Isuzu Elf Truck Price in Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, and How to Import

Isuzu Elf Truck for sale in Kenya has undergone several modifications to cater to the ever-changing consumer market. 

It has traversed six generations of continued improvements to give a service that is worth your attention.

The latest model is lauded for its high performance and fuel efficiency. It comes with a clean and fuel-efficient turbocharged diesel engine. 

This advanced engine offers power and fuel economy, resulting in cost-effective business. 

Elf offers a maximum power of 130ps at 2800 rpm and a torque of 330 NM thanks to the 2999 cc engine.

The truck is available in different variations, including a single cab, double cab, or box truck. 

All these models have wide headlights, a stylish design, and enhanced safety features. The current 6th generation hit the market in 2006.

It has an improved exterior, and interior design with a 75mm increased width than previous models.

The model also saw the introduction of the turbocharged 2,999cc diesel engine with an intercooler to comply with the loading capacity.  

The vehicle also comes with a 5193cc turbocharged diesel engine with an intercooler and power output -155hp to cater for 4-ton and greater weight. 

Isuzu Elf Truck for Sale in Kenya -
Captivating models of Isuzu Elf From Japan

Several improvements have been made to enhance fuel consumption, like installing the idling Start and Stop system, ‘eco stop,’ as a standard for most vehicles.

The closest rivals of the Elf include the Toyota Dyna and the Mitsubishi Canter.  Elf comes with a better and more powerful engine compared to the two. 

The fuel efficiency of Dyna is about 23 liters per 100 kilometers, while that of the Elf is about 22 liters per 100 kilometers.

There are several models or variants of the EFL Truck or Isuzu N Series, as you can find from this review.  

Isuzu NLR 77E Model Review 

The practical, powerful performance and price competitiveness make NLR 77E many truck buyers favorite.

This model is the most affordable among the N-Series variants and costs around Kshs.2 798,000 in the Kenyan showrooms.

NLR 77E comes with three adjustable seats, giving comfort to the driver and the passage on board.

It comes with tiltable power steering, allowing the driver to adjust the steering wheel to a comfortable level and maneuver easily.

The model’s 4-Cylinder 3.0-L Turbo-Intercooler engine offers a maximum power of 103bhp@3200rm and a torque of 230NM. It’s a Common-Rail Direct Injection diesel engine.

This truck has a 5-speed manual transmission giving you better fuel economy and more control. The model has a fuel tank capacity of 75L.

 NLR is an excellent truck for your business since you can easily transport a load of 2050kg.

ELF Truck Company has driver’s safety in mind. Thus, the truck comes with SRC dual airbags and an anti-skidding regulator,

Isuzu NMR 85H Model Review 

The second variant is the NMR 85H and is slightly more expensive than NLR 77E and costs KShs.3, 329,000 among the Kenyan local dealers.

NMR 85H can comfortably carry a weight of 2420kg courtesy of the 4-Cylinder 3.0-L Turbo-Intercooler engine with a dual overhead cam and Common-Rail Direct Injection.

NMR 85H blue power diesel engine has a 5- speed manual transmission and produces a 122bhp@2600rpm and maximum torque of 355NM @1500rpm.

This model has three standard seats, and the driver’s seats are adjustable to offer comfort to the driver. 

The power steering is also tiltable, allowing you to adjust it to your desired level.

This model also comes with an optional air conditioner allowing good air circulation.

Isuzu NQR 81K Model Review 

Is it worth paying ksh.4, 050,000 for an Isuzu NQR 81? Read its specs below to understand more.

The truck is versatile, offering you a variety of vocational uses. Apart from transporting stock, you can use it to do a street sweeping job, among other jobs.

NQR 81k 5.2-l turbocharged intercooler engine produces 190hp and a torque of 513NM. The model has a tank capacity of 140 liters.

The model is economical, with a consumption rate of 15.5L/100KM. 

That means once you fill the tank, you can travel for over 900kms before refilling the tank.

This standard model offers you three seats, while the double cab provides you seven seats for your crew.

Comfort is guaranteed courtesy of the roomy cabin and a big windscreen for better visibility.

This car has standard driver-adjustable seats for maximum comfort.

Those on board won’t struggle to get enough space for their personal belongings, thanks to door pockets and storage behind seats. 

