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Top Hino Cars for Import The Hino Model Review
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Hino Brand is Known for Providing Trucks and Busses

History of Hino Company

Hino Motor Ltd formation traces back to 1910 when the Tokyo Gas Industry company was formed.  

In 1917 the company manufactured the “A-Type” truck as its first motor vehicle. In 1937 it merged with the Automobile Industry Co, Ltd and Kyodo Kokusan K.K. to form the Tokyo Automobile  Co. Ltd.

After four years, the company was renamed Diesel Motor industry Co. Ltd, currently the Isuzu company.

In 1942 the Hino Heavy Industry Co. Ltd spun out from the Diesel Motor Industry Co. Ltd. This is where the Hino all started.

During the 2nd world war, Hino manufactured two trucks for the Imperial Japanese company.

At the end of the war, the company signed a treaty to stop the production of the large diesel engines for marine applications and thus dropped the name heavy from their company.

The Hino Industry company Ltd then concentrated on heavy-duty trucks, diesel engines and buses with its headquarters at Hino city.

During its 1950 the company produced the ZG, which became famous as the most popular dump truck in japan. It was in 1959 that Hino renamed itself Hino Motors Ltd.

The Hino entered the private car market in 1953, manufacturing the Contessa 900 sedan and a Hino Briska pickup truck.

The private car manufacture did not continue for long and was seized in 1967 when Hino joined the Toyota group and only focused entirely on the trucks and bus manufacturers.

In 2001 the Hino fell under the ownership of the Toyota Motor Corporation.

Hino and Volkswagen truck and bus also Triton made a partnership that led to the establishment of the Hino and Traton procurement in 2019, with 49% owned by Hino and the other 51 % by Traton.

Merits of Hino Cars

  • Good quality trucks
  • It makes light, medium and heavy-duty to choose what best fits your business.
  • Numerous safety features 
  • Beautifully designed trucks
  • Durable and reliable cars
  • Petrol, diesel and hybrid options are available 
  • Multipurpose trucks
  • Great towing capacity

Demerits of Hino Models

  • Engine overheating problems 
  • High fuel consumption

The Top 3 (Most Popular) Hino Models in Kenya

We have reviewed the top-most Hino trucks to Buy in Kenya.

1. Hino Dutro Review

Dutro was introduced in the market in 1999 as an upgrade of the 7th generation Toyota Dyna by Toyota cooperation and Hino motors.

Different countries have different Dutro marketing names, including the Hino 300 series, Hino M Series, Hino 155 or Hino Ranger II. 

The light commercial truck is in its 2nd generation, which started in 2011. The all-new is equipped with numerous standard and safety features making it perfect for your tasks.

It is available in the crew cab and a single cab body style. The single cab has only one-row seating leaving the car with ample cargo space, while the Crew are 5-doors cabs with a 2nd row.

Dutro is a four-wheel drive powered by a 4.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox that drives the car smoothly on the roads. 

On the other hand, the hybrid version uses the same 4-cylinder engine and electric motors with fuel consumption of 10 litres per 100km, which is half of what the standard models use.

 The truck can handle up to 2,000-2,500kg payload and has a towing capacity of 3500kgs.

2. Hino Profia Review

Profia is a made in Japan heavy-duty which has been manufactured since 1981.

The truck is available in various models, including the Profia FH 4×2, FN 6×4, FQ 6×2 low floor, FR 6×4 double rear axle, FW 8×4 low floor, FS 6×4, SS 6×4 Tractor Head, SV 6×4 Tractor Head, SH 4×2 Tractor Head and FS 6×4.

The models are powered by the V6 and V8 engines, which offer multiple powertrains, including 10,520 cc P11C, 12,913 cc E13C, 8,866 cc A09C, 16,745 cc F17D, 19,688 cc F20C and the 20,781 cc F21C. 

Engines allow a 7-speed, 16-speed and 12-speed manual transmission. Additional is the Pro shift 12-speed transmission, which is only offered in the domestic market.

The Profia car is the safest as they are installed with a reverse camera, lane departure warning system, pre-collision system, pedestrian detection, vehicle stability control and daytime running lights.

For the safest and able heavy-duty truck, choose Hino Profia.

Hino Price in Kenya - BestCarsforSaleinKenya.co.ke
Hino Truck for Commercial Purposes

3. Hino Ranger Review

The Hino Ranger, also 500 series, is a medium and heavy-duty truck produced since 1964.

Its success is based on its handsome looks, technical capabilities, unmatched reliability and durability. 

The Ranger comes in various styles and designs to fit your needs, including dry vans, wing vans, mixers, dump trucks and refrigerated cars.

The all-new truck has an upside-down trapezoidal shape complemented by new Led headlights, semi-floating suspension, revised chassis and eye-catching grey front grilles.

Exteriorly the car received an all-new upside-down trapezoidal shape complemented by the dark grey front grilles, new headlights, a revised chassis and semi-floating suspension.

The truck is available in various variants based on its cargo capacity. The variants are powered by 5-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines with different power outlets.

The engines allow a 6-speed and 7-speed manual transmission, the 6-speed and 7-speed pro shift automatic and the 6-speed Alison automatic transmission.

Ranger comes with the best infotainment features, including a 7-inch touchscreen which is Bluetooth enabled, AM and FM radio, CD and DVD player.

Getting to the car is now easier as Hino equips the vehicle with entry steps.