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Our auto specialists have also written in-depth buying guides and reviews for each of the Nissan cars available for sale in Kenya.

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Nissan is a Leading Car Manufacturer in the World

The History of Nissan Company

Many people look for Nissan cars for sale in Kenya for various reasons like their dependability, low fuel consumption, and affordability.

The Nissan Company is, actually, one of the most popular auto manufacturers in the world. It has a rich history and has come a long way to propel current success in Kenya.

The brand was established in 1933 in Japan and later expanded its services in the 1950s to start a new center in Australia called Datsun.

Today Nissan motors own many high-end car models, including electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf. 

This is a significant achievement by the automaker in terms of improving environmental standards.

Nissan also takes pride in having some of the most sophisticated cars in the motors industry. Their vehicles are well known for their classic outer design and high-quality engine performance.

 Most people love Nissan cars for their intelligent mobility that ensures the driver is safe on the road. They offer pedestrian detection, emergency braking, lane departure warning, etc.

Apart from that, these models are integrated with Tri-zone entertainment to ensure passengers in the rear are thoroughly entertained with music, movies, and even video games.

Merits of Nissan cars

  • They are original and stylish
  • Soft-touch and upscaled materials offer a refined interior
  • High engine performance
  • Offer optimum safety for passengers
  • Fast acceleration
  • Suitable for rough terrains and off-roading
  • Build with high-quality materials
  • Spacious cabin

Demerits of Nissan models

  • Non-economical fuel efficiency
  • Most don’t have sufficient cargo space

The Top 10 (Most Popular) Nissan Models in Kenya

There are many popular Nissan vehicles for sale in Kenya; our team looks at the top 10 most popular models.

1. Nissan Note Review

The Note was launched in 2006 and gained popularity instantly, all thanks to its trendy shape, space, and practicality.

You’ll appreciate that the vehicle brings a lot of benefits from its chassis to clever engine. It is probably powerful due to the three-cylinder 1.2-liter engine that provides it with meager power.

Furthermore, this model has a classic interior with an easy-to-reach dashboard that offers comfort.

Unlike most of its rivals, it provides enough interior space to give you maximum comfort.

Besides, it has a large boot making it one of the best Nissan Kenya cars with adequate cargo space.

2. Nissan Juke Review

This model is best known for its conventional design and high riding stance, making it a superb Nissan vehicle in the SUV family.

It has a 112bhp 1.0-liter turbocharged engine, with an engine horsepower of up to 2000. This enables the car to accelerate from 0- 100kmps in only 10.7 seconds.

The interior layout, fit, and finish of the car are also worth mentioning. It has well-positioned pedals that make you more comfortable over long distances.

Its superb infotainment comprises the latest technology, including Bluetooth, DAB, and a USB socket to cater to your entertainment needs.

3. Nissan X-trail Review

When naming a list of the best SUVs in the motor industry, you can miss mentioning the X-trail. It is a top-notch vehicle best known for its quality and off-roading abilities.

You have the option to choose between petrol and diesel engine. The 148bph 1.7- liter diesel engine qualifies it to be the best Nissan car to buy in Kenya for driving over long distances.

The car’s 157bhp 1.3-liter petrol unit can push the engine to accelerate up to the speed you need in a short time.

In addition to that, the dashboard is strategic to make driving more comfortable and enjoyable.

Without any doubts, you’ll also admire its well-placed controls and classic interior.

4. Nissan Qashqai/ Dualis Review

If you’re on the hunt for an SUV-style, this model will make a perfect choice. It has an elevated driving position, stylish and rugged look make it one of a kind.

This outstanding Nissan model comes in different styles, including a diesel and petrol engine, manual and automatic gearboxes, and both two and four-wheel drive.

It has a 138bhp 1.3-liter entry-level engine which most buyers prefer. That aside, its incredible 113bhp 1.5-liter diesel engine makes it perfect for long-distance driving.

