VW Passat Price in Kenya - Review, Specs, Features, and How to Import

VW Passat for sale in Kenya is a 5-seater family car that has been in production since 1973 and continues to enjoy significant upgrades every year.

The vehicle is widely popular, especially in Europe, because of its size and affordability in maintenance.

It competes with other more affordable vehicles in Kenya like Subaru Legacy, Toyota Avensis, and Toyota Mark X.

However, the model justifies its price compared to these rivals in that it is of better quality and superior in every way from the interior, exterior design, and even performance.

Besides, although the competitors’ spare parts are cheaper than Volkswagen’s, they need to be changed more frequently than those in the Passat.

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Demerits of Importing
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A Bold Sleeker VW Passat 2019 – Attractive Car

The Passat also faces stiff competition from other European brands such as the BMW 320d, Audi A4, and the Mercedes C-250.

All models offer a similar performance to the VW but are more expensive from buying to maintaining.

This vehicle is available to customers in either station wagon or saloon models with a wide range of diesel and petrol engines.

You can learn more about the VW Passat price in Kenya, features, specs, user reviews, and other specs from this piece.

Key Benefits of VW Passat

  • It’s very comfortable to drive
  • Has excellent safety ratings
  • Engines are small but powerful enough
  • The vehicle’s build quality is fantastic
  • Handles nicely at high speeds

Demerits of the Passat

  • The vehicle’s ground clearance is a bit low. To ride comfortably on some Kenyan roads, you’ll have to increase this clearance.
  • Earlier models had some issues with the DSG gearbox, but they are resolved in newer models.

VW Passat Price in Kenya: Prices for Locally Sold Vehicles

Sometimes local car sellers place a significant markup on vehicles already on their lot, making it very difficult for people to buy these vehicles.

However, you could go the importation route, get a fantastic car, and save some of your hard-earned cash.

Importing a VW new model is easier today than it’s ever been.

With that, let’s take a look at the VW Passat price in Kenya from different car sellers in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nairobi, and other towns.

VW Passat Price in Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya – Average Price

Although the prices may vary, here is what you should expect to pay for a VW Passat for sale in Kenya.

  • 2014 Model: Ksh. 1.3M
  • 2015 Model: Ksh. 1.45M
  • 2016 Model: Ksh. 1.68M
  • 2017 Model: Ksh. 1.95M
  • 2018 Model: Ksh. 2.29M
  • 2019 Model: Ksh. 2.80M
  • 2020 Model: Ksh. 3.27M
  • 2021 Model: Ksh. 3.49M

People need to note that these are average numbers, and the prices may vary depending on several factors such as the car’s condition, mileage covered, and the seller.

These above prices are also higher than exporting the vehicle from the Japanese market. And that is why we allow you to import this car with us.

We are a team of professional car importers that you can reach by calling or sending us a WhatsApp message at +254-728-308-043.

You can also visit our Bestcarsforsaleinkenya.co.ke team at Ruiru Town, Greec Tower Door No D7/D8, for a one-on-one consultation with our team.

We can help you import this car and other models like Subaru Impreza, Mazda Demio, Toyota Rush, Toyota Alphard, and others, and save about 20% of the price.

Volkswagen Passat price in Kenya - 2021 Edition
A Sleek Sedan Passat for 2021 Model - New Model

VW Passat Specs: Basic Specifications

Here are some of the standard Passat’s specifications:

  • Number of Seats: 5
  • Drive Type: 2WD./FR
  • Maximum Power: 105 – 210ps
  • Engine Capacity: 1400cc to 2000cc
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 10.3 sec for 1400cc and 7.6 sec for 2000cc
  • Fuel Consumption: 20.0Km/l for the 1400cc Petrol, 27.9Km/l for the 1600 Diesel and 15.6Km/l for the 2000cc Petrol.
  • Tank Capacity: 70 liters

VW Passat for Sale in Mombasa – Horsepower

The Passat produces a maximum power of between 105 – 210ps. It is sufficient to allow for a smooth ride on most roads in Kenya.

VW Passat Price in Mombasa – 2WD/FR

The vehicle is only available in two-wheel drive, making it easier to handle and consumes less fuel.

It’s also a front-wheel-drive car, making it ideal for maneuvering around the city.

VW Passat Dealers in Mombasa and Nairobi - Engine Capacity

VW is famous for making small but incredibly efficient and powerful engines. 

The car is available to customers with a choice of various engines and other specifications.

The VW Passat for sale in Nairobi comes in 6 engine choices, including:


  • The 1.6 Liter 105 PS TDI Diesel Engine
  • The 2.0 Liter 170 PS TDI Diesel Engine
  • The 2.0 Liter 140 PS TDI Diesel Engine


  • The 2.0 Liter 210 PS TSI Petrol Engine
  • The 1.8 Liter 160 PS TSI Petrol Engine
  • The 1.4 Liter 122 PS TSI Petrol Engine

VW Passat for Sale in Nairobi – Fuel Consumption

The various types of engines each have their fuel consumption number depending on how much power the engine makes and the fuel type.

On average, diesel engines consume less fuel but usually need better care than their petrol counterparts.

