Isuzu Prime Mover Price in Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, Pros, and How to Import

Isuzu Giga for sale in Kenya has been in existence since 1994 and has undergone two generations.

The first one started from 1994-2015 and the second one from 2015 to the present. Note that this truck comes in two names, either Isuzu Giga or Isuzu Prime Mover.

It has undergone rigorous changes since then, making the truck user-friendly. The exterior is stylish and comes with an aerodynamic car frame.

That means the truck will have a lower air resistance hence a better fuel economy.

The air suspended driver’s seat is adjustable, enabling you to adjust it in a comfortable position. The same applies to the thick steering wheel that has a telescopic adjustment.

You will be amazed by the quality of its big bumper designed to withstand harsh working conditions.

Mitsubishi Fuso is one of the main competitors of the model, but the Giga brand is better than that of Fuso.

Isuzu Giga for Sale in Kenya -
A Classic Isuzu Prime Mover

 You can quickly enter the truck or even exit, courtesy of the stylish non-slippery steps and a perfect hand grip to support you.

Once you enter the truck, you will be impressed by its spacious interior that offers adequate legroom and headspace for the people on the front row.

Read below to know about Isuzu Prime Mover price in Nairobi, other towns, and the Giga variant.

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Note that these trucks are not only pocket-friendly but are also environmentally friendly due to reduced emissions.

Reduced emission can be attributed to the 6NX1-TSC diesel engine that produces 345hp@2000rpm and a 135 NM @1323rpm. It has a displacement of 7790cc.

Its high engine power provides better handling even in rough terrains, courtesy of a 9-speed manual transmission.

Additional features that make the truck comfortable include a roomy cabin, air-suspension seats, head restraints, shock absorbers, and a dual-stage air lumbar.

You can’t ignore the presence of a clever storage compartment to store your items and a wide sleeper cab where you can take a nap when exhausted.

It allows you to quickly inspect the front access panel daily, thus detecting and repairing any issue before it magnifies.

 Isuzu Prime Mover Price in Kenya – Isuzu Giga  Price in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Other Towns 

You don’t have to go all over the country searching for Isuzu Giga Price in Kenya. We have done the work for you and presented this list.

  • Isuzu Giga  2017 :Ksh.8.50M
  • Prime Mover 2018 :Ksh.9.35M
  • Isuzu Giga  2019 :Ksh.9.76M
  • Prime Mover 2020 :Ksh.10.45M
  • Isuzu Giga  2021   :Ksh.10.98M

Note that the Isuzu Prime Mover price in Nairobi and other towns may differ based on the mileage, condition of the car, and the year.

The dealer will also add markup and maintenance costs to the price making the model expensive.

The high cost may entice you to look for Used Isuzu Giga for Sale in Kenya by owners or the Isuzu Prime Mover in Jiji Kenya.

Frustrations will follow sooner due to the high repair and maintenance costs that follow.

Since Isuzu Giga for sale in Nairobi by dealers or even by owners may not be a good option, that’s where comes in handy.

We are a team of professionals who specialize in importing cars for people and organizations and have done this for over 20 years.

Once you import with us, we will ensure that you get a perfect model and help you save up to 20% of the local price.

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Isuzu Giga for Sale in Kenya -
Red Giga by Isuzu for Sale in Kenya

Isuzu Giga Specs – Prime Mover Specifications 

Read below on Isuzu Prime Mover Specs. 

  • Number of Seats:2
  •  Drive Type: AWD
  • Maximum Power:345HP
  •  Engine Capacity:7790CC
  • Tank Capacity:370l

Isuzu Prime Mover for Sale in Kenya – Common Questions We Get About the Giga 

Check some of the common FAQs by our customers below.

1. What is the Price of Isuzu Giga 2020?

If you were to check for Isuzu Giga’s price in Mombasa, Kisumu, and other towns in Kenya, the price is around Ksh.10.45M. 

However, you may get a better deal if you import with

2.  Is the Giga Truck reliable?

Yes, it is highly reliable thanks to the sturdy body structure that helps it withstand harsh working conditions.

 It also comes with a decent warranty and fantastic safety features.

3. What’s The Transmission of Giga Trucks?

The Isuzu Prime Mover for sale in Mombasa comes with a 9-speed manual transmission that provides better handling even in rough driving conditions.

4. Is Giga Truck Comfortable?

It’s among the most comfortable trucks In existence. 

Besides having a bed that the driver and the crew can rest on, it has adjustable seats and a steering wheel helping you adjust it.

5. Can I Drive Giga for a Long Distance?

Mostly, people fear getting fatigued when riding for long hours.

Giga reduces the chances of fatigue due to its air suspension seats, shock absorbers, roomy cabin, among other features.

6. Why Does Lorry Fuel Consumptions Vary?

It may depend on the driving condition, the type of the load and the weight, and whether it has a PTO device.