Lexus LX 570 for Sale in Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, and How to Import

Are you wondering why Lexus LX 570 price in Kenya is higher than that of most SUV models?  Read on to find out what makes this SUV an outstanding car. 

Lexus LX is a vehicle with a beautifully crafted cabin and standard luxurious features that makes it attractive in Kenya.

It is perfectly ventilated, and its rear seats and the steering wheel are well heated to guarantee that comfy ride. 

Its comfort is enhanced by the power-adjustable climate control, sunroof, ability to conquer bumps, and a nine-speaker premium sound system. 

It also has some prestigious fitting leather upholstery and wood trims that can leave you amazed when you enter the car. 

The luxurious monster truck comes with an impeccably crafted interior that contains ambient lighting for a lit experience. 

It also boasts a powerful 5.7-liter V8 engine and an eight-speed shiftable automatic transmission. 

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That engine enables the car to move calmly while generating maximum power of 383 hp and a 403lb-ft of torque.

The monster truck is also powerful enough to travel off-road comfortably and maintain its grip through the rough terrains. 

You can easily maneuver through the jam thanks to its adaptive cruise control that allows you to maintain a safe distance. 

Other safety features include Forward collision mitigation, a Blind-spot monitor with a rear cross-traffic alert, lane departure warning, and a Surround-view camera system.

Lexus LX 570 for Sale in Kenya -
A Prestigious Lexus LX 570 with an Eye-Catching Exterior

The model comes with three options that you can choose from: LX 570 two-row, LX 570 three-row, and 2021 three-row LX 570 Inspiration Series. 

The main difference between the two and three-row is seating capacity, with the three rows being an eight-seater while the two-row is a five-seater. 

There are additional power-folding third-row seats, 21-inch wheels, classic front styling modifications, and a black headliner in the three-row model. 

The 2021 model also comes with a superb interior, offering you a unique floor and blacked-out exterior trims. In addition, its black premium leather looks lovely with a red accent. 

LX 570 closest rivals include Mercedes-Benz GLS and Toyota Land Cruiser. 

It has many similar features as the Mercedes model, only beating it due to the better off-road experience. 

Its predictable reliability also makes it a better vehicle than the GLS and the Land Cruiser.

Let’s learn more about the Lexus LX 570 for sale in Kenya, including its specs, features, pros, and cons.  

Key Benefits of Lexus LX 570

  • Fine interior details
  • Excellent predicted reliability rating
  • A large display
  • Superb off-road ability 
  • High towing capacity
  • A comprehensive safety package

Demerits of the LX 570

  • Poor fuel economy

Lexus LX 570 Price in Kenya – Nairobi, Mombasa, and Other Towns  

Lexus LX 570
Lexus LX 570

We have compiled a list indicating the average prices of LX 570 in different showrooms.  

  • 2017 Model: Ksh.13.5 M 
  • 2018 Model: Ksh.14.5M
  • 2019 Model: Ksh. 16.5M
  • 2020 Model: Ksh. 17.5M
  • 2021 Model: Ksh. 18.5M
  • 2022 Model: Ksh. 20.0M
  • 2023  Model: Ksh.21.5M
  • 2024  Model: Ksh.23.0M

These prices are rough estimates since the actual cost depends on various factors like model’s year, mileage, sitting capacity, among other factors. 

The dealer’s location can also affect the price, meaning Lexus LX 570 price in Nairobi might be higher than in Mombasa.

Many people prefer to enjoy a low price by buying used cars from Lexus LX 570 JiJi Kenya.

But that is not always a good option because used Lexus LX 570 for sale in Kenya by owners often comes with hidden problems.

That means the chance of incurring substantial repair costs sooner is high since the owner may not disclose all the vital information. 

Besides, buying second-hand or even new models from the local showrooms robs you the opportunity of choosing from several colors, features, e.t.c. 

That leaves importation the best option: you get various vehicles at a lower price than the Lexus LX 570 price in Mombasa, Nairobi, and other towns in Kenya.

But scammers have made the option less favorable and might end up stealing your hard-earned money. 

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Lexus LX 570 for Sale in Nairobi and Mombasa -
A Sparkling White 2021 Lexus LX 570.

Lexus LX 570  Specs: Lexus LX Specifications 

Lexus LX 570
Lexus LX 570
  • Number of Seats: 5 or 8
  •  Drive Type:4WD
  • Maximum Power:  383 hp @5600rpm 
  •  Engine Capacity: 5663 cc
  • Acceleration:0-100Km/h in 7.3 sec
  • Fuel Consumption:16.7L/100KM
  • Tank Capacity:93 L

Lexus LX 570 for Sale in Mombasa – Maximum Power

This luxurious model generates maximum power of 383 hp, providing excellent overall performance for your car. 

You can accelerate quickly and travel long distances while enjoying a comfortable drive. 

Lexus LX 570 for Sale in Nairobi Kenya – AWD

Lexus LX 570
Lexus LX 570

Available AWD provides enough traction to your monster truck, thus allowing you to drive comfortably off-road. In addition, it limits the chances of getting stuck if it rains. 

