Toyota Harrier for Sale in Kenya - Features, Reviews, & How to Import

Toyota Harrier for sale in Kenya is a five-passenger mid-size crossover SUV that has been in production since 1997 and is currently in its fourth generation.

The first and second generations are a replica of Lexus RX with minor variations. However, the subsequent generations are a distinct brand from RX.

Toyota Harrier for sale in Nairobi and other towns come in a wide range of engines from 2500cc to 3500cc.

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It is offered in a wide range of engines that range from 2500cc to 3500cc, giving you several options to choose from based on your budget.

On average, its fuel consumption ranges from 16-21 km/l, although this is dependent on the engine capacity. 

The model rivals Nissan Murano, Mitsubishi Outlander, BMW X5 and VW Touareg, although it is a quick pick for many due to its outstanding off-road capability.

Toyota Harrier for Sale In Kenya - Import Price (2015 - 2020 Models)

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Toyota Harrier for Sale in Kenya Review - Interior & Exterior

The model comes with a unique interior and exterior, which distinguishes it from the Lexus GS

Toyota Harrier for sale in Kenya is available in three grades Grand, Elegance and Premium.

The Grand is the entry-level grade and comes with standard features such as clothes, manual seats and 17-inch alloy rims.

Elegance is the medium grade and adds electric seats, an optional sunroof, and comes finish to the basic features.

The premium grade is the luxury grade and adds leather seats, 18-inch alloy rims and a complete Toyota Safety Sensor Suite.

Used Toyota Harrier for Sale in Kenya - Exterior Review

Toyota Harrier for sale in Nairobi and other towns comes with unique exterior features. Here are some of the most conspicuous ones which make it a quick pick for many clients.
  • Colors – Toyota Harrier new model comes in five colors, dark blue metallic, white pearl crystal shine, precious black, slate grey metallic, and steel blonde metallic.
  • Wheels – The entry-level and medium level grades come with 17-inch alloy rims, while the luxury grade comes with 18-inch alloy rims.
  • Headlights – All trim levels come with sharp LED headlights that perfectly illuminate the road ahead.

Used Toyota Harrier for Sale in Kenya - Interior Review

New Toyota Harrier for sale in Kenya falls in the luxury SUVs category. Below are some of its interior features which give it a luxurious look.
  • Dashboard – The dashboard has retained the same layout over the years, but the instrument panel has been upgraded with an LCD and a touch screen entertainment system.
  • Boot – The model has a sizeable boot that can accommodate luggage for a family of five. The rear set can fold to create extra space when required.
  • Seats – Entry level grade comes with clothe manual seats, medium grade clothe electric seats and luxury grade leather electric seats.
  • Leg space – The legroom on both rows is roomy enough, and tall people find it comfortable.
Interior - Toyota Harrier for sale in Kenya
Harrier Offers a Comfortable Interior

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Toyota Harrier for Sale in Nairobi & Mombasa – FAQs

Most SUVs enthusiast comes to us to enquire about the new Toyota Harrier for sale in Kenya.

Here are other questions that clients ask about the model.

1. How Much Does Toyota Harrier Cost in Kenya?

Toyota Harrier for sale in Kenya goes for Ksh 3.5M to Ksh 5.5M for models between 2015 and 2020.

However, you can find a cheaper one if you opt to buy a used Toyota Harrier for sale in Kenya by owners.

2. Is Toyota Harrier a Good Car?

It is a pretty enticing luxury SUV with excellent off-road capability and good fuel economy. 

It is spacious, handles well and has powerful engines across all trim levels. It also comes with high tech safety features.

3. What is the Fuel Consumption of a Toyota Harrier?

Toyota Harrier for sale in Nairobi, Mombasa and other towns is an economical car given its performance both on-road and offroad. It offers an excellent fuel consumption rate ranging from 16-21 km/l.

4. Is Toyota Harrier a 4wd?

The model is available in 2WD and 4WD. However, the hybrid version is only available in 4WD.