Toyota Voxy Price in Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, and How to Import

The Toyota Voxy for sale in Kenya is an upgrade of the Toyota TownAce or LitaAce and was introduced in Japan in late 2001.

It’s a luxurious and comfortable passenger van similar to Toyota Noah though it has slight exterior and interior variations.

Since the first model was introduced, it has undergone significant renovations and modifications to adapt to the current market trends.

Since the first model was introduced, it has undergone significant renovations and modifications to adapt to the current market trends.

Toyota Voxy for Sale in Kenya - 2015 to 2022 Import Price

How much is the Toyota Voxy  price in Kenya? 

Import Price of Toyota Voxy, 2000cc, 2WD, Petrol, Van:

ModelImport Price
2015KES 2,270,000 – KES 2,600,000
2016KES 2,440,000 – KES 2,800,000
2017KES 2,830,000 – KES 2,200,000
2018KES 3,610,000 – KES 4,000,000
2019KES 3,890,000 – KES 4,100,000
2020KES 4,230,000 – KES 4,600,000
2021Call +254-728-308-043 to Inquire
2022Call +254-728-308-043 to Inquire
Import Price of Toyota Voxy, 2000cc, 4WD, Petrol, Van:
  • 2015 Model: KES 2,330,000 – KES 2,700,000
  • 2016 Model: KES 2,670,000 – KES 4,000,000
  • 2017 Model: KES 3,230,000 – KES 3,500,000
  • 2018 Model: KES 3,530,000 – KES 3,900,000
  • 2019 Model: KES 3,660,000 – KES 4,000,000
  • 2020 Model: KES 4,630,000 – KES 5,000,000
  • 2021 Model: Call +254728308043 to Inquire
  • 2022 Model: Call +254728308043 to Inquire

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The Voxy Resembles the Toyota Noah and TownAce

The Voxy model competes with Mitsubishi Delica, Nissan Serena, and Toyota Alphard and has gained popularity in different parts.

However, the model’s reliability, versatility, functionality, durability, and practicality make it more appealing to car owners.

You can learn more about Toyota Voxy price in Kenya, Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and other towns from this review.

Key Benefits of Toyota Voxy

  • Voxy has eight seats, making it ideal for prominent families and business people.
  • It has extensive and quality rear sliding doors for easy access, even for passengers with physical impairments.
  • Ample boot space for heavy luggage. The third-row seats can be folded to create more boot space.
  • Spacious and comfortable interior configuration ideal for long-distance travel
  • This is an economical and fuel-efficient vehicle considering its power output and excellent performance.
  • Voxy is reasonably priced, taking into account it has reliable and excellent features.
  • Exotic exterior look that is appealing even to the young generation

Demerits of the Voxy

  • This model is heavy and does not accelerate well on major highways.
  • The price of this car is out of reach for most low-income earners.

Toyota Voxy Price in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, and Other Towns

The prices of Toyota Voxy for sale in Mombasa, Nairobi, and across major towns in Kenya are slightly higher than what you would get from Toyota Voxy JiJi Nairobi because those are used cars for sale by owner. 

They are also higher than importing this car from Japan, where you find quality used Toyota Voxy for sale in Kenya by owners.

The dynamics of supply and demand influence the price of this car at any given time.

Other things that affect the price are the mileage, car sellers in Kenya, and the vehicle’s condition.

You could end up saving over 20% of the cost if you opted to import used vehicles from Japan instead of buying them from the local showrooms.

That is because you avoid the mark-up placed by various Toyota Voxy dealers in Mombasa and Nairobi.

You also avoid the daily maintenance costs of the cars in the showrooms, showroom lighting, and other operation costs.

Contact us at +254-728-308-043 for any queries or additional information on importing this car from Japan.

You can also visit us at Ruiru Town, Grec Towers, 3rd Flr, office number D7 & D8, and have a face-to-face chat with our team.

Toyota Voxy price in Kenya - 2021 Model, White Car
Voxy Comes in Different Colors, Including White, Black, Red, and Others

Toyota Voxy Specs: Basic Specifications

  • Number of Seats: 5/7/8
  • Drive Type: 2WD/AWD
  • Maximum Power: 140 -158 ps
  • Engine Capacity: 2000cc
  • Acceleration: 0- 100km/h in 9.8 Sec
  • Fuel Consumption: 12.4km/L
  • Tank Capacity: 60L

Toyota Voxy for Sale in Mombasa - Maximum Power

Toyota Voxy for sale in Mombasa comes with a reliable power output of 158ps that offers a good drive on most urban roads.