Apart from the engine power, its interior layout has been improved by the well-aligned steering wheel, seats, and pedals.

The controls are also easy to reach, and that makes driving much more straightforward.

5. Nissan Wingroad review

The Wingroad is a medium-size station wagon with a unique look. It has a sporty attractive external design that is hard to resist to the eye.

 The high-class interior will make you fall in love with this car. It has tinted windows and a leathered steering wheel which makes driving more comfortable.

On top of that, this car provides a 250mm backslide for the rear seats, which creates more legroom and storage. The back setting also has enough space to fit two adults easily.

The Nissan Wingroad has a 1.8-Litre four-cylinder engine with 93Kw and 174 Nm in terms of engine power. It also has a fuel economy of 6.9-Litres per 100 km.

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6. Nissan March Review

The March is one of the classiest and most comfortable cars you can ever find in the market. Its chiseled front and smooth sides demonstrate the most stylish and well-executed design.

The car has a turning span of 4.5 meters for stability, enabling it to intercept sharp angles quickly. Its high-quality braking system is also a feature worth mentioning.

The vehicle has an engine power of 1198cc and a force of 76bhp@ 6000 rpm. Even better, this engine power is backed by a three-chamber 1.2 L cylinder for efficiency.

Its fuel consumption is also quite economical as it consumes an average of 7 liters per 100 km. This enables you to ride long distances without worrying much about fuel costs.

7. Nissan Tiida Review

Tiida is another excellent car with a quality design. The steam line design makes the vehicle suitable for highway and smooth road terrains.

It comes with a 1.5-Litre and 1.8 four-cylinder engine, which can be advanced to a four-speed auto transmission.

For this vehicle, there are two designs; a saloon and hatchback. Both methods have four doors and a carrying capacity of five people. It also has a decent boot space that can carry enough cargo.

Additionally, Tiida has a driver’s and front passenger airbag and the infotainment front that comes with an A/C, radio, and CD player.

The car runs on a very effective fuel economy, an average of 16 km per liter, making it one of the lowest fuel consumption vehicles in the market.

8. Nissan Teana Review

For those who value efficiency and a strong engine, Teana is the car for you. It can accelerate from 0- 100km/h in an average of 8.9 seconds, which is quite impressive.

To top it up, it comes with two engine options; the 2.5liter VQ25DE and the 3.5-liter VQ35DE engine. The vehicle provides a four-wheel-drive opportunity for the 2.5-liter engine.

If you’re worried about space, it is spacious enough to accommodate five people. Also, the adjustable front seats provide an opportunity to create enough legroom.

Due to its popularity, you’ll find the Teana as one of the used Nissan cars for sale in Kenya by owners. Many people love this car because of its strength and long-lasting features.

9. Nissan Patrol/ Safari Review

The Patrol is a four-door SUV with a sleek interior and exterior design that, without any doubt, you’ll like. It is spacious enough with a capacity to carry seven adults.

This car is a 5.6-liter V8 with immense torque and power and weighs about three tons with an engine output of 298Kw and 560 Nm.

Hence, if these are some of the features you’re looking for, it is a perfect match.

It is an excellent off-roader, and this is made possible by its 273mm ground clearance coupled with a 34.4-degree approach angle and a departure angle of 26.3 degrees. 

Unlike most of its competitors, the Patrol has an economical fuel consumption rate because it consumes an average of 14.7 liters per 100 km.

 This means that its 140-liter tank can enable the car to roll for a whopping 900 km when complete.

10. Nissan NV200 Review

The NV200 is a classic car with city-friendly dimensions. Its low market entry price has attracted many buyers leading to its massive success.

It has a four-cylinder powertrain that significantly contributes to its mileage. The model also has vast cargo space, so most of them are used as taxies.

Aside from that, it has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and 131 horsepower plus 139 pound-feet for efficiency. Such engine capacity is what has motivated the NV200 to its success.

This car consumes 10 liters per 100 kilometers which makes it pretty much pocket-friendly in fuel economy.