Isuzu F-Series Price in Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, Pros, and How to Import

Isuzu auto giants have been producing medium-duty commercial vehicles known as Isuzu F-Series for sale in Kenya since 1970. 

These trucks are also called Isuzu Forward for sale in Kenya and are currently in the 7th generation. 

These models come in different cab styles, giving you a wide range of options when deciding on the business to engage with them.

They have a powerful 4-cylinder 5.2-L turbocharged intercooled diesel engine that produces a horsepower of 215hp and a torque of 520 lb-ft

The engine is mated with the Allison 2550 RDS 6-speed automatic transmission plus PTO, thus enabling it to accelerate faster.

 The conventional cab is the main competitor of the F-series truck. Forward beats it in terms of cargo space capacity.

Isuzu Forward for Sale in Kenya -
You Can Import Isuzu Forward Through

Both AWD and FWD options are available, but your locations will determine the type you get. 

Note that this midsize truck comes with a fuel efficiency of 8.1km/l. 

It also comes with a high-tech communication system that informs you in advance whenever your car requires a repair.

You can learn more about the Isuzu Forward Price in Kenya, specs, features, pros, and more here. 

Isuzu FRR90N for Sale in Kenya Review – Features

This 7th generation truck is known for its small but powerful engine, affordability, and reliability.

Its average price in the local Kenyan market is Ksh.4, 980,000 though that price may vary based on the mileage, location among other factors.

The engine is powered by a 4-cylinder 5.2-L turbocharged diesel engine with a direct-injection turbo that produces 190hp and a toque of 510NM@1900rpm.

Note that auto companies nowadays make small engines that can produce enough power but still save on fuel.

That’s where the turbocharger comes in handy to realize high output from the small engine displacement.

As a result, the car has enough power to perform and will use less fuel.   

Isuzu Company has considered driver’s comfort by including an adjustable seat to provide enough comfort.

The truck has a length of 7875mm and a height of 2540mm. Its gross weight is 10,600 and comes with a payload of 7360kg.

This truck comes with safety belts to hold you in position in case of a collision.

Isuzu FTR 90L (LSD) Price in Kenya Review – Features

Whether you are in the construction industry or garbage collection, you can always rely on FRR90L.

We have checked the price of this model among the Kenyan dealers, and it’s around 6,360,000. So, why is it that expensive?

The car comes with a 4-cylinder 5.2-L turbocharged inter-cooled diesel engine that gives a displacement of 5193cc. This car uses an engine model 4HK1-TCC.

 It comes with a 6-speed overdrive transmission and 200L tank fuel capacity

You will have an effortless operation courtesy of the adjustable column power steering that gives you the ability to tilt it to fit your comfort and avoid fatigue.

The interior has a spacious cab offering a favorable environment and comfort. You can ride for a long without any fatigue.

Its cabin doesn’t have to remain clustered since you can put the extra personal items in the storage compartments.

If you are traveling for long and the crew requires you to rest, the more expansive sleeper beds in the spacious sleeper cab will be helpful.

Isuzu FTR 90L (Non-LSD) for Sale in Nairobi Review – Features 

This truck is highly reliable and is perfect even when carrying loads on rugged terrains.

It is necessitated by its powerful 4-cylinder 5.2-L turbocharged inter-cooled engine. The model type of the engine is 4HK1-TCS.

The engine produces 210hp @2,600rpm and a torque of 705 NM@1,600rpm.

You will not struggle to enter or even exiting courtesy of the three steps that help you step in the car and a handgrip to offer you enough support. 

Note that the local price of this model is around ksh.6,360,000 but may change based on the mileage, year among other factors.

The spacious cabin, telescopic power steering, and adjustable seats provide maximum comfort to the driver.

You can easily confirm vehicle status when traveling on the road courtesy of the simple operation meters that offer perfect visibility.

Any businessman who owns this truck guarantees maximizing the profit since it can carry heavy loads.

Isuzu FTS34L for Sale in Mombasa Review – Features 

If you intend to buy FTS34L from the Kenyan local dealers, get ready to pay around 10,820,000 shillings. Is it worth the price?

