Pickup Trucks for Sale in Kenya - Guide, Price, and Top Models

Do you need info about the best Pickup for sale in Kenya? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you know more about them and how to import one directly from Japan to Kenya. 

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The only limitation is that you will have to wait for about 30-45 days for your pick-up to arrive in Kenya.

We Can Help You Import Any Pickup from Japan or UK

Pickups for sale in Kenya are best for carrying large products that require more cargo space. It is an excellent idea if you are a farmer looking to transport your products regularly.

They are also a great choice when you are driving on rough roads. They are well built to offer good off-roading capabilities.

Most companies also have improved the output of their pickups to offer better performance. The vehicles come with a refined interior and more comfort.

Having such features make pickups perform just like sports cars. They also have a great look and are fitted with 4WD features, making them ideal for off-roading.

The History of Pickups for Sale in Kenya - Past, Present, and Future

Pickup trucks were supplied as chassis alone in the early days of car production, and third parties built bodies on top.

The rapid motor vehicle company was established by Michigan, Max Grabowsky, and Morris Grabowsky, who were in Pontiac. It manufactured one-ton carrying capacity trucks.

In 1913, the Galion Allsteel Body Company was launched. It was an early investor of the Pickup and dump truck, which manufactured and fitted hauling boxes on the vehicles.

They were modified and placed on the Ford Model T chassis and the Model TT chassis beginning in 1917. 

Dodge launched a 3/4-ton pickup with a wood cab and body to capture a portion of this market.

Ford followed up with a steel-bodied half-ton based on the Model T. The model featured a movable tailgate and heavy-duty rear springs.

It was marketed as the “Ford Model T Runabout with Pickup Body” and sold for Ksh.28,100. They managed to produce 34,000 of them.

The vehicle was superseded in 1928 by the Model A. It featured a closed cab, a safety-glass windshield, roll-up side windows, and a three-speed gearbox.

Today, the pickup industry has grown spontaneously and holds some of the most refined vehicles in the market.

The future of the pickup truck also looks very promising. They have joined the fight against air pollution, and most have started producing electric vehicles.

Most of the pickups also have top-notch safety features. These features help keep you and passengers safe and improve your driving experience.

Single Cabin Pickups Vs. Double Cabin Pickups Trucks

There are essentially two types of pickups; single cabins and double cabins. Below is a description of the two variants and how they work.

Single Cab Pickups for Sale in Kenya

The Single-cab pickups for sale in Kenya, also known as a Single-Cab-Chassis, are the classic performance pickup. 

It comes with two doors, two seats, and a tray outback for transporting tools and equipment.

Single-cab pickups are generally of two types. The first is a box-backed workhorse with an alloy flat or panel-sided tray suitable for large lock-boxes and load hauling.

There is also a car-based version, such as the famous Ford and Holden pickups, which have since stopped manufacturing.

The leaf-spring setup in Single-cabs is built with load-hauling capabilities in mind. It often sustains load weights over 1000kgs.

Its driving experience suffers somewhat while conventional vehicles utilize independent or coil-sprung suspension systems.

Purchasers of single-cab chassis pickups are more likely to be from a tradie or working background.

On the other hand, buyers of different Pickup types are more likely to be from a lifestyle background.

Double Cab Pickups for Sale in Kenya

As the name implies, the Double Cabin pickup has four doors and at least four seats, but most now have five. It is also known as a Dual-Cabin.

Its rear luggage space is shorter than previous pickup designs due to the additional passenger row. A used double cabin for sale in Kenya also has better hi-tech features.

The vehicle comes with a more car-like sense: bodywork covers the tray, and the chassis isn’t visible.

Its payload and towing capabilities are also very high, with some claiming to pull up to 3.5 tonnes.

The roof is longer and more suited to roof racks and rooftop storage. This feature is critical for some vocations and hobbies.

Most dual-cabs are available in a range of drivetrains, powertrains, driven wheels, and specifications.

 This owes to their popularity and usefulness among people from various walks of life. The models have a high level of luxury, practicality, and popularity.

 For these reasons, many manufacturers now classify double-cabins as SUVs or Passenger vehicles rather than commercial vehicles.

