Nissan AD Van Price in Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, and How to Import

Nissan AD Van for sale in Kenya is a Japanese automobile produced since 1982.

It is a popular station wagon in Kenya commonly loved by businessmen and large families for its spacious interior and boot space.

This car has a renowned reputation for its impressive design and great functionality, bringing to mind the Nissan Wingroad, a close relative.

It has an angular body with an extended face; its sporty design provides comfort and a magical driving experience.

This five-seater is pretty competitive due to its class-leading features and functionalities that are outstanding in every way.

It comes with a choice of four engines that include 1.2-liter CR12DE, 1.5-liter HR15DE, 1.6-liter HR16DE, and 1.8-liter MR18DE petrol engines.

Its engine is linked to either 3- or 4-speed automatic transmission with fewer human interventions allowing you to enjoy stress-free driving.

The interior is impressively built of high-quality upholstery that lasts long.

It is very spacious, with both the front and back seats offering ample legroom and headroom even for tall passengers.

The AD has adequate luggage capacity and can be customized by folding the back seats to create more room.

Nissan Advan for Sale in Kenya - 2015 to 2019 Import Price

How much is the Nissan Advan  price in Kenya?

Import Price of Nissan Advan, 1490cc, 2WD, Petrol, Station Wagon:

Model Import Price
2015 KES 1,000,000 – KES 1,400,000
2016 KES 1,050,000 – KES 1,500,000
2017 KES 1,140,000 – KES 1,550,000
2018 KES 1,220,000 – KES 1,600,000
2019 KES 1,310,000 – KES 1,700,000
Import Price of Nissan Advan, 1490cc, 2WD, Petrol, Station Wagon:
  • 2015 Model: KES 1,010,000 – KES 1,400,000
  • 2016 Model: KES 1,110,000 – KES 1,500,000
  • 2017 Model: KES 1,340,000 – KES 1,700,000
  • 2018 Model: KES 1,450,000 – KES 1,800,000
  • 2019 Model: KES 1,550,000 – KES 1,900,000

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The Attractive Front View of the Headlights and Bumper

Its standard features include power steering, power lock doors, air conditioning, stereo speaker.

It is also packed with high-end GX variant features that include satellite navigation, keyless entry, power windows, and climate control.

This vehicle’s updated engine technologies enable it to be fuel-efficient with minimum carbon footprints.

Its average fuel consumption is 13.00km/L, which is relatively lower than most cars within its range.

This car is a direct competitor with the Toyota Succeed and Toyota Probox.

These cars have several similarities, but one significant difference is the fuel economy of the AD is lower than the rest.

It is related to the famous Nissan Sunny that has similar ease of drive and adequate space.

Overall, this car’s excellent performance and spacious interior give other brands a run for their money.

Let’s learn more about the Nissan AD Van price in Kenya, specs, features, and reviews for the models we presently deal in.

Key Benefits of the Nissan AD Van

  • A spacious and economical car
  • Has an excellent engine power
  • Outstanding good fuel economy
  • Roomy front and rear seat space
  • It is very affordable
  • Large boot capacity and can be customized by folding the back seats.

Demerits of the AD Van

  • The seats are hard and can be uncomfortable for long journeys

Nissan AD Van Y12 Series - Price, Features, and Specs

The Y12 was released in December 2006 as the fourth generation of the Nissan AD Van. It uses the Renault Nissan B-platform.

It is close relative to the Nissan Note, Nissan Livina Station Wagon, and Nissan Tiida hatchback.

These models share the same body, engines, suspension, and transmission, but in designs.

This vehicle offers a front-wheel drive as the standard drive version with an all-wheel-drive system for the updated models.

Its transmission choices include the 5-speed manual, 3-speed automatic, and 4-speed automatic.

It is powered by a 1.8L petrol engine with its fuel consumption of 10.5L/100km, being one of the best in the market today.

Its spare parts are readily available in the Kenyan market at an affordable rate.

Nissan AD Van price in Kenya is quite friendly, ranging from 0.90M to 1.8M. It is more affordable considering the specs, features, and interior space that this car offers.

This model offers the most appealing interior thanks to its supportive seats, high-quality accents, and overall ergonomics.

The seating space is adequate for the head and legroom, and a tall driver can sit with comfort. It has ample trunk space that can be customized with ease to create more room.

