Toyota Rush for Sale in Kenya: Price, Review, Specs, and How to Import

Toyota Rush for sale in Kenya is a 5-seater or 7-seater, midsize SUV that hit the market in 2006. The first generation of this vehicle was called J200 and was in production up to 2017.

Kenyan dealers from different showrooms and online platforms, like Rush Nairobi, continue to sell the first-generation model of 2018 to 2023. 

You can also import that generation from Japan or go for the second-generation series called J800.  

The 2nd generation is a mainstream car with superb features like a wider body and rows seating. 

It is also available as a 2WD and 4WD model and allows for a 4-speed auto or 5-speed manual transmission.

Toyota Rush Review - Special Compilation

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Toyota Rush for Sale in Kenya - 2021 Model
Rush is a Powerful Vehicle Suitable for Most Kenya Terrains

The vehicle competes with other SUVs like Renault Duster, Renault Captur, and Hyundai Creta. 

They are models of the same price but offer little when it comes to flexibility, versatility, and features. 

It is impossible to justify their price when compared with what Rush offers. This Toyota car also comes with improved safety and comfort features.

Find the full review of the Toyota Rush new model below and contact the team for more information.

Key Benefits of Toyota Rush

  • A variant of 5-seater and 7-seater
  • Stylish design for the new model
  • High ground clearance
  • Provides excellent traction on slippery roads
  • Ideal for ferrying passenger and cargo
  • Low fuel consumption

Demerits of Rush

  • Not quite contemporary on the inside
  • The engine capacity is low

Toyota Rush Price in Kenya: Average Cost in Nairobi and Mombasa

toyota Rush
2023 Toyota Rush

You may have seen a website with a Rush for sale in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, or Nakuru, and now you are wondering why you should import this vehicle. 

We have looked at some of the benefits of importing your car below our list of Rush prices in Nairobi, Mombasa, and other parts of Kenya.

New Toyota Rush Price in Kenya– Average Price for 2014 to 2021 Models

Here is the average price of the old and new Toyota Rush in Kenya:

  • 2017 Model: Ksh. N/A
  • 2018 Model: Ksh. 3.7M
  • 2019 Model: Ksh. 4.0M
  •  2020 Model: Ksh. 4.2M
  • 2021 Model: Ksh. 4.6M
  • 2022 Model: Ksh. 4.9M
  • 2023 Model: Ksh. 5.2M

This is an average price affected by the car’s demand and supply, condition, mileage, seller, etc.

You can contact our team at +254-728-308-043 to find out more about the importation price or even choose another vehicle like Toyota Harrier, Toyota Fielder, or Subaru Forester.

We also have a yard where you can visit us and choose the model that meets your needs. 

Buy Locally Vs. Importing: Benefits of Importing Your Car

Toyota Rush
2023 Toyota Rush.

You can find the best used Toyota Rush for sale in Kenya by owners from Japanese auctions. These are 2-3 years old vehicles that look like brand new ones.

They are also 15-20% more affordable than buying them from the local dealers. The other benefits of importing your vehicle include:

1. Latest Number Plate

Your car gets the latest number plate from the NTSA when it arrives in Mombasa. It is even possible to book a particular number at an extra fee.

2. Complete Car History

Every vehicle in the auction comes with an evaluation sheet showing its entire history. You get to know the condition of the model you want to buy before you send your money.

3. Genuine Mileage

The auction sheet outlines the car’s mileage, which third-party inspectors verify. 

You have the confidence of buying an automobile with the exact mileage that dubious dealers have not changed.

4. Unique Features

You get to choose from a large pool of cars, which means you get a model with all the desired features. They include things like color, fancy lights, roof rail, and much more.

Challenges of Importing Your Car

Toyota Rush
2022 Toyota Rush.

Importation does attract some angles that can disadvantage you, such as:

1. No Immediate Purchase

Many people purchase their vehicles locally to avoid the long wait associated with the importation process. 

It is faster to get this vehicle from Rush for sale in Mombasa yards than in Japan.

2. Physical Inspection

You rely on what is noted on the auction sheet when importing your vehicle from abroad. That denies you the opportunity you would get of walking to a dealer and testing the car.

3. Online Fraud

You may lose your money if you fall into the hands of fraudsters who create fake auction websites. They always vanish without a trace when you wire your money to their account.

Toyota Rush for sale in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nairobi, Kenya - 2021
You Can Choose Rush of Different Colors – Your Car Importer

We can help you import your car from Japan at an affordable rate by taking care of all the logistics. 

We import all types of vehicles, giving you the choice of choosing the model that meets your needs, whether you want a Mercedes Benz model, Toyota Wish, Rush, Alto, or even Suzuki Alto.

You can visit our offices in Ruiru Town, Greec Tower Door No. D7/8 to discuss more car importation.

Alternatively, you can call us at +254-728-308-043 or even send a message through WhatsApp. 

You can also visit our local showrooms and engage with us or choose a car that is already in Kenya.

Toyota Rush Specs: Basic Specifications

Let’s now turn our attention to the Rush specifications:

  • Number of Seats: 5 or 7
  • Drive Type: AWD/FR
  • Maximum Power: 109ps
  • Engine Capacity: 1500cc
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 13.5 sec
  • Fuel Consumption: 13km/L
  • Tank Capacity: 50 liter

Toyota Rush for Sale in Mombasa Kenya – Horsepower

Toyota Rush
Toyota Rush

It is a simple vehicle that guarantees a maximum power of 109ps, making it ideal for travel in cities. 

