Mitsubishi Mirage Price in Kenya - Review, Features, Specs, and How to Import

The 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage for sale in Kenya is a fantastic car that has drawn many people’s attention.

Known for its fuel efficiency, comfort, and maneuverability, it’s available as a 5-seater sedan or a hatchback.

It comes loaded with great features that make your ride enjoyable and also memorable. Mirage is powered by a 1.2 L 3-cyl petrol engine with an output of 78hp and 74lb.ft

You have a choice for a five-speed manual transmission or CVT for the ES, and SE trims. The GT trim is only available with CVT.

Its decent fuel consumption of 5.4 liters per 100 kilometers ensures that you meet your travel needs without straining the pockets.

Mitsubishi Mirage for Sale in Kenya -
A Mirage G4 Sedan with a Stylish Front Bumper

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Mitsubishi Mirage For Sale in Kenya - Photo Review by Best Cars for Sale in Kenya Ltd.

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Mirage’s closest rivals include Chevrolet Spark and Hyundai Accent.

Spark has a more powerful engine, though; Mirage offers a better seating room for your passengers and better fuel economy than both.

There are many standard tech and safety features that make Mirage outstanding. 

Read on a separate review below for these and more specific to the sedan and the hatchback.

We have also covered the Mitsubishi Mirage price in Kenya, specs, features, pros, and cons.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Sedan Review

Mitsubishi Mirage
Mitsubishi Mirage

You can opt to go for the four-door sedan commonly known as G4. The model comes in ES, LE, SE, and carbon edition trims.

These trims are powered by the 1.2-liter inline-3 engine that produces 74hp and 74 lb. ft. The power allows them to split from 0-100km in 13 sec.  

Among the standard features in all these trims include a LED taillight, a five-speed manual transmission, FWD, a high-mounted stoplight, and five standard airbags.

The sedan has a beautifully redesigned dynamic shield giving the model a streamlined shape for a comfortable ride.

ES is the base trim and comes with a USB port, four speaker’s stereo, a 7-inch touch screen, an android auto, and a five-speed manual gearbox.

Among the safety features include a forward collision mitigation system and a rearview camera.

Mitsubishi Mirage
Mitsubishi Mirage

LE trim comes with 15” alloy wheels and a CVT.  Additional features in SE trim include prestigious synthetic leather upholstery and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The boot can comfortably accommodate two large suitcases. You can also store other personal stuff in the passenger-side glove box or the door side pockets.

You can enjoy your drink in peace when traveling long-distance courtesy of the bottle holder section and a dual cup holder.

The infotainment system includes an Android auto, USB in front, Bluetooth connectivity, and an Apple CarPlay.

Mirage G4 Specs

  • Number of Seats:4
  • Drive Type: FWD
  •  Maximum Power: 78hp @6000rpm
  •  Engine Capacity: 1193 cc
  •  Acceleration: 0-100Km/h-11.7sec
  • Fuel Consumption: 5.4L/100km
  • Tank Capacity: 35L

Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback Review

Mitsubishi Mirage
Mitsubishi Mirage

The hatchback comes with a 1.2-liter inline-3 engine that has a 78hp and a torque of 74lb. Ft.

The model has either a five-speed manual or a CVT auto and comes with a good fuel efficiency of 4.7L/100KM.

Like the Sedan, Hatchback comes with ES, LE, SE trim, and carbon edition trim. The 2021 hatchback exterior has been refreshed, giving it a more prestigious look.

All the trims have synthetic leather upholstery combined with a cloth to give it a unique look. Its front seats are well heated, and the steering wheel is leather-wrapped.

The five-seater car offers plenty of space for the row seat; thus, the occupants have enough headroom and leg space.

It has advanced safety features, thus getting a five-star NHTSA rating over several collision tests.

Among the safety features include automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, cruise control, and pedestrian detection.

Its advanced infotainment system has a 7-inch touch screen and Apple CarPlay, and a forward collision warning.

You don’t have to worry about the storage since hatchback boot space offers you a whooping 1300L. That means you can fit several large suitcases.

Mirage Hatchback Specs

  •  Number of Seats:5
  •  Drive Type: FWD
  • Maximum Power:78hp @6000rpm
  •  Engine Capacity: 1193 cc
  • Acceleration:   0-100Km/h-11.7sec
  • Fuel Consumption: 4.7 L/100km
  • Tank Capacity:35L

Key Benefits of Mitsubishi Mirage

  • Reliable
  • Decent cargo capacity
  • Fuel efficient
  • A long list of standard safety features
  • Excellent maneuverability

Demerits of the Mirage

  • Noisy engine
  • Sluggish acceleration

Mitsubishi Mirage Price in Kenya - Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nairobi

Mitsubishi Mirage
Mitsubishi Mirage

We have an average range of prices for this car in Kenya collected from various car dealers to start you off.

  • 2017 Model: Ksh. 1,300,000
  • 2018 Model: Ksh. 1,400,000
  • 2019 Model: Ksh. 1,500,000
  • 2020 Model: Ksh. 1,600,000
  • 2021 Model: Ksh. 1,700,000
  • 2022 Model: Ksh. 1,800,000
  • 2023 Model: Ksh. 1,900,000

These prices are not cast in stone and may vary since some dealers give room for bargaining and may also differ based on the dealer’s location or the car trim.

Buying locally Used Mitsubishi Mirage for sale in Kenya by owners may put you at a disadvantage since you will be exposed to less variety at your disposal.

Many sellers fail to disclose vital information about the car’s history, impacting the buyer’s maintenance costs after purchase. 

We at encourage our clients to import their cars so that they can explore a wide array of options and get value for their money.

Though you may have been discouraged by the high prices of this car in Kenyan Showrooms, you need not get enticed by Mitsubishi Mirage JiJi Kenya offers either.

