Toyota Alphard for Sale in Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, and How to Import

You have come to the right place if you are searching for the Toyota Alphard price in Kenya, its reviews, features, and specs. 

Alphard is a minivan that hit the market in 2002 and is made by Toyota, a Japanese automaker. 

The car has undergone three generations: AH10, AH20, and the latest being AH30, which has been in production from 2015 to date.

You can only import the AH30 and the 2014 AH20 models to Kenya, keeping in line with the government regulation of importing vehicles of 8-year old or less. 

Alphard comes as a 7-seater or as an 8-seater van with 5-doors, and you can go for a petrol or a hybrid engine.

The vehicle guarantees you total comfort thanks to the seats-captain and ottoman that fold and recline to your liking. 

Toyota Alphard Price in Kenya - How to Import with Best Cars for Sale in Kenya LTd

Images of Toyota Alphard.

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Toyota Alphard for price in Kenya - 2021 Model
You Can Import the 2017-2024 Alphard to Kenya

Alphard has its sibling version called Toyota Vellfire, which mainly targets youthful vehicle lovers due to its sporty nature.

And it competes with the Honda Elysion, introduced in the market in 2004 after the Toyota model had become a success. 

However, Alphard continues to lead in this category of luxury minivans. It significantly outshines the Honda model because of the reclining seats, which are not present in the Elysion.

Nissan Elgrand is another rival of the Alphard and resembles this Toyota car in design and make. 

It also costs less than the Alphard, but it still lags when it comes to likability as many people opt for the Toyota vehicle.

Toyota Alphard for sale in kenya
2022 Toyota Alphard

That is because of its low maintenance cost and higher resale value than Elgrand, giving value for money in the long run. 

Continue reading to learn more about the Toyota Alphard for sale in Kenya, including its price, features, specs, and more. 

Key Benefits of Toyota Alphard

  • Beautiful interior design with a sense of style
  • Ambient lighting inside the vehicle
  • Soft wide seats with leg support and enough space
  • Suitable for a family vacation and long trips
  • Availability of its spare parts

Demerits of Alphard

  • The exterior design is not attractive
  • Fuel consumption is a bit higher than its competitors

Toyota Alphard Price in Kenya - Mombasa, Nairobi, and Kisumu

Toyota Alphard
White 2023 Toyota Aphard.

The Toyota Alphard price in Kenya ranges from around Ksh. 7 M to about Ksh. 10 M from the various car sellers in Kenya

Here is a list that shows the average cost of this vehicle by year:

  • 2017 Model: Ksh 4.88M
  • 2018 Model: Ksh 5.31 M
  • 2019 Model: Ksh 6.12 M
  • 2020 Model: Ksh 6.95 M
  • 2021 Model: Ksh 7.50 M
  • 2022 Model: Ksh 7.97M
  • 2023 Model: Ksh 8.54M
  • 2024 Model: Ksh 9.00M

The above price largely depends on factors such as the vehicle’s trim, sellers, mileage covered, repair history, extra features, and others.

You can import a more affordable vehicle from Japan instead of buying it from the local auto dealers. 

That is because you eliminate the different expenses that raise the cost, such as the dealers’ mark-up, showroom rent, cars’ maintenance costs, and others. 

However, it can be a tall order to try to import your car without the help of professionals who can access the auction websites. 

That is where we come in as 

Toyota Alphard front View
Toyota Alphard Front View.

We find the best model for your needs, place the bid, complete all the paperwork, and then deliver the vehicle to your doorstep. 

We are here to help you import your dream car, whether it is the Alphard, Toyota Vitz, Subaru Impreza, Mazda CX30, Suzuki Alto, or Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

You can visit us at our office in Ruiru Town, Greec Tower Door No. D7/D8 or give us a call at +254-728-303-043.

We also have a yard where you can choose an already imported vehicle, but that is often 20% more expensive than importing one. 

Toyota Alphard for sale in Kenya - Silver Model
Alphard Comes in Many Colors like Red, White, Black, and Silver

Toyota Alphard Specs: Basic Specifications

  • Number of seats: 7 or 8
  • Drive Type: AWD/FF
  • Maximum Power: 150-301ps
  • Engine Capacity: 2500cc and 3500cc
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 8.3 sec
  • Fuel Consumption: 11.6 km/L for 2500cc and 9.3km/L for 3500cc
  • Tank Capacity: 65 Liters

Toyota Alphard for Sale in Mombasa - Maximum Power

A car requires power to move and carry loads.

Engine power is measured in horsepower (hp) or ps, and it gives the vehicle speed and strength.

The Alphard comes with a maximum power of between 150-301ps, which is enough for a family car.

