Toyota Nze Price in Kenya: Review, Specs, Features, and How to Import

Toyota Nze for sale in Kenya is a vehicle that has been in the local market for years. It was designed as an upgraded version of the Toyota Corolla Axio, and Kenyans loved the new model. 

The car offers more space, is more fuel-efficient, and more attractive than the Corolla model.

You also get an array of choices of the Toyota Nze new model, including Nze Luxel, Nze X-edition, Nze Assista, and Nze G-Edition.

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Demerits of Importing
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Toyota Nze for sale in Kenya Exterior View
The Exterior View of Corolla Nze at a Parking Lot

Many Kenyan and users worldwide love this car for its ability to provide smooth and comfortable rides for hours.

It is also the ideal car for anyone looking to travel with the family regularly, and its attractive cabin makes it more appealing than Toyota Allion

You also find it easier to maneuver and handle than the Toyota Axela or Allion.

Continue reading the review of the Premio for sale in Kisumu, Mombasa, and Nairobi and how to import this car from Japan.

Benefits of the Toyota Nze

  • Comfortable seats
  • Wide leg area
  • A compact vehicle
  • One of the most affordable cars in Kenya
  • It comes with many safety features.
  • It has an attractive design.

Demerits of the Nze

  • Requires service after 4000 kilometers
  • The battery might die after a while

Toyota Nze Price in Kenya: The Car’s Price in Nairobi and Mombasa

Should you go for the locally available Nze for sale in Mombasa, Kenya, or import one from Japan? 

There are both pros and cons of shipping your car from abroad, which we will look at below.

But first, let us provide you with the average price of this car from different sellers or sites in Kenya like Nze Olx Nairobi and showrooms.

Average Toyota Nze Price in Kenya: From

Here is the average price of the model in Kenya:

  • Discontinued 


The above price changes due to several factors like the condition of the car you buy, the mileage covered, its availability, and others. 

We encourage you to reach team to get more information about Kenya’s new Corolla model price.

You can also reach our team at +254-728-308-043, and we will help you import your dream car, whether it is a Mercedes Benz, Suzuki Alto, Mazda Demio, or any other car model.

Why You Should Import Your Car from Japan Vs. Buying Locally

Many Kenyans import their cars from Japan despite these vehicles being available locally. There are lots of reasons for that, such as:

1. Better Quality Cars

Most vehicles in auction houses are often of better quality than what you would find in the local yards. 

They might have covered some mileage, but they are still quality models due to the exporting countries’ better road conditions.

It is economical to import a used car for sale in Japan instead of buying used Toyota Nze for sale in Kenya by owners.

2. Obtain a Third-Party Car Assessment

A third party usually assesses Japanese vehicles before they head to the auction house. 

The assessment report is more genuine than what you would get from the local dealers, especially the dubious ones.

You can be sure you have the correct information about the car’s condition before sending your money.

3. Affordable Cars

The most vital question at the back of a car’s buyer is where to buy the vehicle and at what cost. Some people opt for local dealers who can be expensive due to mark-up and maintenance costs.

That is not the case when you decide to import your car directly from Japan.

Challenges of Importing Your Car

There are challenges you get when importing your vehicle from another country. They are the benefits of buying the car locally.

1. Fraudsters Problem

Kenyans have been conned dozens of times by hoaxers who set up false auction sites. They disappear from the scene once you wire your hard-earned cash, never to find them again.

2. Importation Process

Importing a car can be a tedious process that takes weeks to complete. That is why you find buyers opting for Toyota Nze for sale in Mombasa instead of getting one from Japan.

It involves many things like assessing the vehicle’s condition, having it modified, clearing for shipment, and other steps.

Toyota Nze for Sale in Nairobi - Exterior
Nze Already in Kenya and Ready for Sale – Your Vehicle Importer can import this car on your behalf and deliver it to your premises within weeks. 

We are a team of professional automobile importers with offices in Greec Tower, Ruiru Town door No. D7/D8.

You can also reach our support team via +254-728-308-043 by calling or texting us through WhatsApp.

You can also visit our local showroom if you want to buy the already imported model, or even choose another car like Toyota Kluger, Toyota Rush, or even Toyota Starlet. 