Note that this truck has a high engine displacement of 7790cc, unlike the two trucks above that have a displacement of 5123cc.

Its powerful 6-cylinder 7.7L diesel engine provides the maximum horsepower of 240hp @ 2400 rpm and 706NM@1450rpm of torque.

It’s available in 6-speed manual transmission to help it handle any terrain with ease.

The mechanics won’t demand high maintenance costs since they can easily access the front panel and replenish the washer fluid and clutch with ease.

Like the other trucks above, the driver’s comfort is enhanced since the model has a comfortable adjustable seat, spacious cabin, and tiltable power-adjustable steering.

You can easily take your meal or a drink on your way, courtesy of the two cup holders/ Can-holders in the car.

Isuzu F-Series Price in Kenya – Isuzu Forward Price in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Other Towns 

Maybe you intend to search for the Isuzu F-Series for sale in Kenya, but you are yet to know the price. 

We have researched the Isuzu Forward Price in Kenya and obtained these figures.

  • 2017 Model:Ksh 6.75M
  • 2018 Model:Ksh 7.24M
  • 2019 Model:Ksh 8.90M
  • 2020 Model:Ksh 9.45M
  • 2021 Model:Ksh 10.8M
  • 2022 Model:Ksh 11.7M
  • 2023 Model:Ksh 12.4M
  • 2024 Model:Ksh 13.3M

Note that Isuzu F-Series prices in Nairobi, Meru, and other towns may vary due to the dealer’s markup and maintenance cost, mileage among other reasons.

As a result, the price gets high, discouraging many people from searching for the new Isuzu Forward for sale in Nairobi. 

They opt to go for the Used Isuzu Forward for Sale in Kenya by owners but regret the decision soon.

The high maintenance cost flows as a result of the non-disclosure of the critical details by the dealer. understands the frustrations that come with buying a car and offers you the safest and easiest way to import the vehicle.

So, Why is importing a better option? You will not only save 20%of what the local dealers are demanding but will get variety to choose from.

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Some of the trucks we have imported  for companies and individuals are the Forward, Toyota ToyoAce, Toyota Dyna, Isuzu EFL, and Isuzu FVZ-Series

Isuzu Forward for Sale in Nairobi -
Isuzu F-Series Are Multipurpose Trucks

Isuzu Forward Specs – F-Series Specifications 

Find some amazing Isuzu F-Series Specs here

  • Number of Seats:3
  •  Drive Type: AWD
  • Maximum Power:190PS
  •  Engine Capacity:5193CC
  • Acceleration:80km/h
  • Fuel Consumption:8.1KM/L
  • Tank Capacity:200L

Isuzu F-Series for Sale in Kenya – Common Questions We Get About the Forward

Read some of the FAQs from our past buyers below.

1. How Should I Purchase an F-Series Truck?

Note that purchasing used Isuzu F-Series in Jiji Kenya is limited since there may not be a variety of even the specific model you are looking for.

Isuzu Forward price in Mombasa may not be favorable due to many costs included by the dealer. So, importing with is the best option.

2. How Comfortable are F-series seats?

The driver can drive comfortably for a long time due to air suspension seats that are adjustable to fit the driver’s desire and absorb vibration.

3. How Fuel-Efficient is the F-Series Truck?

It will only consume 1 L in every 8.1km. So, once you fill the 200L tank, you can travel for 1620km without refilling the tank.

4. What are the safety features of the F-series Truck?

You can easily monitor the car’s status through the internet, thus preventing the chances of breakdown or malfunctioning on your journey.

It will prevent the car from crashing, courtesy of the pre-crash brake that prevents the vehicle from colliding or reduces the collision speed.

5. What is the Price of F-SERIES 2020?

The price is around 9.45M in Kenya, though it may vary based on the type of the truck, mileage, and other factors.

6. What is the F-series Truck Transmission?

Some trucks come in 6-speed transmission (VFX), while the high-end models come with a 9-speed transmission.