The exterior is stylish, with a beautiful angular body that is up to date.

This five-door station wagon has modern specifications that are efficiently supplied for everyday use.

Having evolved longer than most cars, this model has made design and feature tweaks to fit the user’s needs growing its popularity widely.

The success story of this car can be measured with the growing number of Y12 vehicles on the Kenyan road.

Nissan AD Van Y12 Specs: Key Specifications

  • Engine Type: 1.8L petrol engine
  • Engine Capacity: 1597cc
  • Maximum Power: 111hp
  • Drive: All Wheel Drive/ Front-wheel
  • Tank Capacity: 41L
  • Consumption: 10-13.L / 100km

Nissan NV150 AD Model - Price, Features, and Specs

Nissan NV150 AD for sale in Kenya was released in 2006 as the Nissan AD Van Y12. It is the fourth generation of this popular station wagon.

It was renamed NV150AD in November 2016 after receiving an entire facelift to the new model it exhibits today.

It comes with new special features that include a series of engines to choose from – 1.2L, 1.5L, 1.6L, and 1.8L petrol engines.

This vehicle has a maximum loading capacity that ranges from 300 – 450 kg, making it favorable for large families or business people.

It doubles up and a family car and a business car due to its ample seating space and trunk space.

The NV150 AD has a powerful 1.8L engine with a displacement of 1769cc and consumption of 10L/100km, setting it in a class of its own.

It comfortably takes in 5 passengers in its spacious cabin, providing ample leg and headroom. The overall interior look has beautiful accents that are long-lasting with a gorgeous finishing.

Its standard and high-end features include power steering, power lock doors, air conditioning, stereo speaker, satellite navigation, keyless entry, power windows, and climate control.

This model can comfortably cruise at 180km/h with a maximum power of 120hp, accelerating at 14 sec.

You cannot go wrong with this car as it’s a combination of comfort and powerful driving dynamics.

NV150 AD Specs: Key Specifications

  • Engine Type: 1.8L
  • Engine Capacity: 1769cc
  • Maximum Power: 124hp @ 5200 RPM
  • Drive: All Wheel Drive/Front Wheel Drive
  • Tank Capacity: 41L
  • Consumption: 7.0 – 10.0L/100km

Nissan Wingroad Y12 Model - Price, Features, and Specs

Wingroad for sale in Kenya is a steady compact car unveiled in 1996. It is currently in its third generation and has potentially drawn admiration on the road.

This station wagon has striking looks and exceptional performance, making it a perfect choice for those looking for luxury and comfort within a reasonable price range.

This car is powered by a 1.8L inline 4-cylinder engine that improves its performance and fuel efficiency. It comes with two drive options that include the all-wheel-drive or Front-engine front-wheel drive.

The engine is linked to a 4-speed CVT transmission, 4-speed automatic transmission, or 6-speed manual transmission. Its engine is impressively quiet and only creates a little buzz when accelerating.

This vehicle is capable of delivering excellent performance at minimum cost. Its fuel economy is about 14-17km/L, beating many cars within its class to offer the most economical vehicle.

Its interiors feature comfortable seats, ample headroom and legroom, and a steering wheel wrapped in leather for ease of driving. The rear seats can slide forward and backward to give the passengers a comfortable posture.

This boot space has remarkable space that can take up to six or seven medium to large suitcases. You can customize this space by folding the rear seats for more room.

The Wingroad competes with the Toyota Fielder and Toyota Succeed, two vehicles that consume more fuel than the Nissan model.

The spare parts for this model are readily available at affordable rates at the typical Kirinyaga road shops, where you are likely to find any amount you need.

Overall, Wingroad offers you a decent ride with smooth handling and light steering that delivers outstanding performance and reliability.

Nissan Wingroad Specs: Key Specifications

  • Number of seats: 5
  • Drive Type: AWD/FF
  • Maximum power: 76 – 190ps
  • Acceleration: 12.5sec – 13.5 sec
  • Engine capacity: 1497 – 1797cc
  • Fuel consumption: 14 – 17km/L
  • Tank capacity: 45 liters

Mazda Familia Van Model - Price, Features, and Specs

The Mazda Familia Van for sale in Kenya was introduced in 2007 as a light commercial vehicle. Mazda sells it, but they are not the manufacturers.