Double Cab Toyota Hilux - BestCarsforSaleinKenya.co.ke
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Carries More Passengers

Pickup Trucks Buying Guide - The Short and Long: Cab Bed Lengths and Sizes

There are many factors that you need to consider before purchasing a pickup. Knowing the specification will help you see the type of car that will be great for you.

Pickups for Sale in Kenya - The Size of the Cab

The size of the cab is essential for many reasons. If you are looking to carry a large number of goods, then you may opt for a bigger cab.

Larger cabs also often have better off-road performance. They have larger wheels with good ground clearance and can carry heavier goods.

Pickups for Sale in Kenya - The Size of the Bed

The size of the pickup bed plays a vital role in storage space. Having a vehicle with a larger bed enables you to carry more cargo.

You should opt for a single cabin pickup if you need additional cargo space. A double cabin also has adequate space, but a smaller bed and more passenger space.

Pickups for Sale in Kenya - The Size of the Engine

It is also ideal to have a vehicle with a good engine. Pickups with larger engines perform better than ones with smaller engines.

Be sure to check the specifications, such as the engine capacity and horsepower. Also, consider checking its torque as well as fuel economy.

Pickups for Sale in Kenya - Manual or Auto Transmission

There are two types of engine transmissions; manual and automatic. A vehicle with auto-engine transmission gives more driving control to the car.

The manual engine transmission is where the driver has more power over the vehicle. It enables you to control the gears according to your driving terrain.

Top 15 Pickups to Buy in Kenya - Review of Features and Specs

Now that we know different pickup variants and what to look for in them, let’s see the best pickups for sale in Kenya.

1. Mitsubishi L200 Review

The Mitsubishi L200 has retained its reputation as a capable off-road vehicle. It was named the forte when it was first introduced in 1980.

Whether you’re driving it for fun or to transport items, the vehicle’s wide variety of safety metrics will keep you safe and protected.

It has a 2.5-liter 4-Diesel engine that produces 136 hp and 324 Nm of torque.

This car is a one-of-a-kind beast. The most recent model can carry up to 1080kg and pull a trailer weighing 3.5 tons. 

It is fully equipped, reasonably priced, and drives well, even in daunting terrain, making it a popular option.

Its fuel usage is considerably good, making it one of the best pickup trucks to own. Since it’s built to handle rough terrains, it is an excellent choice for off-road driving.

The manual model uses 6.24 liters per 100 kilometers, while the automatic model consumes an average of 7.84L/100 KM.

2. Nissan Navara Review

Nissan Navara ranks among the best pickup trucks to own in Kenya. It is a lightweight commercial vehicle that has been on the market since 1986.

The vehicle comes in two body styles; the King Cab and the Double Cabin.

 For the King cab, you get two small rear seats while the double cab has more backspace enough for three passengers.

It is an excellent vehicle with unique styling and top-notch performance. The Single cabin comes with a 2.3-liter turbocharged engine producing 163ps and 403Nm of torque.

If you are looking to drive over long distances, its 80L tank gives you space for enough fuel. It also has excellent off-roading features, making it suitable for rough terrains.

This vehicle also has excellent fuel economy; its average consumption is 12km/l. Such a rate is reasonable, especially if running on a tight fuel budget.

This car can speed up from 0-100km/h in only 10.7 seconds in terms of speed. It also has a good suspension and many safety features.

3. Toyota Hilux Review

Apart from being a top-rated pickup truck in Kenya, Toyota Hilux is one of the best vehicles to own. It has been in production since 1968 and has proved to be an absolute beast.

The vehicle is available in both AWD and 2WD features. It also comes in a single cabin and double cabin variant.

This car is well-versed with Kenyan roads, making it an excellent choice for stern drives. It has a great exterior and a sleek interior that offers comfort and luxury.

You’ll also appreciate that the car has high engine performance, all thanks to its 2.8-liter turbocharged engine. This power enables it to produce 204hp.

Its fuel consumption is also efficient. The model features a consumption rate of 8.4L/100KM, making it suitable for Kenyan roads.

The car comes with 18-inch alloy wheels, which give it more stability. They allow the vehicle to have good ground clearance and approach sharp corners more efficiently.

Toyota Hilux Single Cab Version Carries More Load

4. Nissan Hardbody Review

The Nissan Hardbody, also known as Nissan D21, is another pickup with amazing features. This vehicle comes with a unique styling and classic interior.

