Isuzu FVZ-Series Price in Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, Pros, and How to Import

Isuzu FVZ Lorry for sale in Kenya is a favorite for many people in the construction and transportation industry.

The model is also called Isuzu FVZ-Series and comes as Isuzu FVZ34T, Cargo Chassis, or Isuzu FVZ34N, Tripper.

Both models have a powerful 6-cylinder common Rail turbocharged diesel engine with an intercooler and a displacement of 7790cc.

The engine model is 6HK1-TCS and generates 280hp@2400rpm and torque of 882NM@1450rpm. 

That’s enough power to allow the model to transport heavy loads in the construction industry. 

The FVZ trucks boast a sturdy design that makes them durable, despite traveling in unfavorable environments. 

Note that most exterior parts are made with steel, with the underframe designed with high tensile steel.

It is easy to offload the truck since it has an electro-hydraulic cab tilt to allow it to unload quickly.

And the reversing camera and sensor ensure that your car doesn’t hit an object when in reserve gear.

This vehicle also features some advanced technologies like tire pressure monitoring, air deflectors, among other features.

The main competitor is the Mitsubishi Canter Truck, but Isuzu FVZ trucks are better because they carry more load.

Isuzu FVZ-Series Price in Kenya - Import Price for 2015-2017 Models

Isuzu FVZ, TRK, 9839cc, Petrol Import Price
2015 Model From Ksh. 4.04M to Ksh. 4.54M
2016 Model From Ksh. 4.47M to Ksh. 4.98M
2017 Model From Ksh. 4.71M to Ksh. 5.21M

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FVZ Truck Travelling Through Rugged Terrains

Drivers can comfortably drive these lorries for long distances without getting fatigued thanks to the hydraulic shock absorbers that absorb impulses.

Read more to understand the Isuzu FVZ-Series price in Kenya, features of different trucks, and how to import.

Isuzu FVZ34T, Cargo Chassis Review - Features

The prevailing FVZ 34T market rate is ksh.9, 476,000 though this price isn’t static. You can expect to pay slightly above or below depending on the year, mileage, etc.

The model allows for easy enter and exit courtesy of the robust non-slip entry that lowers the chances of falling.

There is also a 90 degrees opening for the front door to help you enter with ease.

The entry assist grips on the door, and the roof pillar makes the access much more straightforward.

The truck is also comfortable and enhanced by the air suspension driver seat that minimizes vibration. 

This seat is topped with pneumatic lumbar support for maximum comfort even when driving off-load. 

Another great feature is the a two-speed windscreen wiper with an intermittent wipe mode to ensures you have perfect visibility when it is raining.

Among the vital driver control features found in this truck includes an engine idle speed control, push-button gear selection control, and washers and exhaust brakes.

Isuzu FVZ34N, Tripper for Sale in Kenya Review - Features

FVZ34N truck is more expensive than the cargo chassis above, with the current Kenyan dealers selling it at Ksh.10,023,000.

Other than having a powerful engine, as indicated above, it also comes with fantastic comfort.

Adjustable column power steering helps you to adjust the steering and avoid getting fatigued.

This model has a customizable driver seat allowing drivers of different heights to fit in comfortably.

Your safety is prioritized courtesy of the driver seat and front passenger seat belts that have a pretensions to protect movement in case of a head-on collision.

These front seats are also fitted with an airbag and a center seat lap belt to enhance your security.

You can also mount the center seat belt when traveling with the kids to ensure they remain safe.

You can take your drink comfortably as you ride this truck since it comes with twin cup holders. There is also a cigarette lighter for chain smokers with no time to stop.

Isuzu FVZ-Series Price in Kenya - Isuzu FVZ Lorry Price in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Other Towns

The Isuzu FVZ Lorry Price in Kenya varies from one car seller to the other. Here are the average prices of Isuzu FVZ-Series for sale in Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, and other towns.

  • FVZ-Series 2014: Ksh 6.90M
  • FVZ Lorry  2015: Ksh.7.54M
  • FVZ-Series 2016:Ksh.7.90M
  • FVZ Lorry  2017:Ksh.8.34M
  • FVZ-Series 2018:Ksh.8.85M
  • FVZ Lorry  2019: Ksh.9.20M
  • FVZ-Series 2020:Ksh.9.65M
  • FVZ Lorry 2021:Ksh.10.03M

Note that truck’s type, mileage, dealer’s location, and maintenance cost are among the factors that can affect the price. 

The prices of used Isuzu FVZ Lorry for sale in Kenya by owners is usually lower than the prices of the showrooms.

But dare not think of buying a locally used vehicle since people hardly tell you the entire truth making them to sell it. Soon, you will discover it and incur substantial repair costs.

The same case applies if you buy from online platforms like Isuzu FVZ-Series in Jiji, Kenya. 

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Isuzu FVZ Lorry for Sale in Kenya -
A Powerful White FVZ Truck - Tipper 10 Wheels

Isuzu FVZ Lorry Specs - FVZ-Series Specifications

Here are the Isuzu FVZ-Series Specs you expect to find in the truck.

  • Number of Seats:3
  • Drive Type: AWD
  • Maximum Power:280hp
  • Engine Capacity:7790cc
  • Acceleration:
  • Fuel Consumption:
  • Tank Capacity:370L
  • GCM-36,000kg

Isuzu FVZ-Series for Sale in Kenya - Common Questions We Get About the FVZ Lorry

People searching for Isuzu FVZ-Series prices in Nairobi have faced frustrations resulting in the majority coming to seek our help to import the car.

Here are some of the questions they have been asking before importing.

1. Why Do Trucks Have Different Fuel Consumption Rates?

Fuel consumption depends on the body type of the truck, the weight of the load, driving habits, load type, driving conditions, among other factors.

2.What Happens If I Lose the FVZ Truck Owner’s Manual?

We can help you get a new user’s manual if you imported the vehicle with us. You can also get a new one from the Isuzu’s official website.

3.Where Can I Get FVZ Trucks?

The best way to own this truck if to import from abroad. That would be much cheaper than buying locally. 

Note that the FVZ Lorry price in Mombasa and other dealers in Kenya is higher than sourcing from abroad.

4. How Much is FVZ 2021?

It’s around Ksh. 10M. You can import this lorry and save a few shillings. 

5. Why is Buying a Used Car Not a Good Option?

Apart from the non-disclosure of vital information that leads to high repair costs, you are limited in varieties and colors to choose from.

6. What is FVZ Truck Transmission?

These trucks come with a 9-speed manual transmission that helps to maximize their operational efficiency.