Jeep Grand Cherokee for Sale in Kenya- Review, features, specs, and How to Import

Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale in Kenya is a sophisticated short and long range vehicle with classic features that makes it the best of its kind.

It is quite attractive to many, probably due to its comfortable and luxurious interior design that makes long trips enjoyable

Jeep Grand Cherokee for Sale in Kenya – Photos by Best Cars for Sale in Kenya Ltd

Jeep Grand Cherokee Price in Kenya – How to Import from Japan

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The top-rated 30 times award winning SUV takes pride in outstanding features such as the posh interior and its powerful engine lineup.

This vehicle can optimize energy for acceleration with its 290@ 6400 rpm horsepower, which is quite impressive. 

Not to mention, it is a four-wheel-drive vehicle and can easily cruise through rough terrains, making it one of the best cars for going off-road.

If you’re a person who likes fast cars, yet in the SUV category to fit all your family members and their cargo, consider checking Jeep trackhawk price in Kenya.

The trackhawk might be more expensive than other SUVs ever built, but you’ll undoubtedly appreciate how insanely powerful it is with a horsepower of 707 hp @ 6000 rpm.

Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale in Kenya-
Get a Classic Jeep Grand Cherokee and Save Up to 20% of Your Money

Dodge Durango is the closest rival of this car and offers similar engine transmission and infotainment systems.

Even though the Durango has a larger cargo area and higher towing capacity, it still doesn’t match the interior quality and off-roading traits of the Cherokee.

Another notable competitor is the Toyota 4Runner. They have a close resemblance and similar performance, but the 4Runner is more expensive with a start price of 3.6M.

You can learn more about the Jeep Cherokee price in Kenya, specs, features, pros, cons, and other things from this review. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee for Sale in Kenya: 2011-2020

Jeep Grand Cherokee For Sale in Kenya
The Grand Cherokee is beautiful SUV

This car generation got into the market in 2010 after being unveiled at the New York Auto Show in 2009. It is a fourth-generation Grand Cherokee that portrays a classic and sleek body style.

You will like its exterior design, which gives the car a unique look. It is closely related to the Dodge Durango and the Land Rover Discovery.

The model has a wide engine powertrain ranging from the 3.6 L Pentastar V6 to the powerful 6.2 L supercharged Hellcat HEMI V8.

Grand Cherokee for Sale in Nairobi: Specs and features

  • Horsepower: 290@ 6400 rpm
  • Torque: 260@4000
  • Turning Diameter: 37.1
  • Engine: ERC V6 cylinder

Jeep Grand Cherokee in Kenya: 2021- Present

Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale in Nairobi
White Jeep Grand Cherokee

The JL model 2021 is another iconic drive; it comes with a unique and classic mid-size body. It has a capacity of four people in its two-rows seat arrangement compartment in a comfy cabin.

This off-roader also has an 8.4-inch infotainment system and enables remotes to start, which adds more flavor to the quality of the car.

It has a towing capacity of 6200 pounds for the V6 model and a stunning 7200 pounds for the V8 model, making it more valuable. 

If you’re not aware, V6 and V8 are the two types of Cherokee engines. The V6 engine of Cherokee provides decent gas mileage and performance.

On the contrary, the V8 engine is quite thirsty in terms of fuel consumption. 

Grand Cherokee for sale in Mombasa Specs: 2021-Present

  • Drivetrain: Four Wheel Drive
  • Displacement: 3.6 L/220
  • Horsepower: 293@6400
  • Torque: 260@6400
  • Engine: Regular Unleaded V6 Cylinder

Key benefits of Jeep Grand Cherokee

  •  The engine offers topnotch road performance
  •  Great towering capacity
  • Classic look with a sleek interior
  • Optimized safety features
  • Good customization and galore option
  • Its Infotainment System is eBay to use 

Demerits of Grand Cherokee

  • Low gas mileage

Jeep Grand Cherokee Prices in Kenya

Jeep Grand Cherokee price in Kenya
Jeep Grand Cherokee is a popular SUV

The Jeep Cherokee price in Kenya varies based on various factors, including the model, location, mileage, and the year of manufacture.

Here are the average prices of various brand new Cherokee models in Kenya.

  • 2017 Model Ksh. 4.15M
  • 2018 Model Ksh. 4.67M
  • 2019 Model Ksh. 5.43M
  •  2020 Model Ksh.5.99M
  • 2021 Model Ksh. 6.51M
  • 2022 Model Ksh. 6.38M
  • 2023 Model Ksh. 6.89M

The above price is higher than buying a second-hand model from Jeep Cherokee JiJi Nairobi or importing a clean one from abroad. 

However, buying a used Grand Cherokee for sale in Kenya by owners could be expensive in the long run due to the high cost of repair and maintenance. 

