Honda Stepwagon Price In Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, And How To Import

The Honda Stepwagon for sale in Kenya was first manufactured in 1996 by Honda, a Japanese vehicle manufacturing company.

The mid-sized vehicle (MPV) vehicle is available in seven trims: G, L, G L Package, Li, Spada Z Spada S, and Spada Zi. 

 Its latest version comes with a 1.5-liter direct injection VTEC Turbo engine and features a unique design that demands attention at first sight.

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The car makes a perfect family vehicle thanks to the 8-seater capacity and the ample boot space for carrying luggage. 

Its closest rivals include Toyota Noah, Toyota Voxy, and the Nissan Serena. The Stepwagon beats them in terms of fuel efficiency and other features like accessibility.

You can learn more about Honda Stepwagon price in Kenya, specs, features, reviews, and pros from this piece. 

Honda Stepwagon for Sale in Kenya -
The Honda Stepwagon is Large and Has a Beautiful Design

Key Benefits Of Honda Step WGN 

  • Spacious cabin with ample legroom
  • Powerful engine
  • Stylish exterior
  • Excellent safety features
  • Large boot
  • Easily accessible rear row

Demerits Of the Stepwagon 

  • Its gearbox requires a highly skilled mechanic to repair

Honda Step Wagon Price in Kenya – How to Import from Japan to Kenya

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Honda Stepwagon Price In Kenya – Step WGN Price in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu 

Below is the Honda Stepwagon price in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and other towns in Kenya:

  • 2017 Model: Ksh. 2.72M
  • 2018 Model: Ksh. 3.23M
  • 2019 Model: Ksh. 3.72M
  • 2020 Model: Ksh. 4.18M
  • 2021 Model: Ksh. 4.44M
  • 2022 Model: Ksh. 4.89M
  • 2023 Model: Ksh. 5.21M

The above are average car prices and might change depending on the importer, mileage of the car, and other features like seats.

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Honda Stepwagon for Sale in Nairobi and Mombasa -
The Car Is Spacious, and Its Boot Is Large

Honda Stepwagon Specs: Basic Specifications

Below are the Honda Stepwagon Specs.

  • Number of Seats:8
  •  Drive Type: AWD/FF
  • Maximum Power: 156 hp
  •  Engine Capacity: 1496-2354cc
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km/h:12 secs
  • Fuel Consumption: 11 – 17km/L
  • Tank Capacity: 57 litres

Honda Stepwagon For Sale In Mombasa – Maximum Power

The car has a 1.5-liter direct injection VTEC TURBO engine that generates a maximum power of 156 hp, improving fuel economy and performance. 

This power is enough for both offroad and city drive usability.

Honda Stepwagon For Sale In Nairobi Kenya – AWD/FF

The Stepwagon is available in AWD/FF. This makes it a perfect ride for any road condition. 

You can get the AWD if you intend to use it offroad or get the FF if you mainly use your vehicle for city driving.

Honda Step WGN For Sale In Kenya – Fuel Consumption

The car is excellent for fuel efficiency, as it consumes one litre for 11-17 kilometres depending on the engine capacity. 

The fuel efficiency was made possible by leveraging the turbo engine.

Honda Stepwagon Review In Kenya – Engine Capacity

The engine capacity of the vehicle ranges from 1496-2354cc, depending on the model. 

The 1496 cc engine is less powerful but with excellent fuel economy. The 2354cc engine is more powerful but less fuel-efficient.

Honda Stepwagon Interior Review

Below is an internal review of the Honda Stepwagon for sale in Mombasa and other towns in Kenya.

With a box styling, the Stepwagon has ample interior space. Its dashboard is stunning with spectacular angles and curves, thanks to the much available space. 

The digital instruments on the dash are easy to read and are visually appealing.

Comfort and Legroom

When it comes to comfort and legroom, the vehicle doesn’t disappoint. It is very spacious, with ample legroom, comfort in the front, 2nd row, and 3rd-row seats.