Nissan introduced this new Familia Cargo based on the shape of their AD Van. It bears many similarities with the AD Van making it a family member of Nissan.

This popular and spacious van is gaining massive popularity in Kenya with larger families and business people who need a big car.

The launch of this unique and efficient car filled a gap for a light commercial vehicle that was much needed in Kenya.

It offers you a choice of four engines with different capacities from the latest to the oldest – 1.8-liter, 1.7-liter, 1.5-liter, and the basic 1.3l-liter.

This five-door station wagon delivers good acceleration at a reasonable cost, with its fuel efficiency being 9.0L-12.0L/100km.

Thanks to the balanced handling, accurate steering, and robust performance, this legend stands out in its class as efficient and economical.

Since the launch, this car has gone through massive updates and features upgrades, with the most recent model offering a 1.8-L engine with a displacement of 1797cc.

It has a maximum power of 124hp acceleration 0-100km/h in 10.4 sec and remains well-balanced while on the road.

The updated model offers a front-wheel drive as the standard drive version backed by a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Its interiors feature comfortable seats, ample headroom and legroom, and a power steering wheel dressed in leather for ease of grip while driving.

This boot space has remarkable space that can take up much luggage compared to other versions. The rear seats can easily fold to provide more room for more luggage as required.

Its exterior showcases a beautiful angular body with an extended face, sporty design, and rigid body design, providing comfort and a magical driving experience on the Kenyan roads.

Not forgetting its attractive color hues and adequate size makes it a favorite choice.

The Familia van is well equipped with performance and safety features that include front and side airbags, navigation, power steering, air conditioning, stereo speaker, power windows, and power lock doors.

The friendly Familia Van price in Kenya and its economy sets it apart as one of the most remarkable cars to own.

Ranging between 0.8M and 2.0M, this car is worth the price due to its adequate size and ability to deliver a safe, quiet drive.

Mazda Familia Van Specs: Key Specifications

  • Number of seats: 5
  • Drive Type: FWD
  • Maximum power: 100 – 124hp
  • Acceleration: 10.4sec – 17.5 sec
  • Engine capacity: 1497 – 1797cc
  • Fuel consumption: 9.0L-12.0L/100km
  • Tank capacity: 41 liters

Mitsubishi Lancer Cargo Model - Price, Features, and Specs

Mitsubishi Lancer cargo was unveiled in December 2008 under the Nissan AD platform.

Its affordable price, low maintenance, and affordable running costs are some of the features that have drawn many Kenyans to make it a preferred choice.

Its exterior features some interesting details, with its body reflecting a bold and edgy appearance that attracts you at first glance.

It has a front chrome grille, angular headlights, and alloy wheels that complete its refined look.

This five-door station wagon provides easy entry and exit for both the driver and passengers during travel with easy access to the trunk.

Its interior is perfectly equipped with outstanding features that include power windows, power steering, optional seat lifter, keyless entry, and Bluetooth.

Other features include a USB port, luggage box, passenger safety airbags, manual air conditioning, brake assist, radio, antibacterial filtration, and a four-speaker audio system.

It offers comfortable leather seats made from high-quality, long-lasting material.

Both the rear and front seats are comfortable with a supported driver’s seat with an ideal position for spirited driving.

The seating space is adequate for the head and legroom, and a tall driver can sit with comfort. It has ample trunk space that can be customized with ease to create more room.

The panel has the finest quality trim finishing and a lasting cabin interior impression that does not lose its shine for long.

Lancer Cargo’s engine performance is powerful, providing efficiency and fuel economy to its users.

It provides a maximum power of 124hp@5600rpm from its 4-cylinder 1797cc engine.

Its fuel tank capacity of 41 liters supports long-distance journeys without requiring a refill. Its fuel economy is one of the best at 13 – 17km/L, which is very attractive to the Kenyan market.

It offers an all-wheel-drive automatic transmission.

Updated interior features in the newer models include a 7-inch touch screen, a Rockford nine-speaker audio system, rearview camera, and Mitsubishi Fuse Voice command system.

Mitsubishi Lancer Cargo Specs: Key Specifications

  • Number of seats: 5
  • Drive Type: AWD
  • Maximum power: 90 – 124hp
  • Acceleration: 10.4sec – 15.5 sec
  • Engine capacity: 1240 – 1797cc
  • Fuel consumption: 13.0-17.0L/100km
  • Tank capacity: 41 liters

Nissan AD Van Price in Nairobi

The Nissan Ad Van price in Kenya is amicable compared to other station wagons like Toyota Fielder that costs more and consumes more fuel.