Its cabin comes with heated leather seats and adequate legroom. You will also be entertained by its modern infotainment system equipped with many hi-tech features.

The vehicle has a 2.4l turbocharged engine which gives it excellent performance. Additionally, the engine produces 164hp and a max torque of 402Nm.

This car runs on a 6-speed engine transmission, which offers good fuel consumption. It has a fuel consumption of 13km/l, which is very economical.

The car also has black alloy wheels that enable a silent suspension. These wheels also help the vehicle have a good ground grip and approach corners well.

It can easily take on rocky and muddy roads, thanks to its good off-road capabilities. You will also appreciate its great acceleration of 0-100kn/h in 10 seconds!

5. Isuzu D-Max Review

If you are a lover of pickups, then you must have heard of the Isuzu D-Max. It is among the most reliable pickup trucks in the automobile industry.

But this doesn’t come easy; the car has been specially designed to offer the best performance. It also has a unique design and perfect engineering to provide the best quality drives.

The model has a hi-tech infotainment system that will keep you entertained. You’ll also love its heated leather seats that offer maximum comfort.

Like the Chevrolet D-Max, it has an excellent engine performance of up to 136hp @3600rpm.

 Its 3.0L engine also supports the 2499cc engine capacity that helps the car accelerate fast.

The vehicle has a 75-liter tank capacity which is pretty decent for long drives. It also comes with a 123 inches’ wheelbase, making the car more stable on the road.

This car has good fuel efficiency at an average of 8.1L/100Km. Such a fuel economy makes the car good for driving on both rough and smooth roads.

6. Mazda BT-50 Review

Another great pickup to consider is the Mazda BT-50, which has both sound design and performance.

It is a great model to own, especially when driving on rugged roads. The vehicle comes with special shock absorbers and large wheels for better off-roading.

To make it better, it has 2WD and 4WD features that enable you to change them according to the terrain.

The 2022 model comes with a 2.2L diesel engine with excellent performance. Its interior is also refined to offer the comfort that you deserve.

In addition, it has a great infotainment system that has many modern features. It also has wireless charging, a unique feature among its peers.

The car is also optimized with safety features that make the car good to drive.

7. Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup

The Land Cruiser Pickup is a tough, long-lasting, dependable, and practical pickup. These characteristics make the vehicle ideal for any task you may wish to perform with it.

It’s also a robust vehicle that can work in any country area and is highly durable and cost-effective to maintain.

Its performance is excellent, all thanks to its top-notch engine specs. It is an ideal vehicle for off-roading and driving on muddy roads.

The interior of the vehicle is classic, presenting nothing but comfort. In addition, it comes with a classic infotainment system that helps keep you entertained.

Its wheels also present good ground clearance to approach corners well. This allows it to accelerate faster and still maintain high stability.

It comes with excellent safety features, including airbags, lane departure warnings, and parking assistants.

8. VW Amarok Review

The Volkswagen Amarok is a late entry into the lucrative light commercial transport sector. It aims to take market share from established manufacturers such as Toyota and Isuzu.

This car is advertised as a premium pickup truck that appeals to individuals who seek to combine work and pleasure.

It has a sleek interior with many hi-tech features, including a touch screen. Also, it offers the best performance and is great for off-roading.

The car features a four-cylinder fuel engine and an Audi-designed turbocharged diesel V-6. This enables the vehicle to produce 201hp, running on an 8-speed automatic transmission.

With this model, comfort is guaranteed. It has heated electric seats and reaches control nodes. The steering and pedals are aligned well for easy driving.

Furthermore, this car has many safety features, including blind-spot monitoring and parking assistant.

VW Amarok Double Cab Has Less Load Space

9. Mercedes Benz X-Class

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is a premium 5-seater pickup truck based on the Nissan Navara’s chassis.

Even though they share a platform, they are very different in many aspects, with the X-Class being much more sophisticated.

The Kenyan market is warming up to luxury pickups, with many attracted to the idea of work and pleasure in one bundle.

True to tradition, the appearance is reminiscent of the Nissan Navara, particularly the rear.

The front is more distinctive, with a grille embossed with the Mercedes star emblem and contemporary LED headlights projecting a larger shape. 

