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We have highly detailed buyer’s guides on all Isuzu models available in Kenya written by our motor specialist.

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Isuzu is a Leading Car Manufacturer in the World

The History of Isuzu Company

There’s no doubt that the Isuzu Company is a central player in the automotive industry.

However, most people don’t know about its rich history that has contributed to its current success.

Since its establishment in 1916, Isuzu has risen to be one of the most prosperous car manufacturers globally, ever since it has advanced and produced very high-end cars.

Isuzu makes a wide variety of vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and pick-ups. However, the company is best known for being a leading truck producer in the world.

They have recently invested in creating electric cars; this is a significant step to combat environmental pollution.

The Isuzu cars are among the frontiers in having the best vehicles for off-roading and driving on rough terrains. 

They have all-wheel drive features which make the vehicles suitable to go almost anywhere.

 When it comes to safety, Isuzu optimizes all available safety features to make their vehicles as secure as possible.

Things such as emergency braking, lane departure warning, and pedestrian detection are among the technologies Isuzu uses to maintain safety.

Apart from high safety, Isuzu cars are also made from high-quality material and portray a classic exterior and interior look.

Merits of Isuzu cars

  •  They are ideal for off-roading
  •  Made from high-quality materials
  •  They have enough cargo and passenger space
  •  High engine performance
  • Have optimum passenger safety
  • They are stylish and original
  • Durable and reliable
  • Low cost of ownership

Demerits of Isuzu Cars

  •  Non-economic fuel consumption
  •  Expensive to maintain

The Top 7 (Most Popular) Isuzu Models in Kenya

There are many well-known Isuzu vehicles for sale in Kenya. Our team of experts at takes a look at the top 7 most popular models.

1. Isuzu ELF Truck Review

The Isuzu ELF is a standard model light-duty truck with a good exterior design and quality body. It has clear view headlights and an all-wheel drive, which makes it adequate for off-roading.

Its interior is pretty decent and has a large cabin; it also has big seats with enough legroom for passengers and drivers.

There is a central locking system in the truck to improve its safety. The vehicle can as well be converted into a 19 seater and still provide enough space.

Isuzu ELF has a 4HG1-T and 4HK1-TC four-cylinder engine, which makes it a powerful vehicle. The machine gives the car decent horsepower and runs on a diesel semi-elliptical front.

The vehicle’s fuel economy is also excellent; it consumes an average of 22liters per 100 kilometers.

2. Isuzu D-Max Review

The Isuzu D-Max is among the best Isuzu cars to buy in Kenya. Its classic features and sleek interior design will make you fall in love with it.

It has a four-cylinder 1.9-liter diesel engine which provides a potent 162bhp and 266lb toque. The 6-speed auto transmission works well with the machine as well.

When it comes to cargo space, the pick-up holds an excellent position to carry many cargoes. The cabin is also big enough to provide space for the passengers.

The Isuzu D-Max comes in two variants; a single cab and a double cab. The single cab includes Isuzu TFR 86 SC, Isuzu TFR86 SC- Deluxe, and the Isuzu TFS 86 SC.

Double cab variants include the Isuzu TFS 86 DC, Isuzu TFS 85 DC-Auto, and the Isuzu TFS 86 DC- Accessorized.

The vehicle has a sleek interior with many great features. Its infotainment contains high-tech systems, including a USB, Bluetooth port, and touchscreen.

3. Isuzu mu-X Review

Isuzu mu-X is a midsize SUV with a three-row body-on-frame design. The car is known for its classic exterior look and off-roading abilities.

Its powertrain includes the three different diesel engines you can choose from; a 1.9L, 2.5L, and 3.0L 4JJ1-TCX 14 engine.

The car has powerful engine transmissions ranging from the 5-speed manual to the exciting 6-speed Aisin AWE6B45 II automatic transmission.

For the 3L engine, it can produce a power of up to 130kW with 175hp@3550 rpm. This kind of energy can propel the car over long distances.

In addition, the interior of the vehicle is made from high-quality materials to ensure maximum comfort. The cabin also has enough space for passengers and the driver, making it suitable for long rides.

The car has many safety mechanisms, such as a lane departure warning and an emergency braking system.

4. Isuzu Forward Review

The Isuzu Forward trucks have a cab-over design; the cabin usually comes entirely from the factory.

Most models come with a diesel engine, while some could also be modified to get a CNG derivative.

Isuzu Forward has different varieties of cab styles, engines, and both 4WD and 2WD. All these varieties depend on your preference.

They have a 5.0 L engine with a 4978 cc powerful engine. However, some engines have improved to produce up to 107kW and 5393cc.

The vehicle also has a subtle interior design; the cabin is large enough for comfortable driving. It also has enough legroom, which gives the driver comfort to ride over long distances.

F-series trucks have safety equipment like emergency braking and airbags that help protect both the driver, passengers, and other road users.

5. Isuzu Giga Review

The Isuzu Giga is a heavy truck with 12 different variants: short, medium, and long models.

These trucks have torque motors which improve the fuel efficiency by 10- 15 %; this enables them to meet the standard fuel emission.

It has an ultra-high pressure fuel injection system, electronically controlled climate system, and anti-lock braking system.

Additionally, the VGS turbo and the 6WG1 systems make the Isuzu Giga an environmentally friendly engine. This improves the torque and acceleration of the truck.

The truck has a power output capacity of 294kW, which is equivalent to 400hp. Moreover, the Isuzu Giga features improved performance and increased productivity.

Isuzu Giga technically has no direct competitor when it comes to working under extreme conditions.

It is not only known for its powerful engine but also for the safety it provides. The truck also has a classic interior and a high-tech infotainment system.

It is also wise to note that the truck has a better fuel economy compared to its rivals. It consumes an average of 4 liters per kilometer.

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6.  Isuzu Buses

Isuzu takes the forefront in producing high-quality buses; it has a solid place in the automotive industry, thanks to its buses.

Many Isuzu Buses variants have different sitting capacities ranging from the Isuzu NKR 26 seater to the Isuzu MV 67 seater.

These buses have different but capable engine performance. The Isuzu MV, which is the largest, has a 9.8 Liter diesel engine, a powertrain of 270hp@3000rpm, and a torque of 980Nm@1700rpm

Isuzu Buses also have 6-8 speed manual and automatic transmissions. In addition, they have heavy-duty suspension and chassis and double-acting front and rear shock absorbers.

 Pre-air cleaners and high air intake are in the Isuzu buses. In addition, the buses have heavy-duty radiators and laminated windshields to make the interior comfortable.

Their power-steering and emergency braking help to beef up safety in the buses. All seats also have seat belts for maximum passenger safety.

7.  Isuzu FVZ Series

The Isuzu FVZ truck is among the top used Isuzu cars for sale in Kenya by Owners; this is due to its popularity and efficiency.

Isuzu FVZ is best known for its classic design and durability. This is because of the initially reinforced doors and high tensile steel underframe.

The truck has a 24-valve, 6-cylinder SOHC engine with a displacement of 7790cc. It also has a powerful engine delivery of 21-kW@ 2400rpm.

It has a 6-speed engine transmission with a peak torque of 981Nm@ 1450 rpm. These engine features make the truck powerful both on-road and off-road.

The wheels have a maximum of 35 degrees for the outer wheel and 45 degrees for the inside wheel; this helps maintain the truck’s stability.

This Isuzu truck also has a gear ratio of 22.4:1 and 200- 400L aluminum frame-mounted fuel tanks with lockable fuel caps.

The trucks have a sleek interior with a high-tech infotainment system. Such advanced technology and the uniqueness of these trucks make them an asset for any business.