Ford Mustang for Sale in Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, and How to Import

Ever wondered why the Ford Mustang price in Kenya is high? You need to understand its origin and unique features to know why it costs about Ksh 7.5M.

Mustang has been in production since 1964 and has undergone six generational changes.

Its latest model is the 2021 Mustang Mach–E, an all-electric model released in 2020 with 480 hp for E-GT, acceleration of 0-100km/h in 3.8-sec, and available in RWD and AWD.

The Mustang came with fancy features and had a lower price than many expected, enticing many people to buy it.

Some popular models then included Mach 1, Boss 302, and GT, with the GT model being a coup-style vehicle.

Ford Mustang for Sale in Kenya - 2015 to 2022 Import Price

How much is the Ford Mustang price in Kenya?

Import Price of Ford Mustang Coupe AT, 2300cc, 4WD, Diesel, Station Wagon

Model Import Price
2015 KES 4,890,000 – KES 5,200,000
2016 KES 5,060,000 – KES 5,400,000
2017 KES 5,530,000 – KES 5,900,000
2018 KES 6,850,000 – KES 7,200,000
2019 KES 7,030,000 – KES 7,400,000
2020 KES 9,260,000 – KES 9,600,000
2021 Call +254-728-308-043 to Inquire
2022 Call +254-728-308-043 to Inquire
Import Price of Ford Mustang, Coupe GT, 5000cc, 4WD, Diesel, Station Wagon
  • 2015 Model: KES 5,600,000 – KES, 5,900,000
  • 2016 Model: KES 8,390,000 – KES 8,700,000
  • 2017 Model: Call +254728308043 to Inquire
  • 2018 Model: KES 9,520,000 – KES 9,900,000
  • 2019 Model: KES 11,000,000 – KES 11,300,000
  • 2020 Model: KES 11,320,000 – KES 11,700,000
  • 2021 Model: Call +254728308043 to Inquire
  • 2022 Model: Call +254728308043 to Inquire

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The Stylish 2018 Mustang – You Can Import this Car Now

Over the years, Ford continued to produce many sophisticated models like Mustang Cobra Jet Drag, Mustang Shelby GT350R, and Roush P51 Mustang.

Cobra Jet Drag comes with 5.2-liter Coyote V8, a unique rear axle, 3.0-liter supercharger, while the 2018 model has 335hp and engineering racing brakes.

Mustang Shelby GT350R has a V8 engine that provides up to 526hp of power and a 429 lb-ft of torque.

With such power, you can bet this wide-body vehicle is among the fastest Ford cars in the market today,

The Roush P51 Mustang was designed with the inspiration of the Aviation P-51 fighter plane of North America and had a 727hp, courtesy of its supercharged 5.0-liter engine.

This version also comes with exhaust notes you can adjust with your smartphone, thanks to advanced technology that allows you to connect the program to your phone.

You can even make every head turn whenever you please by increasing the exhaust volume.

There is more to Ford Mustang for sale in Kenya, as you can find from the reviews of the Ford Mustang and Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Ford Mustang Review: 2015 - Present

Ford unveiled the 6th generation of the Mustang in 2015 in celebration of its 50th anniversary, making the closure of the 5th generation.

The newly redesigned model comes with many advanced safety features like Blind-spot monitoring, an anti-lock braking system (ABS), and a forward collision warning.

It also has an electronic stability control system and SRC airbags mounted on the front and rear sides.

The model boasts an improved interior that resembles an airplane cockpit, giving it an attractive feel.

These 2015+ models also come with keyless entry, a door-mounted touch sensor, a rear backup camera system, and color LCDs.

Buying these cars also means you enjoy having synthetic leather upholstery, ambient interior lighting, and power-adjustable front seats that have good ventilation and heating.

You can choose among five 2015 models: Mustang V6-300hp, EcoBoost-310hp, EcoBoost Premium-310hp, GT- 435hp, and GT premium-460 hp.

V6 is the oldest among the Mustang models and comes with unique features such as a V6 engine, keyless entry, wheels, and a 300 hp.

EcoBoost has a slightly higher horsepower than the V6; it comes with a 310-hp turbo-four engine. GT is the third one and has 435hp and a V8 engine.

EcoBoost premium and GT premium comes with unique features such as heated and well-ventilated front seats, leather upholstery, 8-inch touch screen, among other features.

