Jaguar X540 Price in Kenya - Specs, Reviews, Features, and How to Import

The Jaguar E Pace for sale in Kenya is one of the best alluring and entertaining subcompact crossovers. It was officially launched in 2017 in the second production of the Jaguar SUV.

Also known as the Jaguar X540, this car comes with a charming and sporty appearance. In addition, it has a playful handling behavior complimenting its great interior compartments.

This car has unique branding and remarkable styling features, beating most of its rivals. Its sparklingly designed alloy wheels plus the sleek exterior make the vehicle very attractive.

For the interior, expect to get a classic hi-tech infotainment system with most of the modern features.

It comes with an 11.4-inch curved touch screen and supports innovative features like wireless charging.

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Jaguar E Pace External Design – 2021 model

A notable rival of the E Pace is the Nissan Juke which comes with many similar features but a lower powertrain.

Another great competitor is the Range Rover Sport, which comes with better and more aggressive performance. However, the Range Rover Sport is more expensive than the E Pace.

Jaguar E Pace for Sale in Kenya Review

The Jaguar E Pace is a leading SUV crossover that has successfully addressed the need for smaller and more fuel-efficient cars.

It is the most outstanding Jaguar model attracting a wide range of customers. This is due to its heightened efficiency, better performance, and lower price tag.

The car has an attractive exterior with high-quality headlights. Its impressive design and perfect front and rearview appearance make it a dream car for many.

For the interior, this car speaks nothing short of elegance. It comes with high-quality heated leather seats, a sleek cockpit, and a spacious cabin with enough legroom.

The car takes pride in its 16-valve 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. Its engine is also made from an aluminum block and head and offers a direct fuel injection.

If you are looking for a car with fantastic acceleration, the E Pace is the real deal. This car has a top speed of 206 km/h and can move from 0 – 100km/h in 7 seconds!

It has a balanced weight distribution and perfect aerodynamic coordination, which is why it features top speed.

Furthermore, this car has a great suspension that allows you to have better control over it. Such features make it easy for you to maneuver on rough roads with much ease.

The infotainment system features an advanced Jaguar Pivi Pro system which comes with many modern options.

It has an iDrive system alongside an Apple Carplay, Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio, and USB port capacity. The car also comes with seven high-end speakers to keep you entertained.

In addition to that, the vehicle runs on a 9-speed automatic engine transmission. This enables the car to offer incredible gear changes and generate more power to the wheels.

Its easy-to-reach pedals and heated steering also make driving much more manageable.

You’ll love its 17-inch alloy wheels that offer a good grip on the road, making it easy to approach sharp corners.

The model offers one of the largest cargo spaces among its peers. For more cargo space, you can create some by folding the back seats.

Apart from that, here are some other great Jaguar E pace specs;

  • Power: 264hp 
  • Torque: 269 lb-ft 
  • Displacement: 121 cu-in
  • Engine capacity: 1998cc
  • Drive Type: Four-Wheel-Drive
  • Fuel Economy: 10KM/L

Jaguar E Pace Price in Kenya - How to Import X540

Would you like to know the Jaguar E Pace prices in Kenya? The model costs anything between Ksh. 4.85M for the 2018 model and Ksh 5.96M for the 2021 model.

Well, it is a great car and worth every coin. However, many factors such as location, mileage, and age may change its cost.

For example, the Jaguar E Pace price in Mombasa may be slightly lower than similar cars available in other parts of the country.

With us, importing this car has never been easier. We offer a transparent import process and enable you to save up to 20% of what other dealers charge.

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Jaguar E Pace for Sale in Kenya -
Jaguar E Pace Interior – Sleek Interior

Jaguar E Pace for Sale in Kenya: FAQs X540

Here are the frequently asked questions from our customers.

1.Is The Jaguar E Pace a Good Car?

Yes! It is a great car; it has some of the best powertrains that most peers have. Furthermore, the model offers excellent off-road capabilities making it one of the best vehicles for outdoor drives.

2.What is the Jaguar E Pace Price in Nairobi?

The price of the Jaguar E Pace for sale in Nairobi ranges from Ksh.5M to Ksh.7M.

If you need the car at a lower price, owners may buy a used Jaguar E Pace for sale in Kenya.

3.Where Can I Buy An X540 For Sale in Kenya? offers the best quality vehicles with the cleanest mileage. We will import your dream car and ensure we deliver it in a sleek condition.

Hence you can avoid dealers like Jaguar E Pace JiJi Kenya, who sell you cars with many repair and maintenance issues.

4.How to Maintain a Jaguar E Pace?

Just like any other vehicle, maintaining a Jaguar E Pace requires you to be skillful. For a car to last long, you need to ensure it is serviced regularly and uses clean fuel.

Other models you can import with us are Jaguar F Pace, Mercedes Benz E-Class, Jaguar Range Rover, Jaguar XJ, and Jaguar Range Rover Velar.