMW X3 Rear to Front View

These are average prices from BMW X3 dealers in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nyeri, Kisumu, Eldoret, and other cities.   

These prices could appreciate or depreciate depending on various factors that include the car’s mileage, its maintenance, condition, and where you buy it.  

Let’s get one thing clear, the features and specs of this car are the same, but the prices are uniquely different. This is because every dealer has a reason as to why they quote that price.

For example, a Used BMW X3 for sale in Kenya by owners will offer a lower price than what the market is quoting.  

It feels like a good deal but what you forget is that this car has been used heavily on the Kenyan roads.  

As a result, this car suffers from major mechanical problems and thus reduces its value.  

Instead of landing such a raw deal, opt to buy a clean car from the Japanese market that is not doctored in any way.

If you do so, you will end up with a higher quality car than the second-hand BMW X3 for sale in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nyeri, and all the other towns. 

BMW X3 price in Kenya 2018

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BMW X3 review
The X3 Models Come in a Variety of Colors - Red, White, Black, Grey.

BMW X3 Specs: Basic Specifications

Here are the primary specifications of the X3 models: 

  • Number of seats: 5
  • Drive Type: AWD/RWD
  • Maximum power: 283 hp @5800 RPM
  • Acceleration: 8.3 secs
  • Engine capacity: 2998cc 
  • Fuel consumption: 8.7 – 11.1L/100km

Tank capacity: 67.0 liters

BMW X3 for Sale in Mombasa - Maximum Power

X3 offers outstanding maximum performance with a horsepower of 283hp. 

This car can accelerate 0-100km in 8.3 sec and remain steady on the road for a long time without getting tired.

BMW X3 for Sale in Nairobi Kenya – AWD/RWD

BMW X3 For Sale in Nairobi
BMW X3 for Sale by Best Cars for Sale in Kenya ltd

The All-Wheel-Drive is the standard option, and it gives you maximum efficiency to perform on all types of driving conditions it faces.  

Rear-Wheel Drive is also an option for mainly highway and good road cruising. It is also powerful to take you off-grid but cannot be compared to all wheels in terms of power.

BMW X3 for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

This model comes with both petrol and diesel options, with the latter being the most common one.  

Its consumption of an average of 11.1L/100km is very economical compared to machines like Range Rover and Mercedes Benz. 

BMW X3 Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

BMW for sale in Kenya
Bmw X3

The upgrade for the X3 engine to 2998cc was the beginning of unlimited engine power and reliability.  

You can count on these German engines to serve you for decades if you maintain them properly and still provide you with the same engine power.

BMW X3 Interior Review

The X3’s stylish interior is well equipped with several amenities that make life inside this car enjoyable and comfortable. It has a roomy and comfortable cabin with expensive leather seats.

The rest of the cabin is well put together with handsome or beautiful finishings of handpicked quality materials.  

The glossy wood grain trim in this vehicle screams elegance.  

Not forgetting the stitched faux-leather dash, door coverings, and the nickel-finish metal trim add an extra element of luxury. 

Storage and Cupholders

This well-crafted model offers the option of heated or cooled cupholders to the comfort of the traveler. 

The boot is spacious and able to carry about several suitcases with extra room to fit smaller bags.  

It can also be customized by folding the back seats to carry more load.

Comfort and Legroom

The front seats feature 10-way power-adjustable front seats, including adjustable side bolsters that make it easy to find a comfortable position.  

The rear seats also have reclining seatbacks allowing the passengers to be comfortable in their way.  

The cushioning on all the seats is plush enough for long journeys on all-weather roads. 

All the seats have ample legroom, even for adults with long legs, and the headroom is perfect for all sizes.


The intelligent controls, all smartly laid out, are attractive and friendly, giving you an effortless driving experience. 

The steering wheel is electric, making it easy to steer it without moving a muscle.   

The dashboard is polished with a shiny gloss and fitted with a 10.3-inch infotainment screen to help you navigate yourself.

Extra Internal Features

BMW’s iDrive interface provides you with an updated luxury car yourself infotainment system.  

Its main features include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth phone connectivity, built-in navigation, enhanced USB ports, wireless charging, and Wi-Fi hotspot.

BMW offers standard safety features that include standard automated emergency braking with forward-collision warning, adaptive cruise controls, regular lane- departure warning, front and sides airbags, and blind-spot monitoring.

BMW X3 Price in Kenya - Interior view Rare Seat
You Can Fold the X3’s Back Seats to Create More Space

X3 Exterior Review

The X3 is a statement of class from its very first glance, impressing you with its athletic appearance. 