The vehicle remains stable even when at high speed and can go long distances without developing an issue.

Toyota Rush for Sale in Kenya – AWD/FR

You get the option of choosing between the All-Wheel-Drive and the Front-Engine or Rear-Wheel drive when buying this car. 

AWD comes in handy when driving in areas with rough roads and consumes more fuel.

The FR system is ideal for driving in cities and helps to conserve fuel.

Toyota for Sale in Nairobi – Fuel Consumption

The car consumes one liter for every 13km you travel. It is among the best cars in its class when it comes to fuel usage and minimizing the operation cost.

Its fuel consumption is only bettered by lower-class vehicles like Suzuki Alto, Nissan Murano, and Toyota Ist. 

Toyota Rush Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

You do not get many options when choosing this car’s engine capacity as it has a 1500cc engine. 

The engine is powerful enough to enable you to have a smooth ride even when you are off-road.

Toyota Rush Interior Review

toyota Rush
Toyota Rush

Rush is a stylish 5-seater or 7-seater car with a superb interior with enough room for adults. It matches the Toyota Starlet when it comes to the seating capacity.

Space and Legroom

The model is roomy enough to allow five or seven people to ride comfortably. Its seats are well elevated to enable a comfortable trip and make your long travel more relaxing.

The first row is well-designed to enable right leg stretching. That is also true of the second row.  

The third row of the seven-seater is a bit limited but still offers comfort.

Cabin Storage

You get many compartments for storing your small items like goggles, handbags, smartphones, and beverages. 

The first row has a center box, glove box, door panel storage, and two cup holders.

Its second-row has front seat jacket pockets.

Boot Space

Rush has a spacious boot for carrying all the baggage for a family of five. You can also fold the back seat to create more room.

Toyota Rush Price in Kenya - View of the Interior
The Vehicle Has a Roomy Interior for Five to Seven Users

Rush Exterior Review

It has a narrow and small exterior that resembles that of Toyota RAV4. You have the option of adding alloy rims and roof rail to make it more attractive.

Toyota Rush Price in Nairobi - Rivals

Let’s explore some cars that compete with the Toyota Rush in Kenya. These vehicles offer similar features and cater to the compact SUV segment. Here are a few contenders:

  1. Honda Vezel:
    • Description: The Honda Vezel is a stylish and practical compact SUV. It boasts a modern design, comfortable interior, and good fuel efficiency.
    • Fuel Consumption: Approximately 6.5 l/100 km1.
  2. Nissan Dualis (Qashqai):
    • Description: The Nissan Dualis (also known as the Qashqai) is a well-rounded crossover. It combines a sleek exterior with a spacious cabin and decent performance.
    • Fuel Consumption: Around 7.0 l/100 km1.
  3. Nissan Juke:
    • Description: The Nissan Juke stands out with its quirky design and compact dimensions. It’s agile, fun to drive, and offers good visibility.
    • Fuel Consumption: Approximately 6.8 l/100 km1.
  4. Mitsubishi RVR:
    • Description: The Mitsubishi RVR is a practical choice with a roomy interior and reliable performance. It’s suitable for both city driving and occasional off-road adventures.
    • Fuel Consumption: About 7.5 l/100 km1.
  5. Subaru XV:
    • Description: The Subaru XV is an all-wheel-drive crossover that emphasizes safety, durability, and versatility. It’s equipped with Subaru’s renowned Symmetrical AWD system.
    • Fuel Consumption: Around 7.3 l/100 km1.

Remember that fuel consumption can vary based on driving conditions, maintenance, and individual driving habits. 

Toyota Rush for Sale in kenya - Article

Toyota Rush For sale in Kenya

The article covers information about the new model Toyota Rush price in Kenya, used Toyota Rush for sale in Kenya by owners, options for Toyota Rush for sale in Nairobi as well as Toyota Rush price in Nairobi. 

It is also relevant if you are searching for Toyota Rush for sale in Mombasa, the average Toyota Rush price in Mombasa, Toyota Rush photos and reviews.

Toyota Rush Reviews – What Past Buyers Are Saying

What are our past buyers saying about this vehicle?

Sherry Ann

“Rush is a compact car that I find easy to drive on Kenyan roads. I imported this vehicle from Japan through the help of”


“The car has been of great help to my family when going out for a family trip. I was astonished to find that you can import a car from Japan at an affordable rate.”


“Thank you, for helping me import my Rush from Japan. The car has served me for three years now.”

Common Question We Get About Rush

We have looked at some common questions about this car.

1. What is Toyota Rush?

It is a mid-sized vehicle made by the Japanese brand Toyota for family use. The car comes as a 5-seater or a 7-seater model.

2. Is Rush a Good Car?

The car provides value for money due to the many features you get for both the exterior and interior. It is also priced well when you consider its rivals.

3. What is the Engine Capacity of Rush?

The model has a powerful engine of 1500cc. It provides enough power for driving around town and other regions with excellent roads.

4. How Much Does Rush Cost?

You can buy a new model for about Ksh.2.7 M or import a used one from Japan at a lower price. Some of the locally used models sold by owners can cost about Ksh. 1.2M.

5. Where Can I Buy a Toyota Rush?

We import all kinds of vehicles from Japan at an affordable rate. We can help you import your car or choose one from our local showroom. 

Kickstart your importation process of the vehicles of 8-years and below now by contacting our team at +254-728-308-043.