Honda Freed for Sale Kenya- Review, Features, Specs, and How to Import

Honda Freed for sale in Kenya is a small Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) that has been in the market since 2008.

It comes in three different versions, which include a 7-seater, 6-seater, and 5-seater.  A wheelchair-accessible model is also available.

Honda Freed New Model Price in Kenya – How to Import with Best Cars For Sale in Kenya Ltd

The first generation of this vehicle was from 2008 to 2016 and the second generation from 2016 to the present.

This compact and decent car will surely save you some coins due to low fuel consumption.

It is a spacious car with enough headroom and a flat floor for your comfort and passengers on board.

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Demerits of Importing
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Honda Freed for Sale in Kenya-
New Honda Freed Blue Horizon Metallic Colour

The car is powered by a 1.5L i-VTEC which boasts low fuel consumption, high environmental performance, and a smooth drive.

One of its competitors is Toyota Sienta. Though both are similar, Sienta is more expensive and has a less appealing interior.

It also competes with Nissan Lafesta. They share almost the same specs, with the Lafesta being superior in engine capacity and power.

However, it is inferior in terms of its interior and exterior look.  It is also a bit more expensive than the Freed.

We have the Honda Freed price in Kenya, specs, features, review, pros, cons, and more in this piece.

Key Benefits of Honda Freed

  • Affordable.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Fuel efficiency car.
  • Large carrying capacity.
  • Spacious interior.

Demerits of the Freed

  • Inaccessibility of spare parts.

Honda Freed Price in Kenya – Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, and Other Town 

Here are the average Honda Freed prices in Kenya from different car sellers in Mombasa, Nairobi, and other towns.

  • 2017 Model: 2.35M
  • 2018 Model: 2.58M
  • 2019 Model: 2.88M
  • 2020 Model: 3.16M
  • 2021 Model: 3.34M
  • 2022 Model: 3.57M
  • 2023 Model: 3.80M

The actual price may vary due to factors such as the vehicle’s mileage, trim, seats, among others.

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We will import this car from abroad for you at up to 20% less price than the local showroom prices. 

The showroom prices are higher to cover the seller’s cost on rent of the yard, security of the vehicle, cleaning services, among others.

Foreign used vehicles mainly come with clean mileage, and fewer mechanical problems than Used Honda Freed for sale in Kenya by owners.

Key Benefits of Honda Fit

  • Great fuel economy
  •  Versatile cargo holding area with plenty of room
  • Dozens of safety features
  • A handsome and spacious cabin
  • An affordable model

Demerits of the Fit

  • Engine drones at high speed
  • Lackluster acceleration

Honda Fit Price in Kenya: Average Price of this Vehicle 

Which one is better: buying this car from Fit OLX Nairobi or importing your model from Japan? 

Are there benefits of importing your can instead of buying from the local Nairobi and Mombasa Fit dealers?

We have provided answers to these and more questions, but first, here is the average Fit price in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nyeri, and other parts of Kenya.

Average Honda Fit Price in Mombasa and Nairobi – 2017 – 2023 Model

Below is the average price you would pay when buying your Fit from the Kenyan dealers.

  • 2017 Model: Ksh.1.31M
  • 2018 Model: Ksh.1.78M
  • 2019 Model: Ksh.2.39M
  • 2020 Model: Ksh.2.67M
  • 2021 Model: Ksh.2.81M
  • 2022 Model: Ksh.3.08M
  • 2023 Model: Ksh.3.27M

Note that we have only given you the average price that changes due to different factors like the vehicle’s supply and demand, mileage covered seller’s mark-up, the car’s condition, and more.

We encourage you to speak to a consultant to get a quote for importing the car from Japan.

You can always call our team at +254-728-308-043 and let us know the vehicle you wish to import. 

We import and sell all types of cars, including Toyota Town Ace, Noah, Vitz, Sineta, Subaru Impreza, Forester, and others. 

Purchase Locally Vs. Importing: Why You Should Import Your Car

Many car buyers still turn to Japan despite the many Fit for sale in Mombasa and Nairobi ads online and in mainstream media. But why is that? 

What do they gain when they import their vehicles?

  • The Price Factor

The first and primary advantage of importing a car is the price factor. These automobiles are significantly more affordable in the original market.

You can find a model with many features costing the same price as a standard vehicle from the local dealers.

  • Better and True Mileage

You find a car with better and actual mileage when you import from Japan than buying a used Honda Fit for sale in Kenya by owners. 

There are strict regulations when it comes to providing mileage in other countries than in Kenya.

You can find a vehicle with a low mileage being more affordable than one with a high mileage from a local dealer.

  • A Variety of Models

Many models are available from the Japanese market than what you would get from the local sellers. You get to choose vehicles from different years, colors, and with varying accessories.

There is a high possibility of finding a vehicle that meets your taste and specific needs.

Challenges of Importing Your Vehicle

There are many challenges of importing a vehicle, so some people go for Fit for sale in Nairobi or OLX. They include:

  • Importation Challenge

Importing a vehicle is a tiring process that can take days, weeks, and even months. It involves identifying the ideal car, placing a bid, requesting customization, and other things.

These things take a lot of time and effort.

  • Fraudsters Challenge

Kenyans have been conned hundreds of times by fraudsters claiming to sell cars in Japan. They set up fictitious auction websites only to shut them when you send your money.  

