Toyota Starlet Price in Kenya: Review, Specs, Features, and How to Import

Kenya’s number one motor distributor Toyota re-introduced the all-new utility hatchback model Starlet in 2020. 

It made a comeback in the market after a 21-year absence, with the last new Toyota Starlet for sale in Kenya have been in the market in 1999.

The new model retail at an average price of Ksh. 1.9 M and has everything you would need in a compact car. 

It is the perfect model for driving to various destinations and comes with a 1000cc to 1600cc engine capacity.

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Toyota Starlet for sale in Kenya - 2021 Model
The Starlet Was Reintroduced in the Market in 2020

The hatchback goes head-to-head with Renault Sandero, Ford’s Figo, Suzuki Baleno, and Volkswagen Polo Vivo in terms of pricing and size. 

These cars offer almost matching features, but the Starlet edges them out because it comes with stability control.

The piece below looks at the Toyota Starlet’s new model, including the price, reviews, features, and more.

Key Benefits of Toyota Starlet

  • Ideal for all people
  • Agile and enthusiastic
  • Responsive power
  • Highly affordable
  •  It comes in great colors.
  • A stable model

Demerits of the Starlet

  • The less powerful engine of 1000cc
  • The front wheels are short

Toyota Starlet Price in Kenya: What You Would Pay

Why should I import a vehicle from Japan? And why should I buy a used model in the first place?

We often hear these questions from car buyers who buy their vehicles locally from places such as Starlet Olx Nairobi and Starlet for sale in Mombasa, Kenya. 

We will answer that, but before that, here is the average price of this car in Kenya.

Toyota Starlet for Sale in Nairobi – Average Price for 2020 to 2021 Models

The vehicle has just made a comeback in the Kenyan market, and you can expect to pay the following price:

  • 2020 Model: Ksh. 1.9M
  • 2021 Model: Ksh. 2.2M


You can find more affordable used Toyota Starlet for sale in Kenya by owners by importing your car from Japan.

The above price is only an estimate and can go down or higher due to different factors like demand and supply, car’s mileage, car’s condition, etc.

We recommend contacting our team at +254-728-308-043 to get a quote for importing this vehicle.

Why You Should Import Your Car/ Why You Should Not Buy Locally

The main reason to buy these used vehicles from Japan is their affordability compared to the new models. 

But there are other reasons to forego the Starlet for sale in Nairobi dealers and get one from a Japanese auction.

1. Wide Choice Available

Each vehicle comes in different versions, colors, and different features and accessories. You can find a version that meets your needs without much hassle.

You get the choice of picking the perfect car for your needs, whether you want the Starlet, Toyota Voxy, Toyota Fortuner, BMW X5, or another vehicle.  

2. Reliability and Accessories

We have noted that you get to choose your vehicle among hundreds of them, meaning you also get various accessories. 

You can purchase a model with power steering, music system, AC, ABS, and more.

Besides, you get reliable vehicles because they are used by trained and expert drivers who maintain their autos. You worry less about the exterior and interior conditions.

3. Efficiency and Performance

You can find fuel-efficient models from the auction houses since the cars are available in varying engine capacities. That means choosing the less powerful engine if you want to save on fuel cost.

On the flip side, you can always go for the more powerful engine and enjoy better performance.

Challenges of Importing Your Vehicle

There are importation challenges that make people get their cars from Starlet for sale in Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, Nyeri, or Nakuru dealers instead of importing. 

We have listed them here:

1. Lots of Documentation

The process is tiresome due to the many documents you need to fill before you receive the car. These include the deregistration ones to release the vehicle from Japan and to register it in Kenya.

You also need to go through the inspection sheet to know the vehicle’s condition.

2. Lack of Inspection

It is not possible to inspect the car you want to buy when you are in Kenya. Some people like to do a road test before they can spend their cash.

Toyota Starlet for sale in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nairobi, Kenya - 2021 Model
The 2020 Starlet Has an Attractive Design than the 1990s Models Your Car Importation Partner is a seasoned auto importer with over two decades of experience. We have helped many Kenyan import vehicles from Japan at an affordable rate.

You can visit us at our local showroom to discuss importing your car or choosing one at our yard.