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Mitsubishi Mirage Specs: Basic Specifications

  •  Number of Seats:5
  • Drive Type: FWD
  •  Maximum Power:78hp @6000rpm
  • Engine Capacity:1193cc
  •  Acceleration:   0-100Km/h-11.7sec
  •   Fuel Consumption: 5.4L/100km
  • Tank Capacity:35L

Mitsubishi Mirage for Sale in Mombasa – Maximum Power

Mirage 1.2L engine produces a decent maximum power of 78hp. You can cruise smoothly on the road with this power.

Mitsubishi Mirage for Sale in Nairobi Kenya – FF

You can enjoy a comfortable ride with the front-wheel-drive system available with this model.

Mitsubishi Mirage for Sale in Kenya – Fuel Consumption

It takes care of your pocket by consuming only 5.4 liters to cross 100 kilometers. A full tank can help you cover about 600 km on the road.

Mitsubishi Mirage Review in Kenya – Engine Capacity

Mitsubishi Mirage
Mitsubishi Mirage

The car comes with a 1.2-liter petrol engine with the famous MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control System) technology.

Mitsubishi Mirage Interior Review

The 2021 model comes with a 7” touch screen with standard smartphone app integration that supports Apple CarPlay and Android auto.

To take care of your safety, Mitsubishi has packed six standard airbags and an additional one located under the driver’s side dashboard.

Its SE trim features a well-refined interior with heated front seats and leather finished steering wheel.

Comfort and Legroom

You can steer this car without any worries, courtesy of the forward collision mitigation, lane departure warning, automatic high beam detect, and a rear camera.  

Mirage offers you an easy way to maneuver around since it’s loaded with a push button-start feature and a keyless entry. 

The car also allows you to adjust the front seats in different ways to suit your driving thrill.

Seats and Child Seat

Five seats can accommodate five passengers without discomfort. You do not have to worry about the kids as the seats are fitted with latch child seat anchors.

Boot Space

Mitsubishi Mirage
Mitsubishi Mirage

The Mirage hatchback has a spacious boot to take care of your cargo needs. You get 487 liters with the rear seats not folded.

You can fold the rear seats even to extend the boot’s pace further.

Extra Internal Features

Check some of the interior features, including a well-designed dashboard that you can expect to find in this automobile.

Mitsubishi Mirage for Sale in Nairobi and Mombasa -
A Refined Mirage interior with a Touch Screen Display

Mitsubishi Mirage Exterior Review

The 2021 Mirage comes with a refreshed design allowing you to cruise the town with ease. 

You can take tight turns and pass through small spaces due to its small turn angle.

Mitsubishi Mirage Price in Nairobi - Rivals

Mitsubishi Mirage
Mitsubishi Mirage

Vehicles that compete with the Mitsubishi Mirage include; Nissan March, Suzuki Alto, Daihatsu Mira, Toyota Passo, Mazda Demio, Honda Fit, Hyundai i10,  among others.

Mitsubishi Mirage for Sale in kenya - Article

The article covers information about the new model Mitsubishi Mirage price in Kenya, used Mitsubishi Mirage for sale in Kenya by owners, options for Mitsubishi Mirage for sale in Nairobi as well as Mitsubishi Mirage price in Nairobi. It is also relevant if you are searching for Mitsubishi Mirage for sale in Mombasa, the average Mitsubishi Mirage price in Mombasa, Mitsubishi Mirage photos and reviews.

Mitsubishi Mirage Reviews - What Past Buyers are Saying

Before making your decision to buy, it is good to compare the feedback for the past users. We have sampled a few below.

Ishmael Omondi

“Traveling to Kisumu has never been that convenient until I bought Mirage. Its superb fuel economy is top-notch. I am glad I replaced the Toyota 4Runner for Mirage.

Raphael Kinuthia

“I had heard people complaining about the small boot space of the Mirage. It was not until Bestcarsforsaleinkenya introduced me to the hatchback. It’s spacious enough for my cargo.”

Ezekiel Kipkemboi

“Mirage is affordable and has nice standard features, not to mention a good fuel economy. I am glad I imported it.”

 Michael Mutinda

“I own a Mercedes-Benz S class and a Mirage hatchback. Before the pandemic, I didn’t mind driving my prestigious Benz. Nowadays, the hatchback has become my favorite thanks to its low fuel consumption.”

Ignatius Kanja

“I wanted to surprise my wife with a car, and my budget was limited. advised me to import the hatchback. It’s been three years now, and I am still surprised by her attachment to the car.”

Common Questions We Get About the Mirage

Here are some of the FAQs from the previous customers after comparing the Mitsubishi Mirage price in Nairobi dealers and what you pay when you import.

1. Is the Mitsubishi Mirage a Good Car?

Mitsubishi hatchback is a great car courtesy of the low retail price, better fuel efficiency, more standard features, and a better coverage warranty than other subcompacts.

2. How Much is a Mirage 2021 Model?

You can expect to pay around Kshs.1.5M with the local dealers but can get a better deal when importing with

3. Does the Mirage Engine Last for Long?

That will depend on how you handle the car and your driving habits. If the car gets regular maintenance, then expect the engine to last for more than 482,803Km.

4. Is Mirage 2021 Safe?

Mitsubishi Auto giants have redesigned Mirage 2021 and installed high collision avoidance tech, thus guaranteeing your safety.

5. Is Mirage A Good Choice for Long Ride?

It’s the perfect model for long drives, thanks to the excellent fuel consumption rating of 5.4L/100KM.

6. Is Mirage Expensive to Maintain?

Many models have an annual maintenance cost of around Ksh.65 100, but Mirage has a maintenance cost of 45,700. That means that Mirage maintenance cost is lower.