Seats and Child Seat

The vehicle’s seats are very comfortable and appealing. The outer seats on the middle row have ISOFIX points, making it easy to mount a child’s seat.

Boot Space

Stepwagon’s boot space is awe-inspiring. You can make the room even more significant by folding the rear seats.

Its loading lip is shallow, which makes it easy to load heavy items. These features make the Stepwagon a good family car.

Extra Internal Features

The Stepwagon for sale in Kenya has other impeccable interior features, which include:

  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Lane Keep Assist System
  • Traffic Jam Assist
  • Off-road Departure Suppression Function
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Pedestrian Accident Reduction Steering
Honda Stepwagon for Sale in Nairobi and Mombasa -
the Honda Stepwagon Has An Appealing Dashboard and Ample Legroom In All Its Rows

Step Wgn Exterior Review

The Stepwagon comes in different colors; white, silver, grey, beige, and black. 

It also has a roof rail where you can put extra luggage. The wheels have alloy, which further enhances its image.

Honda Stepwagon Reviews – What Past Buyers Are Saying

Here is what some past buyers of the Stepwagon had to say about their experience with the car.

-Alex K.

“The car is very comfortable with ample legroom. As a person with a large family, it’s all I could ask for. Its turning radius is small and is easy to drive. Its steering is lighter, and its engine quit. I also love the drink holders it comes with.”


“One thing I love about this vehicle is that its meters are straightforward to read. I don’t have to put too much focus on reading them when I’m driving. The driver’s seat, as well as all the other seats, are very comfortable, which helps me drive for long distances without hurting my back.”


“Honestly, the interior of this vehicle is much more appealing than that of its rivals. Its turbocharged engine is also potent. I fell in love with its design, and that’s the first thing I loved about the Stepwagon. I later came to learn about its other impeccable features much later, which made me love it even more.”


“I live in a very windy area, but it has never been a bother when driving my car. I can easily communicate with the people seated on the 3rd row much more easily even when driving it at high speed. It’s also excellent at absorbing vibrations. I was in dire need of a quiet car, and I got in the Stepwagon.”


“I love the fact that I can change the color of the meters in my vehicle. It is also very smooth to start. I also love its waku-waku design, making it so easy to get things in and out of the car in the rear section. The wagon also has modern LED lights and is very comfortable. Another impressive thing I love about it is that it drives so easily both on expressways and local roads.”

Common Questions We Get About The Step WGN 

These are some of the most common questions we get about the Honda STEP WGN.

Is The Honda Stepwagon a Good Car?

The Stepwagon is an excellent and reliable car that only needs a few repairs when you maintain it properly

Its engine is powerful and is spacious enough to accommodate a large family.

What is the Waku Waku Feature in the Honda Stepwagon?

Waku waku is the door designed to let passengers get into the 3rd-row seats. The seats can also fold to the right or left, making them easily accessible from the rear.

Are the Maintenance Costs For Honda Stepwagon High?

Maintenance costs for the vehicle are relatively low. This is because it shares some parts with other Honda models, such as the Honda Fit and the Honda CRV

This makes them readily available and affordable.

Can One Sleep Comfortably On The Honda Stepwagon?

You can adjust the center-row seats and sleep comfortably in your vehicle. This feature makes it perfect for people who love outdoor camping.

How Big is the Stepwagon?

The car is 72–73 inches high, 67 inches wide, 185 inches long, with a wheelbase of 114 inches. 

It is a significant and spacious car that carries up to 8 people and a lot of luggage.

Does the Honda Stepwagon Have a High Resale Value?

Generally, Honda vehicles, including the Stepwagon, have high resale value. 

You can always be confident that you will sell it at a reasonable Honda Stepwagon price in Mombasa and other towns in Kenya if you ever decide to sell it in the future.

Other cars with high resale value include the Toyota Rav 4 and the Subaru outback.