Mazda Verisa for Sale in Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, and How to Import

Mazda Verisa price in Kenya varies from one car seller in Kenya to another, car’s mileage, dealer’s location, and year of manufacture of the specific Verisa.

To give you a rough guide, you could end up buying this car from anything between Ksh. 0.5-1M, depending on the above factors.

We will discuss Mazda Verisa price in more detail later, but first, let us look at the good and bad sides of this car.

Mazda Verisa Prices in Kenya - How to Import with Best Cars for Sale in Kenya

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Mazda Verisa is a subcompact hatchback that was in production between 2004 and 2015 and then replaced by the Mazda Demio.

The car is available in both Front-Wheel and All-Wheel Drive and blends the features of a small car and a minivan through its higher roof.

Mazda Verisa for Sale in Nairobi -2015 Model
A Sparkling Verisa for 2015 - You Can Import this Car Now

The Mazda Verisa for sale in Kenya comes with a 1.5l engine, four-speed automatic transmissions, and can attain an acceleration of 0-100km/h in 11.6 seconds.

It outperforms its closest rivals, including Nissan March, Suzuki Swift, Toyota Passo, and the Mini Cooper. 

March has a smaller engine tank capacity of 1.2L, thus generating a power of 76 hp. The power is less than that of the Verisa 113hp. 

The Verisa hatchback box design provides unmatched room and comfort than the rivals mentioned above.

Verisa is appealing to people in their mid-30’s due to the inbuilt HD music drive.

Verisa has two grades; the base grade is Mazda Verisa C, while the luxury grade is Mazda Verisa L. Both are available in four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive.  

Both come with UV protection for their front door. The luxury has a Xenon headlight, while the base grade has a halogen light.

Their interior is different since the luxury grade comes with a multicolored setting while the base grade has a black interior.

You can only use a DVD/navigation player with the base grade, while the luxury grade offers a DVD/navigation player option.


We have a sample of prices for Mazda Verisa Kenya and basic specifications in this piece to allow you to make an informed decision.

Key Benefits of Mazda Verisa

  • Fuel economy
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Both AWD /FF choices available
  • Spacious cabin space 
  • Comfortable

Demerits of the Verisa

  • Low ground clearance

Mazda Verisa Price in Kenya - Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu

Below are the average prices offered by different Mazda Verisa dealers in Mombasa and Nairobi, Kenya.

  •   2014 Model: Ksh.0.85 M
  •   2015 Model: Ksh.0.9 M

The prices depend on various factors like mileage, year, and location.

Nairobi dealers’ may have higher prices than those in Mombasa due to the high costs of maintaining showrooms and the car’s maintenance costs. 

Costs may also differ based on whether you buy a used Mazda Verisa for sale in Kenya by owners or import one from Japan.

Importing this vehicle gives you a wide variety of choices of color, model, and mileage.

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Mazda Verisa for Sale in Kenya -2015 Model
Attractive Mazda Verisa - You Can Import this Car Now

Mazda Verisa Specs: Basic Specifications

  • Number of Seats:5
  •  Drive Type:2WD/4WD
  • Maximum Power:113hp(83Kw)
  •  Engine Capacity: 1500CC
  • Acceleration:0-100Km/h in 11-6 Seconds
  • Fuel Consumption:18.4KM/L
  • Tank Capacity:45L

Mazda Verisa for Sale in Mombasa – Maximum Power

A car with a high maximum power gives a better drive experience than one with low power. 

Many subcompact cars have a maximum power range of 70-200hp. Verisa has a maximum power of 113hp.

Mazda Verisa for Sale in Nairobi Kenya – AWD/FF

A car with AWD is more suited for rugged terrains or rough roads than one with FF.  

AWD (all-wheel Drive) implies that the power transmits across all wheels, while for FF-front wheel drive, power only propels the front wheels.

The good news is that Verisa is available either as AWD or FF.

Mazda Verisa for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

This vehicle has a reasonable fuel consumption of one liter for every 18.4km you travel.

Mazda Verisa Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

The vehicle’s power and fuel consumption have a close link to its engine capacity. 

Fuel consumption increases with an increase in engine capacity. This car has a capacity of 1498cc.

Mazda Verisa Interior Review

Verisa comes with 3000 music files, HDD, and advanced technology safety features.  Check more interior specs here.

Comfort and Legroom

The model features a spacious cabin that allows tall drivers enough headroom and the ability to adjust seats for their comfort.

There is also enough legroom for both the rear and the front seats.

The driver gets a good view of the road while the doors are wide enough for easy entry and exit for the passengers.

Seats and Child Seat

You get five seats that can comfortably transport five passengers in this car.

The second-row seats are more comfortable with two passengers on board.

Its doors are wide enough to facilitate ease of entering the car.

Boot Space

The car has ample boot space for your luggage needs, thanks to its box design.

You can fold the second-row seats to increase the capacity of the boot space based on the luggage size that you want to accommodate.

Extra Internal Features

Here is an interior view showing stylish seats of the luxury model of Verisa.

Mazda Verisa for sale in Nairobi
Verisa Spacious Cabin with Stylish Seats

Verisa Exterior Review

The standard model has a conservative look, but the luxury grade L has a superb design thanks to multi-spoke alloy rims and fog lights.

Other outstanding exterior features include the wing-like design around the wheels that makes it classic.

Mazda Verisa Reviews - What Past Buyers are saying

We have collated a few of the responses from past buyers of this car here.

Kimondo Junior

The comfort of traveling in a Verisa is just amazing. I have always wondered why the manufacturer discontinued the production of this hatchback.”

John Njenga

I was looking for a compact, cost-friendly family car. I came across a Verisa that had just been imported from Japan. Since I bought it, my family has been so happy with it.”


“I imported this car with earlier in 2021. The service offered by these guys is admirable.”


“My business of hawking was significantly affected when I bought the Verisa. I am now able to move goods from one town to another. It has brought me real transformation.”

Nick Ouma

Among the small compact cars, the 3000 music file HDD available in the Verisa outperforms many. It has helped me keep exploring and expanding my music library.”

Kelvin Mailu

This car just exceeded my expectations in terms of its stability while cruising the rugged terrains of Ukambani.”

Common Questions We Get About the Verisa

Here are some of the FAQs and their answers that may interest you.

1. Is the Mazda Verisa a Good Car?

Verisa is an excellent and reliable car. It has an efficient fuel economy and is stable, allowing you to accelerate at a speed of 120km/h. You will not fear steering through some sharp corners.

2. How Much is a Verisa 2015 Model?

The price of an imported 2015 model may be as high as one million or more.

This price will vary depending on the mileage covered, the car’s history, upholstery, type of seats, among other attributes.

3. How Many Liters is Verisa?

Verisa is designed with a Demio platform with 113 liters tank and an engine capacity of 1.5l.

4. What Type of Car is Verisa?

It is a subcompact car based on the jointly engineered DY platform. It can also be described as a five-seater with a high-tech hatchback or low mini MPV.

5. Is Mazda Verisa Worth Buying?

It has an outstanding, roomy interior that can accommodate even tall people and excellent visibility for the driver.

 The presence of power windows, electric mirrors, among other high-tech safety features, makes this car worth buying.

5. Which is the Most Fuel Efficient Car in Kenya

Among Kenya’s most fuel-efficient cars are Verisa, Toyota Prius, Honda Fit, and Nissan Note.