Probox Price in Kericho - Features, Reviews, & How to Import

 The Probox for sale in Kericho is primarily designed for commercial use, emphasizing five key areas; capacity, performance, fuel economy, convenience, and safety.

It is a versatile light commercial vehicle whose small stature makes it a great option for delivering packages in tight urban settings.

You will also find it interesting the Probox price in Kericho is lower than most of its rivals, including the Toyota Fielder, Nissan Wingroad, and Toyota Sienta.


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Toyota Probox for sale in Kericho - - Toyota probox price in Kericho

The car looks exactly the box-like the name suggests, and the edges are straight to make it a perfect van for a new taxi service or to shuttle clients around town.

It is focused on function over form, and its popularity is a testament to the fact that it does its intended job well.

Probox for Sale Kericho - Import Price (2015 - 2020 Models)

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Probox for Sale in Kericho Review - Interior & Exterior

Probox for sale in Nakuru and other towns comes with many standard interior and exterior features that make it an ideal vehicle.

The car has one of the best engine performances and great fuel economy, beating close competitors like Honda Insight and Mazda Demio.

It is equipped with maximum engine torque of 121Nm @ 4400 rpm and a maximum engine power of 87PS @ 6000rpm.

The engine is 2NZ and has an engine capacity of between 1,300cc – 1500cc, a 5MT transmission, and fuel consumption of about 16.8km/L on average.

This car also comes with amazing safety features, including emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, parking assistance, and lane departure warning.

Other features include airbags, Electronic Stability Control(ESC), and forward collision warning, making the car safe for drivers and passengers.

Used Probox for Sale in Kericho - Exterior Review

When you look at the front of the Probox for sale in Bomet and other towns, you’ll notice its striking design, including a well-pronounced grill and a signature two-tone front bumper.

This is a reliable car which is very easy to maintain, has a weight of around 1000kg and an overall loading capacity of about 4,000kg.

The paint quality on the body is outstanding, which means minor scratches and small defects are not a threat.

It is a five-door car with a decent amount of ground clearance to help it overcome speed bumps and other obstacles.

This car comes with 14-inches tires with steel rims and is fitted with small but visible taillights placed on the car’s extreme corners to realize maximum boot space.

While you can get the Probox in Mombasa at Ksh 200,000, its luggage area is massive, and a larger boot space can be created by folding flat the back seats.

Used Probox Price in Kenya - Interior Review

The interior of both new and used Probox is for sale today in Kilgoris and other towns classic with many useful entertainment features.

Its cabin has been designed to transport cargo with passenger comfort, a secondary consideration efficiently.

The front row seats have enough legroom and can be manually adjusted to accommodate taller passengers, but the second row is more ideal for children.

It has a great dashboard in the interior with multiple control buttons embedded in the panel. The car also has many accessories and special features.

These features include keyless entry, power steering, power window, A/C airbag, ABS, AM/FM radio, and more. 

Since this cheap Probox for sale in Kenya is primarily considered for business purposes, the size of the boot is large and can be bigger when the rear deals are folded. - Toyota probox price in Kericho
The Interior View of the Probox

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Toyota Probox Sale in Kericho - FAQs

These are the most frequent queries from our clients about the Probox second-hand price in Kenya, its specs, and more.

1. Where Can I Get A Probox For Sale In Kericho? is the ultimate solution for you to get a Probox in Kericho. We can deliver your car to your doorstep at Kericho at a reasonable price.

2. What Is The Engine Capacity Of Toyota Probox?

The car has an engine capacity between 1300cc – 1500cc, which gives the car impressive power and great off-road performance.

3. How Much Does Toyota Probox Cost In Kericho?

The price of the car ranges from Ksh. 1.3M – Ksh 2.5M depending on the dealer you buy from and the car’s general condition.

4. Does Probox Have Many Problems?

This car is generally good in engine performance, fuel economy, and boot space. But one of the problems is the uncomfortable back seats that don’t have enough legroom for adult passengers.