Toyota Probox Price in Kenya – Review, Specs, Features, and How to Import

Where can I find a Toyota Probox for sale in Kenya?

You can opt to import or buy this car locally, with importation saving you about 20% of the Toyota Probox price in Kenya.

But how did the Probox come about?

The demand for a compact, reliable multipurpose car led to the Toyota Probox, Toyota Succeed, and Nissan Ad vans’ entry to the market.

These are three standout vehicles that have been around for years and aim to provide cargo and passenger transport solutions.

However, Daihatsu’s Probox stands tall among the three models as it comes in two versions: Wagon for ferrying passengers and Van for carrying cargos.

The Succeed and the Ad vans are more oriented toward ferrying people, which is evident from the comfort consideration that takes up priority.

Comfort is only a second factor in the Probox Van.

Toyota Probox for Sale in Kenya - 2015 to 2022 Import Price

How much is the Toyota Probox  price in Kenya? 

Import Price of Toyota Probox, 1290cc, 2WD, Petrol, Station Wagon:

ModelImport Price
2015KES 1,050,000 – KES 1,400,000
2016KES 1,150,000 – KES 1,500,000
2017KES 1,310,000 – KES 1,700,000
2018KES 1,570,000 – KES 1,900,000
2019KES 1,740,000 – KES 2,100,000
2020KES 1,830,000 – KES 2,200,000
2021Call +254-728-308-043 to Inquire
2022Call +254-728-308-043 to Inquire
Import Price of Toyota Probox, 1490cc, 2WD, Petrol, Station Wagon:
  • 2015 Model: KES 1,120,000 – KES 1,500,000
  • 2016 Model: KES 1,300,000 – KES 1,600,000
  • 2017 Model: KES 1,520,000 – KES 1,900,000
  • 2018 Model: KES 1,590,000 – KES 1,950,000
  • 2019 Model: KES 1,850,000 – KES 2,200,000
  • 2020 Model: KES 2,010,000 – KES 2,400,000
  • 2021 Model: Call +254728308043 to Inquire
  • 2022 Model: Call +254728308043 to Inquire

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Demerits of Importing
– You have to wait for your new car to be shipped



Professional Box or Probox is a Utility Car for Business People

The average fuel usage of the Probox is also economical compared to that of the Succeed and Nissan Ad.

It consumes at an average rate of 18k/l while Succeed consumes 15km/l and Nissan Ad 13km/l.

Probox means “Professional Box” and is a car that first hit the Japanese market in 2002 as a light commercial car.

It connected with the Kenyan market a few years later, and since then, it has been a best-seller.

The vehicle is also popular in other developing countries, and here we have looked at this automobile.

We will look at various things like Toyota Probox specifications, features, benefits, and its review.

Benefits of the Toyota Probox

  • Excellent fuel consumption
  • Versatile and reliable utility car
  • Easy and convenient to maintain
  • A lot of helpful safety features
  • Comfortable when driving and highly stable
  • An affordable vehicle for developing countries

Demerits of Probox

  • Not comfortable for passengers ​

New Toyota Probox Price in Kenya: What the Local Dealers Charge

Probox is an affordable cargo and passenger vehicle that can provide you with value for money.

Toyota Probox Price in Kenya: 1300cc Model Showroom Price

 The price depends on factors like the car’s condition during importation, engine capacity, importation season, price of rival car models, mileage covered, and others.

We can help you import this and other cars and save about 20% of the money you would use when buying them from Mombasa and Nairobi dealers.

You only need to contact our team at +254-728-308-043 to get started.

Benefits of Importing Your Car: Importing Vs. Buying Locally

Kenya imports over 90% of used vehicles from Japan because they come in good condition, meet the government’s standard, and are affordable.

However, importing these vehicles can be challenging, making some people opt for used Toyota Probox for sale in Kenya by owners.

But it is a simple process that allows you to find an affordable car when you seek the service of a professional importer like

Here we have outlined why you should import your Professional Box instead of buying from local dealers or owners.