These local prices usually appreciate or depreciate depending on various factors, including the car’s mileage, maintenance, condition, and where you buy your car.

The features and specs of this car are the same, but the prices are uniquely different. This is because every dealer quotes a different price according to their reasons.

For example, a used Nissan Advan for sale in Kenya will offer you a low price from Kshs. 300,000.

A true Kenyan who likes to save their money will think this is a good deal, so why not grab it.

It feels like a good deal, but you forget that this car has been used heavily on the Kenyan roads.

As a result, this car suffers from major mechanical problems and thus reduces its value. You might have to spend more money than you bought it, taking it to the mechanic from time to time.

Instead of grabbing such a raw deal, get yourself a clean car from the Japanese market that is not suffering from any mechanical problems.

If you do so, you will end up with a higher quality car than the second-hand cars for sale in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nyeri, and all the other towns.

We understand the difficulty of importing a car on your own; the logistics and customs are a nightmare.

That’s why offer you our best services in importation logistics and processes.

We search for the kind of car you want in Japan and import it quickly, clearing with customs and delivering it intact with all its features wherever you are.

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We help you import your car and save 10 to 20% of the new Nissan Ad price in Kenya. Our many years of experience have allowed us to interact with the best sellers in Japan and get the finest vehicles.

If you choose to import your car, you will end up with a clean automobile without doctored mileage, zero mechanical problems, and various exciting features.

We can also help you import other cars like Mazda Bongo, Nissan NV200, and Nissan Caravan.

Nissan AD for Sale in Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, and other towns
The AD Models Come in a Variety of Colors - Blue, White, Black, Silver

Nissan AD Van Specs: Basic Specifications

Here are the primary specifications of the AD Van models:

  • Number of seats: 5
  • Drive Type: AWD/FF
  • Maximum power: 100 -124hp
  • Acceleration: 8.3 – 13 secs
  • Engine capacity: 1295 – 2184cc
  • Fuel consumption: 13 – 17KM/L
  • Tank capacity: 50.0 liters

Nissan AD Van for Sale in Mombasa - Maximum Power

The AD Van exhibits a maximum horsepower of 100 – 124 hp to accelerate with ease 0-100km in 8 – 13 sec.

Even as it releases such power, the engine remains quiet throughout the journey.

Nissan AD Van for Sale in Nairobi Kenya – AWD/FF

The All-Wheel-Drive is the standard option, and it gives you maximum efficiency to perform on all types of driving conditions it faces.

This drive uses more fuel than the FF because of using all the wheels to power the car.

The Front-engine, Front-wheel-drive layout places the internal combustion engine at the front of the vehicle.

Toyota Vanguard for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

It consumes between 9.6km/l to 12.6km/l. You get to save more fuel compared to other vehicles in the same price range.

Nissan AD Van for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

This model is one of the most economical cars in the market today. Its low consumption of 13 – 17KM/L is way lower than Toyota Succeed, which is in the same class.

Even with the fluctuating fuel prices in Kenya, this car never lets you down. It is the perfect car for a busy Kenyan who is always on the road.

Nissan AD Van Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

The engine has received an upgrade from 1295cc to 2184cc, providing unlimited engine power and reliability.

The beauty of this engine is its ability to serve you for decades if you maintain it properly and service it at the right time.

Nissan AD Van Interior Review

The AD Van’s interior is made 100% for the passengers and their luggage. It is fully carpeted with a decent carpet that covers the entire floor area, including the boot.

The controls are all smartly laid in a friendly way giving you an effortless driving experience.

The steering wheel is dressed in all leather to give you a good grip while steering.

The dashboard is made of hard plastic that does not break easily and is fitted with features that help with navigation and entertainment.

The rest of the cabin is well put together, with beautiful finishings of handpicked quality materials.

Storage and Cupholders

This well-crafted model offers you two cupholders in the front area. The boot is spacious and able to carry about several suitcases with extra room to fit smaller bags.

You can easily customize your boot by folding back the rear seats to give you more room.

Comfort and Legroom

This car has a roomy and comfortable cabin with comfortable seats made of long-lasting material.