You can bet it produces enough power to ride smoothly under different conditions like hills. 

Toyota Alphard for Sale in Nairobi Kenya - AWD/FF

Toyota Alphard Side View
Toyota Alphard Side View.

AWD or All-Wheel Drive means the vehicle can transmit power to all four wheels at the same time. 

This makes the car able to navigate challenging terrains, mainly on rural roads.

FF or Front-Wheel Drive refers to cars that use the front wheel to move as the engine transmits energy to those wheels. 

The rear wheels just spin when the vehicle is on the move.

The Alphard comes both as AWD and FF. The Front-Wheel Drive is best suited for urban areas with good roads. It is best if you are looking to save some shillings on fuel. 

Toyota Alphard for Sale in Kenya - Fuel Consumption

Toyota Alphard grill and Front View.
Toyota Alphard Front View.

Many car buyers would go for vehicles that will save them some coins in fuel where possible. 

You can go for the model with a 2.5L engine or the one with a 3.5L when importing this car. 

The 2.5L model takes you to about 11.6km with every liter of fuel you add to the 65 liters tank. The 3.5L version can only take you 9.3km. 

Toyota Alphard Review in Kenya - Engine Capacity

Toyota Alphard rear View.
Toyota Alphard Rear View

Engine capacity will mean the size of the engine. Higher engine capacity or displacement translates to more power for the vehicle. 

The Alphard comes with the 2.5L or 2500cc engine or the 3.5L or 3500c engine. 

The models having an engine capacity of 2.5L are more prevalent in Kenya since they are more economical on fuel.

However, they lack the power you get when you choose the 3.5L engine. 

Toyota Alphard Interior Review

Toyota Alphard second row seats
Toyota Alphard for sale.

The main selling point of this car is its interior design. Many people in the business sector refer to it as a walking office.

We look at some of the distinct interior features that have made the vehicle the number one choice for many.

Comfort and Legroom

Toyota Alphard
Toyota Alphard

It comes fitted with seven seats or eight seats, making it the perfect vehicle for family use, and is highly luxurious.

The seats are wide and spacious. The rear ones come with leg support. And what more! They can also lie flat if you feel like taking a nap.

The legroom is also wide enough for both front and back rows for a feeling of comfort. The driver’s seat height is also adjustable to your liking.

Having a conversation inside the car is not a problem because of the insulation that blocks external noises.

Boot Space

Toyota Alphard
toyota Alphard Interior View.

Though the vehicle is not primarily designed for bulky loads, there is enough space for luggage. It will perfectly carry about three suitcases of medium size.

The third-row seats can be folded up while the middle row slides forward to create more room.

Extra Internal Features

The car comes with a speaker for each seat to guarantee you endless entertainment. 

Rear seats have a 13-inch monitor display to keep the passengers entertained. LED illumination on the ceiling creates sophistication and style.

The rear entry steps are lowered to make getting in and out of the passenger seats easy and comfortable.

The vehicle also comes with a three-zone air conditioning system to provide clean and purified air for freshness when one is on board.

Toyota Alphard for sale in Mombasa, Nairobi, and Kisumu - Interior
Alphard is a Highly Luxurious Vehicle that Has a Modern Interior

Alphard Exterior Review

The body and appearance might not affect the Alphard car price in Kenya, but it is an essential consideration for many buyers.

Here! I can say looks are deceiving; this car does not have the most attractive body, yet just step inside, and you will love what you see from minute one.

This vehicle comes with exciting features apart from the not so eye-catching boxy shape from the rear, and the swept forward design.

Toyota Alphard Boot Space
Toyota Alphard Boot Space View.

It has a large grill fitted with a large bumper at the front. There are also LED lights integrated over the airfoils. Fog lights are also present for daytime. 

It has power sliding doors on both sides for rear entry. The back door is also power controlled for easier access to your cargo.

Toyota Alphard Review: What Our Past Buyers Say

Many of our past buyers agree that this car is worth buying and specifically importing it from Japan with us is cost-effective. 

Here are some of those buyers and what they had to say.

S Willis – Reliable

“ I imported the car with company in Ruiru. My Alphard has given me a lot of services, and yet I still rely on it to date.”

Kariuki G – King of comfort

“I use the vehicle to travel with my family to shags for holidays and tours; the comfort it gives us on the road is unmatched anywhere.”

JT 21- Worth the Price

“Some people argue that this car is expensive, but I want to assure you that price is nothing when you consider the luxury and elegance it comes with.”

Omondi W- Moving office

“ Woah! I transform the car to my office on the road when I am on a business trip to Mombasa or Kisumu. This vehicle is great.”