You won’t have a dull day courtesy of the Digital audio-visual entertainment that comes with a 6.2-inch touchscreen that has a digital radio, 4GB internal storage.

Isuzu NQR Extra Model Review 

NQR Extra is a popular model thanks to its maneuverability, versatility, and highly economical.

The model current market price in Kenya is at ksh.4, 050,000 among the local dealer; thus, it may vary based on various factors, including cars’ condition.

The popularity of this model comes due to the high powerful 4-cylinder 5.2-L engine that produces 285 hp @ 3200 rpm and 285nm@180.

 It has a 5-speed overdrive transmission.

This power gives the model the ability to carry a total of 2465 kg. That means you can use the car to do different types of business.

You can easily travel through the rough terrains with ease, courtesy of the suspension that comes with a hydraulic acting shock absorber.

The safety measures in this model are perfect since there are driver and passenger airbags, four-wheel front brakes, and an anti-skidding regulator.

The model also has an ABS (Anti-lock brake system) that prevents the brakes from locking.

Its interior is perfect since it comes with power-assisted steering for easy maneuvering.

 Isuzu NPS 81H Model Review 

The average market price of the NPS 81H is 5, 138,000 though it may vary based on year, mileage among other factors. So, why is it more expensive than different variants?

Unlike other variants, NPs have a 4-cylinder 5.2-l turbocharged intercooled engine. It has a 16-valve SOHC diesel, thus producing 114Kw@2600rpm.

The car also produces a maximum torque power of 419Nm@ 1600-2600rpm. It has a five-speed manual transmission that comes with a two-speed case transmission.

Its interior is superb, courtesy of the adjustable seats and a tilting steering wheel that allows you to adjust to the desired level.

The visibility is excellent since the car has a high height and comes with a large windscreen.

You won’t experience any dull moments when traveling since the car has a DAVE system with digital radio, 4 GB internal storage to allow you to listen to endless hits.

The passengers have enough space to store their items courtesy of the overhead pockets, door pockets, and pockets behind the seats.

Key Benefits of Isuzu Elf Truck 

  • Reliability
  • You can transform it into a passenger carrier
  • Fuel economy
  • Both semi-automatic and manual transmission available
  • Optimal maneuverability
  • Several options to choose from for the Elf Truck/N-series

Demerits of the Elf Truck 

  • Low tonnage 

Isuzu Elf Truck Price in Kenya – Nairobi, Mombasa, and Other Towns

Here is a sample of the average prices of the Elf Truck price in Nairobi, Mombasa, and other towns in Kenya.

Toyota Elf  Model

Estimated Price in Ksh

2017 Model

Ksh 3.29M

2018 Model

Ksh 3.61M

2019 Model

Ksh 4.02M

2020 Model

Ksh 4.43M

2021 Model

Ksh 4.81M

2022 Model

Ksh 5.11M

2023 Model

Ksh 5.32M

Isuzu Elf Truck price in Kenya may vary from one dealer to another. The prices given above are also affected by the truck’s mileage, condition of the car, and year of manufacture.

You may wonder how the price of the Elf Truck for sale in Kenya varies from one dealer to another.

The cost of running a showroom in Mombasa might be lower than that of doing the same in Nairobi.

That explains why the Isuzu Elf Truck price in Mombasa is lower than the same car in Nairobi. Each car seller in Kenya will have different markup costs that make the cost difference.

Some Kenyans opt to buy Used Isuzu Elf Truck for sale in Kenya by owners to evade trucks’ high buying price cost in the showrooms.

The option is still limited in terms of choice of mileage and colors for the buyer, making it better to import one from Japan.

We help our clients to import cars with ease at and save some money.

You could save up to 20% of the cost you would have incurred if you bought an Isuzu Elf Truck in jiji Kenya.