1. A Large Collection of Proboxes

You benefit from hundreds of vehicles in the auctions when you decide to import your auto, whether you want a Toyota Probox new model or an older version.

It is easy to find an automobile that meets your specifications like color, price, mileage, and interior.

You cannot find that at a local yard or showroom, where you find around four versions of each car model.

2.Quality Cars that Offer Value for Money

Japan is a developed country with well-maintained roads and drivers who maintain their cars.

You might find a 7-year-old vehicle in Japan to be better than a 2-year-old one already in Kenya.

That makes it possible to import a quality car at a more affordable price than what you would pay for a newer model in Kenya.

3.Latest Number Plate

An imported vehicle is registered as a new car when it arrives at the port, meaning you get the latest number plate.

You can even request a unique number plate by paying an extra fee.

Second-hand Proboxes for sale in Kenya already have their number plates, which you cannot change.

The showroom models might have been in the country for years and have already been registered at the port.

4. Whole History of the Vehicle

Every automobile in the auction must have an auction sheet showing the inspection report with information such as mileage and car’s condition.

You import a vehicle that meets your needs and requirements.

Local dealers might not provide this information or even give a fake report to raise the auto’s price.

Challenges of Importing Your Car

Importing cars has its fair share of challenges, and that is why people look for vehicles in the local market, such as Probox Cheki Nairobi or in Kericho.

Here are some of the issues you might face when importing your car.

1.The Waiting Period

It takes around 6-8 weeks to import a car from Japan. You might even end up waiting longer if the NTSA system at the port has a problem

2. Online Fraudsters

There is a fraudster risk of importing your car from Japan. Some con people open auction sites only to disappear once you send your money.

Toyota Probox for sale in Nairobi -2016 Model
A 2016 Model of the Professional Box – Your Importation Solution imports all types of vehicles for our clients to make your importation process smooth and secure.

We are in Greec Tower in Ruiru town, and we have a car yard or showroom for selling vehicles locally.

You can visit our team to learn how we can help you import your car from Japan and have it registered in Kenya.

You can also reach us at +254-728-308-043 for WhatsApp and Calls lovers to discuss importing your Probox, Nissan Bluebird Saphyl, Mercedes Benz, or other cars.

Toyota Probox: Basic Specifications

Below are the vital Toyota Probox specifications that you should keep in mind when buying this car:

  • Number of Seats: 5
  • Drive Type: AWD/FF
  • Maximum Power: 72-109ps
  • Engine Capacity: 1,300cc – 1500cc
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 13.0 sec for 1300cc and 11.7 sec for 1500cc
  • Fuel Consumption: About 18.0 km per liter for the 1300cc and about 15.0 km per liter for the 1500cc
  • Tank Capacity: 50 Litres

Toyota Probox for Sale in Mombasa – Maximum Power

Probox comes with a horsepower of between 72-109ps, which is ideal for most vans and wagons for ferrying people and goods.

The horsepower determines how fast the car can move.

You get a relatively fast van or wagon when you buy this Professional Box due to the favorable horsepower.

Toyota Probox for Sale in Kenya – AWD/FF

The All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) makes this vehicle an excellent choice for developing countries with poor road networks like Kenya. 

It is the perfect vehicle for slippery roads. You can also go for the Front-Engine or Front-Wheel-Drive (FF) model and save more on fuel consumption.

Toyota Probox for Sale in Kericho – Fuel Consumption

The Toyota Probox new model is a fuel-efficient car that uses about one liter of petrol every 15 km or 18 km you drive. 

Consider choosing the 1300cc model if you want to save the most fuel, although you will lose on speed.

Toyota Probox Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

NCP50 was the first-generation engine of the Professional Box and was in use between 2002 and 2014. 

Today the vehicle comes with an NCP150 engine, which you find in either 1300cc (2NZ) or 1500cc (1NZ) capacity.