This is quite an impressive power output that can be used to ferry luggage and passengers in Mombasa.

Toyota Voxy for Sale in Nairobi Kenya - FWD

The vehicles’ front-wheel drive is ideal for driving on major roads in Kenya since it consumes less fuel.

It saves on fuel consumption even when you are stuck in traffic for long, which is the norm on most major highways in Nairobi.

Toyota Voxy Review in Kenya - Engine Capacity

The car has a 2000cc engine capacity. It has enough power to deliver a high power output.

The car gets enough power to allow for a smooth ride on most terrains.

Toyota Voxy Interior Review

Voxy is a good car that has impressive features. Some of these features include the following:

Car Seats

This is an eight-seat vehicle with excellent legroom and headspace that offers passengers comfort even in long-distance traveling.

The seats in all the rows can be reclined to the desired position. The seats are also elevated to give passengers a good view of the road.

Cabin Storage

The cat has ample storage for storing personal stuff like goggles, smartphones, beverages, and smartphones.

It has four cup holders, a glove box, and storage compartments below the dashboard. It also has a center box between the seats.

Side and seat jacket pockets are installed in the third row, and the only storage in the second row is on the front seat jacket pockets.

Boot Space

The car has ample boot space. You can remove the back row seats to create more space. Its high roof also ensures that the vehicle can ferry bulky luggage.

Multifunctional Steering Wheel

The multifunctional steering wheel ensures easy steering even around sharp bends. 

It also puts several functions on the steering wheel, allowing the driver to concentrate on the road ahead.

Toyota Voxy for sale in Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nairobi - 2021
Voxy Has a New Seat Arrangement for the 2021 Model

Voxy Exterior Review

This model has an exotic look and comes with several superior features that include the following:

Large Single-Touch Sliding Side Doors

The model has five doors (two slidings) operated by a touch button.

That ensures that they do not develop problems from constant banging and mishandling by passengers.

Retractable Powered Side Mirrors

Voxy’s side mirrors can be easily retracted and opened with the touch of a button.

Toyota Voxy Reviews-What Past Buyers are Saying

James M.

“I had a smaller car that was no longer comfortable for my large family. Since I bought my Voxy last year, we have been able to drive long distances with my whole family comfortably. The legroom is very comfortable, and the boot space large enough to carry our luggage. My wife and kids have fallen in love with our new car.”

Musa O.

“Recently, I expanded my fish business, so I needed a reliable and economical way to ferry fish in Kisumu. The exotic look of this car has also added glamor to my business. Most hotel owners take me more seriously now compared to when I was delivering my luggage in a Mkokoteni.”

Mutuiri Mureithi

“When I bought this car, I had intended to be carrying miraa in it, but it looked so exotic I just decided to use it for my personal use. It has a good power output which is adequate to ascend our hilly terrains in Mount Kenya. Again, it is a light fuel consumer, so it is affordable to maintain it.”

Common Questions We Get About the Voxy

We have compiled a list of the frequently asked questions regarding the car. This is aimed at helping you understand the model better.

1.Is the Toyota Voxy a Good Car?

There is no doubt that this is a perfect vehicle. It is a reliable and economic model that has a good engine capacity.

The vehicle consumes 12.4km/l making it economical for both personal or business use.

It also has an exotic look that appeals to most buyers, especially the younger generation.

2. What is the Difference Between Toyota Noah and Voxy?

These two models almost look alike, but they have several significant differences that set them apart. The differences include the following:

Toyota Noah has a better ground clearance compared to the Voxy. Voxy has larger legroom space and headspace, making it more comfortable than the Noah.

The Voxy has an exotic and sporty look, while Noah has a dull and basic look.

3. Is Voxy Worth Buying?

It is an exotic car with excellent features. The model has adequate legroom space making it a comfortable vehicle for long-distance drives.

The engine capacity and economical fuel consumption make it an economical car for business and personal use.

4. How much is Voxy in Kenya?

Several factors will influence the price of this car in Kenya. Factors such as the vehicle’s condition, year of manufacture, or mileage covered will affect its price.

The platform that you are buying your car from will also affect the price. For example, Toyota Voxy for Sale in JiJi will not cost the same as importing this car.

Visit us at to get a rough estimate on how much it will cost you to buy a Voxy or other cars like the Toyota Belta.

You can also WhatsApp us or call us on+254-728-308-043 and get up to a 20% discount when importing your car through us.