BMW X6 for Sale in Kenya – Review, Features, Specs, and How to Import

BMW X6 for sale in Nairobi Kenya
BMW X6 by Best Cars for Sale in Kenya Ltd

The BMW X6 for sale in Kenya is a German machine launched in 2008.  It is a mid-size luxury SUV that screams elegance right from its exterior.  

It was marketed as a sports crossover SUV due to its unique sloping rear roof design.  

The model has combined features of high ground clearance, all-wheel drive, and a sloping roof to make it a stellar car.

BMW X6 For Sale in Kenya - Video Review by James Gatheru, Our CEO

As commonly known in our local market, the’ Beemer’ is an absolute machine that dominates the road with its exclusive driving pleasure.  

This beast is every man’s dream unleashing up to 445 horsepower on the road to hit every corner like a pro. 

Add that to the luxurious cabin, and every user is guaranteed to enjoy the comfort to the maximum.

Its raw energy is well balanced by its suspension technology that delivers optimized driving with an 8-speed Sport Automatic Transmission that channels all the power. 

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BMW X2 for Sale in Kenya - Photo review by Best Cars For Sale in Kenya Ltd

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BMW X6 for sale in Kenya - 2020/2021 Model
The Attractive Front View Highlighting the Grille and Air Vents of G06

This car’s absolute dominance is controlled by its 6-cylinder 3.0 liter twin-turbo powerful engine, off-road package, and precise suspension. 

Above all, it has a highly athletic body that displays leading and innovative technologies on the front grille. 

Drive this car as hard as you want, and you will be shocked to learn that it handles any road the same way.

BMW X6 is a luxury SUV
BMW X6 Price in Nairobi 2023

This beast competes with several cars and emerges the winner in different capacities as follows. 

It is a direct competitor with the Mercedes Benz GLE Class, which is not as powerful as this model.    

The Porsche Cayenne Coupe is also a rival to the Beemer with a 670hp but costs more.  

The luxurious Audi Q7 beats X6 in its stylish and comfortable interior and performance but fuel economic-wise, it fails to deliver.

Jaguar F-Pace was seen as a direct rival to this vehicle due to its style and better performance, but its interior lacks.  

Overall, The X6’s sharp image, irresistible interior, and excellent performance overtake other brands and value money to the Kenyan market. 

Let’s find out more about the BMW X6 Specs, features, and reviews for the models we presently deal in.

Key Benefits of BMW X6

  • An intelligent beast on the road
  • Cruises at high speeds with ease
  • It comes with a powerful, quiet engine 
  • Top-quality stylish interior 
  • Spacious and comfortable seats

Demerits of the X6

  • Has limited boot area
  • The rear seats do not recline

BMW X6 F16 Model - Price, Features, and Specs

BMW X6 For Sale in Mombasa

The BMW X6 2019 price in Kenya is around Kshs. 10M on average, but this price varies depending on the dealer you are buying from, mileage, and maintenance report. 

So is it worth this much money?  What features are you getting? 

The F16 X6 was launched in 2014 as a second-generation model of the BMW X6.

 It is a leading example of exclusive driving pleasure with a more robust design and outstanding performance.  

This model features a new 8-speed automatic transmission and a slightly larger luggage bay.  

It is powered by a twin-turbo 4.4 liters V-8 powerful engine which accelerates up to 445 horsepower at 5000 rpm of stellar power. 

It can cruise at a top speed of about 249 km/h with an acceleration of 0-100Kph in 4.8s.   

Its bold muscular exterior blends well with its sporting elegance.  

And the interior spells out generous space with sporty model features and a luxurious ambiance that is remarkable.

This car’s attractive design is a hands-down win that attracts many buyers to try it. Its special equipment further highlights its exclusive style and performance. 

It’s a highly comfortable car with automatic self-leveling for the rear axle. 

It was made for the road with its electronic control system adaptable to driving on any road condition, and it has not disappointed. 