The cabin reflects the high quality we’ve come to expect from Mercedes-Benz. Modern LED displays and touchscreens are used in the instruments.

Depending on the quality, the upholstery is either cloth or soft leather.

Different diesel engines power the X-Class. There are two of them: a 2.3-liter OM699 turbocharged diesel engine and a 3.0-liter OM699 turbocharged diesel engine.

It also has a 6-speed manual and a 7-speed automatic transmission.

10. Ford Ranger Review

The Ford Ranger is a strong performer in the mid-sized truck segment. Its size is ideal for many customers. Probably, this is because it is neither too big nor too tiny for a family of five.

It is reasonably priced for the middle-class consumer, and its three trim levels provide buyers with a variety of choices.

There are two engine choices for the vehicle. It has a 2.2l and 3.2l turbocharged engine and a 10-speed automatic gearbox, which makes it seem very elegant.

It comes with either a 2WD or 4WD system that provides enhanced traction, making it a formidable off-roader.

The vehicle is equipped with FordPass to connect technology and is WiFi capable, allowing you to listen to music while driving.

You may connect up to ten devices to the hotspot simultaneously, and the network extends 50 feet beyond the car.

It has leather seats, ambient lighting, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel that give the vehicle a feeling of comfort and elegance.

Safety is also ensured. The vehicle is equipped with a tremor package, making it considerably more durable. A heavy-duty skid plate and an off-road suspension are included in the kit.

Thanks to its suspension, the ranger features excellent ground clearance and an exceptionally smooth ride. All these features place it among the best double cabin pickups in Kenya.

11. Toyota Tacoma Review

The Toyota Tacoma is popular among truck enthusiasts. In 2020, the midsize Tacoma received a makeover with rugged external styling.

It is paired with a competent 3.5L V6 engine generating 278 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque. This engine is available with a six-speed manual gearbox on 2016 vehicles.

If you want optimum rock-crawling control, look for the stick.

It comes with an electrical outlet in the five-foot or six-foot bed. In addition, it has an intelligent luggage organization for a kayak or bike.

Any Tacoma trim level will be your new camping friend for those looking for high-performance pickups.

The vehicle comes with many features, including machine-faced rims and LED headlights. It also supports Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM and Cargo bed lighting.

12. Jeep Gladiator Review

If none of the choices in Kenya appeals to you, but you need a pickup truck right immediately, you’ll have to rely on a grey-market import.

A Jeep Gladiator, a pickup truck variant of the Jeep Wrangler, is perhaps the easiest choice.

The Gladiator is approximately the same size as a Ford Ranger. However, it should be seen as a rival to the Raptor rather than any work-spec Rangers or Toyota Hiluxes.

It’s mainly a fun expedition vehicle for transporting a jetski to a peak or a recumbent bicycle to a beach – or whatever.

Despite having a Dodge Ram rear axle, its cargo is 620kg rather than 1000kg or more, and its towing capacity is 2721kg.

The frame has been expanded by 780mm for the Gladiator, with 490mm in the trunk and the rest beneath the back axle. It won’t go as far off-road as a Wrangler because of its size. 

Instead, it has a break-over angle of 18.4deg and a ground clearance angle of 25deg. Its substantial off-road tires from the factory allow you to go far.

However, it is unclear if Jeep will formally introduce the Gladiator. Like the Wrangler, its 2.2 diesel isn’t deemed tough enough for the job. 

So it’ll have the 3.0 diesel, which will be even more costly and thirstier. This model will come in handy if you need a good pickup for sale in Mombasa.

13. Chevrolet Colorado Review

The Chevy Colorado and its corporate sister, the GMC Canyon, are midsize pickup trucks.

 It provides daily practicality and a wide range of capabilities, including high towing and payload ratings.

They’re also a lot simpler to handle than their full-size counterparts. Three engines are available in Colorado, including a surprisingly fast V-6 and a stump-pulling diesel four-cylinder.

The model features inferior plastics, and even the largest cab size has a tiny rear seat. But, the truck retains a comfortable driving posture and agile handling.

Chevy has a sophisticated infotainment system in every model, but current driver-assistance technologies are missing.

The 2021 Colorado has a résumé that will appeal to many pickup buyers and the credentials to pique the attention of a broader audience.

