Toyota Prado Price in Nairobi – Features, Reviews, & How to Import

Toyota Prado for sale in Nairobi is one of the top-selling high-end SUVs produced by Toyota since 2009 to date.

Prado is one of the smaller versions in the Land Cruiser range built on Toyota’s J150 platform; in some countries, it is known as Lexus GX.

Toyota Prado price in Nairobi ranges between Ksh. 7.5M for the 2016 model through Ksh. 15M for a brand new, depending on the trim.

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The model is powered by either a diesel or petrol engine. However, the latter is more common in Nairobi and other towns in Kenya.

For the diesel one, you get a 3.0-L inline-four engine that produces 173ps@3400rpm and 410Nm@1600-2800rpm of torque. 

The petrol version is powered by a 4.0-liter six-cylinder engine with an automatic transmission that produces 235bhp@5200rpm.

It’s a full-time 4WD and is available in five trims: GX, GXL, VX, top-notch Kakadu, and Prado Altitude, which lies between GXL and VX.

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Toyota Prado At Display in a Showroom in Nairobi

This vehicle competes with other established models such as Land Rover Discovery, Ford Everest, and Mitsubishi Pajero.

Discovery offers more luggage space and is more luxurious than Prado, but it costs higher and has a low fuel-efficient rate. 

Pajero is cheaper, but it won’t offer you the same luxury you get from Prado; it also consumes more fuel per kilometer and has higher maintenance costs.

Toyota Prado for sale in Nairobi – Import Price (2015 – 2020 Models)

  • The import table

Toyota Prado for Sale in Nairobi Review – Interior & Exterior

Toyota Prado 2020 is well regarded as a touring car with up to seven seats, a comfortable interior, and off-road capabilities that conquer anywhere.

Used Toyota Prado for Sale in Nairobi – Exterior Review

It’s easy to identify a Toyota Prado on the road as its sheer size with a larger and bolder grille intimidates other similar models.

Some exterior features from the model include front and rear bumpers, darkened vertical bars, and an under-body mounted spare wheel.

Other exterior features you find in the model include the following:

  • Colors: Toyota Prado exterior colors include Graphite, Espresso Brown, Glacier White, Crystal Pearl, and Peacock Black.
  • Wheels: You get 17-19-inch alloy wheels depending on the trim level you buy.
  • Headlights: Prado comes with Daytime Running lights and Full LED headlights as standard on all trim levels.
  • Body: The Prado has a long and wide body, illuminating side steps, and a large grille with the Toyota logo.

Used Toyota Prado Price in Nairobi – Interior Review

Although the model has an attractive interior, it appears practical compared to other SUV brands like Audi or Mercedes.

Interior features include three-zone climate control, tilt-and-slide sunroof, cup holders, USB charge points, and a refrigerated box.

You also get advanced safety features from Toyota Safety Sense, including a Reversing camera, Pre-Collision Safety system, Automatic High Beam, and Road Sign Assist.

Here you can go through some of this mode’s other basic interior features.

  • Dashboard: The model has a modern dash with a 9-inch screen display with innovative features.
  • Boot: There are 104 liters of space with all seats present, 553 liters without the third-row seats, and 974 liters when second and third-row seats fold.
  • Seats: Toyota Prado for sale in Nairobi is comfortable with heated and ventilated front-row seats and heated second-row leather seats.
  • Leg space: It’s a spacious car that gives you enough room for your legs, especially the front and second-row seats.
  • Infotainment: You can’t get bored when on board this car as you stay entertained by your smartphone through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Toyota Prado for sale in Nairobi –
Toyota Prado has a Comfortable Interior

Used Toyota Prado for Sale in Nairobi Dealer –

Maybe by now, your biggest question is how you get to own Toyota Prado for sale in Nairobi at the best competitive price.

There are two ways you can acquire your Prado; you can buy from the showroom by the local dealers or import directly from Japan.

Importing comes with many advantages compared to buying locally, including lower prices and non-tampered mileage.

You also enjoy a wide selection of cars, well-maintained engines, and vehicles with fewer mechanical problems.

However, you might not benefit from all these when importing as an individual. That’s where comes in.

Our specialization is importing cars directly from the source market for our clients. Our experience is unrivaled in this business.

What more? Importing with us saves you between 10-20% of the local showroom prices of this model.

We also have a yard where you get used Toyota Prado for sale in Nairobi by owners or any other brands such as BMW.

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Toyota Prado for Sale in Nairobi & Mombasa - FAQs

Here are some of the most frequent questions we get from our customers about Toyota Prado.

1.How Fast Can a Toyota Prado Go?

The model accelerates to 100km/h in 11.2 sec and quickly achieves a speed of 150km/h, but it can hit 180kph.

2.What is the Price of Toyota Prado in Nairobi?

Toyota Prado price in Nairobi majorly depends on various factors such as seats, mileage, and model, among others. A new Prado costs around Ksh. 12M.

3.How Much Fuel Does a Prado Consume?

The manual Prado diesel-run returns a fuel consumption rate of 12.4km/l while the automatic one uses more at 12.5km/L. Petrol engines will give you around 8.5km/L.

4.How Much is Second-Hand Prado Nairobi?

An old Toyota Prado will cost as low as Ksh. 4.0M and as high as Ksh. 7M for the 2015 models depending on the mileage and other factors.

5.Is Toyota Prado a Good Car?

Yes, it’s a good car as it’s a large SUV wagon that sits up to 8 people, has high reliability, is comfortable as a family vehicle, and is also suitable for long trips.