We also have an office in Ruiru Town, Greec Tower Door No D7/8, where you can visit our consultants. 

If you like, you can call our team at +254-728-308-043 or send a WhatsApp message and inquire about car importation. 

We help import cars from different brands and all types of vehicles like Mazda Demio, Subaru Impreza, Nissan Note, Nissan Fuga,  etc.

Toyota Starlet Specs: Basic Specifications

What are some of the Toyota Starlet Specifications you should know about? They include:

  • Number of Seats: 5
  • Drive Type: AWD/FF
  • Maximum Power: 92ps
  • Engine Capacity: 1000cc to 1600cc
  • Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 12.0 secs for 100cc engine and 9.98 secs for the 1600cc
  • Fuel Consumption: Average of 5.1l/100km
  • Tank Capacity: 37 liters

Toyota Starlet for Sale in Mombasa Kenya – Maximum Power

The vehicle was developed to provide stability features, which is possible due to the average horsepower of 92ps. You can drive the car at high speed and still feel stable.

Toyota Starlet for Sale in Kenya – AWD

It is a powerful vehicle that you can drive on rough roads with ease with the All-Wheel-Drive feature. 

What that means is the engine supplies power to all the wheels to guarantee a smooth movement.

You can opt for the Front-Wheel-Drive model that conserves fuel.

Toyota Starlet for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

The vehicle consumes about 5.1l/100km for the 1.4L engine, with the 1.0L consuming less fuel while the 1.6L consumes the most. 

It is among the most fuel-efficient cars you can find on the market today, rivaling the Toyota Vitz

Toyota Starlet Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

You can choose engine capacities of between 1000cc and 1600cc. They are not the powerful engines you can find on the market, but they do the job well.

Toyota Starlet Interior Review

You can expect comfort from the Toyota Starlet for sale in Kenya interior and effective use of space. The car offers decent-size storage compartments and bottle holders for placing your drink.

Another feature is the deep cubby hides at the central armrest for keeping wallet, phone, and face masks. 

You should note that the new model comes with a 15GB WiFi that you can top up regularly. 

Comfort and Space

The vehicle is ideal for a family car, thanks to the ample space from the front, back seat, and boot. It even comes with a back central 3-point safety belt for letting three grownups ride side-by-side.

The cargo section is spacious too and deep to allow you to place more luggage. With that said, among the common Toyota Starlet Problems of the boot is that it holds the spare wheel.

Toyota Starlet price in Kenya - 3-Point Safety Belt
The Starlet Has a Back Central 3-Point Safety Belt

Starlet Exterior Review

The vehicle looks like the Suzuki Baleno without a grille and badge. That is because it is the firstborn of the partnership between Suzuki and Toyota.

It has an excellent ground clearance and comes with an attractive exterior.

Toyota Starlet Reviews– What Past Buyers Are Saying

Mike Mwangi

“The car ranks among the most comfortable SUV cars I have ever purchased. We imported this vehicle from Japan through, and it was more affordable.”

Jackie 009

“My husband imported this car through, and it has been of much help. I haven’t seen him take it to the garage every weekend as he used with his former car.”


“I love the new  Starlet. It is more stylish and more comfortable to drive than most compact vehicles on the market today. I would recommend you import your model from Japan today.”

Common Questions We Get About Starlet

We have answers to some of the questions we get about the new Starlet car.

1. What is Toyota Starlet?

It is a subcompact vehicle made by the Toyota brand that was introduced in the market in 1973. The car was discontinued in 1999, but the brand relaunched it in 2020.

2. How Much is the New Starlet?

The new model is retailing around Ksh 2 M in Kenya, but you can always find it at a lower or high rate. That depends on where you buy your vehicle.

3. Is the New Starlet a Good Car?

It is a superb vehicle, and the brand is providing it at a fair price. The car was designed to allow easy family movement.

4. Is Starlet a Suzuki?

The vehicle is based on the Baleno, the Suzuki car. It shares most features of this model since it results from the partnership between Toyota and Suzuki.

5. Where Can I Buy the New Starlet? can help you import the new car at an affordable price. You can kick-start the importation process by calling us at +254-728-308-043.