BMW X6 F16 Specs: Key Specifications

  • Engine Type: Twin turbo V8 
  • Engine Capacity: 2998cc
  • Maximum Power: 450hp @ 5500-6000 RPM
  • Drive: All Wheel Drive
  • Tank Capacity: 83L
  • Consumption: 7.7 – 13L / 100km
BMW X6 for Sale in Kenya - F16 Model for 2021

BMW X6 G06 Model - Price, Features, and Specs

The BMW X6 G06 was launched in July 2019 and features a cross-SUV combining the characteristics of an SUV, a coupe, and a sports car.  

It is the third generation of the X6 sporting and has a more aggressive bodywork that includes an angular grille.  

Its performance is upgraded to M50i, replacing the older xDrive50i versions with a full speed of 250 km/h at 625hp.  

The exterior is enhanced with headlights that mirror the X5 designs with the bumper design and taillights unique to the X6 model. 

The interior features a standard panoramic, larger than the previous X6 models of the earlier years, making it a better vehicle.

The BMW X6 2020 price in Kenya, which is around 12 Million, is worth considering the new features it adorns.  

This car features a double front suspension and a five-link rear suspension for better performance. 

Its boot capacity is 580 liters but can be customized up to 1,530 liters when the seats are folded.   

BMW X6 For sale in Kenya
BMW X6 Review

The G06 X6 features 19-inch wheels with chrome trim, underbody protection, M Sport brakes, M Sport exhaust, and M Sport Suspension.  

The LED headlights are an added advantage and valuable in all weather conditions giving clear lighting. 

The welcome light carpet and the 12.3-inch display screens are exquisite touches that keep all the passengers comfortable and entertained.  

Other features for this model include laser headlights, an illuminated kidney grille, heated and cooled cup holders, and air suspension that can be lowered or raised according to the condition of the road. 

The BMW G06 is also equipped with a reverse assistant that automatically reverses the path it has traveled the last 50 meters from memory. 

BMW X6 G06 Specs: Key Specifications

  • Engine Type: 4.4L V8
  • Engine Capacity: 2998cc 
  • Maximum Power: 625hp @ 6000 RPM
  • Drive: All Wheel Drive
  • Tank Capacity: 83L

BMW X6 Price in Kenya - Mombasa, Nairobi, and Other Towns

BMW X6 Price in Nairobi
BMW X6 Price in Kenya

Even though we have mentioned a few prices in the previous section, here we will present the average prices for these luxurious BMW X6 models.  

In line with the government conditions, we only import less than eight years old cars from the year of manufacture. 

BMW X6 Model

Estimated Price in Ksh

2017 Model

Ksh. 5.9M to 7.5M

2018 Model

Ksh  6.2M to 8.5M

2019 Model

Ksh 7.8M to 9.7M

2020 Model

Ksh 8.5M to 10.5M

2021 Model

Ksh 9.2M to 10.9M

2022 Model

Ksh 10.8M to 11.5M

2023 Model

Ksh 11.5M to 12.2M

2024 Model 

Ksh 12.2M to 12.8M

We have presented average prices that could change upwards or downwards depending on various conditions.

They include the car’s mileage, maintenance, and the BMW X6 dealers in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru, and other cities. 

The price is often unique for the different car sellers in Kenya and from region to region. 

BMW X6 on Olx Kenya might offer you the lowest prices in the market, and you could be tempted to follow that route. But be careful not to fall for that trap!  

These cars have been used heavily on the Kenyan road and may suffer from major mechanical problems, thus reducing their value.

We also advise you to avoid buying used BMW X6 for sale in Kenya by owners; instead, opt for clean cars from the Japanese market. 


Used BMW X6 for Sale in Kenya by owner
BMW X6 Photo by Best Cars For Sale in Kenya Ltd.

You will end up getting a BMW F16 or G06 model of higher quality than the second-hand models in Kenya and at more affordable rates than buying from the local showrooms. 