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Isuzu Elf Truck for Sale in Nairobi and Mombasa -
A classic Isuzu Elf Box Truck

Isuzu Elf Truck Specs: Basic Specifications

Here are the specs you find in the Isuzu ELF truck for sale in Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya :      

  • Number of Seats: 3 Seats -Regular cabs/ 6 Seats -Double cabs
  • Drive Type: 2WD/4WD
  • Maximum Power:150KW
  • Engine Capacity:3000CC
  • Acceleration:0-100Km/h in 13.6 Seconds
  • Fuel Consumption:22 Litres per 100kilometres
  • Tank Capacity:6500 Liters for the latest NPR model

Isuzu Elf Truck for Sale in Mombasa – Maximum Power

With a four-cylinder 2990cc diesel turbocharged engine, Elf produces 155kw maximum power 

Isuzu Elf Truck for Sale in Nairobi Kenya – AWD/FF, AWD, or FF

There are different models with either AWD or FF. Models having AWD, also known as 4WD, are more suited for rugged terrains.

Isuzu Elf Truck for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

The truck consumes 22 liters per 100kilometres.

Isuzu Elf Truck Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

The Elf truck has an engine capacity of 2990cc. Such ability gives it the power to carry heavy loads. 

Isuzu Elf Truck Interior Review 

To further understand the interior specs of the Elf truck, here are some highlights.

Comfort and Legroom 

The front sheets are fixed to provide enough legroom for the driver without compromising on comfort while driving. 

The driver’s seat is adjustable and allows enough visibility, especially while navigating in crowded areas.

Seats and Child Seat

The seats are significant and have a lot of space with enough legroom and arm space for each passenger.

The single cab can accommodate two to three passengers at a time.


The Box Elf Truck provides ample cabin room to take care of your business needs. 

There are various models/series that allow you to choose the cabin space that suits your commercial requirements.

Extra Internal Features 

The truck comes with a connected technology application that helps to prevent failure. It gives you detailed information regarding any malfunctioning in the car. 

Isuzu Elf Truck for Sale in Nairobi and Mombasa -
Elf Truck Interior Design

Elf Truck Exterior Review

There are three model variations provided; regular cab, high roof cab, and wide cab. 

These variations increase the cabin room while enhancing body capacity and improving habitability.

Around the front cab, two parting lines are used for styling, eliminating the need for extra decoration.

The car comes with larger opening door handles, allowing you to take it with gloves. They guarantee smooth egress and ingress. 

Its big headlights are positioned to provide a better, more expansive view even in the dark.

Isuzu Elf Truck Reviews – What Past Buyers are Saying

 Here are samples of the reviews from our page on Elf users.

Millicent Ouko

“I have now bought my fifth truck with Bestcarsforsaleinkenya. They have never disappointed. Long live team, you have always exceeded my expectations in terms of timeliness.”

Norman Musa

“This Truck just gave me what I was looking for in terms of performance and fuel economy. It’s an amazing experience using Elf.”

Vincent Mogaka

“Since I acquired this truck, my business of transporting potatoes from Nyahururu to Nairobi got a major boost. I am now able to earn twice as much profit as I used to.”


“Driving an Elf truck is such an enjoyable ride. All thanks to its excellent wide headlights that help with visibility even when navigating corners in the dark.”


“After many years of saving to buy a truck, I came across the Elf Truck. After several considerations, I decided to buy it. I have never regretted the decision four years down the line.”

Common Questions We Get About the Elf Truck 

Among the frequently asked questions about this truck include;

1. Is the Isuzu Elf Truck a Good Car?

Yes, it’s a good car. It gives you excellent fuel economy and performance across medium trucks.

 Elf also offers a variety of choices in terms of engine capacity, power, and cargo.

2. How Much is an Elf Truck 2021 Model?

The price of the 2021 model may be as high as Kshs. 4.5 M. 

This price may vary from one dealer to another based on the car’s mileage and whether you buy from a showroom or import via a dealer like Bestcarsforsaleinkenya.

3. How Many Cubic Meters is an Elf Truck?

For a six-wheeler Elf closed van with a load capacity of 2-3 tons, measuring 14ft*6ft*7ft, its volume would be about 16 cubic meters.

4. How Long Does Isuzu Engines Last?

The engines powering N-series trucks produce 130kw at 3600rpm. It comes with a b10 rating of 500,000km.

It implies that 90% of the engines can cover 500,000km before a rebuild is required.

5. Who Makes Engines for Isuzu?

DMAX –an American manufacturer of diesel engines for trucks, is a 60-40joint venture operated by General Motors and Isuzu.

6. Why is Elf so Popular?

The popularity of this model is due to its Horsepower engine. 

It is still a leader in the small truck industry since its launch. Its fuel efficiency also adds to its popularity.