Mustang Features and Specs

Below are some excellent benefits you expect to enjoy after choosing Mustang 2015

  • Muscular engine options
  • Balanced ride and handling
  • Beautiful interior
  • Advanced safety features
  • Powerful engine performance
  • 435hp of maximum power
  • Fuel consumption of 9.4L/100 KM.

Ford Mustang Mach-E: 2020 – Present

Ford Mustang Mach-E for sale in Kenya is a 5-door compact crossover SUV that has existed since November 2019 and went on sale in December 2020.

It jointly won the 2021 North American Car, Truck, and Utility of the year award with Ford-150 and Hyundai Elantra.

The model features buttons that open the doors and a small door handle on the front door instead of the conventional door handles.

You also have the option of using your smartphone as a key when opening the doors.

It also has a beautiful interior with a built-in soundbar and a comprehensive dashboard, providing comfort for both the driver and passengers.

Mach-E, an electrical compact crossover SUV, also has Brembo front brakes and a giant mounted touch screen.

It also offers well-heated front seats and steering wheels and ambient interior lighting. It quickly accelerates from 0-100km/h in only 3.5 seconds and generates 480hp.

More of its weight is positioned between the axles, leaving it to turn neatly and hold itself upright admirably.

It gives you an excellent driving experience thanks to the presence of Apple CarPlay, mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, not forgetting Bang & Olufsen audio system.

The Android Auto is also available and has some excellent driver assistance features.

Safety features include forward-collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and automated emergency braking.

Mach E was launched with only Rear-wheel drive, but an all-wheel-drive Mach E –GT is now available with a 480hp motor, a torque of 860 NM, and a range of 378km.

The E-GT accelerates from 0-100km/h in only 3.8 seconds.

Mustang Mach-E Features and Specs

Here are the benefits that come with Mach-E.

  • Attractive Exterior Styling
  • High horsepower and torque
  • A comfortable ride
  • High tech safety features
  • Modern Driver-Assist Technology
  • Comfortable interior
  • Maximum power of 346 hp (for an 88kwh extended battery pack)
  • Accelerate at 0-100 km/h within 5.1 sec for the 88kwh
  • All-Wheel Drive E-GT trim maximum power of 480hp
  • A high electric range of 340-483km with a battery of 68-88kwh

Key Benefits of Ford Mustang

Here are the benefits that make the Mustang car price in Kenya higher than many models.
  • Sure-footed handling
  • Several powerful engine options
  • Intuitive in-car technology
  • Decent trunk size for its class
  • Advanced safety features
  • Available in coupe or convertible body styles

Demerits of the Mustang

  • Long heavy doors
  • Impractical back seats

Ford Mustang Price in Kenya - Nairobi, Mombasa, and Other Towns

Here is a collection of average prices for the 2015-2021 Mustang gathered from different car sellers in Kenya.

The prices above may vary depending on the model, year of manufacture, mileage, among other factors.

Note that the Ford Mustang for sale in Jiji Nairobi may differ from the Ford Mustang price in Mombasa.

You can get a fairer deal from the prices given above if you decide to buy a Used Ford Mustang for sale in Kenya by owners.

Though the initial capital you invest buying from the owner may be lower than the Ford Mustang price in Nairobi showrooms, repair, and high maintenance costs will make the option costly in the long run.

The choice to buy locally used cars is also limiting in that the car specs to choose from will be fewer and may require you to move from one owner to another to increase your chances of a fairer deal.

Buying from the local dealers is not a better option either. The prices given by the various car dealers must include the cost of running a showroom, car maintenance, and mark-up costs.

You can get better prices and more variety by importing your car from Japan.

Remember, Japan doesn’t quote Ford Mustang price in Kenya Shillings; they quote them in Japanese yen. That allows you to take advantage of market fluctuations and save money.

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Ford Mustang March E for Sale in Nairobi and Mombasa -
The Electric Ford Mustang March E for 2021

Ford Mustang Specs: Basic Specifications

Here are other specifications of the Ford Mustang for sale in Nairobi, Mombasa, and other places:

  • Number of Seats: 4
  • Drive Type: RWD
  • Maximum Power: 395bhp@6500+-50rpm
  • Engine Capacity: 4951
  • Acceleration:249KM/H
  • Fuel Consumption:9.7L/100KM
  • Tank Capacity:61 liters

Ford Mustang for Sale in Mombasa – Maximum Power

The braking horsepower of the Mustang allows it to accelerate at high speed of 249km/h.

E-GT is fitted with a 480hp motor enabling it to accelerate from 0-100km/h in only 3.8seconds.

