Isuzu Pick-up for Sale in Kenya - Price, FAQ, and Top Model Reviews

Isuzu Pickups for sale in Kenya are designed to provide maximum performance and unrivaled versatility. They are the true definition of a workhorse workhorse

They have proven their worth throughout their production, from the early generation of Tougher to the current generation of Isuzu D-Max.

Their biggest pro is the impressive capability, durability, safety, and reliability they provide the driver.

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Isuzu pickups are currently among the best selling vehicles in Kenya, especially the D-Max model.

They mainly get rivalry from competitors such as Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Navara, and Volkswagen Amarok.

And Isuzu Pickup price in Kenya has been favorable to most of its rivals while still providing the same quality conditions and features.

You can learn more about rival pickup trucks such as Toyota Pickups and Nissan Pickups.

Isuzu Pickup Single vs. Dual Explained

Single cabs are available in two-wheel drive in three configurations; the cab chassis, long bed with power steering, and long bed without power steering.

The dual cab is available in two primary configurations – the standard two-wheel drive and the all-wheel-drive options.

The single cab seats two, while the dual-cab has a capacity of up to five.

Most businesses will go for the single cab as it has an extensive loading base compared to the dual cab.

The double cabin Isuzu Pickup for sale in Kenya is an excellent family car and for business.

Isuzu Pickup Trucks for Sale in Kenya - FAQs

We have compiled some frequently asked questions on Isuzu pickup models to help you understand these cars better.

1.Which is the Best Isuzu Pickup?

Isuzu D-Max! The pickup has won the 2022 pickup of the year award, with maximum five-star safety.

2.Are Isuzu Pickups Any Good?

Isuzu pickups have an excellent reputation as a workhorse, have the perfect towing capability, and are highly reliable.

3.Which is Better, Isuzu D-Max or Toyota Hilux?

Both vehicles are great models. However, on rough terrains, the D-Max is more comfortable.

4.What Does the D stand for in DMAX?

D in the D-max stands for a diesel engine or Dura. D-Max LTD is a joint venture between General Motors (60%) and Isuzu Diesel Services of America (40%). 

It manufactures Duramax turbo-diesel engines.

5.How Reliable Are Isuzu Diesel Engines?

Isuzu is a great engine builder, and this one has been artificially limited to low outputs.

6.Why Are Isuzu Trucks Expensive?

The high prices of Isuzu trucks are due to the increased cost of production, transportation, and logistics. Isuzu D-Max 2020 price in Kenya is Ksh. 2 – Ksh. 3.5.

7.Does Isuzu Still Make Pickup Trucks?

Yes, Isuzu motors are still in business. However, it left the US consumer market in early 2009. The new Isuzu D-Max 2021 is proof that they are still in production.

8.Who Made Isuzu Pickups?

Isuzu motors limited is a Japanese commercial vehicle and engine manufacturing company in Tokyo. They have been in charge of all pickup trucks since 1966.

9.How is Isuzu Pickup?

Their first-generation Isuzu D-Max is a tough pickup with a great reputation for being a workhorse, remarkable towing capability, and good reliability.

10.What is the Price of Isuzu D-Max in Kenya?

A used Isuzu Pickup for Sale in Kenya will range from Ksh 300,000 to 1.7million depending on the vehicle’s condition. 

Isuzu D-Max pickup Price in Kenya for a new model will range from Ksh2-3.5million.

Isuzu Pickup -
Isuzu D-Max is the Leading Pickup in Kenya

The Top 5 Isuzu Pickups and Trucks for Sale in Kenya Review

Below is a review of the top Isuzu Pickup models for sale in Kenya

1.Isuzu D-Max Pickups

Isuzu D-Max pickups are available as single, extended, and double cabs.

Single cabs are available in two-wheel drive in three configurations. The single cab seats two while the extended cab can seat up to four adults.

The double cab can seat up to five adults, and the vehicle has four doors.

D-Max has a favorable 3.0L turbo diesel engine that offers fuel efficiency of  8.9L/100Km.

This vehicle is powered by a turbodiesel engine of 2499CC that has unlimited engine power and reliability.

The brand new Isuzu D-Max price in Kenya ranges between Ksh 2-3.5million.

2.Isuzu F-Series Truck

Isuzu F-series, also known as the Isuzu Forward, has been in production since 1970 and is now in the 7th generation.

It comes in various models giving you a wide range to choose from.

Both AWD and FWD options are available. Your choice depends on your location and use.

Isuzu Kenya’s price list ranges from Ksh 4-11 million.

It consumes 1L in every 8.1km. Once you fill the 200L tank, you can travel for 1620Km.

Some trucks come in 6-speed transmission while the high end comes in a 9-speed transmission.

Isuzu Foward series has an engine capacity of 5193CC.

Buyers of the Isuzu for sale in Eldoret have approved the vehicle as a reliable workhouse.

3.Isuzu N-Series Trucks

Isuzu N-Series is also known as the Isuzu Elf truck. It has undergone various modifications to fit into the consumers’ needs.

Its latest model is known for its high performance and fuel economy. It comes with a clean and fuel-efficient turbocharged diesel engine.

The advanced engine offers cost-effectiveness in business as it has power and is fuel-efficient.

Isuzu elf truck is available in three models: the single cab, double cab, and box truck.

There are different models with either AWD or FF. The 4WD is recommended for rough terrains.

The truck consumes 22litres for every 100km.

It has an engine capacity of 2990CC that gives it the power to carry a heavy load.

To get the vehicle at a great deal, contact, we guarantee you timeliness, and you won’t be disappointed.

4.Isuzu FVZ-Series Trucks

Isuzu FVZ for sale in Kenya is a favorite for many in the construction and transport industry. It comes as Isuzu FVZ34T, cargo chassis, Isuzu FVZ34N or Tripper.

The trucks boast a sturdy design that helps them remain durable even as they move through rough terrains.

It is easy to offload the truck, given that it has an electro-hydraulic cab tilt that allows it to unload quickly.

It is an all-wheeler that can seat up to 3 adults. 

Fuel consumption depends on the truck’s body type, the weight of the loads, driving habits, load type, driving conditions, and other factors.

The engine capacity is 7790CC with a 9-speed manual transmission.

5.Isuzu Prime Mover Trucks

The Isuzu Prime mover has been in production since 1994. It is also known as the Isuzu Giga.

The quality of the oversized bumper has been designed to withstand harsh working conditions.

Its exterior is stylish and has an aerodynamic car frame, meaning it has low air resistance, a better fuel economy.

Fuel consumption of the vehicle is dependent on the driving condition, type of load, and if it has a PTO device.

It comes with a 9-speed manual transmission that provides better handling even in harsh conditions.

The engine capacity of the vehicle is 7790cc.