Peugeot 508 Price in Kenya – Specs, Reviews, Features, and How to Import

Peugeot 508 for sale in Kenya is a five-seat mid-size family car produced by French carmaker company Peugeot since 2010.

The model comes in five different engines, including two petrol and three diesel ones that range from 1.5L to 2.0L.  A hybrid engine is also available.

You get a high-quality interior from the model that is designed to balance between style and function perfectly.

Other features include leather-trimmed and heated front seats, quad-zone air conditioning, Bluetooth and satellite navigation, and a 7” colour screen.

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Photos of Peugeot 508 for Sale in Nairobi

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Some of the 508 rivals are  BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe and Audi A5 Sportback.

The Gran Coupe and the Sportback will offer superior performance than the 508, but they cost higher and have a high fuel consumption rate.

We have everything on Peugeot 508 for sale in Kenya, including its specs, features, pros, cons, and more.

Peugeot 508 for sale in Kenya -
Peugeot 508 GT-Line BlueHDi Has A Bold Exterior

Peugeot 508 for Sale in Kenya Review – 1st Generation 2010-2018

The Peugeot 508 first generation is equipped with an HDI common-rail 1.6L diesel engine mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox.

A hybrid version is also available in case you would want to save on fuel. It comes with a fuel consumption rate of 26km/L.

Peugeot 508 for sale in Kenya
A Blue 508 Model

508 RXH Review

The RXH model released in 2012 has a flared wheel arches and a colour-coded grille with three LED daytime running light columns.

You also get a hybrid4 model equipped with a 2.0-litre HDi FAP diesel engine that produces 163hp and has a fuel economy of 23km/l.

This Hybrid4 model has four working modes: Auto, ZEV mode, Sport mode, and 4WD mode. All those modes help you get the best out of the vehicle.

Peugeot 508 for sale in Nairobi
Dashboard View of the Car

508 Coupe’ by Peugeot Review

This vehicle comes equipped with 1.8-litre THP engines that produce 201hp and 280Nm of torque.

Being a coupe means it comes with frameless doors and windows, making the model bright.

Used Peugeot 508 for sale in Kenya by owners
Backseat View of the Vehicle

Peugeot 508 Price in Kenya – 2nd Generation 2018 – To Date

The second generation launched in 2018 has two engine options, a 1.6-litre turbocharged diesel and a 1.6-litre petrol one.

These engines are mated to an eight-speed Aisin EAT8 automatic transmission. A plug-in hybrid version is also available.

eugeot 508 price for sale in Kenya
The Book for Peugeot 508

508 L Review

This is a two-door five-seat sedan with a turbocharged engine that produces 211hp and 300Nm of torque.

The vehicle has a fuel consumption rate of 16km/l and a maximum speed of 230km/h. It may not be a Honda Fit in fuel economy, but it is neither a guzzler.

Other features you get include adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, speed and road sign recognition, and automatic headlight selection.

Windscreen cameras provide speed and sign recognition, active lane-keeping assistance, lane positioning assists, and road edge detection for your safety.

Peugeot 508 Price in Nairobi
Navigation Screen of 508

Peugeot 508 Sport Review

This model was launched in 2019 and came equipped with a 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 355hp and 520Nm of torque.

Inside the cabin, you get sports seats clad in Alcantara and leather upholstery, a 10” digital infotainment system, and a cruise control system, among others.

20-inch alloy wheels, adjustable dampers, an aggressive front bumper, a rear diffuser, black exhaust outlets, and a radiator grille are some of the exterior features available

Used Peugeot 508 for sale in Mombasa
The Model Logo - Peugeot

Peugeot 508 Price in Kenya –  2015 to 2021 Models

Here is the average Peugeot 508 price in Kenya for 2015 to 2021 models:

  • 2015 Model: Ksh. 3.95M
  • 2016 Model: Ksh. 4.23M
  • 2017 Model: Ksh. 4.58M
  • 2018 Model: Ksh. 4.70M
  • 2019 Model: Ksh. 5.82M
  • 2020 Model: Ksh. 6.37M
  • 2021 Model: Ksh. 6.57M
Used Peugeot 508 for sale in Kenya
Great Wheel of Peugeot 508

Peugeot 508 for Sale in Kenya – How to Import 508  

Buying a car in Kenya is now easier than some years back because of the availability of different car sellers. 

However, you need to know that those vehicles from local car dealers will cost more than importing directly from the original market.

The dealer has to cover overhead costs of hiring the showroom, vehicle security, cleaning, importing fees, and other related expenses.

Peugeot 508 Price in Mombasa
Front Wheel View of the 508

Also, locally used cars most likely come with a tampered mileage, faulty engines, and other mechanical and electrical problems that will be easy to identify.

Of course, this is because of the nature of our roads that are not too accommodative for cars. Also, the garages here can’t compare with the foreign ones.

The solution to these challenges lies in importing your car directly from the source market with a reputable company like

When you import with us, you will save 10-20% of the local showroom prices on top of getting the exact type of car you order.

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Peugeot 508 Price in Kenya –
Peugeot 508 Sport-Engineered-Concept 2020 Model

Competitors of Peugeot 508 for Sale in Nairobi

Peugeot 508 is quite similar to models such asHonda Accord, Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Mazda 6 Sedan, and Volkswagen Passat. 

What the Article of Peugeot 508 Involves 

The article covers various aspects of the vehicle like Peugeot 508 price in Kenya, Peugeot 508 for sale in Kenya, and Used Peugeot 508 for sale in Kenya by owner. It also covers Peugeot 508 price in Nairobi, Peugeot 508 price in Mombasa, Peugeot 508 for sale in Nairobi, as well as Peugeot 508 for sale in Mombasa.

Peugeot 508 Price in Mombasa and Nairobi
GT Model Comes with the Initials GT

Peugeot 508 for Sale in Kenya: FAQs About the 508

Here you can go through some of the frequently asked questions about this model.

What Is the Fastest Peugeot 508?

The fastest model of Peugeot 508 is The PureTech 225 that has an engine capacity of 1.6-litre.

This engine is mated to an automatic gearbox. The variant accelerates to 99kph within 7.3 sec, reaching a maximum speed of 250km/h.

What Are the Common Problems With Peugeot 508?

Some of the problems you might encounter in this model are water leaking into the boot, issues with the parking brake and electronics.

Always ensure you have checked all electrical gadgets in your vehicle before embarking on a journey to be safe.

Is Peugeot 508 Rear Wheel Drive?

All versions of Peugeot 508 are all front-wheel drive only. Four trim levels include Allure, Active, GT-line and GT.

Is Peugeot 508 a Good Car?

Yes, Peugeot 508 is an entertaining model to drive with a decent engine and modern interior. It’s an all-around performance car.