The classic grille and massive front bumper define elegance and are noticeable on all the BMW models.   

Its paint finish radiates brilliance and intensive color that does not lose its shine at all. They are available in various colors, and all of them have the same feature – a long-lasting glow.  

The 22” gigantic wheels are ready to tread on any ground setting its standard as an all-wheel vehicle.  

BMW X3 Reviews - What Past Buyers Are Saying

BMW X3 For sale in Mombasa
BMW X3 review

Here are some reviews from our past customers: 

Khan K. 

“I think this is a great car!  It’s comfortable on rough roads and remains smooth all the way.  The 3.0L diesel is swift and very smooth. The car is generally speedy and efficient for the kind of errands I run.”

Jojo M.

“I have four tall grownup kids in college, and sometimes traveling with them in a small car was very uncomfortable. This car offered us all the comfort we need when traveling to Mombasa for our holiday.  We no longer have to hire out a car. Oh, and the boot space is large enough to carry all our luggage.”  

Amani W. 

“Above everything, I love the controls and the infotainment of this car, not forgetting the sleek interior finishing on the seats and the colors that BMW chose for the interiors. If you are a colorful person like me, you will appreciate that the interior does not come in standard black colors.  This is a car for keeps!”  

Omondi J.

“This is one of the best machines I’ve ever owned!  Fast, comfortable, and good driving position. Overtaking is easy and fast without any noise. I am much of a highway driver, and I can attest to this car being able to drive at high speeds. I am waiting eagerly for the expressway to try out its maximum speeds.” 

Leila K. 

“Just over ten months now of owning this car has been pure joy for me.  I have made lots of journeys to my shags, and each time this car surprises me how easy it works its way on the rough roads.  In the mud, its stable four-wheel drive has stood the test of time!  All-round a great car!”

BMW X3 Price in Kenya - Rivals

BMW X3 price in Kenya 2021

The key rivals of the 2023 BMW X3 for sale in Kenya include Volvo XC 60, Audi Q5, and Mazda CX-5. Others include Mercedes-Benz GLC, and Lexus NX, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Porsche Macan, BMW X1 and BMW X5.

BMW X3 For Sale in Kenya - article Summary

This article covers bmw x3 price in mombasa, Used bmw x3 price in kenya, 2017 BMW X3 price in Kenya, 2018 BMW X3 for sale in Kenya, and the average 2019 BMW X3 price in Kenya. We have also covered the Bmw x3 price in kenya 2020 and Bmw x3 price in kenya 2021. 


The article is also a good resource if you are looking for Brand New BMW X3 price in Kenya, Used BMW X3 for sale in Kenya by owners, 2017 BMW X3 price in Mombasa and 2018 BMW X3 price in Nairobi.

Common Questions We Get About the X3

Here are some of the commonly asked questions from our customers

1. What’s New for the 2021 BMW X1 For Sale in Kenya?

BMW has upgraded this newer version with some standard features like the Android Auto smartphone connectivity and the SiriusXM satellite radio.  

All the new models come with the Active Driving Assistant package, among many other features.

2. Is the BMW X1 2024 Model Expensive to Maintain?

Maintenance and repair costs for this model are averagely priced.  If you undertake timely maintenance, then it will not cost you too much money.  

But if you fail to service this car when it’s supposed to, be ready to part with a considerable amount of money.

3. Why Are Used BMW X3 For Sale in Kenya by Owners so Cheap?

One reason why used BMWs are cheap is that they are used, and the owners are trying very hard to get a buyer.  

Therefore the supply becomes high and the demand low, making the owners lower their prices to attract more buyers.

We advise you to keep away from old used BMW of over 8-year and instead buy a clean one.  

4. How Often Should I Replace the Tires?

The replacement of tires depends on where you drive your car.  If you are used to going off-road, your tires will wear out faster than driving on the highway.  

Every tire is expected to last a certain number of miles. But you should always keep an eye for signs of wear, tears, imperfections, or low pressure.  

If you notice any tears that reach the wear bars, it’s time for new tires.

5. Is a Mercedes Better than a BMW?

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is one of the highest performing luxury cars in the market today. But the overall winner of convenience, style, and performance is BMW.

6. How Often Does an X3 Need an Oil Change?

Most vehicles, including the BMW, go for about 5,000 miles before they get an oil change.  Always check the buyer’s manual for more specific information about this car.