Jeep Wagoneer for Sale in Kenya - Specs, Reviews, Features, and How to Import

Jeep Wagoneer for sale in Kenya is a five-door SUV with a 7-8 passengers capacity that hit the market in1986 

It is offered with either 5.7-L(392hp) engine (Wagoneer) or a 6.4-L engine (Grand Wagoneer).

The  6.4-L V8 engine produces 447hp and 455lb-ft, consumes 15.75l/100km, and accelerates from 0-100km in 6 seconds.

Jeep Wagoneer for Sale in Kenya – Photos by Best Cars for Sale in Kenya Ltd.

Jeep Wagoneer Price in Kenya – How to Import with Best Cars for Sale in Kenya Ltd

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The standard Wagoneer is an RWD matted to 8 TorqueFlite automatic transmissions, whereas the Grand Wagoneer has standard 4WD.

It has a spacious cabin with the second and third-row, leaving enough legroom and headspace for all on board. 

The passengers in the rear seats won’t have any dull moments thanks to the 10.1-inch entertainment screen with the ability to stream Amazon Fire Tv.

Jeep Wagoneer Price in Kenya -
A Jeep Wagoneer With a Stylish Design

The Jeep gets rivalry from Cadillac Escalade and Ford Expedition, but it has a more remarkable towing ability than both and higher horsepower than Escalade.

This car comes with standard features that include automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitors, a surround-view camera system and night vision. 

You get a spacious boot space of 2007L that can increase to 2667-L once you fold the back and rear seats. 

We have looked at Jeep Wagoneer price in Kenya, features, reviews, and more in this piece.  

Jeep Wagoneer for Sale in Kenya Review (WS)

The Grand Wagoneer has an impressive torque of 455NM that makes it accelerate from 0-100km/h in about 6 seconds. 

Electronic slip differential and cylinder deactivation ensure efficient fuel consumption and more grip on rugged terrains.

The model comes with 20 or 22-inch aluminium wheels as a standard feature. And you can either get an Ember Red, Sky Blue, or a Rocky Mountain Green Wagoneer.

There are three trims available; series I, series II and series III. 

Series I trim interior comes with Nappa leather-trimmed seats, while Palermo leather upholstery is available in series II and III.

The 2022 model is expected to have better interior features such as 12-way adjustable front seats, two-zone interior mood lighting, wireless Apple CarPlay, plus Android Auto. 

A 10.25 touchscreen is mounted on the front passenger side and receives feeds from the exterior cameras serving as a co-pilot and entertainment source.

They are also 10.1-inch touch screens mounted behind the front row seats to provide further entertainment to the second-row passengers.

Other optional features include 24-way seat adjustments with a massage plus heated and fabulous seats and a power-adjustable steering column.

Your comfort and safety are guaranteed thanks to active lane management, dynamic drive assist, emergency braking and intersection collision assist. 

Here is a summary of the main specs of Grand Wagoneer.

  • Number of Seats: 5
  • Drive Type: 4WD
  • Maximum Power:471 hp 
  • Engine Capacity: 6417cc
  • Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 6.0 sec
  • Fuel Consumption: 15.75L/100km
  • Tank Capacity: 65L

Jeep Wagoneer Price in Kenya – Average Price of the Wagoneer 

Here is the average price of the Wagoneer for sale in Kenya:

  • 2015 Model: Ksh 4.0M 
  • 2016 Model: Ksh 4.5M 
  • 2017 Model: Ksh 4.8M
  • 2018 Model: Ksh 5.8M
  • 2019 Model: Ksh 6.0M
  • 2020 Model: Ksh 6.3M
  • 2021 Model: Ksh 8.0M

These are just estimated prices. The base model of this vehicle can go for about Ksh 3.2M for a 2-door style and Ksh 3.7M  for a 4-door unlimited style. 

The most popular Wrangler, Rubicon costs over Ksh 4.2M and Ksh 4.8M for a 2-door and 4-door style model. 

The plug-in hybrid 4xe for 2021 goes for about Ksh 5.4M for the base Sahara trim, Midlevel Rubicon for Ksh 5.9M, and Ksh 6.2M for 4xe High Altitude.

Rubicon 392 is the most expensive in this lineup and can hit over Ksh 8M.

Jeep Wagoneer for Sale in Kenya – How to Import Jeep Grand Wagoneer

The exorbitant prices above by the local dealers are the main reasons people prefer buying used Jeep Wagoneer for sale in Kenya by owner. 

Unfortunately, Jeep Wagoneer Specs for the used models may not compare with the high tech specs of the 2021-2022 model. 

You may not get better mileage when buying a Jeep Wagoneer in JiJi Kenya or even from owners, and you are limited in choice and colour. 

Remember that the Jeep Wagoneer price in Kenya may go high if you go for higher trims, optional features or even a car with lower mileage. 

Jeep Wagoneer Price in Kenya – How to Import with Best Cars for Sale in Kenya Ltd

The dealers may add a high-profit margin making the car price higher. Also, remember the yard maintenance costs are also included in the car price.

Our team at understands how frustrating buying a car from the local market can get. 

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Some of the luxurious models you can import with us include BMW i8, Audi Q5, Daihatsu Terios, Mazda CX-9, Mazda Verisa, Lexus RX 350, Hino Ranger, and Jaguar F Type.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer for Sale in Kenya -
A Classic Jeep Grand Wagoneer with a Beautiful Exterior

Jeep Wagoneer for Sale in Kenya: FAQs About the Grand Wagoneer  

Read these FAQ’s to understand the Wagoneer better. 

Is the Jeep Engine Long Lasting?

Yes, you can drive your Jeep for over 185,200km without incurring any major engine issue. Expect it to last for 740,800km if you maintain it properly. 

When Should I Import a Wagoneer? 

Every buyer hopes to get a discount, and luckily you get it once you import a Jeep in October, November and December. 

You should consider importing with, to get better deals.

Is Wagoneer Expensive to Insure? 

The premiums depend on the jeep type, whether used or new, age, coverage type, location, and driving habits. Visit an insurance company to get the exact price. 

Should I Buy Used Wagoneer? 

You may not know whether the owner has maintained it properly, although they seem to have better mileage

Sooner it may have issues that will cost dearly. Again, the used car may not have new advanced features or the mileage you are looking for.