That means the optimal option is to import this vehicle at a lower price.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee for Sale in Nairobi and Mombasa-
You Can Choose Your Favorite Color

Jeep Grand Cherokee Specs: Basic Specifications

When importing your Cherokee, here are some of the impressive specs that you should know:

  • Number of Seats: 5
  • Drive Type: 4WD
  • Maximum Power: 295hp @6400rpm
  • Engine Capacity: 2998 cc
  •  Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 8.5 sec
  •  Fuel Consumption: 1 liter per 9.8 KM
  • Tank Capacity: 93.1 liters

Jeep Grand Cherokee for Sale in Mombasa – Maximum Power

Jeep Cherokee for sale in Mombasa has enormous power that enables it to cruise off-road with ease. 

The SUV has a 295 hp @ 6400 RPM; this feature gives top leads compared to other models.  

Here, you are assured of a quick acceleration that matches no other vehicle of its kind.

Jeep Grand Cherokee for Sale in Nairobi Kenya – FWD

The four-wheel-drive vehicle toques supply to all the wheels and Front-wheel drive. The feature helps boost the energy of the car, giving it more stability and stamina.  

Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale in Kenya – Fuel consumption

The average fuel consumption of this model is 1 liter per 9.8 KM. This means for every 100 kilometers, the vehicle will require an average of 10.2 liters of fuel.  

This fuel consumption varies according to the road type. In a city, it may consume 12.7L/ 100 KM and for highways 9.6L/100 KM.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Review in Kenya- Engine capacity

The car has an engine capacity of 2998 cc, which gives it a higher torque for different driving terrains.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior Review

The vehicle provides an outstanding interior design, as shown below:

Comfort and Legroom

It is the best vehicle to use for long-distance travel as it offers comfortable seats with enough space for tall people.

Seats and child seat

The car provides enough space for five adults; it also has a support compartment for an extra outboard seat.

Boot Space

The Cherokee can accommodate your luggage and gear since it has a 36.3 inches space, which is quite convenient.  

Extra Interior Features

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Specs - Interior View
Interior View

The vehicle comes with a modern infotainment system that is pretty easy to operate. Also, it offers Apple Car Play Capabilities and a standard WIFI hotspot for you to enjoy.

On top of that, the model has an android auto, a power window lock, and enables remote start.

Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale in Nairobi and
Enjoy the Comfortable Interior of Your Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee Exterior Review

The Cherokee is an outstanding model with a classic exterior look. With several color options, you get to choose your best fit.

Jeep Grand Cherokee For Sale in Nairobi – Competitor

The key competitors of Jeep Grand Cherokee include, Audi Q5, Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco, Volvo XC 90, BMW X5, Ford Explorer and More. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews – What Other Buyers Are Saying

As a top-quality vehicle, customers always come back with positive feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients.

Wilson Kweyu

I have always dreamt of owning a Cherokee, and I finally bought it. Being an adventurous person, I love the way the car cruises through different terrain with ease. It also offers the best acceleration, which makes me love it even more.”

Edwin Lubere

“I was inspired to get the Grand Cherokee by a friend. I bought it and have never looked back; the powerful engine and sleek interior design are simply on another level.”

Viola Wanjiku

I found a Jeep Cherokee for sale in Nairobi by, and one thing that made me go for it is its classic exterior design. It has enough space, which makes me comfortable over long distances.”

Jayden. L

After spending a lot of time trying to find a good car dealer with a Grand Cherokee, I finally landed on and can confess they are the best. I can’t compare my Cherokee with other models of its kind; the comfort and safety it makes my driving experience wonderful.”

Common Questions We Get About the Grand Cherokee

Since everyone has different expectations about the car they want. Here are a few frequently asked questions by our clients:

1. Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee a Good Car?

The Cherokee is the best SUV ever. Its reliable off-road feature and outstanding powertrain are on top. The comfort and classic interior make it the best of its kind.

2. How Much is the  Cherokee 2021 model?

The 2021 model has a starting price of Ksh. 3.4M, which is a little higher than other midsize SUVs.

3. What are the 2021 Jeep Cherokee Dimensions and Weight?

The  Cherokee 2021 model has a width of 1943mm and a height of 1760mm it also weighs 20098 Kg.

4. Which Cherokee Body Style is Right for Me?

You can choose the body style you need depending on the luggage size you carry and the number of passengers on board.

5. Which is the Best Cherokee Model for Off-Roading?

All the  Cherokee models are suitable for off-roading. However, the Tailhawk takes the lead for such activities.

6.  What is the Ground Clearance on a Jeep Cherokee?

It possesses a ground clearance of 218 mm, which is higher than all other SUVs. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee for Sale in Kenya – Summary:

Jeep Grand Cherokee for Sale in Mombasa
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018 model

This article covers Jeep Grand Cherokee price in Kenya, Jeep Cherokee price in Kenya, used Jeep Cherokee for sale in Kenya and price of Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale in Mombasa.

 It is also a great resource if you are looking for Jeep Cherokee for sale in Nairobi, Jeep Grand Cherokee specs or Jeep Cherokee for sale in Mombasa. Lastly, you can call us and we will help you purchase a used Grand Cherokee for sale in Kenya by owners.