All the seats are relaxing with ample head and legroom to accommodate tall people as well.

Extra Internal Features

The standard features of this car include power steering, power lock doors, air conditioning, stereo speaker.

Its also packed with high-end GX variant features that include satellite navigation, keyless entry, power windows, and climate control.

Nissan AD Van Price in Kenya - Interior view Rare Seat
You Can Fold the Nissan AD Van Rear Seats to Create More Space

AD Van Exterior Review

Its exterior features some interesting details, with its body reflecting a bold and edgy appearance that attracts you at first glance.

It has a front bumper, angular headlights, and alloy wheels that complete its refined look.

Its paint finish radiates brilliance making this car look essential and more expensive. They are available in a variety of colors; your favorite color might be among them!

Nissan AD Van Reviews - What Past Buyers Are Saying

Here are some reviews from our past customers:

Murimi Jack.

“I am a chicken farmer, and I needed a car that could do all the work – transport chicken for sale, bring new chicks in, take the eggs to the market and finally take my family to church and other places. Without a doubt, this car transforms into all that. Oh, and it even transports my feeds when I want just a few sacks. What more would I ask? This car has been a blessing in my farming business.”

Kilome S.

“I knew I needed a car that I could be able to run with minimal costs. And this car is copyright of what I was looking for. With this high economy in Kenya, I could not afford a high-maintenance car, so getting Nissan AD Van was a real blessing. To make it even better, it is spacious enough to fit my family and friends. And its fuel consumption is one of the best in this Kenya we are living in today.”

Njeri M.

“I am a market woman, and I love all things spacious. I visited searching for a spacious car that would fit all my wares. The AD Van was a beauty that I was introduced to. It has good speeds and driving dynamics that I enjoy so much. It fits all my goods and family and still has more room. If you are looking for a car that is spacious and economical, choose this one, and you won’t regret it.”

Oswego Japheth

“If you don’t want to get into all kinds of debt in this country, learn how to survive within your means. They say a Luo man is class, but that class is too expensive for a man trying to build himself. This car is comfortable and allows me to carry my family in peace, knowing that fuel is economical with this car and I can afford to drive to my Western home without incurring high costs or debts. I like that it also takes in so much luggage, so even if we are staying for a month, we carry all we need plus ourselves in this car.” Before we invest in heavy machines, this is our ‘heavyweight champ’ as we love to call it.”

Abu Mohammed

“I love that this car’s engine is powerful and ready to take on long journeys. I can also carry a lot of luggage, yet it costs me little fueling or even buying a new part. Its parts are cheaper even more than what Toyota parts cost; you just need to know where to source them.”

Common Questions We Get About the AD Van

Here are some of the commonly asked questions from our customers

1. How Efficient is this Car Fuel-Wise?

This car is popularly known to be the best when it comes to fuel consumption. It consumes about 13-17L/100km, which is way lower than most cars within the same range.

2. Is this Model Expensive to Maintain?

Maintenance and repair costs for this model are averagely priced. But you must undertake timely maintenance; if not, then it will not cost you too much money.

If you fail to service this car at the right time, your engine will begin to have problems. This one reason is what makes most people think that this car has an engine problem.

3. What Could Go Wrong With An AD Van?

The good news is that there are very few problems that affect this model.

There are occasions of engine failure or squeaking from the suspensions, but this is a general care and maintenance problem.

The engine of this car is solid and robust, but it needs proper maintenance. We cannot insist on appropriate care enough.

4. Which Version of AD Van is Best?

The new models from 2020 onwards are updated with new features that make their driving experience fun and easy.

5. Is AD Van Better than Toyota Probox?

The AD Van is better than Probox whether you want to use it commercially or as a family car. AD Van is built with passengers in mind making sure it has more legroom than the Probox.

Its trunk is also more prominent than the Probox, meaning it can carry a whole family plus their luggage comfortably.

Finally, the fuel economy for the AD van is lower than the Probox, sealing the deal of AD being a better car.

6. Is Nissan AD a Good Car?

There is no perfect car 100% with no problems. After much research, we have learned most car problems come from our misuse.

If you love your car and it’s serving you well, then treat it the right way by taking care of it.

AD is a great car that will serve you well for a long time, but you must be a good steward and give it what it needs when it needs, not when you want to give it.