BMW 8 Series for Sale in Kenya - Price, Features, Reviews, Specs, and More

After nearly two decades of silence, the BMW 8 Series for sale in Kenya hit the market in 2018, featuring a 2-door coupe-G15, 2-door convertible-G14 and a 4-door Gran coupe-G16. 

The three models are commonly referred to as G15 and come with 8-speed automatic transmission. 

G15 models are available in 3.0l v6 turbocharged petrol or diesel engines driven by standard AWD. A V8 4.4-L petrol engine is also available. 

The models feature an advanced idrive system that incorporates GPS data to locate upshifts and downshifts when approaching a junction.

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The main competitors of this car include the Mercedes AMG GT and Aston Martin DB11 V8.

8 Series beats the AMG with its standard AWD and has a better-balanced luxury and performance than the two.

Additionally, aluminium rollover bars, double-wishbone front suspension and multi-link rear suspensions are also available.

BMW 8 Series for Sale in Kenya -
A Classic Series Gran Coupé

Second Generation (G14/G15/G16; 2018–Present) Review

The second-generation 8 series was introduced to replace the BMW 6 series. It features a coupe (G15) convertible (G14) and a Gran Coupe (G16).

Available options include an 840i (RWD) 840i xDrive (AWD) and 850i xDrive (AWD), all driven by an 8-speed automatic transmission.  

Read on to find out more about BMW 8 Series Specs for these variants.

BMW 8 Series Convertible for Sale in Kenya (G14)

The 8 series convertible is distinguished by its compact top that creates a perfect notchback silhouette when closed, retracting in only 15 seconds.

Its interior is a mark of comfort and elegance, featuring the finest leather and command controls to customise your environment.

Under the hood, a powerful V8 engine generates 530 hp (850i Xdrive) and an unstoppable force that gives you a memorable experience and luscious sportiness.

The AWD engine is controlled by an 8-speed auto transmission that pushes the car from rest to 100km/h in 3.9 seconds. It consumes 10.7 l/100 kilometres.

You enjoy superior driving dynamics and handling courtesy of electronically tuned suspension.

BMW 8 Series Coupé for Sale in Kenya (G15)

The 8 Series coupe commands à stunning look with its 20inch alloy wheels resting on double wishbones. It has 2-doors and four seats.

You have several engines to choose from. The most potent powertrain is the M850i xdrive with a 4.4 v8 turbocharged petrol engine.

You will enjoy 523 hp at 5000rpm and 750 pounds-feet at 1800rpm directed by AWD with 8-speed sequential transmission.

This engine propels the coupe from 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds while consuming 9.7 l/100km. You can press the accelerator up to a maximum speed of 250km/h.

BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé for Sale in Kenya (G16)

The 2021 gran coupe offers a great blend in terms of performance, comfort and luxury.

You can choose an RWD 840i with a 3.0l 6cyl engine or 840i xDrive 3.0 L 6cyl driven by AWD.

A more powerful option is the 850i xDrive that offers 523hp and 553 lb. ft from a 4.4L V8 engine. 

This engine is driven by AWD and an 8-speed automatic Transmission. The 840i V6 engines produce 335hp and a torque of 368 lb. ft.

While the 840i model comes with 18” alloys and 14-way power-adjustable front seats, the 850i has 20” alloys and 16-way adjustable front seats and a sport-tuned suspension.

A standard Harman Kardon sound system is available to cater for your infotainment,

BMW 8 Series for Sale in Kenya - How to Import BMW G14, G15, & G16

Expect the BMW 8 Series price in Kenya to start at Ksh 14.0 million for a G15 model. The price may increase even further if you choose the Gran coupe 850i model.

The BMW 8 Series price in Nairobi may also be affected by the mileage, year and available optional features.

Getting a Used BMW 8 Series for sale in Kenya by owner is a daunting task since the model is barely three years since it hit the market.

Though you may get one, it may not be easy to get the model of your choice in terms of performance and colour preference.

In case you opt for a used BMW 8 series in Jiji Kenya, you may miss the thrill that comes with a new car. You may also end up paying more in repair costs.

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BMW 8 Series Price in Kenya -
BMW 8 Series Tackling Curves at High Speed

BMW 8 Series for Sale in Kenya: FAQs About the 8 Series

Here are some of our client’s questions about the BMW 8 Series for sale in Nairobi.

1. Is M8 Faster than M5?

Both cars come with the same top speed; however, the M8 takes only 3 seconds to accelerate from 0-100km/h while M5 takes 3.1 secs.

2. Is the BMW 8 Series Worth it?

The 8 Series offers you a powerful v8 engine under its hood, sporty handling and comes with a posh interior.

Are BMW 8 Series Reliable?

You not only get powerful performance from the 8 Series but also reliability. The model scored 83 out of 100 J. D power reliability tests.

4. How Long Does the 8 Series Last?

The lifespan depends on driving habits, maintenance levels and frequency of service. You can expect to travel over 250,000 km without significant engine problems.