Toyota ToyoAce for Sale Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, and How to Import

Toyota ToyoAce for sale in Kenya also, Toyota Dyna is a Cab-over truck, a car whose front is designed to a flat or vertical face.

It is a product of the Toyota Company introduced back in 1954. Initially, it was called Toyopet Light Truck SKB, which was later changed to Toyota ToyoAce in 1956.

In 1995, Toyota ToyoAce and its twin, the Toyota Dyna, were completely merged. Currently, the car is in the eighth generation, which began in 2011.

The truck, which is designed for light to heavy-duty, can carry 1.25-3.50 tons. For this reason, the car is mainly utilized for commercial use. 

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Toyota ToyoAce for sale in Kenya -
8th Generation Toyota ToyoACE

Though the Isuzu Elf may seem similar to Dyna in many ways, including the load capacity, Dyna is preferable as it consumes less fuel. Elf fuel consumption is 23mpg while that of ToyoAce is 22mpg.

Another competitor is the Nissan Atlas. Though they are almost similar at a glance, their capabilities are entirely different. 

The Atlas is made for lighter duties, while the ToyoAce performs light to heavy duties.

Key Benefits of ToyoAce

  • Fuel efficient
  • Easy to maneuver and operate
  • ABS braking makes it easy to control
  • A comfortable and spacious cabin
  • Can carry up to 3.5 Tons on cargo

Demerits of the Toyota ToyoAce

  • Noisy at high speed
  • Not comfortable for tall drivers as it lacks enough leg and headspace

Toyota ToyoAcePrice in Kenya - Nairobi, Mombasa, and Other Towns

Here are the Toyota ToyoAce prices in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru other major towns in Kenya.

  • 2015 Model: Ksh. 2,000,000
  • 2016 Model: Ksh. 2,700,000
  • 2017 Model: Ksh. 3,000,000
  • 2018 Model: Ksh. 3,800,000 
  • 2019 Model: Ksh. 4,000,000 
Toyota Toyoace
Toyota Toyoace.

The above prices are an average of what to expect from local dealers in different parts of the country and are not confused with the actual costs.

How much you buy your car depends on various factors such as mileage, location, condition, and others.

Although used Toyota toyoAce for sale in Kenya is relatively cheaper, they limit you in color, styles, and much more.

In addition, you have to deal with additional expenses that often come with old mismanaged cars.  

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Toyota ToyoAceSpecs: Basic Specifications

Here are some of the basic Toyota ToyoAce specs:

  • Number of Seats: 2-3
  • Drive Type: 4WD
  • Maximum Power: 142Bhp
  • Engine Capacity: 2982cc
  • Acceleration: unknown
  • Fuel Consumption: 10.1liters in 100km
  • Tank Capacity: 60 liters
Toyota ToyoAcefor sale in Kenya 2 -
A Blue Toyota ToyoAce- Front View

Toyota ToyoAce for Sale in Kenya Review

When it was first introduced in 1954, the car was initially known as Toyopet Light Truck SKB, which was later changed to Toyota Toyoace in 1956.

Toyota has since evolved to 8 generations. Currently, we are in the 8th generation, which began in 2011.

During the 6th generation in 1995, ToyoAce was merged with the Toyota Dyna. Even after this, the cars retain different badging as different channels market them.

The car can carry about 3.5 tons of load, thus mainly utilized by cargo transporters for profitable purposes.

Toyota Toyoace
Toyota Toyoace.

Over time the Toyota company has managed to give the Dyna an improved look and new advanced features making it more preferable.

Exteriorly, the 2011 model has a more appealing look that exhibits functionally, with an expansive front mirror that gives the driver clear road visibility.

The 2.5-liter engine has been replaced with a 3.0liter D-4D engine and a manual gearbox that enables the 5-speed automatic transmission.

The new engine exhibits better performance and is also environmentally friendly as it is in line with the latest emissions requirements.

Moreover, some models of the ToyoAce use the Diesel Hybrid system, a system that uses a unique 4.0-liter engine together with a metal hydride battery.

The maximum power in the engine is about 4,009 cc with a power output of 140 horsepower. Models installed with this engine are more fuel-efficient with more outstanding performance.

Toyota Toyoace
Toyota Toyoace.

Hybrid models also come with electric parking brakes and a five-speed AMT. 

Newly installed safety features include airbags, safety belts, ABS braking system, and power steering, making the car easy to control and stop. 

The vehicle comes with a minimum radius of 4.3m, making turning and parking a lot easier.

Other added features include keyless entry, Radio cd, engine immobilizer, and adjustable seats for maximum comfort.

Generally, the truck is unbeatable for light-medium weight commercial duties and gives you value for your money.

Toyota Toyoace Competitors in Kenya-Rivals

Toyota Toyoace
Toyota Toyoace.

Let’s explore the Toyota ToyoAce and its relevant competitors, along with their descriptions and fuel consumption.

Toyota ToyoAce

The Toyota ToyoAce is a light to medium cab-over truck that Toyota has been producing since September 1954. Initially sold as the “Toyopet Light Truck SKB,” it underwent a renaming contest in 1956 and became the ToyoAce. Here are some key details about the ToyoAce:

  • Engine: The first-generation ToyoAce featured a four-cylinder sidevalve inline-four “type S” engine with 1.0 L (995 cc) and 30 PS (22 kW).
  • Interior: The spartan interior included hammock-style seats, reminiscent of a Citroën 2CV.
  • Market Impact: Despite an initially high price, the ToyoAce eventually transformed the Japanese market for light trucks, favoring four-wheeled vehicles over three-wheeled alternatives.
  • Body Styles: Various body styles were developed, including panel vans, light vans, and double cabs.

Competitors of Toyota ToyoAce

Let’s explore some of the most relevant competitors:

  1. Honda: Known for its brand reputation and market share, Honda competes with Toyota in various segments.
  2. Hino 300 Series / 200 Series: Hino, a subsidiary of Toyota, produces trucks that compete with the ToyoAce. These trucks are part of the Hino 300 Series and 200 Series.
  3. Daihatsu Delta: Daihatsu’s Delta line of trucks also competes in the same market segment as the ToyoAce.
  4. Toyota Dyna: Although merged with the ToyoAce, the Toyota Dyna still competes with it, especially for heavier-duty work.
  5. Toyota QuickDelivery (Step van): While not a direct competitor, the QuickDelivery serves a similar purpose and shares the Toyota brand.

Toyota Toyoace for Sale in kenya - Article Summary

The article covers information about the new model Toyota Toyoace  price in Kenya, used Toyota Toyoace  for sale in Kenya by owners, options for Toyota Toyoace  for sale in Nairobi as well as Toyota Toyoace  price in Nairobi.

 It is also relevant if you are searching for Toyota Toyoace  for sale in Mombasa, the average Toyota Toyoace  price in Mombasa, Toyota Toyoace  photos and reviews.

Common Questions We Get About the ToyoAce

Here are some of the common questions we get concerning the car.

1. Is Toyota Dyna a Good Car?

The Dyna is compact, making movement easy. The truck can carry about 3.5 tons of cargo making it reliable and functional for commercial use.

2. Is Toyota Still Making the ToyoAce?

The car has been in production since 1954. Presently we are still at the eighth generation, which started in 2011.

3. What is the Difference Between Toyota Dyna and Toyota ToyoAce?

The Toyota ToyoAce belonged to the y series, while Toyota Dyna belonged to the U series. The U series is designed for heavier duties as compared to the Y series.

Even after their merging, they and the U series are still used.

4. Why the Name Dyna?

Dyna is the short form of Dynamic which means power, to imply that the Toyota Dyna is a powerful model.