Honda Freed for Sale in Nairobi and Mombasa-
All New 2021 Honda Freed Modulo X- Lunar Silver Metallic Colour

Honda Freed Specs: Basic Specifications

  • Number of Seats: 5-7
  • Drive Type: 2WD/4WD
  • Maximum Power: 116bhp
  • Engine Capacity: 1.5L
  • Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 13.9 sec
  • Fuel Consumption: 20km/L for petrol one and 24km/L for hybrid model.
  • Tank Capacity: 42 Litres

Honda Freed for Sale in Mombasa – Maximum Power

The model gives out 116bhp (British horsepower) worth of power and 106 lb. Ft (pound-foot) worth of torque or energy powered a 1.5L engine.

This will be enough power for this mini MPV, and you will be able to drive the vehicle in full capacity load at your preferred speed without any problem.

Honda Freed for Sale in Nairobi Kenya – AWD/FF

The entry-level model of this vehicle comes with an FF-front Wheel- drive train- powered by a 1496cc petrol engine.

This will offer you decent performance, especially if you intend to drive the car mainly in urban areas where roads are smoother.

You can opt for the other grades, such as Honda Freed spike or Honda Freed Hybrid, which have an AWD-All Wheel Drive- option if you prefer a more powerful machine.

However, these grades with the AWD option will cost you more in buying and fuel consumption.

Honda Freed for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

Having a 1.5L i-VTEC engine with Continuously Variable Transmission makes this car to be fuel-efficient and friendly to the environment.

The petrol version will give you about 20km for a liter of fuel, and the hybrid one can go for 24km with the same liter of fuel.

Honda Freed Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

This vehicle offers different variants of a 1.5Litre or 1496cc (cubic centimeters) engine capacity only. 

The 1.5L 4-cylinder in-line DOHC modern engine is available in the conventional mode powered by petrol or in a petrol-hybrid version which is more fuel-efficient.

Honda Freed Interior Review

Honda Freed for sale in Nairobi, Mombasa, and other significant towns offers a spacious and comfortable interior that makes this car a choice for many.

Comfort and Legroom

This car will accommodate seven people comfortably thanks to its ample interior space. A flat floor and higher room than many compact vehicles make the cabin bigger.

Headroom and legroom are excellent in the three rows, and even if you are tall, you will find it comfortable. 

The second-row seats can also move forward or backward for more legroom.

Seats and Child Seat

You can go for either the seven-seater or the six-seater, and both will give you an excellent seating arrangement.

The second-row seats can bend backward to create a bed-like scene where you can rest as a passenger. 

The third-row seats can fold sideways and upwards on the side windows. 

Boot Space

The boot space may not be impressive because it has third-row seats, but it’s a decent boot space where you can keep small luggage.

However, if you want your boot to increase, you can fold the third-row seats in addition to the already available space to have a low boot floor.

Extra Internal Features

The model is equipped with Honda Sensing technology which will alert you to what you may not be aware of on the road as you drive.

SRS Airbags will provide extra safety to you and your passenger in case of a collision.

A cruise control system will help adjust your speed automatically concerning the vehicle’s speed ahead of you to avoid any collision.

Honda Freed for Sale in Nairobi and Mombasa-
Honda Freed 2020 Model Interior- Comes With a Spacious Interior

Freed Exterior Review

It comes in a sleek design with curvature on the front and headlights that integrate into the front fascia. This makes the model appear compact from the outside.

The LED headlights are well crafted to enhance safety and functionality and ensure enough illumination on the road for your visibility.

The passenger doors on both sides are automatically controlled and slide open wide to access the seats easily.

The emergency hazard lamps at the back will automatically flash rapidly if you are forced to stop abruptly to warn the drivers behind you.

Honda Freed Review- What Past Buyers are Saying

These are some of the views of car users who bought this vehicle from

Chris N

The best decision I made for my family is to buy this vehicle. I can go everywhere with my family and thanks to for importing the car for me.”


“You can’t even believe that this car has such a wonderful interior. I feel comfortable when I am driving my vehicle.”


“I was able to import this car through and I loved it from the word go. My fuel budget has dropped because of this vehicle.”


“I use this car to go to work every day, and what I have learned about it is that it is an exceptionally reliable vehicle. I rarely go to the garage for repairs. Thanks”


“I will call this vehicle a decent compact vehicle with a spacious interior. I do not think it competes with any other in this segment. it’s in a class of its own.”

Common Questions We Get About the Freed

You can go through some of the common questions that are asked about this car.

Is Honda Freed a 7-Seater?

This mini MVP comes in three different seat arrangements. There is a 7-seater version, a 5-seater, and a 6-seater.

The six-seater version comes equipped with captain’s seats in the second row.

Is Freed Hybrid?

You can opt for the standard model with a 1.5L engine or a hybrid one with a 1.5L hybrid engine.

They both use petrol.

Is Freed a Good Car?

On top of it being a fuel-efficient car, it can carry you and your family comfortably. It has the best interior you can ever dream of.

It’s a practical and environmentally friendly car that every driver will enjoy driving.

What is Freed Sensing?

This is a camera system installed in this vehicle to help you get a complete or comprehensive view of the road when driving.

This system comes with features such as Collision Mitigation Brake to help break the vehicle to avoid collision with other cars.

What type of Car is the Freed?

This car is manufactured in Japan, with the latest generation being from 2016 to date. This generation has undergone several facelifts.

It is a mini Multi-Purpose Vehicle which is best suited for a small to a large family having different seat versions.

Does the Freed have a Rear Aircon?

Although it will not come fitted with a rear air-conditioner, you can fit yours at an extra cost for the passenger at the third-row seats to get some fresh air also.

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