Mitsubishi Colt Plus Price in Kenya - Specs, Reviews, Features, and How to Import

Mitsubishi Colt nameplate has been used in a number of vehicles since 1962. 

It first hit the market as a subcompact and Kei cars in the 1960s and then international versions of Mitsubishi Mirage between 1978 and 2002. 

Mitsubishi longtime partner, Chrysler, also used this name when rebranding Mitsubishi’s automobiles between 1970 and 1994. 

The Mitsubishi Colt Plus for sale in Kenya was launched in 2004 in Japan and is a longer model of the standard colt, offering about 12-inch (30 cm) more boot space.

This model also uses a 4A91 MIVEC engine rather than the 4G5 one and is a five-seater model with a 1332-1499cc engine displacement that produces 91-154ps.

 It is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission and accelerates from 0-100km/h in 10.9 seconds. The 1.5-L engine has an excellent consumption rate of 7.14-L/100km. 

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A Black Classic Mitsubishi Colt Plus

Colt Plus also comes with comfortable seats that have a fine lining and offer you enough headspace and legroom. Tall passengers can comfortably fit in both rows. 

The driver seat and steering wheel are adjustable, allowing you to drive comfortably for a long ride without a chance of fatigue. 

Ford Fiesta and Suzuki Swift are Colt rivals, but Colt Plus has a larger boot than Fiesta. Colt offers more practicality and is cheaper than Swift.

Check the Mitsubishi Colt Plus price in Kenya, the unique specs, reviews, pros, and other things here.

Mitsubishi Colt Plus for Sale in Kenya Review

The redesigned Colt Plus hit the market in 2013 and has an extension of the tailgate to allow for a better luggage compartment.

This tailgate comes with an anti-trapping mechanism, which reverses the action if an obstacle is sensed when closing it.

The model is a five-door and five-seat hatchback with two rows of seats fitted with headrests to ensure that your comfort is taken care of.

There is enough headroom and legroom in the two rows; however, the rear seats have an uncomfortable table with three adults.

You can enlarge the cargo area by flipping the flat-folding rear seats to suit different cargo sizes. It’s possible to fit 4 to 5 suitcases in the boot.

The car is also available with different engine displacements, including 1.3L and 1.5L driven by the INVECS-III CVT system.

You enjoy a sporty ride with the 1.5L MIVEC 4WD engine that produces 101hp and 138Nm. Models with a 2WD are also available.

Another thing of the Colt Plus is the decent fuel consumption of 14.5km/l, enabling you to cover over 600km before refilling its 45-l fuel tank.

In addition to anti-lock brakes and electric windows, sporty models come with a leather steering wheel, fog lights, sporty suspension and seats.

High-intensity lights and keyless entry are also available in these models. An electric tailgate, driver and passenger airbags are standard in all the trims.

Here are the standard specs available for the Colt Plus.

  • Number of Seats: 5
  • Drive Type: AWD/FF
  • Maximum Power:91-180 ps
  • Engine Capacity: 1332-1498cc
  • Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 9.7-10.9 sec
  • Fuel Consumption: 5.9l/100km
  • Tank Capacity: 45L

Mitsubishi Colt Plus for Sale in Kenya - How to Import Colt Plus

The Mitsubishi Colt Plus price in Nairobi for the 2017 model is around ksh.3.87M. Luckily, you can expect to buy it at a lower price if you import it directly from Japan.

But how will you avoid the numerous con artists who have flocked the internet? is the solution. 

We are a company that has specialised in importing cars for our customers for the last 20 years, helping them save 20% Mitsubishi Colt Plus price in Mombasa. 

The car has better condition and advanced features than the used Mitsubishi Colt Plus for sale in Kenya by owner. 

If price is your primary consideration, Mitsubishi Colt Plus in JiJi Kenya would seem like a good option. 

Unfortunately, you may not get the model, colour, trim or even the mileage you want. Also, used cars may come with hidden repair issues that you may realise later.

Other than the Mistubishi Colt, you can import Isuzu D-Max, Lexus ES, Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Blade, Toyota Alphard, and Volvo S60

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Mitsubishi Colt Plus for Sale in Kenya -
A Beautiful Red Mitsubishi Colt Plus

Mitsubishi Colt Plus for Sale in Kenya: FAQs About the Colt Plus

Here are some of the questions from our Colt Plus past buyers.

1.Is Colt Plus a Good Car?

Yes, it is. Colt Plus is a good hatchback that comes with peppy petrol engines within a budget cost for many families.

2.Is the Mitsubishi Colt a Chain or Belt?

Unlike a belt configuration that requires changes in regular intervals, the Colt comes with a timing chain.

3.How Many Seats Does a Mitsubishi Colt Have?

The Colt cabin allows for comfortable seating of 4 adults leaving enough headroom and legroom for all. However, it has a seating capacity of five.

4.Are Mitsubishi Colts Cheap to Insure?

This model is not in the luxury segment and therefore costs less to insure. 

The actual cost of insuring may vary from one insurance group to another and specific vehicle details.

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