Ford Mustang for Sale in Nairobi Kenya – AWD/FF

Many sports cars, including Mustang, come with rear-wheel drive. It is beneficial as it eliminates torque steer, gives you better handling, and enhanced acceleration.

AWD is available for the latest electric models.

Ford Mustang for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

A car with a higher engine capacity requires much fuel to produce more power. Mustang is not an exception and consumes 9.7L/100KM.

Ford Mustang Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

A high engine capacity of 4951cc gives the car excellent stability and power to carry heavy loads.

Cars with a high engine capacity are reliable and accelerate faster.

Ford Mustang Interior Review

It has an interior rating of 7.9 out of 10 and comes with a navigation system, beautiful sport seats, and a remote start.

Below are more interesting interior features you expect to enjoy once you buy this model.

Comfort and Legroom

The front seats are perfect for adults since they are spacious. You will enjoy a leg space of 45.1 inches.

The second-row seats have less space and are best for kids.

Seats and Child Seat

The ventilated seats are comfortable, allowing you to travel for long without fatigue. It has wide seats and provides added support to your mid-thigh, courtesy of its extended bottom portion.

Mustang is kids friendly. You can connect to latch easily and tether anchors.

Boot Space

The boost space of the Mustang is 408 liters. That allows you to put a large suitcase and two more medium bags.

You will still have enough space to include a small suitcase.

Ford Mustang for Sale in Nairobi and Mombasa -
Classical Seats of the 2020 Mustang GT

Mustang Exterior Review

Mustang comes with an attention-grabbing design in all its trims. The latest model features 20-inch alloy wheels with an impressive MagneRide suspension.

It has an electronic Line-Lock that helps warm up the rear tires before hitting the track to achieve better traction.

Standard features include LED headlights, LED sequential tail lights, and a dual bright exhaust outlet with polished tips and hood vents.

Premium models feature brake decklid spoiler, pony projection lights, LED fog lamps, among others.

Ford Mustang Reviews - What Past Buyers are saying

We have collected some reviews from past buyers. See what they think about the Mustang here.

Mutuiri Njuki

“Driving my Mustang with my family is enjoyable. I no longer have to book the SGR when traveling to Mombasa. I can comfortably drive my family there and arrive within a short time”.

Tony Gachoka

“I was looking for a classic model that would give me comfort when driving for long distances. I no longer get leg fatigue when riding a Mustang. Thank you, for helping import it with ease.”


“I have a good job and was tired of my colleagues making fun of my Toyota corolla. I needed a high-tech car that could earn me some respect. Mustang came in handy thanks to ”

Maxwell Mutua

“I have been a mechanic for many years and always admired sports cars. Their classic features are enticing to drive. I won the lotto last year and bought a Mustang GT. I can testify that the decision was worth it.”

Farida Omusila

“My boyfriend surprised me with the Mustang E on my birthday on Jan 16 this year. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the classic features in the car’s interior. Its safety features are on a higher level. It’s the best gift ever.”

Common Questions We Get About the Mustang

Many people have given some reviews concerning the Mustang. Check some sample reviews here.

1. Is the Ford Mustang a Good Car?

It’s a perfect choice for anyone looking for a sports car model. Mustang’s powerful engine and agile handling give you a smooth and enjoyable ride.

This car has high-tech safety features, ranking top on the NHTSA crash safety.

2. How Much is a Mustang 2021 Model?

Mustang 2021 price averages at Ksh. 7.4 M. It comes with higher maximum power and unique high-tech features, attracting a higher price.

3.Should I Buy a Used or a New Mustang 2015?

A new Mustang costs around Ksh. 5.85M. You can get an Old Mustang for sale in Kenya at a lower price, but it will be low quality.

The used car often comes with challenges requiring repair. You will eventually incur a considerable cost compared with the new Mustang.

The best option is to buy a new one since it will come with better, more advanced features.

4. Which is the Best Mustang Model?

The sixth-generation model would be a reasonable consideration. Although the 2015 model comes with advanced interior and safety features, 2017 would be better.

The 2017 model comes with a higher rating, and it’s more reliable.

5. Is Mustang 2015 Safe?

The model comes with blind-spot monitoring and rear parking sensors. Other features include adaptive cruise control and forward-collision warning.

NHTSA gave the Mustang a five-star safety crash score while IIHS rated it second best after doing some overlap front tests.

6. Where is the Battery in the 2019 Ford Mustang GT?

You can locate the battery of this car on the passenger side of the vehicle under the hood.