And you do not need to worry about the importation logistics and processes; that’s where comes in. 

We are always ready to find and import your dream car without any stress.  

You only need to reach us at  +254-728-308-043 or visit us at our local offices in Ruiru Town, Greec Tower 3rd Floor Door No D7/D8 and tell us the features you would like in your car. 

Note that we import all types of vehicles ranging from LandRover Discovery Sport, BMW Series 1- 8,  Toyota Landcruiser V8, and any other brand of your choice. 

We help you import your car and save up to 20% of Kenya’s New BMW X6 price. 

Imported cars come with lower actual mileage, zero mechanical problems, and various exciting features.

BMW X6 for Sale in Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, and other towns

BMW X6 Specs: Basic Specifications

Here are the primary specifications of the X6 models: 

  • Number of seats: 5
  • Drive Type: AWD
  • Maximum power: 332 hp at 5500 – 6500 rpm
  • Acceleration: 3.8 secs
  • Engine capacity: 2998cc 
  • Fuel consumption: 10.31L/100km
  • Tank capacity: 83.0 liters

BMW X6 for Sale in Mombasa - Maximum Power

X6 is a beast on the road!  Armed with a horsepower of 332hp, this car accelerates from 0-100km in only 3.8 secs while remaining steady and balanced.

BMW X6 for Sale in Nairobi Kenya – AWD

The All-Wheel-Drive gives this car the efficiency it requires to perform on all types of roads or driving conditions it is subjected to. 

The all-wheel drive combined with an all-weather-ability, large wheels, and tires contributes to a high ground clearance for this SUV.

BMW X6 for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

Though this car is a beast, we can’t call it a fuel guzzler. Its fuel consumption is economical at 10.31L/100km compared to other machines like the Mercedes S Class.

BMW X6 Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

The 2998cc engine speaks of power and reliability.  These German machines have some of the best engines, and the newer the model, the better the engine power. 

The BMW twin power Turbo technology engine combined with high fuel injection makes this car super powerful.  

You can count on this engine to serve you for decades if you maintain it properly.

BMW X6 Interior Review

BMW X7 for Sale in Kenya
BMW X7 for Sale in Kenya by Best Cars for Sale in Kenya Ltd

The vehicle’s interior features a spacious and comfortable cabin with plush leather seats made from upscale materials.  

The dashboard has slim bents at the middle stack and a 12.3-inch infotainment display. 

The 2019 X6 M model sports a 12.3″ digital instrument panel.

Storage and Cupholders

This exquisite model offers a choice of heated and cooled cupholders to the comfort of the traveler. 

The Boot space has less cargo volume, about nine suitcases, less than the 11 of theX5 model.

Comfort and Legroom

These front bucket seats come with a 16-way power adjustment, heated cushions, and customizable ambient lighting.

All the seats have integrated headrest and excellent side support to offer comfort during sharp cornering. The rear seats are bench-like cozy leather seats for three passengers. 

The back seat is comfortable, but its legroom and headroom are a little tight for tall people.


The controls of this car are smartly laid out for easy access and use, plus the steering wheel that comes with an electric booster.  

It also provides you with the BMW’s gesture control to wave your hand in front of the infotainment screen to control the audio volume. 

The model also features two large 12.3-inch digital displays on the dashboard. Some models may also have screens behind the front seats for the rear passengers.

Extra Internal Features

This car’s other internal features include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, built-in navigation, enhanced USB ports, wireless charging, Wi-Fi hotspot, and a powerful stereo.  

The safety features include airbags on the front and sides, forward collision warning, automated emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, rear-cross traffic alert, cruise control with stop and go technology.

BMW X6 Price in Kenya - Interior view Rare Seat
Cozy Rare Seats of the BMW X6 and Screens on the Front Seats

X6 Exterior Review

This SUV has an eye-catching muscular exterior better than that of the  BMW X7 series.  