 Alfred Katuku- High resale value

“I bought my first Alphard through team, and when I decided to sell it and buy a newer model, I was amazed that it almost recouped my initial money due to its high resale value.

Toyota Alphard Price in Nairobi - Competitors

Toyota Alphard for sale in kenya
Black 2022 Toyota Alphard

Vehicles that compete with the toyota Alphard  include:  :

  1. Mercedes-Benz V-Class:

    • The Mercedes-Benz V-Class directly competes with the Toyota Alphard.
    • Exterior: The V-Class offers comfort and luxury. It’s imported by many hoteliers due to its premium features and proven reliability.
  2. Honda Odyssey:

    • The Honda Odyssey is a popular choice in the minivan segment. The Odyssey has a modern appearance, with a bold front grille and sleek lines. It offers spacious seating, clever storage solutions, and family-friendly features.
    • Fuel Consumption: The Odyssey’s fuel efficiency varies by trim level. The non-hybrid models achieve around 10.6 l/100 km (equivalent to 22.2 mpg) in combined city/highway driving.
  3. Volkswagen Multivan / Transporter:

    • The Volkswagen Multivan (also known as the Transporter) is a versatile minivan with a strong heritage. The Multivan has a boxy shape, emphasizing practicality.It offers configurable seating arrangements, making it suitable for both passengers and cargo.
    • Fuel Consumption: The Multivan’s fuel efficiency depends on the engine variant. The diesel models achieve around 7.5 l/100 km (equivalent to 31.4 mpg) in combined driving.
  4. Hyundai Staria:
    • The Hyundai Staria is a recent addition to the minivan market. The Staria features a futuristic design, with a large front grille and distinctive LED lighting.
  5. Nissan Elgrand:
    • The Nissan Elgrand is a well-established minivan in Japan.The Elgrand has a distinctive front grille and bold character lines.It focuses on comfort, with luxurious materials and thoughtful amenities.
    • Fuel Consumption: The Elgrand’s fuel efficiency varies by engine type. The V6 petrol models achieve around 11.5 l/100 km (equivalent to 20.5 mpg) in combined driving.
  6. Ford Galaxy:
    • The Ford Galaxy is a European minivan known for its practicality. The Galaxy has a streamlined design, with a spacious cabin. It offers three rows of seating and ample cargo space.
    • Fuel Consumption: The Galaxy’s fuel efficiency depends on the engine variant. The diesel models achieve around 6.0 l/100 km (equivalent to 39.2 mpg) in combined driving.

In summary, these minivans compete in terms of space, features, and fuel efficiency. Whether you prioritize luxury, economy, or versatility, there’s a minivan to suit your needs!

Toyota Alphard for Sale in kenya - Article

The article covers information about the new model Toyota Alphard price in Kenya, used Toyota Alphard  for sale in Kenya by owners, options for Toyota Alphard  for sale in Nairobi as well as Toyota Alphard  price in Nairobi. 

It is also relevant if you are searching for Toyota Alphard  for sale in Mombasa, the average Toyota Alphard  price in Mombasa, Toyota Alphard  photos and reviews.

Common Questions We Get About the Alphard

Some of the most common questions people need to know about this vehicle are outlined below. 

1. Is the Toyota Alphard a Good Car?

This vehicle ranks number one if you are looking for a family car. Maybe Mercedes Benz V Class comes closer, but simply beaten when it comes to maintenance cost.

It is the car for you if you are looking for class, comfort, and sophistication.

Its interior kills it all. But its low ground clearance might not do well on rough roads.

2. How Much is an Alphard 2021 Model?

A new model of this car will cost you around Ksh. 9 to 10 M in Kenya; however, you can opt to go for earlier models at a much lower price.

3. How Much is Alphard in Kenya?

Used Toyota Alphard for sale in Kenya will range from Ksh 800,000 for the 2008 model to around Ksh. 5 million for the 2015 model.

4. What is the Price of Alphard Top Model?

The price of the top model of this vehicle will be determined by various factors such as mileage, seat, year of manufacture, among others.


The Alphard Royal Lounge is the highest model of this car. It comes with four seats to create more space for more comfort.

The Toyota Alphard price in Kenya for this model is more than Ksh.10 million due to the additional features not found in the other models.

5. Which Model of Alphard is Best?

The latest model is more advanced with features that lack in the others; however, this one will come at an additional cost.

6. Is Alphard Worth Buying?

The vehicle you buy will depend on your need and your budget. However, the Alphard can provide you with value for money.

Other vehicles will serve the same purpose as Alphard, such as Toyota Estima and Toyota Voxy, but they are less luxurious.

Contact us on +254-728-308-043 for more information on how to import this vehicle and many others like Toyota Probox, Mercedes Benz S Class, and many more.