These engines are matched with either a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission. The AWD model comes with 1500 cc.

Toyota Probox Interior Review

Toyota Probox for sale in Kenya comes with a unique interior suitable for ferrying passengers and cargo. Some of the notable aspects include:

Space and Legroom

Both the wagon and van versions are mainly developed for commercial use, and comfort is only a secondary consideration after space. 

The first row has mildly comfortable seats with fixed headrests for resting the head.

There is enough legroom for all passengers in that row. That cannot be said of the second row since it is tightly spaced, and tall people can find it uncomfortable.

The 3-seater bench is only ideal for ferrying people traveling for less than 60 minutes. All the windows of the car are manual, and its seat is made of vinyl material.

Space, legroom, and comfort are some of the Toyota Probox problems you can face if you choose this car as a passengers’ box. 

Cabin Storage

There are four cup holders and a door panel storage at the front of the Professional Box. 

You also find an open glove box, a tray between the seats, and storage space under the dashboard.

Boot Space

Any person who searches for Probox for sale in Mombasa Kenya,  Cheki Nairobi, or in Nairobi can tell you he/she wants a car with a spacious boot. 

The wagon and van versions of this vehicle do not disappoint.

Its back seats are compact to free up space at the rear. The boot is also waterproof and made of plastic material to allow you to carry heavy luggage.    

You can also fold the back seat flat on the floor to create more space.

Toyota Probox Price in Kenya - Spacious Boot
The Probox Offers Spacious Boot and Foldable Back Seats

Probox Exterior Review

The vehicle’s exterior is a box at best, and it comes in either grey or white with plastics highlighted in black.

You also get to see the halogen headlamps and the 13-inch steel rims from outside the car.

The auto has a decent ground clearance of 55mm when used lightly.

With that said, among the minor Probox problems you might face is the ground clearance when you increase the load – note that you can increase this clearance.

Toyota Probox Reviews – What Past Buyers Are Saying

Here are the reviews we have received from our past clients:


“I imported my Probox from Japan through, and it was a smooth process. Thank you for your service, and looking forward to doing business with you soon.”

Peterson Muli

“My Probox arrived in top condition from Japan and has not broken down for months now. Thank for helping me import my business car.”

Susan Kenda

“I have purchased cars locally before, but they always turn out to have some fault. Last year I contacted and requested they import a Probox for me. The vehicle has been in good condition for months now.”

Jack Mwangi

“ makes importing a car from Japan look easy. I imported my Probox through this company, and it arrived within six weeks.”

Common Questions We Get About the Probox

We get many questions about the Professional Box vehicle, and here are some of them:

1. What is Probox?

It is a five-door, two- or four-seater light commercial van and passenger wagon manufactured by Daihatsu for Toyota. 

The vehicle has been in the market since 2002 and is a shorter model of the Toyota Succeed. 

2. How Much Does a Probox Cost?

Probox price in Nairobi ranges from as low as under Ksh 500,000 for used models to around Ksh 1.1 million for new ones. 

It is among the most affordable cars you can find on the market today.

3. What is the Engine Capacity of Probox?

The vehicle comes with two primary types of engines to allow you to pick the one that suits your driving needs.

These are the 1300cc and the 1500cc engine capacities.

4.Which Car Has Lowest Fuel Consumption? Which Car is Best for Fuel Consumption?

Honda Insight and Toyota Prius are among the most fuel-efficient cars today, but they are more expensive than Probox. You can also expect the Probox to consume less fuel.

5. Is Probox a Good Car?

It is the right car that consumes less fuel and provides enough space for ferrying cargos.

Another astonishing thing about the vehicle is the ability to use spare parts from other car models.

We are currently importing Probox Models of 8-year or less from Japan. Place your order now by calling us at +254-728-308-043.

We also import vehicles from other brands like Nissan Juke, Suzuki Alto, Mazda Demio, Honda Fit, Subaru Legacy,etc.