Volvo XC70 Price in Kenya - Specs, Reviews, Features, and How to Import

Volvo XC70 for sale in Kenya is a 5-seater luxury crossover SUV that takes a wagon-like look.

It was manufactured in 1996 and has since evolved to 3 generations: 1st generation, 1996-2000, 2nd generation from 2000-2007 and the 3rd from 2007-2016.

The vehicle is famous for its incredible suspension, thus perfect for a family’s and individual’s off-road getaway.

The model comes with superb features like an 8-speaker sound system, rearview camera, side airbags, Wi-Fi hotspot, a 7-inch infotainment screen, adaptive headlights, a blind-spot monitor, and a DVD player.

They all combine to keep you and your family entertained and safe when driving or getting away for a weekend outing. 

You get to choose diesel, petrol or hybrid engine cars and are all presented in various powertrains and trims. 

Volvo XC70 Price in Kenya -
The XC70 is a Powerful Car for Offroad Activities

XC70 is comparable to the Volvo V60, which also comes with able engines, an enticing interior and numerous safety features. 

But it has larger cargo space than the V60, making it better for small families with active lifestyles.

Read on to discover Volvo XC70 price Kenya, specs, and a section where we answer the most basic questions we get about the car.

Volvo XC70 Third-Generation Review (2008 -2016)

Volvo XC70 for sale in Nairobi was manufactured in 1996 as a Cross country version of the Volvo V70. 

Its spacious interior makes it perfect for the tall occupant giving them enough leg and headspace. 

XC70 also has an ample cargo space of 575 litre which can be tripped by folding down the 2nd-row seat. A power liftgate for easier offloading of luggage is available in some models.

The vehicle is presented in petrol and diesel engines which come in various powertrains, including the D2, D3, D4 and D5, while Petrol models include T6, T5 and T4.

D models are powered by either a 2.0 or a 2.4 engine which produces a horsepower of 176hp D4, 215hp D5, 120hp D2 and the 150hp D3.

Those who want improved performance should opt for the 2.4L 212hp D5 engine, which allows the 6-speed automatic transmission to accelerate the car at 0-100km in 8 seconds.

On the other hand, T models are powered by a 3.0-l six-cylinder engine or 3.2-l engines with power outputs of 190hp T4, 240hp T5 and the 304hp T6. 

The engines are driven on either a 6-speed manual and automatic transmission or 8-speed automatic transmission. Models operate as All-  or Front-wheel drive.

The powertrains are then matched to their various trims depending on their levels of luxury.

Initially, the car was available in the S, ES, SE, SE Sport, and SE Lux. However, Volvo introduced new trims towards its termination which include Base, Premier, and Premium trim.

The base model standard features include dual-zone climate control, cloth upholstery, leather-wrapped steering wheel and power front seats.

Its infotainment system has a 7- inch display, WI-FI hotspot, satellite radio, an 8-speaker audio system and USB port connectivity making long journeys bearable.

The Premier is the mid-level trim and offers more luxurious features by adding leather seats, a moon roof, navigation system and walnut wood trim.

Premium trim additional features include the Harman Kardon sound system, adaptive headlights, rearview cameras, keyless entry and blind-spot monitoring.

Additional safety features include a technology pack that entails an automatic emergency braking system, pedestrian and cyclist detection, lane departure warning, driver drowsiness monitor, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning and road sign detection.

Volvo V70 Plug-in Hybrid Price in Kenya Review

The V70 hybrid model was introduced back in 2012 and is powered by a 2.4l diesel engine and an electric motor which accelerates it from 0-100km in 8.9 seconds

It allows you to drive on the pure Electric Mode for the first 51 km, and is said to consume only 2litres per 100km when on the Hybrid Mode, proving it the most fuel-efficient XC70 model.

Its advantage over other models is the fuel efficiency, low emissions, and robust performance.

V70 /XC70 Ocean Race Review in Kenya 

The ocean race models are the most good looking XC70 and are available in only four colours: Ocean blue II, Black Sapphire, Bright silver, and Crystal White.

They are distinctive as they have a more advanced suspension and feature unique diamond cut 18- and 17-inch wheels, making them spottier than the standard models.

Inside, the model has blond or black leather upholstery with orange stitching and ocean race logos badged on the seats, door panels and floor mats. 

The XC70 Ocean Race has an attractive exterior complemented by unique grilles, side window flames, rearview mirror caps and a high glossy back detailing. 

Installed features and performance are dependent on the choice of trim and powertrain, respectively.

Volvo XC70 Spec – Specifications of the XC70

Listed below are the Volvo XC70 specs

  • Number of Seats: 5  
  • Drive Type: Front Wheel Drive / All-wheel drive 
  • Maximum Power: 150hp- 304hp
  • Acceleration: 0-100km/h 7.5-15 Secs
  • Fuel Consumption: 2-11.8litres per 100km 
  • Tank Capacity: 70 liters
Volvo XC70 for Sale in Kenya -
XC70 With Outstanding Volvo Badged Grilles

Volvo XC70 Price in Kenya – Price in Kisumu, Nairobi, and Other Towns

The average cost of the 2016 model is Ksh. 3.60M, making it a high-end wagon car.

  • 2015 Model: Ksh 3.18M
  • 2016 Model: Ksh 3.60M

Volvo XC70 Price in Kenya – How to Import XC70

What you pay for the XC70 depends on factors such as the trim you choose, the condition of the car, mileage, colour, choice of dealer, and its year of production.

For instance, though the used Volvo XC70 for sale in Kenya is considered the most affordable, they are often wrecked and problematic and thus, care should be taken when buying such.

Another popular means is the Volvo XC70 for sale in Mombasa, Nairobi and other towns in the local showrooms. Fact is these cars are often overpriced, leaving you to pay more.

The best way to get your Volvo XC70 for sale in Nairobi at relatively low prices is only by direct importation.

At, we help you import your XC70 with a transparent and stress-free procedure. 

We are the most affordable, offering you up to a 20% discount on every purchase.

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Volvo XC70 for Sale in Kenya: FAQs XC70

This section answers your often asked  questions about the car.

1. Why Was the Volvo XC70 Discontinued?

The XC70 was last manufactured in 2016. Its manufacturers felt it could not match its competitors, who were more improved and equally affordable.

2. How much is a Volvo XC70 for Sale in Nairobi?

The Volvo XC70 price in Nairobi depends on various factors, including the mileage and choice of dealers. 

Contact for the lowest Volvo XC90 price in Mombasa, Nairobi and other major towns in Kenya.

3. How Safe is XC70?

The XC70 is one of the safest small family cars with automatic emergency braking, rearview camera lane, departure warning and adaptive cruise control

4. How Reliable is the XC70? 

The ride is superb and is built of high-quality materials, which makes it durable and reliable. It can last for approximately 20 years and drive up to 321,000km with proper care.