Its streamlined body with a classic angular grille, massive front bumper, and curved air intakes at the front redefines elegance. 

Its distinct BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow Line makes it shine with its powerful proportions and expressive design.

After sunset, it reveals its true character with the Iconic glow kidney grille presenting the true extent of its exterior beauty. 

Its 22” gigantic wheels are ready to stomp any type of road in this country. A road that is impassable to a ‘Beemer’ is not passable to any other car.

BMW X6 Reviews - What Past Buyers are Saying

Here are some reviews from our past customers: 

Samuel D.  

I dreamt of owning this car many years ago. I worked hard, and when the time came, I gifted myself this baby because it is well worth every shilling I spent. The interior makes me shiver with joy as I turn the power steering wheel driving out of town every weekend to be with my parents.”

Mwandime K. 

I imported a clean BMW F16 using, and I have no regrets whatsoever. The price was way lower than I had planned, and the car was in great  shape – lower mileage, without anything doctored.”

Pamela Owiti.

“As a woman of substance, I wanted a car that reflects who I am. The G06 was that car!  And getting a clean one imported was easier than I ever thought. I can now drive comfortably in a car that corresponds to my image.”

Ignatius K.

“I had a choice between two cars, but I settled on this one after my son liked it more. I now see why he loved it too much because it is stellar on the road, cruising easily on all-weather roads.” 

Bonventure M.  

“I needed a comfortable family car that my kids would grow up admiring. This option was one of the best among the many others I had. I have no regrets whatsoever. It’s fuel economical in such difficult days, and we can travel to shags with ease.”

BMW X6 Price in Kenya - Competitors

The key rivals of the BMW X6 include Volvo XC 90, Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q8, Mercedes-Benz GLE Class, and Audi A5. Others include BMW X4, Audi SQ5, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Lexus RX, Lexus LX, Land Rover Discovery, Volkswagen Touareg, and Land Cruiser Prado.

BMW X6 Price in Kenya - Article Summary

BMW X6 Review - Key competitors
BMW X6 Review - Rival Cars

This article is relevant if you are looking for information about BMW X6 for sale in Kenya, 2020 BMW X6 price in Kenya, and BMW X6 2019 price in Kenya. 

It is also relevant if you are looking for 2018 BMW X6 for sale in Mombasa, 2017 BMW X6 for sale in Nairobi or a brand new BMW X6 price in Kenya. The article is also a good source for information about Used BMW X6 for sale in Kenya by owners, and BMW X6 review and spec.

Common Questions We Get About the X6

Here are some of the commonly asked questions from our customers

1. What are the Engine Specifications of the X6?

The engine specifications of this vehicle are xDrive50i, xDrive30d, and xDrive. They provide different performances.

2. How Well Does an X6 Perform?

This vehicle is among the best performers with a 2998cc and a maximum power of 332 hp,  meaning it achieves excellent functionality on the road.

3. Should I Have to Worry About the X6 Maintenance and Running Costs?

This car doesn’t require you to break the bank to fund its daily costs. It comes with a powerful engine with a good fuel economy, and its maintenance is affordable.  

4. Is this Car the Best SUV in the Market Today?

An X6 is among the best SUVs in the market today. Coupled with its personalized roof design and spacious interior, it stands out from many other SUVs.

5. What is the Brand New BMW X6 Price in Kenya?

The 2020/21 model costs an average of Ksh. 15 – 18 M from dealers across Nairobi, Mombasa, and other major cities. 

You can pay less, about 20% less if you opt to import yours from Japan. Call or WhatsApp us today at +254-728-308-043 to get more details on how you can import from Japan.  

We can also help you import other vehicles that you may be interested in.

6. Does X6 Hold its Value?

To be honest, this model is worth every shilling you spend. It’s inexpensive and holds value for many years.  

It will depreciate to about 40% after five years, but its resale value remains high even after the first five years of use.