Volkswagen Cars for Sale in Kenya - Import VW Cars and Buying Guide

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Check some of the Volkswagens reviews written by experts to help you decide on the model.

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Volkswagen Cars with Classic Exterior Design

The History of VW Company

The popularity of Volkswagen cars for sale in Kenya has increased due to its fuel efficiency, practicality, safety, among other reasons.

Volkswagen Company is a leading automobile company specializing in personal and commercial cars. It has a rich history since it began its operations.   

Its history started in the 1930s when the German government decided to make a fast yet affordable car under Adolf Hitler’s leadership.

By 1937, they made a car and named it Volkswagen, which means people’s cars.

The manufacturer intended to produce a car that would bring joy and transport cargo with ease for the impoverished community. 

In addition, this car was affordable and only cost 140 dollars.

Its production got distracted by the bloody Second World War, only for the company to rebuild after 1945.

By 1959, they made a car called ‘Beetle’ but people don’t like it due to its small space and shape.

 So the company marketed the vehicle through an advertisement agency and sold over 15M vehicles by 1960.

The company’s production and model refinement has continued to date. VW has electric cars that are good for the environment and a long list of engine options.

New models with specific designs and engine variations suitable for different markets/environments remain an excellent focus for the VW company.  

To ensure that the users of VW models enjoy their drive, the corporation has majored in refining the infotainment system, improving drive-assist technologies and safety features. 

The latest models come with unique exterior and interior designs, while others provide room to change suspension from base to sport or racing sport suspensions.

Those who wish to resell their cars in the future will enjoy a high resell price.

Merits of Volkswagen Cars

  • Comfortable ride
  • Generous cargo space
  • Powerful engine
  • Beautiful design
  • High tech-safety features
  • Affordable

Demerits of Volkswagen Models

  • High repair costs

The Top 7 (Most Popular) Volkswagen Models in Kenya

Our experts at have reviewed some of the Best Volkswagen Cars to Buy in Kenya here.

1. Volkswagen Passat Review

Passat remains one of the buyers’ favorites among the Volkswagen vehicles for sale in Kenya.

You can quickly get Used Volkswagen cars for sale in Kenya by owners due to their high popularity.

Passat has a four-cylinder 2.0-L turbocharged engine and a six-speed shiftable automatic transmission generating 174hp and 206 lb. ft of torque.

It is a five-seater car, driven by a Front Wheel Drive to give a comfortable ride.

The interior comes with some well-fitting, high-quality materials with beautiful finishing.

This mini-sized car offers generous space, allowing five adults to fit in and travel for long distances comfortably.

 Its cargo space is also ample, with an option of folding the rear seats for more space.

Worry less about safety since the car already has a five-star rating by the NHTSA  after several crash tests. 

The model is also loaded with several standards and advanced safety features, including Intelligent Crash Response System, automatic emergency braking, and Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

2. Volkswagen Golf Review

VW Golf has undergone eight generations since its production in 1974. It’s not only popular in the international market but remains one of the best Volkswagen Kenya cars.

After taking a glance, you will be amazed by its beautiful, stylish sporty exterior design.

This model’s outstanding features include a composed handling, roomy back seats, and an expansive cargo hold.

VW Golf has a turbocharged 1.4-L inline-four-cylinder engine that gives it a horsepower of 147hp. In addition, the engine provides an excellent fuel economy of 16.7km per liter of fuel to the model.

Among its safety features include forward collision warning, cross-traffic alert, among others.

3. Volkswagen Tiguan Review

VW Tiguan is the best option when considering a 5-7 seater Volkswagen car with spacious cargo space. It’s known for being classy, practical, and for providing a comfortable ride.

You can either go for a two-row five-seater option or a 3-row seven-seater car, depending on your preference. It offers spacious headspace and legroom for all types of passengers.

The sleek design, beautiful interior, and exterior add to why you need to consider this model.

It’s a front-wheel-drive great with an optional four-motion AWD. VW Tiguan has a four-cylinder engine and 184hp.

4. Volkswagen Jetta Review

VW Jetta is among the best Volkswagen models, courtesy of comfortable rides, roomy seats, and good fuel economy.

It has beautiful high-quality soft interior materials with perfect finishing. The compact car is reliable and offers snappy acceleration and agile handling.

Its 1.4-L turbocharged engine offers you a horsepower of 147hp and a torque of 184 ft-lb.

VW Jetta has a long list of standard and advanced safety features that include automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring,  lane-keep assist, and automatic high-beam headlights.

It competes with VW GTI and has many similar features except that VW GTI is far more expensive.

5. Volkswagen Touareg Review

You will enjoy driving VW Touareg thanks to its perfectly comfortable driver seats that give you clear visibility. In addition, its advanced drive-assist features give it good handling.

Your passengers’ will have enough head and legroom hence no complaints of discomfort. The interior has high-quality cabin materials and leatherette upholstery heated seats.

Its powerful engine of 3.0-liter V6 diesel TDI will provide you enough power to accelerate at your desired speed without losing stability. You can also opt for a 3.0-L V6 (335bhp)  petrol engine.

The diesel 3.0l options come in dual power outputs, 231bhp .and 286 bhp, while the R-range topper has a 456bhp plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Volkswagen cars price Kenya - Fast Car
Top Class Touareg Volkswagen Car

6. Volkswagen Polo Review

It’s one of German’s most refined models with a new front bumper, and a LED headlight comes with a light matrix LED technology.

Its four-cylinder 2.0-L turbocharged engine with a 108.62bhp gives it decent power for your commutes.

With its light steering and good visibility, you can comfortably drive for long without any challenges.

Polo provides a quiet ride without allowing noise, and you can negotiate curves without any worry.

The infotainment comes in an 8″ touchscreen color display. Its easy-to-use features include navigation, Bluetooth, and App-Connect smartphone connectivity, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.,

It has amazing high-tech safety features guaranteeing safety to you and the passengers.

7. Volkswagen Transporter Review

Are you in the transport business and are looking for a van that can help you transport some cargo? Then VW Transporter is an excellent option.

Its 2.0-L, four-cylinder diesel engine gives sufficient power to transport cargo with ease. You will enjoy a comfortable ride even when overtaking or riding through bumpy roads.

The transporter’s high-reliability rating, refinement, and high technologies enable the car to top in the VW models. 

If you ever decide to sell it in the future, you will enjoy selling it reasonably since it has a high resale value.

Its drive, assist, and safety features include automatic post-collision braking, hill-start assist, adaptive cruise control, among others.