14. Chevy Silverado Review

The Chevy Silverado is a robust, full-size pickup truck with an intelligent mix of intelligence and muscle.

Starting from the 2019-present model, the Silverado has a turbocharged 2.7L inline four-cylinder engine.

 It produces 310 hp and 348 pound-feet of torque at just 1,500 RPM—yes, you read that correctly!  It is also one of the top pickups for sale in Kenya.

You may also have a 4.3L V6, 5.3L V8, 6.2L V8, or 3.0L diesel inline-six for these models.

It comes with a 6.2L and has an estimated towing capability of 13,400 lb when properly equipped. This is enough for a loaded U-Haul trailer or a boat for your vacation to the lake.

The vehicle comes with many standard features that improve its efficiency and reliability. These features include front seats that are heated and ventilated and heated back seats.

It also has 20-inch machined wheels with chrome highlights and a power sliding rear window with a defogger. Additionally, the interior is two-tone leather with High Country badging.

15. Ford F-150 Review

The Ford F-150 comes with six different powertrains, including a hybrid for the first time, three different cab configurations, and both long and short bed lengths.

Do you want to impress your friends? Upscale models provide more than just a hint of luxury.

Are you towing a large object? Some of these half-ton vehicles are expected to have a maximum towing capacity of 14,000 pounds.

There’s also an off-road-focused Tremor variant, and don’t forget about Ford’s performance powerhouse, the F-150 Raptor.

The 2021 F-150, like the 2020 model, comes with a variety of engines, including a 290-hp 3.3-liter V-6, a 400-hp 5.0-liter V-8.  

It is equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission regardless of engine choice. The F-150 is now available with a hybrid engine.

Ford asserts that the latest 400-hp hybrid powertrain includes a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 and a 35-kW electric motor.  

The car has a 10-speed automatic transmission, which will provide a long-distance cruising range per tank.  If you search for a pickup for sale in Nairobi, you should buy this model.

BestCarsforsaleinKenya.co.ke - Ford F50 Price in Kenya
Ford F-50 is a Powerful Pickup for Sale in Kenya

Pickup Trucks for Sale in Kenya: FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions that we receive from our customers.

1. Pickup Trucks Vs. Trucks: What is the Difference?

Trucks, in general, do vary in size. They are mainly designed to carry cargo and not people. While pickups are in the same category, they offer more composing designs.

Pickups are simply small trucks that have an open attached frame. They offer more interior space and carry less cargo than trucks.

2. What is the Right Size of a Pickup Truck to Buy?

The right size of a pickup entirely depends on your needs. You should go for a bigger vehicle if you need it for more oversized cargo.

You may also consider getting used double cabin pickups for sale in Kenya. It has more passenger space than single cab pickups and comes at a lower price.

3. What is the Best Second-Hand Pickup to Buy?

Buying a used pickup is not always ideal, as most come with mechanical issues. But if you have a tight budget, the Ford Ranger is an excellent second-hand pickup for sale in Kenya.

You can as well buy a Jeep Gladiator or an Isuzu D-Max. These vehicles have good performance and do not break down often.

4. Which is the Best Pickup Truck in Kenya?

All the pickup trucks that we have discussed in this article are good. You need to choose one that perfectly suits your needs to experience the best outcome. 

For example, if you are more off-roader, you should buy one with more powertrain.

5. What is the Cost of a Pickup?

The pickup prices in Kenya vary depending on the model and specs. But averagely, it costs between Ksh 2.6M and Ksh 4.4M for top models.

You may have to go for a used pickup for sale in Kenya to enjoy a lower price. Although they often have mechanical issues and have a high maintenance cost.

6. Which Pickup is the Most Reliable?

The reliability of many pickups dramatically depends on how the owner maintains it. However, having a Toyota, Nissan, or Ford model will do great.

Other models are also good, but how you use them and maintain them matters.

7. Should I Buy a Single Cab or Double Cab Pickup?

You can buy a Double Cab if you need more passenger space. However, it comes with a smaller cargo space than a Single Cab.

Buying a Single cab gives you more space for cargo and only accommodates two people.

Find out more about Toyota Pickups, Isuzu Pickups, and Nissan Pickups for sale in Kenya.