Lexus LX 570 for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

The guzzler consumes 16.7 L/100KM but compensates by providing sufficient power to accelerate well and travel off roads.  

Lexus LX 570 Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

Its higher engine(5.7l) gives it a high towing ability of 7000 lb and allows you to travel in rugged terrains effortlessly. 

Lexus LX 570 Interior Review 

Lexus LX 570 interior view
Lexus LX 570 Interior

The beautiful well fitted soft-touch material in the interior gives it a prestigious look. 

Traveling for long in this model is enjoyable since its center console cooler provides storage for your drink. 

The occupants won’t get bored, courtesy of the DVD rear-seat entertainment system. 

Safety is a guarantee since the model has ten airbags, with the front passengers having an additional knee airbag. 

The second-row side also comes with a torso airbag. Other superb interior features you expect to enjoy include;

Comfort and Legroom 

The first and the second rows are comfortable and provide enough headspace for all. Its third row is suitable for kids since the seats are low and the legroom is tight. 

Seats and Child Seat

You can comfortably fit your child seat on the second row thanks to latchet connectors and easy-to-access lower anchors. 

Boot Space 

The model provides you with a massive boot space of 349L. You can also free up extra space by folding the two rows and getting a boot space of 1962 L. 

Lexus LX 570 for Sale in Nairobi and Mombasa -
The Beautiful Interior of the Lexus LX 570

LX 570 Exterior Reviews

The latest model of the inspiration trim comes with blacked-out exterior bits. In addition, it has an external accent piece, grille, and badges.

The model has a 21-inch wheel, and its fog light, headlights, and taillights have a black finishing. 

Lexus LX 570 Reviews – What Past Buyers are Saying

Here are some of the fantastic reviews from our past buyers. 

Kingori Junior

“The roads in the village become impassable when it rains. So, I was looking for a luxurious model that can easily drive through rough terrains with ease. Thank you, for advising and helping me import LX 570.”

Stanley Ombiko

Lexus LX 570
Lexus LX 570

“I sold my Toyota Harrier and wanted to upgrade to a more luxurious model. This is my second year with LX 570, and I have no regrets at all.”

Suleiman Kareem

“I graduated last year, and my dad surprised me with a gift of LX570. As a result, I now have huge respect among my peers.”

Sam Obed

“My friend gave me a ride in his LX570 model, and I was amazed by the prestigious interior design and its high-tech features. After that, I could not get the car out of my mind until I imported a similar model.”


“I have a catering business where I concentrate mainly on weddings. I realized most grooms struggle to get a good car to carry the bride. Since I bought my LX 570, I always have a huge list of people who want to rent it out.”

Lexus LX 570
Lexus LX 570

Lexus LX 570 Price in Nairobi – Rivals 

Vehicles that compete with the Lexus LX 570 include BMW X7, Land Rover Range Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser, Mercedes-Benz GLS Class among others.

Lexus LX 570 for Sale in kenya – Article

The article covers information about the new model Lexus LX 570 price in Kenya, used Lexus LX 570 for sale in Kenya by owners, options for Lexus LX 570 for sale in Nairobi as well as Lexus LX 570 price in Nairobi. It is also relevant if you are searching for BMW X2 for sale in Mombasa, the average Lexus LX 570 price in Mombasa, Lexus LX 570 photos and reviews.

Common Questions We Get About the LX 570

You are almost convinced that LX570 is the suitable model to import but have questions that you would love answered. 

Check some of the questions past buyers have asked here. 

Is the Lexus LX 570 a Good Car?

It’s a perfect car thanks to its powerful engine and luxurious design. Its towing and off-road ability remains unrivaled, and its fine interior details make it an ideal choice. 

Is LX 570 Bullet Proof? 

Not all models are bulletproof. However, there is an option of buying INKAS® Armored LX 570 that offers complete protection to the occupants.

The people with this model include the head of state, dignitaries, and other high-profile figures whose lives are at high risk. 

How Much Does Lx 570 Cost?

The prices may vary depending on various factors. They include the model of the car, year of manufacture, mileage, among others. 

Note that the base level and a used LX 570 are affordable compared to new high-end cars from the dealers. 

The latest models may be expensive if you prefer buying from dealers instead of importing. However, you will enjoy more advanced features than the old model. 

Contact to get the best price package for the LX 570 now. 

What’s the Cost Of Insuring LX 570?

The cost may depend on various factors, including the insurance type, location, driving record, age, among other factors. 

We advise car owners to go for a comprehensive cover.

Should I Import Lexus LX or Toyota Land Cruiser?

Both models have many similar features that include the same drive type, engine, and transmission. But the LX 570 is better in terms of reliability. 

Our team at can help you import LX 570 at a reasonable price. 

How Many Seats Does this Model Have?

It depends on the one you choose to buy. For example, a three-row model comes with a seating capacity of eight people, while the two-row can only accommodate five people.