Hino 500 Series Price in Kenya - Specs, Reviews, Features, and How to Import

Hino Ranger for sale in Kenya, often referred to as Hino 500 Series, is a heavy and medium-duty truck manufactured since 1964.

It comes in various styles and designs, including wing vans, dry vans, refrigerated cars, dump trucks, mixers, and others to fit your purpose.

Some of the main advantages of the car include durability, reliability and technical capabilities making it the best commercial truck around.

It is also one of the safest trucks and comes with a standard Hino SmartSafe that entails numerous safety features.

They include pedestrian detection, Safety eye, ABS brake system, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, pre-collision system and vehicle stability control.

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Hino Ranger Pro for Commercial Purposes

The Ranger Pro is comparable to Mitsubishi Fuso, which is also a commercial truck. However, people prefer to import the Hino 500 as it is fuel-efficient.

Another close competitor of the car is Isuzu-Elf. Still, the Hino 500 series takes the lead as it is among the most eye catching and safest trucks.

The car has evolved into six generations, with each succeeding generation having a more improved appearance and features. The current generation started in 2015.

Here is everything you would like to know about the car, including the Hino Ranger price in Kenya, review, features, and more.

Hino Ranger Pro for Sale in Kenya Review (Hino 500 Series) (2001 – Present)

The 2001- 2015 model, also Hino Ranger Pro, cost anywhere between Ksh. 5M – Ksh. 11M

Production of the Hino 500 Series for sale in Kenya started in 1964. Initially, the vehicle could only perform light duties of up to 3 tons while the current could handle up to 55tons.

Hino 500 series comes in various cabin combinations, including standard and wide, short cab or a full cab, standard roof or high roof, so buyers have a variety to choose from.

The vehicle comes in various variants depending on the technical capabilities. Available variants include

  • Light-medium tracks (9,000kg-11,000kg): FC, GD and FE.
  • Medium truck: FT, FX, GT, GX (4×4)
  • Medium-heavy trucks: FF, FG, FJ (4×2), FL (6×2), GK, FM(6×4), GY(8×4)
  • Tractor head: (4×2 and 6×2) SG cargo capacity 32,000-40,000kg
  • Tractor head: 6×4 FM, cargo capacity 38,000kg-50,500kg

All the variants are powered by diesel engines which are fuel-efficient with low gas emissions that meet the Euro 5 and ADR 80/03 emission standards.

The medium-duty standard models are powered by the JO7E 5-cylinders in-line engines, with 220, 260, and 240 horsepower power output.

Medium duty Wide Cab models have J08E and J09C 6-cylinder in-line engines with 280 hp and 883 Nm torque.

Other available engines include the J07E 5-cylinder engines and the P11C-6-cylinder engines.

The engines allow either the 5-speed or 6-speed automatic manual or automated transmission.

Cabin doors to almost 90-degrees allowing easy entry and exit. Getting inside lets you enjoy cushioning seats. The driver’s seat is adjustable, ensuring excellent road visibility.

Available safety features include a pre-collation system that entails an autonomous braking system, pedestrian detection and a safety eye.

Hino Ranger FE for Sale in Kenya Review (2015 – Present)

Current models are estimated to cost between Ksh.10m – Ksh. 20M

The current generation came with numerous improvements, changing the Hino ranger’s entire look to a more handsome drive.

Exteriorly the car received an all-new upside-down trapezoidal shape complemented by the dark grey front grilles, new headlights, a revised chassis and semi-floating suspension.

The Axle has also been upgraded by replacing the previous 8-wheel stud with the 10-wheel stud, making the car more functional, intelligent, and steady.

The 2015 model is up to date with a modernized infotainment system allowing its occupants to enjoy a 7inch touch-screen with Bluetooth connectivity, AM and FM radio, USB ports, DVD and CD player.

Other newly installed features include an air conditioner, heated and electronically adjusted eye-catching mirrors and convex spotter mirrors for a better view that enhances safety.

Another essential feature is the Forward tilting cab that ensures easy repairs, inspection and maintenance. Getting into the cab is now so much easier with the entry steps.  

The previous J08E and JO5E engines have now been replaced with the better performing 5.1-litre A05C engine.  

Unchanged is the 6-speed and 7-speed manual transmission, 6-speed Alison automatic and the 6-speed or 7-speed pro shift automatic transmission.

Additional safety features include Adaptive Cruise control, vehicle stability control, Anti-lock braking, lane departure warning and traction control.

Hino Ranger for Sale in Kenya - How to Import Hino 500 Series

The prices greatly depend on the Hino Ranger specs, especially its cargo capacity, installed engines, and production year.

Other factors that determine the price include the location of purchase, the truck’s condition, colour, and others.

Used Hino Ranger for sale in Kenya by the owner are the cheapest. However, you could end up with a broken, useless truck that cost you more on mechanical repairs.

The most secure and best option to acquire the car is by direct importation using a trusted company as it is way cheaper than buying the same model at the local showrooms.

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Hino Ranger for Sale in Kenya - BestCarsforSaleinKenya.co.ke
Hino 500 Series- Fuel Capacity, 200 litres.

Hino Ranger for Sale in Kenya: FAQs About the Hino 500 Series

We have the answers to the most common questions we get about the car.

1.How Much is the Hino Ranger for Sale in Nairobi?

What you pay depends on factors such as choice of variant, year of production, among others. For the lowest Hino Ranger price in Nairobi, contact bestcarsforsaleinkenya.co.ke

2.What is the Hino 500 Series?

It is a medium to a heavy-duty truck with the most comprehensive safety features, making it the safest commercial truck to drive around.

3.Are Hino 500 series Trucks Good?

Hino trucks are installed with well-performing engines making average fuel-efficient with low gas emissions making them environmentally friendly.

4.How Long Does Hino Last?

With proper maintenance, the car can last for 200,000 miles or more. Generally, the trucks are built with high-quality products bringing a sense of durability and reliability.

However, neglect of the vehicle means more visits to the mechanic in future.

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