Toyota Avalon Price in Kenya - Specs, Reviews, Features, and How to Import

Toyota Avalon for sale in Kenya was introduced back in1994 has been rated as the safest and most efficient family car.

Since its production Avalon has evolved to five generations; presently, we are at the fifth generation, introduced in 2018.

The 5TH generation saw the car redesigned to a more spacious cabin with various trim levels, including Limited, XLE, XSE Nightshade, Touring, TRD and the Avalon Hybrid Version.

Avalon’s standard features include the power-adjustable front seats, eight-speaker sound system, Apple car play and Android Auto, bluetooth connectivity, and 9- inch touch screen.

Others include a leather interior, speakers, USB ports, WIFI hotspot, HD radio and a dual climate controller.

Standard safety features include lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control,  blind-spot monitor and pedestrian detection.

Exteriorly the car is attractive as it is equipped with LED headlights and taillights that lights us every time you unlock your vehicle, along with conspicuous grilles and 18-inch wheels.

Inside, the car is spacious, providing occupants with enough leg and headspace and cushioning adjustable chairs, which are soothing, especially on long rides.

The boot space is also reliable and can be maximized by folding down the third and second-row turning the Avalon into a big cargo van.

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2021 TRD with Large Attractive Grilles

Avalon shares so much with the Lexus ES, a luxury car with similar performance and design but is a lot more expensive, thus making the Avalon more preferable.

Another one of its competitors is the Toyota Camry,  a cheaper model with smaller dimensions, making the Avalon better given its more spacious with more up-to-date features.

The 5th generation saw the car redesigned to a more spacious cabin with various trim levels, including Limited, XLE, XSE Nightshade, Touring, TRD and the Avalon Hybrid Version.

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2020 Toyota Avalon Limited (GSX50) Review

The Limited is the most luxurious trim, and it comes with all the standard and safety features, plus other additives such as leather upholstery, ventilating front seats, and heated rear seats.

Other features include a sunroof, adaptive cornering headlights, ambient lighting, navigation system, the head-up display, wood interior, 14 speaker’s audio system, a wireless charger and 18-inches. 

Avalon Limited has a 3.5-litre V6, 301 horsepower with 8-speed  automatic transmission that powers  Front wheels allowing it to accelerate 0-100km\h within 9 seconds.

A new model can be attained with Ksh. 5.2M

2019 Toyota Avalon Touring (GSX50) Review

The Avalon Touring version is more like the Limited trim as they share the same features though 2019  Touring lacks the heated steering wheel and rear seats.

While the other variants use the Eco, Normal and Sport drive modes, the Touring edition adds a Sport+ that accelerates 0-100km\h in six seconds.

Like the limited edition, touring is also powered by the 3.5-litre V6 with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Features that make the car sportier is the adaptive variable suspension, 19-inch wheels and a Sport-sounding exhaust to cumber the noise for a more enhanced driving experience.

Other additional features include the 14 speakers JBL sound system, a 360-degree review parking camera and a wireless smartphone charger.

The car gives you a great driving experience on the roads though people have complained about its odd looks.

A new model costs about Ksh 5.3M

2020 Toyota Avalon TRD (GSX5) Review

The TRD is the most pricey variant. Just like the rest, it is powered by the 3.5-litre V6 with an eight-speed transmission. The standard features are constant, though with a slight twist.

The car is equipped with 19-inch wheels and optional all-season tires giving it a uniquely attractive appearance.

Other additional features of the car include the red seat belts and stitching with TRD logos on the front headrests, performance exhaust, rear spoiler and a black-painted roof.

The car is famous for its sporty accent and colourful interior.

You can import a model with Ksh. 5.6M

2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited (AXXH50) Review

The 2019 Avalon Hybrid Limited is ranked No. 2 in the 2019 Hybrid and Electric cars category, being famously termed as the best family car given its spacious interior and reliable boot space.

Unlike the other models, the Hybrid used the 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine and two electric motors that produce horsepower of 215 with a Continuous Variable Automatic Transmission.

The Hybrid is the most fuel economical of all the Avalon’s, consuming five litres of fuel, half of what the other model consumes.

The car is nothing to its predecessor as it has been redesigned to a spottier and spacious model with more advanced features.

It has all the standard features adding more advanced safety features that include a 360-degree parking camera, reverse automatic emergency brake system, and parking sensors.

Additional features include a heated steering wheel and rear seats, ventilated front seats, ambient interior lighting, 14 speakers, sound enhancement and ambient interior lighting.

The cars estimated price is about Ksh. 5.3M

Toyota Avalon for Sale in Kenya - How to Import

Toyota Avalon for sale in Kenya prices are determined by the car’s condition, mileage, location, means of purchase, and much more.

Also, different Avalon trims are offered at different prices as some are more luxurious with more up to date features than others. 

Used Toyota Avalon for sale in Kenya through cheap is not a perfect choice as they are problematic due to continued usage, requiring frequent repairs that cost more in the long run.

Buying a car from the local showrooms may seem like an excellent choice, but it also comes at an additional fee.

Direct importation is the only means that guarantees you a new functional car at a lower price, especially if you choose to import with us,

We help you acquire Toyota Avalon for sale in Nairobi at the lowest prices giving you a 20 discount on every import.

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Toyota Avalon for Sale in Kenya -
Toyota Avalon Limited on the Roads

Toyota Avalon for Sale in Kenya: FAQs About the Avalon

Here is a question and answer section about the Avalon.

1.Is Toyota Avalon a Good Car?

Avalon is a great car, especially for large families of six, as it has a spacious interior and sufficient boot space. 

It also comes with great standard safety features making it the safest ride.

2.Which is Better Between the Camry and Avalon?

Many people have a problem deciding between the two cars as they are equally efficient. However, those who desire a bigger cabin should consider the Avalon.

3.How Much Should I Pay for The Toyota Avalon?

How much you pay for the Avalon is dependent on many factors. 

Contact for the best Toyota Avalon price in Mombasa, Nairobi and anywhere around Kenya.

4.Is Toyota Avalon a Luxury Car?

Avalon didn’t fit in as a luxury car even after its upgrade during its fifth generation. However, the vehicle is comparable to the luxurious Lexus ES.

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