Toyota FJ Cruiser for Sale in Kenya - Specs, Reviews, Features, and How to Import

Are you currently browsing about FJ Cruiser price in Kenya? We’re happy to tell you that it is an incredible car.

It comes with top-notch off-road capacities and a standard powertrain that you’ll undoubtedly admire.

The car has a front-engine design with a 4-door body that gives it a unique look. It has a sitting capacity of up to five adults leaving enough legroom for taller people. 

For the interior, this car comes with a spacious cabin with high-quality leather seats. Its steering is well-aligned with pedals giving it more accessible and enjoyable drivability.

Another fantastic feature is the easy-to-use infotainment system, including a touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android support. 

If you are an adventure holic, then this is the ideal vehicle for you. You will love its ample boot space that ensures you carry all you need for a weekend out.

It is one of the best fuel economies vehicles, with an average consumption rate of 13.8L/ 100km.

 Even better, the vehicle still maintains an incredible drive with its 5-speed auto transmission.

The car runs on a powerful V-6 engine producing 260hp. It also offers a toque of 278 lb-ft, which boosts its four-wheel-drive feature.

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Toyota FJ Cruiser Exterior Design – 2021 Model

A close competitor of the FJ Cruiser is the Toyota 4Runner. They both share many features, but the 4Runner doesn’t have a good powertrain as the FJ Cruiser.

Another rival is the Land Rover Defender, which besides having many similar features, has a more refined interior and comes at a higher price.

Talking of price, you will find the Toyota FJ Cruiser price in Kenya, review, features, specs, and more from this review. 

TRD Special Edition Review

The TRD Special Edition is a great out-of-the-box version of the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

It has multiple enhancements, including new colors, TRD features, Brembo brakes and SACHS dampers. The car has a unique styling and an upgraded powertrain to give better performance.

This model offers a 2.0L H4 engine that produces 205hp and a torque of 154lb-ft.

You’ll also love its rear-wheel-drive features that are powered by the 6-speed manual transmission.

Most people go for this car because it is one of the best eco-friendly vehicles with a 232g/km carbon emission. Its fuel economy is 10L/ 100KM, which is better compared to most of its rivals.

The wheels have a semi-custom 18″ x 8″ aluminum alloy styling. This ensures the vehicle remains stable on the road and has a good take on sharp corners.

Interior features include high-quality leather seats, a spacious cabin and standard easy-to-turn steering.

 It also has a hi-tech infotainment system with powerful speakers to keep you entertained.

Trail Teams Special Edition Review

The Trial Team is a fantastic car that is best known for its off-road storage capabilities.

It has an aggressive look with its black-accented exterior features and roof mounting making it more unique.   

This car comes with a 4.0L V6 engine that produces 260hp and 271b-ft of torque. Its FWD feature enables the car to maneuver easily on rocky and muddy terrains. 

Inside, you will find a spacious cabin fitted with comfortable leather seats and a classic hardwood door trim.

It also features a rearview mirror, a reverse and a backup camera integrated into a display monitor. The car comes with ample boot space to ensure you fit in all necessities for a day out.

It has a sound stereo system that includes XM Satellite Radio, a CD player and a USB input feature.

Some of its safety features include emergency braking, high-quality safety belts and airbags. The model also has driver assistance features such as blind-spot monitors and parking assistants.

2014 Trail Teams Ultimate Edition Review

Are you looking for a vehicle with impressive off-roading capabilities and a roof rack? If so, then the 2014 Trail Team Ultimate Edition is the ideal choice.  

The car has a fantastic 5-speed automatic engine transmission which powers its Four-Wheel-Drive feature. This enables it to drive on rocky roads quickly.

Its 4-litre V6 engine offers a powertrain of 260hp and a torque of 271lb-ft. Additionally, the car has a towing of 4,700 LBS which helps it maintain on and off-road stability.

For the interior, the vehicle is fitted with durable and comfortable leather seats. It has a large boot and a roof rack in case you want to add more cargo.

The fuel economy of this vehicle is almost as good as a hybrid car! It also has many safety features such as lime departure warning, emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring.

ARB Edition FJ Crawler 2020 Toyota FJ Cruiser Limited Review

The FJ Crawler 2020 is one of the leading vehicles with the best Toyota FJ Cruiser specs. It comes with a 4-litre V6 engine which powers its 6-speed auto transmission.

This vehicle comes with an ARB bull bar, rear steel bumper, and rear rack storage box for outdoor trips and other necessities.

The interior has been redesigned to hold passengers safely in all weather conditions. It has a manual sunroof so that you can enjoy the fresh air as you travel down the road.

Also, you don’t need to worry when driving on rocky terrains because its powerful suspension system and shock absorbers will sail you through.

Its stock 18-inch alloy wheels enable the car to roll over obstacles with ease. This makes driving much more manageable and comfortable.

The car also has optimum safety features that ensure both the driver and passengers are safe. It has various driver assistant modes, airbags and high-quality safety belts.

Toyota FJ Cruiser for Sale in Kenya - How to Import

Do you want to import your dream Toyota FJ Cruiser? Don’t worry; we’ll make the procedure of importing your car as simple as possible.

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Toyota FJ Cruiser for Sale in Kenya -
Toyota FJ Cruiser Interior – Sleek Interior

Toyota FJ Cruiser for Sale in Kenya: FAQs About the FJ Cruiser

These are some of the most common questions we get about this car.

1.What is the Toyota FJ Price in Nairobi?

The Toyota FJ Cruiser for sale in Nairobi ranges between Ksh.4.5M and Ksh.5.5M for the 2015 to 2018 models.

This may be slightly higher than Toyota FJ Cruiser price in Mombasa due to location, mileage, and transport cost.

2.Which Car is Better Than the Toyota FJ Cruiser?

The Ford Bronco is one of the top rivals of the FJ Cruiser. It has better features and higher performance but still doesn’t match the off-roading capabilities of the FJ.

3.What Makes the Toyota FJ Cruiser Unique?

Its limited lifetime warranty on all non-rusting parts gives peace of mind to potential buyers since they will have no unexpected repair expenses in the future!

4.Can I Tow with my Toyota FJ Cruiser?

You can undoubtedly tow with your Toyota FJ Cruiser by purchasing a tow kit consisting of hooks and some cables.

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