  • VW Passat 1.4L petrol fuel consumption: 20.0 Km/L
  • VW Passat 1.8L petrol fuel consumption: 17.1 Km/L
  • VW Passat 2.0L petrol fuel consumption: 15.6 Km/L
  • VW Passat 1.6L diesel fuel consumption: 27.9 Km/L
  • VW Passat 2.0L diesel fuel consumption: 23.1 Km/L
  • VW Passat 2.0L 170 PS diesel fuel consumption: 22.6 Km/L

VW Passat Interior Review

It is one of the most impressive vehicles when it comes to the interior features and what you get inside.

Some notable things include:

Comfort and Legroom

The Passat for sale in Mombasa is both a spacious and comfortable car to ride in. 

The driver and the front passenger have plenty of legroom and space height-wise. You may also enjoy the convenience of reclining front seats for more comfort. 

There is plenty of room at the back for the passengers to ride comfortably through long journeys.

The Passat for sale in Nairobi, Kenya, also sports various functional compartments for keeping stuff such as beverages, smartphones, eyewear, etc.

There are 4 cup holders, a cubby box, door panel storage, and the glove box on the front.

People on the second row also have access to two cup holders and storage pockets on the front seats.

Seats and Child Seat

VW knows that the safety of your young ones is paramount for you.

That is why they have an included ISOFIX child seat fixings to help anyone with a child easily insert and remove a child seat at their convenience.

Boot Space

The VW Passat for sale in different places JiJi Nairobi, Mombasa, and Japan are also very popular because of their luggage carrying capacity.

The boot is large enough to carry luggage for five, and also, if you need extra storage, the back seats fold down.

Additional Internal Features

The model is well endowed with technology and interior features to make the vehicle more comfortable and fun to drive.

These include a driver alert system, lane assist, counter Support (ASR), traction control, sunroof, and USB charging ports.

You also get a friendly infotainment system with integrated Bluetooth connectivity.

VW Passat for sale in Nairobi - Interior
The Car has an Interactive Dashboard with Easy-to-Reach Infotainment

Passat Exterior Review

True to VW values, the Passat is a head-turner. Although the vehicle isn’t too flashy, it still looks perfect.

The car also sports attractive adaptive headlights making it look a bit sporty.

VW Passat Reviews: What Past Buyers Say About this Vehicle

Find out what our past clients had to say about importing the Passat:

Tirry J – A Sleek Redesign

“After great consultations with Bestcarsforsaleinkenya.co.ke, I decided to import this car for daily use. I marveled at every detail about this Passat. It fits my needs and those of my family, as my wife equally loves it as much as I do. Thank you guys for this new addition to my fleet.”

Danson P- Better Fuel Economy

“Working around the city means that I am trapped in traffic more often. While my other cars are less cost-efficient, I am happy the Passat fits my budget. I am happy the team at Bestcarsforsaleinkenya.co.ke recommended the best match for my needs.”

Paschal B – My Dream Sthem to buy themforedan

“I am heavy on the thank you to Bestcarsforsaleinkenya.co.ke for helping me to import this unit. I watched hundreds of reviews, and I knew it is what I wanted from the onset. Everything about the Passat, from interior features, exterior design to the performance, is excellent! I love it.”

Common Question We Get About the Passat

Below are some of the questions we get about this vehicle.

1. Is a VW Passat a Good Car?

Although it is one of the most underrated vehicles on the market, the VW is a great model.

Apart from offering a smooth comfortable ride, its engines are small but deliver enough power for daily commutes.

2. How Stable is the Passat at High Speeds?

Stability and handling during high speeds is an area the VW Passat does very well. None of the other Japanese rivals, such as the Subaru Legacy, feel stable at high speeds.

Additionally, even the smaller powered 1400cc engines also accelerate just as fast.

3. How Much Does Passat Cost In Kenya?

Each of the various models comes in at different costs, given their strengths and weaknesses.

As for the smaller engine VW Passat new models, you can expect to be set back about Ksh. 1,300,000 to about Ksh. 1,800,000 for the more powerful versions.

4. How Much Service Does the Passat Need to Run Efficiently?

This vehicle will need minor service after about 5,000kms on the odometer. This involves cleaning or replacing the oil filter, engine oil, and air cleaner.

After 10,000km, you will need to do some major service, including those mentioned above, plus checking on your brake pads, cabin filters, and the likes.

5. How Much is the Cost of Ownership of a Passat?

For this type of vehicle, comprehensive insurance should set you back about an average of Ksh. 52,000 annually or about Ksh. 7,000 per annum for 3rd party insurance.

Changing your tires should set you back about Ksh. 28,000 for all four tires.

6. Are Passat Spare Parts Expensive?

Compared to the Japanese alternatives, VW parts are a bit more expensive. However, the caveat is you do not need to change their parts as often, meaning you save in the long run.

7. Where Can I Buy the Passat by VW?

We can help you import this vehicle from abroad at a 20% less cost than buying it from the car sellers in Kenya.

Reach us today at +254-728-308-043. to inquire about this vehicle or others like Suzuki Wagon, Mercedes Benz S-Class, BMW X5, Subaru XV, Toyota 86, and VW Tiguan.