Toyota Probox Price in Nairobi – Features, Reviews, & How to Import

Toyota Probox for sale in Nairobi is a commercial vehicle produced by the Japanese automaker company Toyota since 2002.

The model comes equipped with either a 1.5L or a 1.3L petrol engine paired with a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission.

Toyota Probox price in Nairobi ranges from Ksh. 1M for the 2015 model to around Ksh. 3.5M for the latest 2021 models.

This model mainly competes with two other stand-out vans in the name of Toyota Succeed and Nissan Ad.

Toyota Succeed and Toyota Probox share a lot, and if you are not a keen observer, it’s hard to differentiate them, barring their brand names displayed at the back.

Probox is slightly expensive compared to Succeed and Nissan Ad, but it is more reliable, has better fuel efficiency, and is also the most popular.

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Toyota Probox Is a Popular Car in Kenya

Other things like the availability of spares, low maintenance cost, and cargo handling ability also attract potential buyers to this model.

Continue reading this article to learn more about this multipurpose vehicle that is a darling of many people in the country, especially business people.

Toyota Probox for sale in Nairobi – Import Price (2015 – 2020 Models)

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Toyota Probox for Sale in Nairobi Review – Interior & Exterior

The model has a decent interior, and even if you plan to use it as a taxi or just as a private car, it won’t disappoint.

Used Toyota Probox for Sale in Nairobi – Exterior Review

Exterior features you get include privacy glass, rear wiper, front spoiler (optional), UV cutting glass, and antilock brake system.

But you need to pay attention to its exterior body as it is made of soft material prone to dents.

Here are some of the other exterior features you get from this vehicle.

  • Colours: The vehicle comes in various colours, including white, black, cream, and red. White is the most common of the four hues.
  • Wheels: Here, you get 14-inch aluminum wheels that are non-alloy but able to cruise on the most challenging terrain.
  • Headlights: Toyota Probox 2020 is equipped with halogen headlamps, rear fog lights, and front fog lights.
  • Body: It is in a shape of a box from the rear and has a slightly smaller windscreen at the front.

Used Toyota Probox Price in Nairobi – Interior Review

Inside, you get a power steering wheel, power windows, manual air conditioner, and centralized door lock.

Available safety features include Toyota Safety Sense C features, including Lane Departure Alert, Pre-collision System, and Automatic High Beam.

Other features are a side impact bar, front pretensioner seat belt, fourth limited front seat belt, and an airbag for passengers and driver.

  • Dashboard: You get a basic dash with a phone holder near the steering and a speedometer with a digital display.
  • Boot: Toyota Probox has a cargo space of 400 litres when all seats are on, but you can fold the rear seats flat to increase the area just in case.
  • Seats: The model sits up to five people comfortably, though the rear bench is not comfortable for long distances.
  • Leg space: You get ample headroom and legroom at the front and rear row, but tall people won’t get enough room for their legs at the front.
  • Infotainment: Toyota Probox is not built with leisure in mind, and you don’t get infotainment features, but one you can install after purchasing.
Toyota Probox for sale in Nairobi –
Toyota Probox Has a Spacious Boot

Used Toyota Probox for Sale in Nairobi Dealer –

Now let’s look at how you get to own this great vehicle that is still a hot cake, especially in the rural area, due to its versatility.

There are two ways here, as you decide to go for a used Toyota Probox for sale in Nairobi by owners or order one direct from Japan.

Importing your Probox will give you many options and advantages rather than getting one here locally.

Some of the benefits you get include clean mileage, well-maintained engines, and it is cheaper than the one from local dealers

However, importing a car from abroad as an individual is a risky and expensive affair, and it will end up costing you more than you may intend to.

That’s where comes with a solo goal of ensuring you get the best at a competitive cost.

We specialize in importing cars directly from abroad for our clients at a discounted price of between 10-20% of the local showroom prices.

You can also visit us at our yard, where you will get this model and others such as Peugeot 208 and Nissan Serena if you are looking for imported vehicles.

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Toyota Probox for Sale in Nairobi & Mombasa - FAQs

Here are some of the most frequent questions we get from our customers about this vehicle.

1.Is Toyota Probox still in Production?

Yes, this model is still being produced since its introduction in 2002 though it received a redesign in 2015.

2.What is the Price of Toyota Probox in Kenya?

Toyota Probox price in Nairobi and other towns in Kenya starts from Ksh. 600,000 for older models to around Ksh. 3M for a brand new car.

3.How much Fuel does a Probox Consume?

Of many features that business people love about this model is its fuel-efficiency, as it is one of few vehicles that can take up to 18km with a liter of fuel.

4.What type of Engine does Probox use?

Toyota Probox for sale in Nairobi and other cities in Kenya is equipped with an engine capacity of between 1298cc to 1496cc with a maximum power of 109ps.

5.Does Probox have Turbo?

If you are interested in a turbocharged Probox you may go for the diesel variant that gives 89hp. However, this model is scarce in the market.