However, we encourage our clients to import their vehicles and save up to 20% of the buying price.

Toyota Nze Specs: Basic Specifications

Below are the Toyota Corrola Nze specifications:

  • Number of Seats: 5
  • Drive Type: FFD or 2WD
  • Maximum Power: 74–109 hp
  • Engine Capacity: 1300cc to 1500cc
  • Acceleration: 0-100km in 10.2 secs for the 1300cc and 9.89 secs for the 1500cc engine.
  • Fuel Consumption: 15km/l for the 1300cc and 13km/l for the 1500cc.
  • Tank Capacity: 42 liters Litres

Toyota Nze for Sale in Mombasa – Maximum Power

The car has a maximum power of 109 hp and is sufficient for everyday driving. It is the perfect power for small vehicles since you are guaranteed stability.

Toyota Nze Price in Nairobi – FF

The Collora version is a front-wheel-drive automobile that helps to save on fuel while providing the necessary power. It is not the best vehicle for driving when the roads are slippery.

Toyota Nze for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

You can bet the car saves on fuel by using about 6.5 liters every 100km you cover. The fuel consumption mainly depends on the engine you choose.

Toyota Nze Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

You get to choose among the 1300cc, 1400cc engine, and the 1500cc. Every model of this car has its unique engine.

Toyota Nze Interior Review

One of the critical aspects you should look for when buying a car is the interior. The vehicle provides the following:

Space and Legroom

It boasts comfortable seats and expansive legroom, making it the ideal car for tall users.

Boot Space

The vehicle has a sufficient boot that can carry small to medium-size luggage.

The vehicle also has several compartments for holding small items like your smartphone, magazine, and others.

Toyota Nze price in Kenya - Interior View
Toyota Corolla Nze has a Basic Interior

Nze Exterior Review

The auto has an attractive design that makes it stand out while on the road and is compact. The design changes with every model, but you can expect to get a unique car.

It has a superb ground clearance when it is lightly loaded, and you can choose from a wide range of colors.

Toyota Nze Reviews – What Past Buyers Are Saying

What are our past Corolla buyers saying about this vehicle? Here are some of the top feedbacks.

Alpha P.

“I imported my car through the company, and everything was smooth. My Toyota arrived within weeks and in good condition.”

Jackson Waweru

“It is so easy to import a car from Japan when you seek the services of a professional like These guys delivered, and I now have my Nze for driving to work.”

Esther 017

“I imported my car from Japan, and I can say it was a great idea. I approached for this service. You can save money when you import your car instead of buying locally.”

Common Questions We Get About Nze

Our team has answered some commonly asked questions about this vehicle.

1. What is Toyota Corolla Nze?

It is a Japanese car from the Toyota brand designed to provide better features than the Corolla Axio model. The vehicle is famous on Kenyan roads because it is fuel-efficient and more spacious.

2. Is Nze a Good Car?

The vehicle has comfortable seats and provides a wide-leg area for tall users. It is also compact and consumes less fuel to allow more coverage for every liter of petrol.

You should service this vehicle every 4000km for it to function efficiently.

3. Which Toyota Car is Fuel Efficient?

Prius Prime Plug-In Hybrid takes the crown of being the most fuel-efficient Toyota car. It is followed closely by Toyota Camry, Avalon, and Corolla.

4. Which Car is Best for Fuel Consumption? Which Car Has Lowest Fuel Consumption?

There are hundreds of Toyota vehicles that consume less fuel, including the model. They include Corolla Hatchback, Toyota Prius, Corolla Hybrid, and others.

You can also find fuel-efficient cars from other brands like Honda Accord, Honda Insight, and Hyundai Ioniq.

5. How Much is a Nze?

This car’s price varies with the model you choose, the mileage covered, supply, demand, and other things. 

You can find a new Nze model going for over Ksh. 2.5 million with a used one for about Ksh. 900,000.

6. Is Nze Good for Beginners?

We can recommend Nze for all beginners due to its low fuel consumption and smooth operation. It is ideal for people living in urban settings.

7. Where Can I Buy Nze? offers the best Nze for sale in Kenya and can help you import your car from Japan. 

We are a reputable brand with years of experience and licensed by the government of Kenya. Import your Nze Model now by reaching our team at +254-728-308-043.